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CD / VINYL tradelist (incl.some rare LP's and CD's...)

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:13 am    Post subject: CD / VINYL tradelist (incl.some rare LP's and CD's...) Reply with quote

CDs and few vinyls for TRADE (sale also possible...)
99% of presented items are in perfect condition. I'm located in Europe.
Trades inside Europe preffered because of horrible shipping prices outside EU.
Contact via PM, no reply = no interest.

AMPÜTATOR (Usa) - Ampütator (Regimental Rec., limited to 1000)
ASTAARTH (Fra) - Gloria Burgundia (Blood Fire Death)
BAEL (Fra) - Bleeding For Him (D.U.K.E.)
BATHOMET (Gre) - Bathomet (Unisound)
BETHZAIDA (Nor) - LXXVIII (Season of Mist)
BLACK WITCHERY (Usa) - Desecration of the Holy Kingdom (Full Moon, re-press from 2005)
CRUENTION (Fra) - Promo CD 1998 (Selfreleased, limited to 500)
DEFACER (Bra) - Nocturnal Mysteries (Southern Spirits)
DIABOLOS RISING (Gre) - Blood, Vampirism & Sadism (Osmose/Kron-H)
ENTRAILS (Cze) - Serpent Seed (Leviathan Rec.)
EVIL DEAD (Svk) - Spomienky na Predkov (Osiris Prod., limited to 1000)
GOATHOLOCAUST / VOCIFERIAN (Bel/Fra) - Maitre Bouc (Regimental Rec.)
GROMM (Ukr) - Sacrilegium (Propaganda, digipack)
HELCARAXË (Can) - Triumph and Revenge (Regimental Records, limited to 1000)
EXTINCTION (Uk) - Down Below The Fog (Todestrieb)
GRAMARY (Fin) - Suffocation (Helvete.ru) + foldout cover
ISOLATION (Ger) - Isolation (Eisenwald) + special foldout cover
KAAMOS (Swe) - Lucifer Rising (Candlelight)
KRIEG (Usa) - The Church (Cicatrix)
LIERS IN WAIT (Swe) - Spiritually Uncontrolled Art (Blackend)
MITHRAS (Uk) - Forever Advancing... Legions (Golden Lake, FIRSTPRESS!!!)
MÖRKER (Swe) - Den Sista Utfärden (Northern Silence)
MUTIILATION (Fra) - Evil: The Gestalt of Abomination (Tragic Empire Rex, limited to 900)
MYSTIFIER (Bra) - Goetia & Wicca (Osmose, limited A5 digipack/DCD)
NAZGUL (Por) - Awaiting The Battle Ravens (Christhunt Prod.)
NAZGUL (Por) - When The Wolves Return... (Christhunt Prod.)
NECROHOLOCAUST / DEIPHAGO - Gods Of Holocaust (Witchhammer, ltd.to 1000)
NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) - Nunslaughter (Unisound)
NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) - One Night In Hell (War Hammer)
OLD WAINDS / NAV (Rus) - We Are The North (Miriquidi, limited to 500)
ORNIAS (Swe) - Death Bringer (Regimental Rec., , limited to 1000)
PANTHEON (Usa) - Draugrs Daug (Musique & Traditions Prods.)
PANTHEON (Usa) - Krihapentswor (Strong Survive)
PANTHEON (Usa) - Aryan Rebirth (Strong Survive)
PRIMIGENIUM (Spa) - All Your Tears... (Full Moon)
RAHOVART / NURNEN - Split CD (Southern Warfare, limited to 500)
RAISM (Gre) - The Very Best Of Pain (Osmose/Kron-H)
RAVEN DARK (Rus) - Verdandi/Berustet av... (B.O.P. & Grievantee Prod.)
RAVENSBLOOD (Fra) - From the Tumulus Depths (Christhunt Prod.)
SAD (Gre) - Total Nothingness (Regimental Rec., , limited to 1000)
SEZARBIL (Cze) - The Unknown Empire (Leviathan Rec.)
SLAVIGROM / HROMOVLAD (Svk) - Pepreruna (Ketzer, limited to 1000)
SOMBRE CHEMIN (Fra) - Hétérodoxie: Opus 1 (S.Fire, limited to 1000)
SOUL REAPER (Swe) - Life Erazer (Hammerheart)
SVARDENVYRD (Cze) - Obycej Slunovratu (Naga Prod., DVD box)
THE STONE (Srb) - Slovenska Krv (Wolfcut)
THE STONE (Srb) - Tragom Hromoga Vuka (Wolfcut)
THE STONE (Srb) - Magla (Folter Rec.)
TYPE O NEGATIVE (Usa) - October Rust (Roadrunner)
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita) - Criteria ov 666 (digiCD, Code666)
V/A THE UNHOLY BIBLE - Label Sampler (Cacophonous)
bands: Bal-Sagoth, Sigh, A.Ceremony, Bloodstorm, Abyssos, 13 Candles...etc.

