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Distro with huge tape list???
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Joined: 03 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:20 am    Post subject: Distro with huge tape list??? Reply with quote

Do you have in mind any distro with quality and huge list of tapes???

Thanks in advance...
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Joined: 26 May 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

drakkar always had a huge tape list. some are 10 years old.
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Joined: 03 Mar 2009
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Location: Athens

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks man...i will check..

If somebody knows another one let me know please.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The guy from AKITSA also runs a big tape label out of Canada. It's mainly black metal though.
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Hellfire Commando

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Reed wrote:
The guy from AKITSA also runs a big tape label out of Canada. It's mainly black metal though.

The Goat of fire in me ablaze
Oh cosmic furnace I behold
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Nocturnal Deathstrike

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think I have quite some tapes for sale...
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Joined: 11 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Check www.supremacy-through-intolerance.org
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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

TOUR DE GARDE seconded


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Joined: 03 Mar 2009
Posts: 160
Location: Athens

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks a lot guys.
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Joined: 03 Mar 2009
Posts: 160
Location: Athens

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Any other with older tapes and original????
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Try Grievantee:

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Location: IsraHell

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Almost 500 different tapes, some ridiculously low prices for many of them.


550 tapes in the distro...

And also try out TERROR FROM HELL records from Italy. The man behind it is called Stefano and here is his email: guanonero@libero.it
He has no website for his distro, but he can send you a written catalog, which features around 800 tapes form what I remember!

Regressive Muerta Metal: https://sadistikus.bandcamp.com/album/desekrehearsal-march-21-2015
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Joined: 26 May 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

didnt know TFH had so much tapes. 2 years ago the catalogue consisted of 3 A5 pages
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is TFH tapes list I got around a month ago. You may count if you want Smile

