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CDS for Sale

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:50 am    Post subject: CDS for Sale Reply with quote

A friend is selling some CDS. All are in mint condition (some even new & unplayed)

Contact: PM / ckd666 AT gmail DOT com (NO trades)

Aboriorth (Sp)’far away from hateful mankind plague’ (Antichristian Front, 500 copies) --4
Absolutus (Bel) ‘ostendit quam nihil sumus’ (Goatowarex) --4
Amphiaraus (Sp) ‘war holocaust worship‘ (Hakenkreuz, cdr 250 copies) --7
Armagedda ‘the final war approaching’ (Breath of Night & Merciless) --6
Arkona (Pol) ‘zeta reticuli’ (Eclipse 2001) --10
Arkha Sva (I-LOVE-PENIS) ‘mikama isaro mada’ (Total Holocaust, 1000 copies) --4
Archgoat ‘whore of bethlehem’ (Hammer of Hate & No Sign of Life, doubledigipack 1500 copies) --15
Azaghal / Vultyr / Misanthropy ‘black metal war’ (Dragonthrone 2002, cdr 225/500) --16
Azrael Rising (Fin) ‘st’ (Primitive Reaction) --4
Baptism ‘grim arts of melancholy’ (Northern Heritage) –7
Burzum 'st' (Deathlike Silence 1992, first press with Voices of Wonder address in the back) --99
Circle of Ouroborus (Fin) 'streams' (true face of evil) --4
Clandestine Blaze 'deliverers of faith' (Northern Heritage 2004, first press 1500 copies) --10
Cult of Daath 'the grand torturers of hell' (War Hammer 2001, first press 88/666 --15
Cult of Daath 'under the cover of the triumphant holocaust' (Antinomian 2004, 160/1000) --7
Deathspell Omega 'manifestations 2002' (Northern Heritage) --7
Demoncy 'joined in darkness' (Baphomet 1999, first press) –10
Dysthymia (Isl) 'the shivering opus' (Pest, jewel-case 700 copies) --8
Empaligon 'black dominated annihilation' (Metal Age 1999, first press) --6
Emperor 'in the nightside eclipse' (Candlelight) --5
Emperor 'anthems to the welkin at dusk' (Candlelight) --5
Enfeus Lodge (Fr) 'st' (Obscure Abhorrence, with Xaphan from Seigneur Voland) --6
Enslaved 'vikingligr veldi' (Deathlike Silence) --12
Enthroned 'towards the skullthrone of satan' (Blackend 1997, first press) --10
Ewige Wiederkehr (Ger) 'heldenschicksal'(self-released pro-cd 2007) --5
Feuersturm (Ger) 'apokalypse' (Thor's Hammer, 500 copies) --4
Front Beast / Mephisto 'in league with evil metal' (Iron Tyrant, 1000 copies) --5
Funeral Elegy (I-LOVE-PENIS) 'vicious and cruel symphony' (Battlelord & Nekrokult Nihilism, 255/666) --8
Gorgoroth 'pentagram' (Embassy 1994, first press !!) --66
Graveland 'carpathian wolves' (Eternal Devils 1994, first pressing) –25
Graveland 'following the voice of blood' (No Colours) –5
Hakuja (I-LOVE-PENIS) 'legacy' (Apparitia) --4
Hellkult (Fin, pre-Wyrd) 'the collection' (Blood, Fire, Death & Regimental, 1000 copies) --8
Impiety 'asateerul awaleen' (shivadarshana 1996, first press !!) --20
Infernal Hate (Mex) 'upset' (Deathcult, A5 digipack, 1000 copies) --8
Infernal Necromancy 'st' (Battlelord & Nekrokult Nihilism,- - 5
Inquisition 'nefarious dismal orations' (No Colours, pentagram slipcase with poster 1000 copies) --10
Isengard 'höstmörke' (Moonfog) --9
Joyless 'wisdom & arrogance' (No Colours) --7
Kaosritual (Nor) 'svöpt morgenröd' (Blood Chalice) --7
Lupus Nocturnus (Mex) 'suicidal thoughts pt I' (Self Mutilation, A5 dvd box, 435/1000) --8
Lycanthropy's Spell (Bel) 'forest of misanthropy' (Thor's Hammer) -- 8
Marduk 'panzer division marduk' (Osmose 1999, first press) --12
Mortualia (Fin) 'st' (Northern Sky & Grievantee, with Shatraug of Horna) --7
Nachtmystium 'reign of the malicious' (Regimental 2002, first press 666 copies) --25
Nachtmystium 'the first attacks - demos 2000-2001' (Regimental & Battle Kommand) --9
Nargaroth 'amarok' (No Colours 2000) --9
Necrophagia 'black blood vomitorium' (Red Stream, digipack) --4
Odal 'sturmes brut' (Darkland 2002, first press jewel-case 322/666) –20
Satanic Warmaster / Gestapo 666 (Niessedrion) --10
Seigneur Voland 'st' (Aura Mystique 2001, first press 1000 copies) --25
Selbstmord (Pol) 'spectre of hate' (Old Legend 2002) --7
Storm (Nor) 'nordavind' (Moonfog) --10
Toil (USA) 'obscure chasms' (Ruin) –4
Ululate / Heartless / Martyrdom (Chn) '348 ? black metal is plague' (Dying Art, digipack 348 copies)
Vergissmeinnicht (Chn) 'st' (Midnight, 500 copies, acoustic project of Lu of Heartless) --4
Vinterriket 'wege in die vergangenheit' (Nordsturm) --4
Vulturine (Bra) 'ossos...odio & angústia' (Goat Music, first press 500 copies) --4
Wolfsmond 'des düsterwaldes reigen' (Nebelfee Klangwerke 2002) --8
Wolfsmond 'tollwut' (W.T.C.) –7
Zyklon-B 'blood must be shed' (Malicious 1995, first press !!) –25
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