Official CD-R's :
RIDDLE OF MEANDER / SKAUR - Split (Nigra Mors, limited to 222, pro cover)
URSKUMUG (Lit) - Passover (CD-r with full coloured pro cover, ltd.to 500 / Beverina Prod.)
WOLFHORD (Bra) - Realm of Pagan Storms (CD-r with pro cover, ltd.to 500 / Eisenvolk Prod.)
V/A Deep In The Spirit Of UGBM (various) - (CD-r with pro cover, ltd.to 500 / Krutoslav Prod.)
bands: Grimlair, Hordagaard, Funeral Forest, Ymber Autumnus, Rabennacht

I trade VINYL vs. VINYL only!!! If you're interested in any LP from my list, offer please vinyls only!!!

ALTAR OF PERVERSION (Ita) - Adgnosco Veteris... (Ajna Offensive, 10"MLP)
CAEDES (Ger) - Blood, War, Perversion (Christhunt, 12"DLP, limited to 350)
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) - Kenose (Noevdia, 12"MLP, firstpress)
DISASTROUS MURMUR / EMBEDDED (Aut/Ger) - Split EP (Perverted Taste, 7"EP ltd.to 1000)
DROWNING THE LIGHT (Aus) - Through the Noose of Existance (Slava Satan, 12"LP, limited to 300)
FORLORN IN SILENCE (Nor) - Same (M.Silence Prod., 7"EP, classic norwegian atmoblack from 90'-ies)
HORNA (Fin) - Sanojesi Äärelle (Deviant Rec. / 12"DLP - TEST PRESS !!!) GOOD TRADE ONLY!
IMMORTAL HAMMER (Svk) - Volanie Bohyne... (Eclipse, 7"EP ltd.to 500)
INFERNO (Cze) - Legie Nesmrtelnych (Eclipse, 7"EP ltd.to 500)
LIFELOVER (Swe) - Erotik (Eternity/B&E, 12“DLP on black wax, ltd.to 500)
MUTIILATION (Fra) - Destroy your Life For Satan (Dark Adversary, 12"LP ltd.to 666)
SERPENT OBSCENE (Swe) - Serpent Obscene (Necropolis, 12"LP)
SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS (Rus) - Pre-natal Whittling (From Beyond, 7"EP ltd.to 500)
SILVA NIGRA (Cze) - Unholy Black Metal (Eclipse, 7"EP ltd.to 500)
TUNDRA (Ita) - In Cold Dimness (Eclipse, 10"LP ltd.to 350)
THE STONE (Srb) - Cujte li Smeju Nam se... (Eclipse, 7"EP ltd.to 500)
VIKING BLOOD (Ger) - Blutes Klagen (Einsatzkommando, 7"EP red transparent vinyl, ltd.to 500)
WARAGE / EXCRUCIATE 666 (Fra) - Guerriers Nordistes (S.Fire, limited to 500)
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