ABUSO VERBAL”nerco homicida, psicotico alterado”(BRA- Great Death Grind) lim. To 500 on Murder rec.
ACID DRINKERS “strip-tease”(POL- old Thrash Metal) 1992 official album
ACROTOMOPHILIA “coprophagical trauma”(HOL-Total Porn Gore Grind massacre)
ACROTOMOPHILIA/INJECTED HUMAN WASTE “split”(both ultra gore splatter grind)
ACROHOLIA “ecocide”(serbian Grind Core)
ADOKHSINY “live in satanic symphony”(SOUTH KOREA- Atmospheric Black Metal)
AETERNUS ODIUM “daso lucifer” (Brazilian Black Metal)
AFFLICTIS LENTAE “chaos fire hate” (FRA-Fast Grinding Black Metal)
AKRAMEN “esclavos del nuevo orden”(CHILE- Speed Thrash Core assauls in spanish)
ALKONOST “Songs of the eternal oak” (RUSS-Folk WarMetal)
ANAL MASSAKER “zombie militia” (GER- Noise Crind Core in 858 songs) only for very sik people!
ANAON “Tenvalijeen” (FRA-EpicBlackMetal)
ANIMA DAMNATA “agonizing journey…”(POL- Blasphemous Death Metal hell)
ANIMAE CAPRONII “reign of the wolf”(ITA- Raw Minimalistic Black metal)
ANIMAE CAPRONII “beyond the kingdoms of…”(ITA-Raw minimalistic Black metal)
ANIMAE CAPRONII “diabolicum satanae rotari”(ITA- Raw minimalistic Black metal)
ANIMAE CAPRONII “black millennium”(ITA- raw minimalistic black metal)
ARVIND “infernal moonlight” (ITA- Raw BlackMetal)
ANAL EXTREME “canli tahris ‘03” (TUR-Total Chaos Grind! Live!) limited edition!
ANWYL “demo ‘98” (USA-Aggressive Black Metal)
AMDUSCIAS “Demo 1” (I-LOVE-PENIS- BlackMetal)
ACRIMONIOUS “unholy cult demonic”(GRE-Raw Black Metal like early 90s) great with Sarcofago cover!!!
A GOOD DAY FOR KILLING “assassin” (THAIL- Brutal death Metal with a Gore touch)
AGATHOCLES/DEPRESSION “split”(pure Mince Core legend with German Groovy Death Grind) great!
AGATHOCLES “mince core for passion, not for fashion” (Do you need MORE?????)
AGE OF AGONY „war , hate, blasphemy“(HUN- Brutal US Death Metal storm)
AGONIZED “victim of his own fear”(POR- Death Metal)
ALIENATION MENTAL “kopferkingel”(CZ- Killer fast Grind Guttural)
ALMIGHTY EMPEROR “at battlefields of the abyssal realm”(BRA- Black metal)
AQUELARRE “baal das moscas”(BRA- Black Metal with atmospheric touch) limited
APOLOKIA “procella ad aram dei” (GER- Raw Fast Black Metal) demo € 4,00
ARMAGEDDON “Fullmoon night” (ITA-Chaotic BlackMetal)
ARKONA “Zeta reticuli” (POL- Raw Black Metal)
ARKONA “nocturnal arkonian hordes”(POL- Fast Black Metal)
ARKONA “konstelaecja lodu” (POL- Fast Raw Black Metal)
ARKONA/MOONTOWER “split” (both polish raw black metal)
ASKALON “armageddon”(POL-Fast Black Metal with some Death parts) ’97
ASPHYXIATE “the process of mutilation”(IND-Brutal Death Gore Metal) Killer band!
AS THE SHADOWS FALL “...for the rising of...” (BRA- Pagan Black Metal) 1998 demo , headnumbered
ATAVISM “corpses cataclysm” (GRE- Gore Grind)
ATAVISM “craving for flesh” (GRE- Gore Grind)
ATER TENEBRAE/RAVENSHADES “split”(both Hungarian Raw Black Metal bands!)
AURAMOTH “ihadha yah amon…”(ITA- old Raw Black Metal recorded in 94)
AVENGER “fall of devotion-wrath and blasphemy”(czech killer Death Metal with Members of ManiacButcher)
AVULSED “stabwound orgasm”(SPA- Gored Death Metal)
AVULSED “yearning for the grotesque” (SPA- Brutal Death Gore)
AWFUL “absolute reign” (ITA- Psychotic Brutal Death Metal) 1999 demo
AZARATH “infernal blasting”(POL-Blasphemous Death Metal)
AZARATH “demon seed” (POL-Blasphemous Death Fuking Metal)
BALFOR “volki severa”(UKR- Neo Pagan Black Metal) lim. To 500 copies!
BALMOG “pestilent rats for your moribund children”(SPA-Intense Raw War Black metal) lim. To 300 copies
BALLGAG/FECALIZED TWAT “split” (both total gore splatter Grind massacre)
BEHELAL “m.n.i.i.”(GRE- Occult Black Metal)
BELETH/THANATHRON “split”(Both Polish Black metal bands)
BELETH “nieuchronne widmo smierci” (Polish Hateful Unholy Black Metal)
BELZEBUL “belzebul”(FRA- Raw Black Metal) red cover!!!
BETHOR/MOLOCH “split” (GRE/GRE-Both Fast Brutal Raw Black Metal)
BESATT “hellstorm”(POL- Black Metal)
BESATT “czarci majestat”(POL- Black Metal)
BESATT “triumph of antichrist” (POL- Raw Black Metal)
BESATT “black mass” (POL- Raw Black metal)
BESTIAL “satanic metal”(RUSS-strange Black Metal with different influences)
BESTIAL RAIDS/SKELETON BLOOD “split” (Both great Desecrating Raw Black Metal from Poland and US)
BESTIAL RAIDS “reversed black trinity”(POL- great Demonic Bestial War Death Black Metal) lim. Edition tape € 4,00
BIOPSY “promo2003” (CHILE-Very great live show of Death and Brutal with great covers of Blood,Benediction….)
BITCH INFECTION/SOS INFECTION”split” both noisy porno grind)
BIZARRE FILTH CUM “humiliate her”(USA- Sick Harsh Noise)
BLACK ANGEL “black angel”(old PERUVIAN band of south-american Black Metal) ’97-’00 demos Malaysian edition
BLACK ANGEL/BLACK EMPIRE “split”(PERU/MEX- Both true SouthAmerican Evil Black Metal) GREAT!!!!
BLACK ANGEL “from the darkness” (PERU-pure south-american Black Fuking Metal) demo € 4,00
BLACK BLEEDING “the awakening”(GER- really Dark Brutal Death Metal) great demo !
BLACKEND “contrast of minds” (GER- Heavy Thrash Metal) ’95 demo € 4,00
BLACK MASS RITUAL “black moon sacrifice” (USA- Destructive Black Metal with Beherit and Von covers) limited to 333 copies
BLACK WINTER “a dark echo…”(GRE- Nordic Black Metal)
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER “nuclear hell live, destroying Rome” (ITA- fuking insane Nuclear Black Grind Chaos!)
BLOODY SIGN “explosion of elements” (FRA- Great Dark and Crushing Death Metal) GREAT tape album
BLOODRAIN “ten bestial years ’95-‘05”(RUSS- Black Metal) lim. To 525 copies
BLUTRACHE “warsch zu neuen zeitaltern” (FIN- raw black metal)
BLOODDAWN “warmageddon”(BRA- Fast war Black metal) limited!!!
BURIAL HORDES “war revenge and total…”(GRE- Fast Black Metal)
BUTCHER ABC “official bootleg live”(I-LOVE-PENIS- assault of Death GoreGrindThrash Fuking MetalHELLLL)
BRS/GSR “split” (HOL/SPA- Both plays Old Style Fuking Gore Grind like Haemorrhage,Exhumed, General Surgery…)
CADAVEROUS “psychopathologist”(TUR- Brutal death Gore Metal)
