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Trade List Vinyl only BM/Doom/HC/Grind

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:57 am    Post subject: Trade List Vinyl only BM/Doom/HC/Grind Reply with quote

here is my not so sorted and formatted tradelist.

at the moment all Pungent Stench 12" except "Been caught..."
GISM stuff
all sorts of Death/Grind/HC/JapCore/BM
too much to mention what I am after.


Seigneur Voland - Final Stand Pic Lp
Katharsis - Krucifixxion LP
Sunn 0))) - Black one Pic Disk
Leviathan - Howl Mockery
Leviathan - The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
Drudkh - Blood in our Wells (Northern Heritage)
Drudkh - Estrangement
Woods of Infinity - Hejdå LP (Obscure Abhorrence)
Interitus "The Journey" LP (Eternity Records)

Nachtmystium - Instinct: Decay
1x black/green 2-sided bleed
1x white vinyl with green and black splatter
each version was limited to 100 copies

Worship - Dooom DLP (Painiac)
Worship / Wither Split LP (Painiac)
Wormphlegm - LP (Painiac)
Stabat Mater/AM split (Painiac)
Ahab - The Oath LP (Deviant)
Ahab - The Call of the Wretched Sea 2LP (Deviant)
Thergothon - Demos LP (painiac)
Church of Misery Vol.1 + 7" (Leafhound)
Church of Misery Denis Nielsen gatefold (Kult of Nihilow)
Stumm/Loinen (Kult of Nihilow)
Ox - LP (Kult of Nihilow)
Dot[.] LP - colored first press, hand numbered with poster (Blinddate)
Aldebaran - Dwellers in thwilight colored LP (Blinddate)
Circle of Ouroburos/Golden Blood Split LP
Warning - Waiting from a Distance LP
Asunder - Works Will Come Undone LP (Kreation)
Sloth / NetjajevSS Split LP (Rescued from Life)
Coffins - The other side of Blasphemy LP (Kreation)
Coffins/The Arm And Sword Of A Bastard God Enucleation Records LP (Enucleation)
Fleshpress _ Pillars 2LP (Kult of Nihilow)
Grief - Come to Grief 2LP (Throne)

WARHEAD what to do with this yearning LP (Ugly Pop)
Circle takes the Square - As the Roots Undo white vinyl! (Hyperrealist)
SOB - Symphonies of Brutality (Fanclub)
Mind Eraser - Cave LP(Painkiller)
Violent Minds LP (Parts Unknown)
Martyrdöd - st (Plague Bearer)
Gauze Fuck Heads + More LP (Fan club)
Gloom - Japanes title (Crust War)
Mind Eraser - cave LP
Yacoepsae - Einstweilige Vernichtung LP (Vulgar)
Crom - Cocaine Wars LP (Zhengaya)
Templars - Brickwall Recordings colored

Austrasian Goat - Pieces of Oblivion white wax LP
Austrasian Goat - Piano and stump DLP
The Austrasian Goat / Never Presence Forever 10"

Disfear - brutal sight of war 10inch feral ward
Infest - Mankind DeepSix white wax
Blut aus Nord - Reverence Split
Phobia - Destroying the Masses Pessimiser
Thou 10inch


- Twin Threat to your sanity do7inch Bad people rec. -> Dystopia, Corrupted,Bongzilla, Noothgrush glued cover
- Cry Now. Cry Later Vol.II
- Wormwood - 2x7" (Kreation)

- Grand Belial's Key - On a Mule Rides the Swindler
- Worship / Persistence in Mourning Split
- Pargon Impure EP - In Commemoration... (Painiac)
- Isengard - DarK days of gorgoroth
- Gloria Diaboli EP (Painiac)

- Asbest - Nyt Blod EP
- Fair Fuck st (KicknPunch)
- Final Conflict (Nemisis Recs)
- Disdomestic Violence 1st EP
- Battle of Disarm/ Los Rezios Split
- Beltones - Naming my Bullets (TKO)
- Blood Spit Nights - Ghoulish Reminder
- Deadlock / Noise Reduction Split (D.I.Y.)
- Agathocles / Excruciating Terror Split (Pessimiser)
- Psywarfare - Candyman Holyterrorrec.
- Denak – 12 Song ep Bim Records
- Yacoepsae/Your Kingdom is Doomed
- Unholy Grave/Mitten Spider
- LimpWrist/Knifed Split

- Gerogerigegege - no sound EP
- Seven Minutes of Nausea / Eunuch Split
- Neurosis _ Aberration 7" (Lookout)
- Grief - Tour 7" (Alerta Antifashista)
- While Heaven Wept - Into the wells of sorrow 7"
- Fall of the Bastards/Wormwood Split
- Noothgrush / Gasp Split
- Noothgrush / Coral Ann Split
- Coffins/Cianide Split
- Sloth/Ultra shit inferno DO IT RUBBISHLY RECORDS (special edition lim.60)
- Sloth/Disreantyouthinhell yellow and orange cover
- Sloth/CSMD Split Shifty rec.
- Sloth/Nunslaughter
- Sloth of Bears (limited Appeal Recs) lim. 117
- Sloth / SMG Split
- Sloth / Mammoth Split (Shifty)
- Sloth / Seppuku (at war with false Noise)
- Sloth / Tile Split
- Sloth - Canoe of Pals
- Sloth - Sweet Deal Vince Neil (Limited Appeal)
- Sloth - Candy Bear Caper (Limited Appeal)
- Sloth - of Bears 7"

- Yacoepsae/Massgrav Split
- Yacoepsae / Deep 5"
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