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list of sale

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:05 pm    Post subject: list of sale Reply with quote

write me at: vanishing82@hotmail.it
(payment with paypal, bank transfer and postal cheque)


beherit ghost of death, the early years of beherit cd-r (fatal rec) #89/100 12 eur
celtic frost tribute (marduk, dimmu borgir, astarte, etc) cd black lotus rec 8 eur played once
tsjuder kill for satan cd 1st press drakkar 20 eur
tsjuder demonic possession cd 8 eur
necrophagia holocausto de la morte cd 6 eur
cult of daath slit throats and ritual nights cd 8 eur played once
bathory requiem cd black mark 1994 rare 10 eur
vlad tepes black legions spirit cd bootleg rare 8 eur
vlad tepes la morte lune cd tragic empire rec rare 15 eur
mutiilation black millennium (grimly reborn) cd drakkar 1st press 35 eur
belketre ambre zuetki vuordrevartre cd tragic empire rec 15 eur
belketre ambre zuetki vuordrevartre cd goatmoon worship rec 15 eur
theatre des vampires vampyrisme, necrophilie necrosadisme necrophagie cd 1st press 6 eur
xasthur to violate the oblivious cd THR 6 eur
xasthur nocturnal poisoning cd 1st press (blood fire death) 10 eur
profanatica - profanatitas de demonomatia cd 8 eur played once
incriminated kings of misery cd lmt 500 copies 6 eur
dismember death metal cd 1996 6 eur
masokismi (fin) hapeallinen siveysoppi cd 4 eur
goatpenis trotz verbot nicht tot cd 1st press (selfless rec) 15 eur
morbid angel entangled in chaos cd 6 eur
morbid angel heretic w/ bonus cd limited edition 12 eur
samael into the dark cd-r 6 eur
thorns of the carrion the garden of dead winter cd (wild rags) rare .offer (on hold)
strid (nor) discography cd (ars mysteriorum rec) 10 eur rare
gravewurm into battle cd 8 eur
kreator endless pain cd 6 eur
carcass the gore gallery of demos cd bootleg 10 eur
death baptized in blood cd bootleg (1996) 10 eur
crucifixion wounds war summoning mcd 6 eur
lust/anael split cd 6 eur
ares kingdom return to dust cd 6 eur
stormwitch (ger) witchcraft cd 6 eur
thee maldoror kollective new era viral order cd 6 eur played once
arckanum trulen (demos) cd carnal records 8 eur
demoncy joined in darkness cd (great cd!) 8 eur
dark tranquillity a moonclad reflection cdr bootleg (demos & ep) 8 eur
cathedral the garden of unholy delights cd 6 eur
sarcofago lust for death bootleg cd lmt. 1000 copies 15 eur
naer mataron river of dash scalding cd 6 eur
katharsis - kruzifixxion cd 8 eur
katharsis 666 cd 8 eur
argentum (mex) ad interitum funebrarum (full moon prod) cd 8 eur
morgoth cursed cd 1991 8 eur
rok this is satanik cd 8 eur
hadez (per) aquelarre cd 6 eur
mortiis the stargate cd 6 eur
the forgotten (usa) l'aldila cd (paragon int) 8 eur


mephisto walz the eternal deep cd 1994 8 eur
mephisto walz thalia cd 1995 8 eur
mephisto walz immersion cd 1998 8 eur
mephisto walz terra regina cd 1993 8 eur
killing joke the courtauld talks cd 6 eur
shadow project dreams for the dying cd rare 8 eur
shadow project from the heart cd rare 8 eur
christian death invocations cd rare 10 eur
rozz williams every kind a bastard son cd rare 15 eur
diamanda galas you ,ust be certain of the devil cd rare 10 eur
lisa gerrard the silver tree special edition w/ dvd 10 eur played once
lisa gerrard s/t (best of compilation) cd 8 eur played once
demonix (gitane demone) never felt so alive, the lost mixes cd 6 eur
chirleison a whisper cd (fossil dungeon) 6 eur
intimations of immortality vol. 4, 4 eur
glaufx garland the 7th gates of punishment - 1st gate there is no love cd (electro wave) 5 eur


ministry animositisomina cd 6 eur


corpoparassita (ita) zona mutilazioni cdr lim 50 copies 6 eur
seelenblut phosporus cdr lim 333 copies 8 eur (occult ambient raison d'etre style)


david bowie the man who sold the world cd 6 eur
pink floyd dark side of the moon cd 8 eur
the kills no wow cd 8 eur


Hypocrisy - Hypocrisy adv. poster 70 x 100 cm 5 eur
Moonspell - Irreligious adv. poster 70 x 100 cm 5 eur
Death is just the beginning vol. 1 (cult) 70 x 100 cm 8 eur
Death is just the beginning vol. 4 70 x 100 cm 5 eur
Gehenna - Malice adv. poster 50 x 60 cm 4 eur
Watain - band poster from NOEVDIA 50 x 60 cm 4 eur
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