CALORIC “caloric” (THAIL- Black Metal) demo € 3,00
CALVARY “in solitude” (ITA- old Doom Death Metal)
CARNIVORE MIND/ RECTAL CUM SHOT “split” (BRA-Brutal Gore Grind/ITA/GRE-Noise Gore Grind)
CATACUMBA “birkat ha-mini…” (BRA- South American Death Black Metal) great!
CARCHAROTH “my father was a wolf”(SPA- Pagan Black Metal with an Epic touch)
CELTIC DANCE “ancient battlecry”(POR-Black Metal with Pagan touch) ’98 demo!
CHAINSAW “the announcement”(CHILE- Pure Desecratind Death Black METAL hell) a very great album!
CHELMNO “same” (ITA- old skull Black Metal)
CHRISTIAN KILLER “diabolical satanic warcommand”(Raw Black Metal) limited 333 copies
CILICIUM “morte chimica” (Italic Crust Grinders influenced by Disrupt and Metallic stuff) limited to 66 copies only!
CLOSING “virtual laboratory sadism”(CZECH rep.- Death Grinding Metal) great ’96 demo tape € 4,00
COCAINE COWBOYS “metal war!” (ITA-Rocker Metal influenced by Venom, Alcohol and Arrogance!)
CORPORAL ABUSE “cannibalistic noise”(FRA-Harsh Noise Grind) with members of PulmonaryFibrosis
CORPSE “mortal terror”(Kult Bulgarian Death Grind band!!) tape € 4,00
CORPSE OF CHRIST “supreme gods revolt”(BRA- Fast Chaotic Black metal)
CORRUPT “born of greed”(SWE- Thrash Metal with Death influences) Great demo!
CROSSODOMIZER “we need the ass og jesus”(ITA- Pure Sardinian Raw Black Metal)
CRYFEMAL/XERION “split”(SPA/BRA- Black Metal)
CRYPTIC LORN “storm os satans fire”(BRA- fast Black metal)
CHAINED AND DESPERATE “oracles”(GRE- Symphonic Black Metal)
CRUCIFICTION “crucified with horns”(GRE- Old Styled Blasphemous Aggressive Death Metal)
CULTES DES GHOULES “angel of poison and death”(POL-Total Obscure Black metal) Demo € 4,00
CURSED “and then came the dark breed…”(FRA- Black Metal)
CURSED CHRIST “satanic majesty”(BRA- Raw Black metal)
CURSED CHRIST “consagratione” (BRA- raw Black Metal)
CURSED CHRIST “in the name of war”(BRA- Raw Black Metal)
DAEMONLORD “of war and hate”(SPA- Fast Black Metal) limited to366 copies!
DARK DECADE “in the land of disgrace”(GER-Atmospheric Black metal) ’95
DARK DOMINATION “blasphemy” (LAT- Black Metal)
DARK PROPHECIES “on the edge…”(POL- Old Style Brutal death Metal) GREAT!!!
DARK STORM “four lucan emperors” (CZECH rep.-Raw Black Metal Hell) STILL GREAT!
DARKTHULE „Summon thee“ (GRE- Raw Black Metal)
DASH THE BRAIN OUT “ep 2005” (THAIL- Brutal Grinding Death Metal)lim. 200 copies
DEAD INFECTION “surgical disembowelment” (POL - kult polish Gore Fuking Grind) masterpiece with bonustrax tape € 4,00
DEATH FIEND “fiendish intruders”(GRE- Old skull Heavy Black Metal)
DEATH RITUAL “death ritual” (Turkish Raw Black Metal)
DEATH SQUADRON “rememberance of past”(SPA-War Death Black metal) both EPs on one tape
DEATH SS “the legend of…” (American Bootleg of the most obscure and Horror Metal band on the planet earth) TAPE € 4,00
DECAYED “ataque infernal”(POR-Old style Black Metal with atmosphere)
DECAYED “Nockthurnaal” (POR- Old style Black Metal) tape € 4,00
DECAYED “live 9,9,99”(POR- Killer Black metal)
DECAYED “in lustful mayhem” (POR- a great collection with rare eraly recordings, reh trax, covers…) great! tape € 4,00
DEEDS OF FLESH “inbreeding the ant./Trading pieces”(USA- both albums of Pure Brutal Death Metal ) tape € 4,00
DEFACE “silent coldness”(GER- Death Metal) rare ’95 demo lim. To 100 copies!
DEFUNTOS “mundo de lapides”(POR- Slow Black Metal)
DEGIAL “awakening from darkness”(SWE- great Uppsala’s Death Metal detonation)
DEMENTOR “the church dies” (SLO-old Death Metal influenced by Benediction) great ’94 demo € 4,00
DEMONIC RAGE “six years of sacrilege” (Chilean Unholy Darkened Death Metal Hell) demo € 4,00
DEMONIC RAGE/EXCORIATE”death communion” (both Chilean Desecrating Death Black destruction) great demo € 4,00
DEMONS OF CREATION “delicate deaths steps”(BRA- Raw Black Metal) limited headnumbered
DEMONS OF CREATION “a flor do diablo”(BRA- Raw Black Metal)
DEMONTHRONE “angel slayer” (USA- Raw old Skull Black Metal) MC € 4,00
DER GERWELT “revelation” (RUSS-Black Metal) first demo!!!!
DER GERWELT “Nordlich sturm” (RUSS-BlackMetal)
DESECRATION “inhuman” (UK- kult Grind Death Metal) KILLER!!!! tape € 4,00
DEVIANT “tools of termination”(USA-Blasting Brutal Death Metal)
DICTATOR/MOLOCH “split”(RUSS???- both raw Black Metal) lim. To 100 copies only
DISARMONICAL TEMPEST “diatessaron” (GRE- Melodic Death Black Metal)
DISARRAY “widespread human disaster”(USA- Death ThrashCore) ’95 demo
DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND “deadly…”(POR-Brutal Death Grind Noise)
DISFLESH “warmaggeddon”(SPA- Violence HardCore BlackMetal) Total War!!!! great stuff!!!! tape € 4,00
DISFORTERROR “unholy attack of malefic…”(BRA-Aggressive and Blasphemous Black Death Metal)
DISFORTERROR “promo 2007 anno bastardi”(BRA- Furious Black desecrating Metal) limited to 100 copies only!
DISINTER “welcome to oblivion”(USA- Brutal Death Metal) tape € 4,00
DOCKALFAR “ ” (ITA-Slow Raw Pagan Black Metal)
DODSFERD “kruzifixxion of human disgust”(GRE- Misanthropic Black metal) lim. To 150 copies!
DOOMBRINGER “primeval sorcery” (POL- Darkened and Morbid Death Metal Occultist) very great demo!
DOMAIN/DEMONIZED “split” (both Mexican Blasphemous brutal Death Metal) tape € 4,00
DRAWNED IN TEARS “Abstract melancholy” (POR-DoomDeathMetal)
DURTHANG “passage beyond the cold…”(?-Frozen and Desolated Nordic Black Metal)
EBOLA “suffer the nazarene”(POL-Nihilistic Death Metal)
EBOLA “you know”(ITA- Industrialized Noise Black Metal) pure chaos from Nocratai members
ELYSIAN BLAZE” beneath silent faces”(OZ-Depressive Black metal)
EMBALMED SOULS “the temple of bizarre cult” (BRA- Dark Death Metal Hell) Great!
EMBER “chapter II- the gate”(USA- Black Metal with some old style influences)
EMBRACE OF THORNS “the inevitable twilight…” (GRE- Unholy Black metal)
EMPHERIS “ancient necrostorms”(POL- Extreme Raw War Black Thrashing Metal Holocaust!) great demo!!!
EMPHERIS “ regain heaven” (POL- Aggressive Black Thrash Metal with a little Epic Touch)
