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New webstore launched

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:25 pm    Post subject: New webstore launched Reply with quote

Pick up these releases at

Here samples at

Black September
Sermon of Vengeance 7"
Chicago's deathblackcrust metallers Black September harkens back to the crust/death metal of old Bolt Thrower and the rough majesty of old Amon Amarth. This seven-inch single features two original songs entitled "Blood for Oceans" and "Purification". Epic, furious, violently fast and violently slow too, with powerful female vocals. Comes with a fold out 11"x17" poster.

Black September
Hordes of Flesh & Bone cd ep
Chicago's very own Black September follow up their two-song split with Thou with a self-released EP. "Hordes Of Flesh And Bone" is a one-song affair that involves a contribution from Winters In Osaka. Winters In Osaka is a duo, also from Chicago, that focus's on electronically generated horror sound effects. Winters In Osaka supply a mechanized blizzard that rises and fades at certain points in the11-minute song. "Hordes Of Flesh And Bone" is a very well written song with catchy riffs, just the right mix of blackened touches with stoner riffs and pacing, and a crushing production. In short, this is a great song and only gives rise to two questions. First, is there anyone out there planning on signing Black September? (Southern Lord, where are you?). Second, when are we going to see a proper debut full-length? Buy or die. - LIVE FOR METAL

Black September
Thrive & Decay split 7" with THOU
Chicago's metal punk gods (and goddess) BLACK SEPTEMBER team up with New Orleans sludge-mongers THOU for a powerful EP of near cataclysmic proportions. Each band contributes one mighty track for their side of this EP and a summary statement could be worded quite simply as "absolutely brutal." If you are looking for something down-tuned and heavy then look no further! - Profane Existence

Black September
Tide of the Storm cd ep

Thin the Herd
Mournful & Overcast LP
Chicago seems like a sleeping beast when it comes to good crusty hardcore... and it has awakened under the name Thin The Herd! Wrench in the Gears Records put out Thin The Herd's debut LP "Mournful and Overcast" about a year ago, and I don't believe it has received the attention it deserves. These guys bring the noise the way I like it: crushing and frantic drumming, heavy and dark rhythm guitar , and lead guitars that stagger the line between chaos and melody. Imagine the unrestrained ferocity of Hail of Rage's throaty vocals and steamroller crust rhythms, coupled with Kakistocracy's dissonance and urgency. This is one powerful record brought to you by potentially one of the best US crustcore bands around.

Winters In Osaka
Molded to Crawl
Brand new creation from Chicago, ILs premier noise terrorists, WINTERS IN OSAKA, Mixed and mastered by studio member Greg Ratajczak of Plague Bringer, Molded to Crawl clocks in at 36 minutes and features four songs of heavily distorted, powergrinding electronic mayhem. Imagine the bastard child of Napalm Death and Merzbow, Mosquito Control-era Isis on PCP or a Nadja remix done by the devil himself - Molded to Crawl is the soundtrack to your nightmares. Taking shreds of inspiration from grindcore, doom, power electronics, punk rock, noise, and the oncoming apocalypse itself, Winters in Osaka have managed to achieve the damn near impossible and create something truly frightening. Molded to Crawl’s gloomy atmosphere, seething drones and buried vocals evoke a feeling of pure dread in the listener, and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Features guest appearances by Rich Hoak (BRUTAL TRUTH, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION), Topon Das (FUCK THE FACTS), DEATH AGONIES (aka THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE), John Hoffman (WEEKEND NACHOS), and Toney Vast Binder (HARPOON, 7000 DYING RATS).

Paso Inferior
This is a re-release of their 1 track over 40 minute CD originally released from CORRUPTED's own label FRIGIDITY DISCOS in 1997. Although their sound is mostly known as a hellish eruption of torturable, holocaustic, raging sonic pressure, this masterpiece starts off with silent, effective, dubby introduction leading slowly into chocking, heavy, painful, atmospheric requiem for all living existence. A totally spiritual ultra heavy masterpiece from the depth of darkness and chaos searching for the light in the distance. Definitely this album can be described as a turning point from early aggressive style to nowadays deep, inner, atmospheric style, and one of the most important release during the CORRUPTED's carrier.

Pick up these releases at
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