ENTHRALLED “diminish”(USA- Unholy Black Metal)
EPITAPH “Sacred and profane” (ITA-Old HeavyMetal) old demo
EPITOME “autoe rot icism” (POL- Brutal Gore Death Metal)
ERODED “test the grace infliction”(ITA-old style swedish Death Metal)
ESCHATOS “child of the ashes” (POL-Raw Black Metal)
ETERNAL DEVASTATION “beware the doom” (BRA- Death Thrash Metal)
ETERNAL MAJESTY “unholy chants of darkness”(FRA-Pure Unholy Black Metal hell) great!
EVILNASTY “blasphemia canorae”(ITA-retro Heavy Black Metal with Hellhammer/Frost influences)
EVOKED CURSE “merciless revenge”(SWE- Retro Black Thrashing Metal hell) great demo
EXCARNATED “let the hatred manifest”(OZ- Death Fuking Metal)
EXCESSUM “bleed eternally”(SWE-Black Metal)
EXTINCTION AGENDA/OPPRESSION “split” (USA- Bay Area Thrash Metal/SWE- Thrash Core maniax)
EXUTORY/PAROXISMO/VOMITHRONE “3 way zombie friend guts” (All Splattered Gore Grind) great!
FLAMMENTOD “morpheus”(GER-NS Black Metal with Fulk influences!)
FOOT JOB “demo 2007” (ITA- Porn Noise Core Massacre) demo € 3,00
FOREST “boio haemum”(???- Slow Forest Black metal)
FORGOTTEN “Retreat” (TURK- DoomMetal)
FORNACE “the man who…”(ITA- Great new demo of old style Death Black metal like the Hellenic way, with RottingChrist cover)
FORNACE “the awakening”(ITA-third demo of Death Black Metal influenced by the old Hellenic Gods)
FREEZING FOG „hellish rites“(GRE- great ultra Raw Ancient Black Metal influenced by Hellhammer)
FREITOD “soffnungslos”(GER-Obscure depressive Black Metal)
FREITOD “…einst tiefe wunden…” (GER-Depressive and Desolating Black metal)
FRONT BEAST “apocalyptic vengeance” (GER- Traditionl Black metal)
FRONT BEAST “procreation in fire” 8GER- Traditional Black Metal)
FRONT BEAST “victims of death”(GER- Retro Black Thrashing Metal) great!
FRONT BEST/INFERIOR “split” (GER- Black Metal)
FRONT BEAST “black demons night”(GER- Killer Black Heavy Metal) old and new songs!
FRONT BEAST/HATI “split”(Both German Raw Black Metal with some old influences)
FRONT BEAST “black spells of the damned”(GER- old style Black metal) great album!
FOREST OF IMPALED “demonvoid”(USA- Aggressive Death Black Metal)
FOREVER WINTER “of battle unseen” (FIN- Speed’n Black Metal) great!!!!!
FOREVER WINTER “towards the gates of hell”(FIN- Heavy Speed old styled Black Metal)
FORNICATION “stab”(FRA- Black Metal)
FROST “poison of your…”(POL- Black Metal) ’97
FUNERAL PROCESSION “solar eclopse” (GER- Unholy Black Metal) demo € 4,00
FUNGUS “ dislimbed and stuffed with maggots”(POR- Old style Death Gore Grind)
GATEWARD “Lord of aium” (BELA-Pagan Metal)
GARCHAROT “the art of dark desires”(FIN- Old Unholy Obscure Death Black Metal)
GEHENNA “the shadows of the pagan evil”(POL- Dark and Deep Death Metal hell) rare ’94 demo € 4,00
GLASYA LABOLAS “winter landscape” (ITA- Atmospheric Black Metal) ex- Adversam lim. To 100 only!
GNOME/NYARLATHOTEP “split”(I-LOVE-PENIS-Atm. Black Metal/I-LOVE-PENIS-Ultra Slow Atmospherical Doom Metal)
GOAT TYRANT “necromantical curse”(POL-totally retro-Black Death destruction with a great Nihilist coversong)
GOAT TYRANT “gate to the necro”(POL- Pure Death Black destruction) great band!
GODDESS OF DESIRE “let us win this war”(GER- Heavy Retro Black Metal) lim. To 100 copies
GODLESS NORTH “dark rites of the mystic order” (USA- Fast Black Metal)
GODSLAYING HELLBLAST “godslaying hellblast” (Turkish Satanic Raw Black metal)
GOREROTTED “mutilated in minutes”(UK-Brutal Death Gore Grind massacre) MC € 4,00
GOTTLOS”infernal pandemonio”(GRE/CZECH-Raw War Black Metal)
GOUNTLETS SWORD “the command”(GRE- Black Metal)
GRABSCHANDER “masturbation of the undead”(GER-Raw German Black Metal) lim. To 99 copies
GRADUS PENTALPHAE “du mysticus oduaris dii” (BRA-SouthAmerican Black influenced Black metal)
GRADUS PENTALPHAE “evil pure essence”(BRA-Black metal with swedish influences)
GRANULOCYTIC BLASTOMA “dysfunction of the uncontrollable”(THAIL- Iper Gore Grind maniax)
GRAVE DESECRATOR “grave desecrator” (BRA- Desecrating Raw Black Metal) great demo!
HABB “thmh xoyoahomy…”(BELA- Pagan Black Metal)
HAEMORRHAGE “morgue sweet home” (SPA- total pathological gore grinders) KULT! tape € 4,00
HANGOVER “terrorbeer”(POL- Killer HellRocking Metal attack as FUK!) great!
HATE FOREST “scythia” (UKR- Unholy Frozen Black Metal) great demo
HATE FOREST “the curse” (UKR- Unholy Raw Black Metal)
HATE “abhorrence” (POL- Old Brutal Death Metal) GREAT!! ’92 demo-rare!!!
HATEFUL AGONY “speed metal massacre” (Teutonic Thrashing mEtal assault) limited headnumbered copies!
HATE KOMMAND “blasphemous assault” (USA- Killer pure Black Metal hell) GREAT! Demo € 4,00
HATEPLOW “everybody dies”(USA- Death Grind War) very great band with Malevolent C. members
HATESTORM “cursed rituals” (RUSSIAN Raw Black Metal hell)
HYPNOS “arcane moon” (GRE-Atmospheric BlackMetal)
HELLSERMON “tools of the reaper” (DEN-Old Skull Raw War Black Metal) great! MC € 4,00
HELL-BORN “hellblast”(POL-Fast Black Metal)
HHAHDA “avernal mitic black…”(CHILE- Fast Raw Black Metal)
HOODED MENACE “the eyeless horde” (FIN- Morbid Doomy Death Metal) great! MC € 5,00
HORDA “mas alla de la muerte”(BOL-Heavy Metal)
HATEWORK “Thrashers’ attack” (ITA-Old ThrashMetal) great !!
HERETIC “sins from the basement”(BEL-Raw Provocative Black Metal)
HIEMS “The reaper” (ITA-BlackMetal)
HEPTAMERON “blessed be the name of the dragon”(GRE-Hellenic Raw fuking Black Metal) great!
HEPTAMERON “unholy rehearshals of death”(GRE- Raw Fuking Black Metal)
HORDAGAARD”ravnablod/trollskap”(?- Hateful Black Metal)
HORRID “you are mine” (ITA- Kult Death Metal band) ’93 demo- rare
HORRID “unreleased promo 1993” (ITA- Killer Pure Death Metal, nothing more, nothing less) MC € 3,50
HROSSHARGRANI “from the dark ages”(GER- almost 90 min. of Epic Ambient Black Metal)
HUTT “sessao descarrego”(BRA- Unholy Brutal Death Grind Metal) great!
HYPERVOREA “the charm of hate”(GRE- Black Metal)
IMAGO MORTIS “mors triumphalis” (ITA- Raw Black Metal)
IMMANIS “a coffin for the sun”(POR-Raw Black Metal)
IMMORTAL RITES “beyond the gates…”(GER- Death Black Metal)
IMPERIAL HORDES “pyrphoros” (GRE- Unholy Black Metal) great demo!|!!!!
IMPERIAL “aggressors…not followers”(FRA- best of, with all trax from the rare recordings of Black Thrashing Metal)
IMPERIAL “De fordomdas legion” (SWE-Aggressive BlackMetal)
IMPERIAL “the red moon”(FRA- black Thrash Metal)
IMPETIGO “horror of the zombies” (gored Metal hell) do you need more?? FUK! tape € 4,00
IMPURO “orgia” (BRA- great Brazilian Occult Black Metal)
INCRIMINATED “orgy of the perverted”(FIN- Minimalistic Black fuking Metal) thailand tape € 4,00
INKONTINENZ “shit-covered earth”(GER-Grind Core Brutal)
INFAMOUS GLORY “night of the rising moon”(BRA- BlackMetal with Atmospheric touch)
INFERIS “destroying the light”(Chilean old style Death Fuking Metal) great demo!!!
INFERNO “live in bitterfeld” (CZECH rep- Raw Black Metal)
INFERNO “pure serbian hell” (CZECH rep-Raw Black Metal
INFERNO “chram nenavisti” (CZECH rep- Raw Black Metal)
INFERNAL GOAT “Promo 999” (ITA-Raw BlackMetal)
INFERNAL GOAT “Bestial passion” (ITA-Raw and Barbaric Black metal)
INFERNAL GOAT “the longest day of pain”(ITA- Raw Black Metal)
INFERNUS “suprema profanacao”(POR-Raw Black Metal)
INGROWING “perverted look at the world” (CZECH rep- Death Grinding Metal inferno!) great ’96 demo tape € 4,00
IN MEMORIAN “centuries of sortilege” (BRA- great Brazilian Black metal) old demo € 4,00
INNER HELVETE “Glorification of the…” (POR-Raw and Blasphemous Desecrating Black Metal Hell)
INNER HELVETE /STERKVIND “split” (POR- both extreme black metal)
INNER HELVETE/NECROCULT “split”(POR- Desecrating and Raw Black Metal/BRA-Noisy ultra fast Black metal) 666 copies!
INSEPULTUS “Consideration” (SLO-AtmosphericDeathMetal)
INFERNAL ATAVISM “evil ways”(I-LOVE-PENIS- Brutal Death Metal)
INFERNAL ATAVISM “pray for low price god”(I-LOVE-PENIS- Death Metal with Brutal touch) great!
INFERIOR “berfall”(GER- Nordic Black metal) limited!!!
INSIDIOUS OMEN “upon this throne of waste and decay”(Canadian Furious Brutal Black metal) limited
IN THY FLESH “ode nacional”(POR-Fast Black metal)
IN THY FLESH “onslaught against slavery” (POR- Fast Black Metal)
ISACAARUM “menses:exorcism”(CZECH rep-Nihilistic Black Grind kult) great album!
ISACAARUM/INGROWING”bizarre end of century”(greatBlack Grinding Metal against CyberGore Grind)
ISTIDRAJ “singakult black metal”(SIN-Fast Raw Black metal)
ISTIDRAJ “blasphemous ritual” (SIN- Raw blasphemous Black metal)
ISTIDRAJ “blasphemized perversion” (SIN-Fast Raw Black Metal with VON cover song) limited to 100 copies only! demo € 4,00
ISOLATION “a perpetual echo”(ITA- Black Metal with Slow parts!)
JEZEBEDTH “black vision of death” (BRA- Cold Raw Black Metal)
KABARAH “black metal command”(BRA- Raw Fast Black Metal) headnumbered copies
KATHARIAN BLOOD “krsna ayas” (HOL-Raw Black Metal) limited to 100 headnumbered copies
KAY PACHA/YANA RAYMI “the time of revenge”(Both Peruvian Black Metal bands) limited 333 copies
KHOLD VALLEY “same” (FRA- Thrash Metal Attack) with SOD and Slayer covers
KIBOSH SYBIL KISMET “sulphurous domain”(SIN- Avantgarde Black Metal)
KILL “nocturnal death” (SWE- Raw War Black Metal) limited first edition!
KILLERS “habemus metal” (Cult French Heavy Metal band since 1985) limited south american edition 2002 album
KNELL “Klich bezodny” (UKR- Atmospheric FolkBlackMetal)
KERBEROS “rough tape 2001” (NED- violent and fukking extreme black metal storm)
KUAFOR CENGIZ “istambul hatirasi…”(TUR-Death Grind Noise) limited live!
KRABATHOR/GROINCHURN “split” (CZECH- Death Metal/SOUTHAfrica GrindcOre)
KRATORNAS “The onslaught…” (PHIL-Pure BlackMetal chaos)
KRATORNAS “statues before your death”(PHIL-The most Hateful Chaotic Raw War Black Grind Metal band )
KULTO MALDITO “kulto maldito” (Pure Bolivian Black Metal) great band!
LICHTEN NACHT “Bliss in Demise” (FRA- Raw Black Metal) Mastema project
LIVIDITY “’til only the sick remain”(USA- Porno Gore Grind) tape € 4,00
LEGION “bloodaeons” (SWE- Fast Black Metal)
LOPRESTI/BIZARRE FILTH CUM “split”(both US Harsh NoiseAmbientGrind?????)
LORD DARKNESS “lilith a rainha das noites…”(BRA- Raw Black Metal) limited headnumbered!
LORD FOUL “marchando sobe a profana…”(BRA- Fast Black Metal) limited Unholy distro.
LORD FOUL “6 war sounds, 6 years of battle, 6...” (BRA- Fast Unholy Black Metal)
LUGBURZ “triumph of antichrist” (POL- Raw War Black Metal)
M.A.D. “prisoners of the damned”(Yugoslavian Death Thrash Metal) great!
MANIAC BUTCHER “immortal death” (CZECH rep-great 1993 first demo of unholy death Metal hell)
MANIAC BUTCHER “the incapable carrion” (CZECH rep-Masterpiece od Unholy Death Metal)
MANIAC BUTCHER “Cerna krew” (tape version)
MANIAC BUTCHER “live in open hell 17.7.99” (live tape)
MANIAC BUTCHER “live in Annaberg”(Czech rep-great live tape)
MANTH “a conjuration compelling obedience”(ITA- Avantgarde Black Metal) with members of Triumphator and Mephisto
MALEFICARUM “consecratum” (RUSS- atm. Black Metal)
MALEFIC ORDER “siddet-nefret-yikim”(Turkey’s most Raw War Black Metal band)
MARBLEBOG “forestheart” (Pure Hungarian Hateful Raw Pagan Metal) with an Hungarian surprise
MARTIAL MIGHT “Death Hammer” (ITA- Death Black in Bestial Warlust vein)
MALEVOLENT CREATION “Joe Black” (USA – Death Metal legend) collection of rare tracks from demo
MALEVOLENT CREATION “eternal” (USA- Death Metal masterpiece)
MALEVOLENT CREATION “The final art of murder” (USA – Death Metal legend)
MARAVSKA ZIMA “pod praporem…”(CZECH rep- Raw War Black Metal)
MAROTH “krst u plamenu” (Serbian Raw Black Metal hell)
MASS SEPARATION “feed your conscience”(MAL- Killer totally retro Grind Core like early NapalmDeath/Repulsion)
MASTEMA “Inhuman satanic and evil” (FRA-Evil Raw Black Metal)
MASTIFAL “holocausto mental”(ARG- Old style SouthAmerican Death Thrash Metal)
MEFITIC “devouring torment”(ITA- Unholy Black Metal Chaos) on Drakkar records
MENTAL ECLIPSE “graveside hower” (BELA- atm. Black Metal) demo € 3,00
MERCILESS ONSLAUGHT “promo 2007”(ITA- Ultra raw Black Thrash Metal) demo € 3,00
MERCILESS ONSLAUGHT/THE KRUSHERS”split”(ITA-Black Thrash/ITA- Thrash Metal) lim. To 200 copies! demo € 3,00
MERCILESS ONSLAUGHT “mirror of death” (ITA- Thrash Fuking Metal with some Death vocals) south-american edition!
MERCYLESS “coloured funeral”(FRA-Old Death Metal) Century Media tape € 4,00
MISANTHROPIC POETRY “inhaling the wind…”(RUSS-Unholy Raw Black Metal) great!
MISCREANT “Occult Philosophy” (RUSS- Occult Death Metal) great album
MISERYCORE „civilization torture“(Chilean Speed Thrash Metal) great !
MIKTLATENKUTLY „the firway“(Russian Melancholic Black Metal) ‘97 demo
MINDFLAIR “demo 1997”(GER- great GrindCore)
MITHRA „corax“(BRA-Black Metal with ritualistic atmospheres)
MIXOMATOSIS/AUDIORREA „split“ (Both Spanish Gore Grind massacre)
MIXOMATOSIS/INTESTINAL DISGORGE/MDK/UROPHAGIA „4 way split“ (all Grinding Gore Noise Carbonization)
MOBILIZER „kembali kepada tuhan“(INDO-Brutal grinding Death metal)
MODER “bremen devastation” (GER- killer Death Metal live )
MODER “fields of devastation”(GER-Great Fucking Death Metal)
MOLOCH “tephee tem tbma”(UKR- Furious Raw Black Metal) 3 different rare limited editions
MOON “satan’s wept”(POL- Atmospheric and Fast Black Metal) Pagan records!
MOONTOWER “aryan metal terror” (POL- Raw Black Metal)
MOONTOWER “praise the apocalypse”(POL-Hateful Black Metal)
MOONTOWER “the wolf’s hunger”(POL- Hateful Black Metal)
MOONTOWER “unholy rehearshals’96-‘06”(POL- Black Metal)
MOONTOWER “in the shadow of the wolf” (POL- Black Metal)
MOONTOWER/TARAN “split”(both Polish Black metal)
MORD “christendom perished”(POL- Raw Fast Black Metal) lim. To 500 copies
MORTES SALTANTES “demo 1”(I-LOVE-PENIS-Old style Death Metal)
MUST MISSA “sex beyond the grave”(UKR- Raw Unholy Black Metal hell)
Mutilated Ear-Drum/Melanocetus Murrayi/Gore Galore/decomposing Vomit “garbage 4 sic…” ( killer Split of TOTAL Gore Noise)
MUTILATION / 9th PLAGUE “united in real brutality”(REP.SRPSKA-Brutal Death Metal/SWE- Death Metal)
MUTILATORIO “antropophagus” (ITA- Total Noise Gore) demo € 3,00
MOVIMENTO D’AVANGUARDIA ERMETICO “alle frontiere dell’anima”(ITA-Cold Pagan Black Metal)
NHAAVAH “kings of Czech black metal” (Czech-Raw Black Metal) a project of Maniac Butcher
NAHUAL “thriumph of the blackhearts”(PERU-South-american Black Metal) limited
NAHUAL “tiberian’s crucifixion talionis”(PERU-reh. Tape 2005 – Black Metal)
NAMTER/GASZIMMER “split”(Both Italian Black Metal)
NATRIUM MURIATICUM “warriors iberia” (???-Raw War Black Metal) great! Demo € 3,50
NECROCANNIBAL “demo 2002” (GER- Slow Guttural Gore Grind morbidity)
NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM/SMERSH “split” (Russian Porn Gore Noise Grind Massacre)
NECROCCULTUS/SHUB NIGGURATH “split” (both Mexican Unholy Darkened Death Metal HELL on Stage) very great stuff!
NECROVOMIT “necrovomit” (one of the most Inspired Death Black Desecrating Metal Hell from Italy) GREAT!!!!!!!
NECROMANCY “satan crush useless god” (BOL- Unholy Dark Death Black Metal Hell) GREAT!
NECROMORPH “Tormentum ignis” (GER-Old style Death Metal)
NECROPHIL “meganecromancja”(Old Polish Gore Death Metal) great rare early 90s demo demo € 4,00
NECROPSIA “die fuking bastard” (CHILE- Infernal and Morbid Death Black destruction) tape € 4,00
NECROPSIS “sinfonias del necrocomio” (COL- great Gore Grinding Metal rotteness!)
NECROPLASMA “black funeral horns” (SWE- Raugh Morbid Black Metal) demo € 4,00
NECROS/ABNORM “split” (Both France Darkened Brutal Death Metal) great! Demo € 3,50
NECROSE “promo 2001” (POR-Death Metal with some old style parts) great!
NEFARIO “evil metal” (ARG- great obscure south american Black fuking Metal) great!
NEFARIUM “demo 99” (ITA- Fast Black Metal) demo € 4,00
NEGATIVE CREEP “a soundtrack for a day of hate”(ITA- Sardinian Thrash Core Hate)
NEGATRON “thermal shock”(MAL-Pure Thrash Metal Assault!) great! tape € 4,00
NETHERMANCY “towards the astral…”(POR-Nordic Black Metal)
NOCTURNAL “rites of the black mass” (GER-Traditional Black Thrash Metal)
NOCTURNAL FEAR “pagan rites”( Obscure Death Metal with a Thrash touch) lim. To 500 copies
NOCTURNAL PROCREATION „same“(ITA-Old Style Death Black Metal)
NOCTURNAL VOMIT “death will not be swift” (GRE- Unholy Metal of Death) GREAT!
NOKTURNAL „under the unholy black ritual“(CHILE- Fast Raw Black Metal)
NON OPUS DIE „iliaest“(POL-Black Metal with Death touch)
NORDREICH “am hunengrab”(GER- True Pagan Metal) great!!!
NIHILISTIC KAOS “demence et perversion”(FRA-BlackMetal incl. DarkThrone cover !)
NIHILISTIK KAOS/NORDUM “Split”(Both Black metal from france!)
NYCTOPHOBIC/GARBAGE DISPOSAL “split” (GER/CZECH rep- legendary GrindCore bands on one destructive tape)
NYCTOPHOBIC “insects”(GER- Kult GrindCore band!)
NUNSLAUGHTER “devil Metal”(US kult Death by Metal) great!
OBSCENITY “intense”(Brutal Death Metal)
OBSCENITY “cold blooded murder” (Brutal Death Metal)
ODIUM “misserycordia”(POL-Death Black with Melodic influences) 1998 demo
ODIUM PERPETUUM/D.O.R. “split”(both Norwegian Black Metal from Portugal)
OLD PAGAN “thrash Black Metal holokaust”(GER- Old Style Black Metal)
ORATEGOD “fall slowly until the hell”(BRA- Unholy Brutal Death Metal) great!
ORCRIST “the third imperium” (ITA- Raw Black Metal) limited 200 copies
OPEN GRAVE “The heavens cry black tears” (FRA-Raw Black Metal)
PAGANFIRE “tasteless revenge”(PHIL- Thrash Fuking Metal)
PAGANFIRE/BEAST PETRIFY “hypnotic thrashing beast”(PHIL/SING- Total Thrash Metal attack)
PAGANFIRE/INTERMENT “split” (Both Thrash Metal from Philippine)
PAGAPU “arte magia y sangre”(PERU-Raw Black Metal with pagan lyrics)
PARRICIDE “kingdom of dawnfall”(POL-Brutal Death Metal) tape € 4,00
PENANCE “parallel corners”(USA- Great Heavy Doom Metal band) Century Media tape € 4,00
PENETRATOR HAMMER “ ensayo II” (Raw Black Metal) limited headnumbered to 200 copies!
PENIS ENLARGEMENT “enlarge me” (ITA- Noise Core maniax with members of 2 min. Dreka) demo € 3,00
PERMANENT DEATH/BESTIAL VOMIT “split”(HOL/ITA-Total Grind Noise bands!)
PERSECUTOR “wings of death” (POL- Thrashing Death Metal) limited headnumbered to 666 copies
PERVERSE MONASTYR “beaukonochmu…”(BUL- Black Metal)
PERVERSE MONASTYR “perverse monastyr” (BUL-raw cold Black Metal)
PERVERTUM OBSCURUM “mass murder mutilation”(OZ- Brutal Death Metal with Excarnated member)
PHOBIA “grind your fuking head in”(US cult Anarcho Grinders) great tape € 4,00
PHOBOPHOBIA “same”(USA-Modern Thrash Metal) old demo
PYRE “murder, satan, holocaust” (German Black Metal) limited to 200 copies demo € 4,00
POLTERKRIST “the death cell”(GER- Traditional Black’n’ThrashMetal) Deathstrike rec.
PRIMEVAL MASS “enlightened black gnosis”(GRE-Raw Black Metal)
PROFANUM “misantropiae floris”(POL- Ambient Black Metal)
PROFANUS INFERNALIS “escuridao infernal”(BRA- Raw Black Metal)
PROFANUS PHILOSOPHY “reflexoes”(BRA-Raw Black metal)
PROSATANOS “all power to the evil”(GER-Fast Black metal with old influences)
PSICODEATH “welcome to death”(BRA- Pure Death Metal) great!
PSIKOTIK MONKEYS “demo 1996”(ITA- GrindCore Noise) reissue limited to 20 copies only!
PSYCHOPATHIA “freedom” (CZ- Grindcore) great!
PULMONARY FIBROSIS/2MINUTA DREKA “split” (FRA- Gore Grind /ITA- maniax of PornoGoreGrind)
RAVENDARKs MONARCHAL CANTICLE “sentinelas no front”(Brazilian band influenced by south-Thrash and euro-BlackMetal)
READY TO FUCK “the obscure side of sexism”(Brazilian sadomasokist old skull Black Metal)
REALM OF CARNIVORA “vengeance shall come”(GER-Atmospheric Black metal)
REINFECTION “they die for nothing”(POL- Very great Violent old styled Grind Core band) tape € 4,00
REVERORUM IB MALACHT “What do you think of the old god…”(?- Religious and Dark Black Metal atmosphere) demo € 4,00
RIDDLE OF MEANDER “ancient apocalypse”(GRE- Nordic Black Metal)
RIDDLE OF MEANDER “end of all life and creation”(GRE- Cold Nordic Black Metal)
ROSSOMAHAR “Grotesque” (RUSS- Death Thrash Metal)
ROTTING BLOOD “que el metal vuelva al infierno”(COL- Raw Black Death Metal with old influences) great!
SABBATICAL RITES “the destruction”(GRE-Raw Traditional Black Metal)
SCALARE “master of all evil”(???- Heavy Metal for the Devil)
SANATORIO “House of death” (BRA-South American BlasphemousDeathMetal) KILLERS !!!!
SANATORIO “Rotten penetration” (BRA-SouthAmerican BlasphemousDeathMetal) masterpiece!!
SANATORIO “odio e caos aos inimigos do metal…live 2000” (BRA- Rotten and Blasphemous Death Metal HELL) limited
SANATORIUM “necrologue” (SLO- Great 100% Death Metal) ’98 demo € 4,00
SANATORIUM “autumn shadows” (SLO- great pure Death Metal) demo € 4,00
SANGUINEOUS “expurgating life from earth” (OZ- Darkened Putrid Death Metal) very great demo! € 4,00
SARGATANAS “sargatanas”(BRA- Black Metal) ’97 demo (not the Mexican legend on TFH rec.)
SARGATANAS “sargatanas” (MEX-great ’95 demo of Barbaric Dark Death Metal from Hell) GREAT!
SARGATANAS “live 2001” (MEX- official live of Raw Morbid Metal of Death) limited!
SATAN “the fallen crow” (PERU- Ambient Black Metal)
SATANEL “the dark triumphator” (ITA- Fast Black Metal) demo € 4,00
SATANICHRIST “worship”(Brazilian Raw Black Metal, demo with Live bonus trax)
SATANIC LITANY “reverencing the indestructible” (BRA- Black Metal with Atmospheric touch)
SATANIC/XERBETH “satanicas fuerzas del mal”(Both Bolivian Raw Black Metal hell)
SCATOLOGIC MADNESS POSSESSION/BRUTAL DECOMPOSITION “split” (Both Purely Gore Grind madness) great demo € 3,00
SCURVY “demo 1 2000” (SWE- Gored Death Metal) great!
SCURVY “tombstone tales/second ejaculation”(SWE- Gored Zombified Metal Cannibals) great! tape € 4,00
SEMPITERNAL “forest of omnot”(USA- killer Raw Black Metal)
SERPENT HORDES “in the name of satan-demoII” (El Salvador- Ultra Raw Noise Black Metal) 2001 demo
SERMONIZE “ayamarka arpay: inka killay” (PERU- Chaos Destruction War Black Metal) great!
SETH “apocalyptic desires”(FRA- Black Metal) demo
SEWAGEGORE “i.b.d.t.p.w.i…”(USA- Noise Grind Chaos!) for the true fans of sik noize!!!!!!!
SHADES OF DEEP WATER “shades of deep water” (?- Funeral Doom Metal obscurity) GREAT!
SHE’S GORE “demo 2001” (THAIL- Brutal Death Gore Metal)
SIMARGAL “meeting with…”(Jugoslav Atmospheric Black Metal)
SKULLKRUSHER “Bestial Live” (FIN-Traditional Black Metal)
SLAUGHTBBATH “the unholy wrath…”(Chilean Raw War bLack Metal) great inverted cross cover artwork demo € 4,00
SLAUGHTERGRAVE/ARCHNEMESIS “split”(GRE- Old style Death Grind/GRE- Raw Black Metal)
SLEJPNIR/KOZMIK KRYPT “split” (GRE/GER- Raw Black Metal)
SLUGATHOR “crush skulls and bones” (FIN- crushing live death Metal) limited tape € 4,00
SONG OF MELKOR/THY LORD “Split” (Two french Raw Black Metal bands)
SONICHAOS AEON “symposium lex o tanil” (GRE- Powe Elecronic Black Metal)
SONICHAOS AEON “hellel benshahamar” (GRE-Gory Crusty Black Metal)
SOILENT GREEN “sewn mouth secrets”(USA-GrindCore sikwith Noise stuff inside!) masterpiece! tape € 4,00
SOURCE OF DEEP SHADOWS “source of doom and perpetual night”(POL- Doom Metal with Death influences) great!
SOVEREIGN “demoniac pride”(Brazilian great band influenced by Possessed, Sarcofago and Raw Black Metal)
SPIRITUAL WINTERMOON “nightfall” (GRE- BlackMetal)
SPLATTERED CADAVER “merciless butchery” (USA- Gore grind) tape € 4,00
STAKE OF GOD “…For the primordial …” (ITA-Very primordial BlackMetal)
STENCH OF DECAY “where death and decay reign” (FIN- very great Putrid Death Metal) demo € 4,00
STUTTHOF/NEMETON “split” (GRE/FRA-Black Metal) Unholy rec. release
SUCCUBUS/CRYPT “split” (POL-Brutal Death Grind)
SUMMUM MALUM “lusitanian evilness”(POR-Ultra raw Black Fuking Metal)
SUPREME LORD/CHTON “split”(both Death Metal bands fron Norway and Poland) Time Before Time
SWAMP “praise the goat”(GRE-Old style raw Black Metal)
SZARLEM “cryptic winter” (GER- Cold Northern Black Fuking Metal)
SZRON “the purifying flame of annihilation”(POL- Raw Black Metal) lim. To 350 copies
TALES OF DARKNORD “dismissed” (RUSS_ Kult Death Metal band)
TALES OF DARKNORD “the last” (RUSS_ Death Metal)
TALES OF DARKNORD “endless sunfoll” (RUSS-Death Metal)
TERRORAMA “horrid efface”(SWE- great Dark Death Metal)
TERRORAZOR “ask the dead”(???-great Grinding Death Metal like Terrorizer demos or Nausea)
TETHAUM “oscurita cavo”(USA- Chaos Black Metal)
TETHAUM “the origin tapes 2002”(USA- Noise Ultra slow Blacking Metal)
TheTrue ENDLESS “live and raw” (ITA- Black Metal) NEW
THALLIUM “gevaudan”(BRA- Slow Black Metal with atmospheric touch)
THALLIUM “a howling”(BRA-Black metal)
THE BEAST “pacta conventa doemoniorum” (DEN-Depressive Slow Black Metal)
THEISTIC INFERNO “Embryo” (RUSS-Atmospheric Black with different vocals)
THE STONE “marna/the fog” (Serbian Black Metal with Slavonic influences)
The UNDER “blissful night…”(I-LOVE-PENIS- Chaos Black Metal) Live limited to 66 copies only!!
THY DARKEST EMPIRE “promo ‘98”(USA- Raw Black Metal)
TYPHUS “profound blasphemous procalamation”(fast Nordic Black Metal) tape € 4,00
THRON “Seductions of the…” (RUSS- Black Metal)
THRONEUM/ANIMA DAMNATA “split” (both Polish Bestial Death Metal)
THRONEUM “bestial antihuman evil”(POL- Old school Death fuking Metal) demo € 4,00
TORMENT “satanic black terror”(PERU-Chaotic Black Metal War) limited 333 copies
TORN TO PIECES “mastering the arts of death”(GER-Death Grind with a touch of Benediction)
TO ARKHAM “born to hate/livevil” (PARAG-Black Metal with Thrash parts)
TRIUMPHATOR “Occulte maligni” (ITA-Occult BlackMetal)
TROOPS OF DEATH “black september” (CHILE-Barbaric Raw south american War Black Thrashing Metal Hell) great!!!
TUDOR “antikrist-the best of Tudor”(CZECH rep.-Pure uncontaminated Black Fuking Metal Hell since 90 to 05) GREAT demo € 4,00
TUSKA/INCRIMINATED “ten hail marys”(Both Finnish Tormented Black Metal)
TUSSOCK “out of rhyme”(MAL- Great Old style Grind Death Metal) a mix like NapalmDeath and Terrorizer!!!!
UNCLEAN “Ten, ktery se…” (CZECH REP.- Occult Black Metal)
UNCTORIS “officium defunctorum-live” (ITA- Necro- Black Metal live) very deep and obscure black metal sound! Normal edition
UNCTORIS “officium defunctorum-live”(ITA- Necro-Black Metal live) limited edition black box totally handmade tape € 5,00
UNHOLY IMPALER “Belphegore” (ITA-Primitive Black Metal)
UNHOLY IMPALER/TOTENKOPF/UNCORK “split”(all Italian Black Metal bands)
UNSEEN DARKNESS “Unholy war pride” (INDO-BlackMetal) great!
ULCERRHOEA “hatred of existence”(GER- Gore Grind)
URAEUS “o despertar da ira serpential” (BRA- Raw early 90s Black Metal influenced)
URANUS “the clang of lances”(GRE- Mythological Avantgarde Black Metal) for Septic Flesh fans!
URFAUST “geist ist teufel”(NED- Raw Depressive Black Metal)
VACUUM “ascensus” (ITA- Raw Black Metal with Slow and Fast parts!)
VADER “live in japan” (POL- Death Metal)
VALHALLA “B thmhax n…” (UKR-EpicBlackMetal) for Bathory’s fans
VIOLATOR “revolution of human” (MAL-Old style Thrash Metal)
VRYKOLAKAS “buried in filthy”(I-LOVE-PENIS- Brutal Death Gore Metal)
VEXED “abyss of agony” (ITA- Thrash Metal with Black influenced) killer demo!!!!!!
VEXED “nightmare holocaust”(ITA- Thrashing black metal) Thailand edition !
VEXED/FARSCAPE “split” (ITA_ Black Thrash Metal/BRA-Thrash Metal)
VORKUTA “morbid audial plagestorm”(HUN- Raw Black Metal)
VOW DREAMS “in immense silence”(ITA- Atmospheric Horror Metal)
VOW DREAMS “dead two times”(ITA- Atmospheric Horror Metal)
VOW DREAMS “secret spirit”(ITA- Atmospheric Horror Metal)
VULTUR/STAKE OF GOD”split”(Both Sardinian Raw Black Metal Aggression)
VULTURINE “cathartes aura” (BRA-Black Metal) great demo!
VVAA “asiatic attack”(POR-Bastardized,Perish, Funeral Rites, Dusk, Tegnokorak,Mortes Saltantes)
VVAA “bestial necromancy I”(GRE- with edit and inedit songs form: Sargatanas, Necroccultus, NocturnalVomit, Blaspherian, Tyrants Blood, NocturnalGraves, Blasphemophagher, Amok, BlackTorment, Crucifiction, Hekseri, Istidraj,Godemiche….) GREAT!
VVAA “blut und eisen” (ITA- NS stuff: waffen ss, imago mortis, nocratai, sarghnaghel....)
VVAA “chapel of death 3”(USA-Fleshripper,Tsjuder,LordOfTheCommand,Cad,Watain,Terrorama,Grabschander,Sanguinary…)
VVAA „funeral blast volumeIV“ (FRA-Gorerotted,MartialMight,Embolism,Cicatrix,Nefarium,Asmodee,Gorgon,Sanguinary...)
VVAA “HorrorificLiquescentAftermath”(OZ-Aborted,Goreopsy,Inhume,Brodequin,HumanMincer,Machetazo,Bile,Nefas,Wormed….)
VVAA “in search of weirdTruth” (I-LOVE-PENIS-BloodyGore,ApocalypticRaids,VoraciousGangrene,Worship…)
VVAA “Symphonic Art VolI”(BRA-ImperialLucyfer,AuroraBorealis,ArkhonTonDaimonion,UnholyFlames…)
VVAA “Symphonic Art VolII” (BRA-Valhalla,DemoniacLord,Inferus,Dust,Beelzebul,TheEvilSolstice…)
VVAA “whitness compilation vil.I”(ITA-VowDreams,Ebola,Mockery,DeadMoon,TheTortured,Crucifire,Thorns,TheTRueEndless…)
WAR BLASPHEMY “for the glory” (POR- War BlackMetal)
WARFARE “voices from hell”(CHILE-Very Raw and Primitive Black Metal)
WARLUST “the final war”(NED-Raw Black Metal)
WARKULT “the scourge is rolling through”(HUN- Unholy Raw War Black metal) great! limited to 200 copies!
WAR MASTER “The black horde reign supreme” (POR- Raw Black Metal)
WILL WOLFE PROJECT “strength neeeds no excuse”(I-LOVE-PENIS-Psychedelic Black Heavy Death…. Metal for open minded) but great stuff
WILK “hammer of hate”(?- Pagan black Metal)
WITCHCURSE “heavy metal poison”(GRE- pure Headbanging Heavy Metal Kamikaze) great demo!
WITCHMASTER “witchmaster” (POL- Death Black destruction)
WITHOUT FAITH “False prophet” (GRE-Old DeathBlackThrashMetal) great!!!
WRATH “regression”(POR-Black Metal with Thrash parts)
WYTCHKRAFT “satanic inquisition”(Brazilian Satanic Raw Heavy Metal maniax with Metalucifer cover) tape € 4,00
XASTHUR “a gate through…”(USA-Raw Black Metal with an Obscure AtmosphericTouch)
XERBETH “fuerzas del mal”(BOLIVIA-Raw Black metal)

Regressive Muerta Metal: https://sadistikus.bandcamp.com/album/desekrehearsal-march-21-2015
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he accepts contact via email now? i want that decayed live tape.
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