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Sale List vinyl, tapes and cd´s cheap prices!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:18 am    Post subject: Sale List vinyl, tapes and cd´s cheap prices! Reply with quote

Not interested in trades. Except (Ulver, DIJ, and Autopsy demos on vinyl)
Payment by paypal.


Operation Winter Mist "Imperial Grand Strategy" 7 euros
Graveyard "One with the Dead" 8 euros
Machetazo "Ultratumba" 13 euros
Tankard "Alien" 7 euros
Tankard "Stone cold Beer" 20 euros
Tankard "Chemical Invasion" 10 euros
Tankard "The Morning After" 10 euros
Kreator "Renewal" 18 euros
Saturnalia Temple "Aion of Drakon" 20 euros
Annihilator "Alice in Hell" 10 euros
Cro-mags "Alpha-Omega" 17 euros
Onslaught "In search of Sanity" 10 euros
Laaz Rockit "nothings sacred" 10 euros
Laaz Rockit "annihilation principle" 10 euros
Burzum "Fallen" Clear Vinyl 12"Lp 13 Euros
Nargaroth/Sarvari "Semper Fi" 7" Ep 7 Euros
Terdor "No peace for our time" 7ep 4 euros
Atomizer "Sons of Slaughter-sons of sacrifice" 4 euros
Legacy of Blood/Revenge "Split 7 ep" 3 euros
Nocturnal Vomit "Arts of Tenebrous Superstition" 4 euros
oveisance "satanik shoktrooms auf doom" 3 euros


Immacula Mortem (Pre-Balmog) "Mencer" cdr Año 2001 4 Euros
Aryan Art "И Въпреки Всичко, България Ще Пребъде" 7 euros
Aryan Art CDr 2007 Blood and soil prod. 4 euros
Black Beast/Bloodhammer CD 3 Euros
Armour "Sonichouse Tape" 8 euros
Kill "Burning Blood" 5 euros
Cro-Mags "Revenge" 4 euros
Akerbeltz "Tabellae Defixionum" 5 euros
Witch Tomb/Martyvore Split 5 euros
Graveyard "One with the dead" Digi 7 euros
Manticore "For rats and plague" 5 euros
Blackhorned "Arrival of the firedemon" 3 euros
Lugubre "Anti-Human Black Metal" 5 euros
Victimizer "The Final Assault" 5 euros
Bestial Raids "Reversed black trinity" 6 euros
Katatonia "The Black Sessions" Box 2 CDS + DVD 11 Euros
Death Yell "Morbid Rites" 5 euros
Surrender of Divinity "Oriental Hell rhytmics" 4 euros
Voivod "Katorz" 4 euros
Angel Witch "Resurrection" 5 euros
Van Halen "Diver Down" 3 euros
Skyforger "Semigals..." 5 euros
Cinderella "Rocked, wired, blused" 4 euros
Grimuack "AGLA" 5 euros
Soulcide/Nuclear Winter "Misanthropy/Beyond the nought" 4 euros
Stryper "To hell with the devil" 3 euros
LA GUNS "The very best of" 3 euros
Denuncement pyre "hells infantry" 3 euros
Martyvore "Possessed by mayhemic slaughter" 4 euros
Grimuack "Goetia Suma" 3 euros
Wildfire "brute forcé and ignorance" 2 euros
Van Halen "Fair Warning" 3 euros
Tankard "The Beauty and the beer" 4 euros
Cathedral "The vii coming" 4 euros
Beherit/Archgoat 6 euros
Raven "Walk through fire" 3 euros
Kramthal "at the dawn of kramthal" 3 euros


Primigenium "As Eternal as the Night" 10 euros
Dishammer Collection "2008-2010" 10 euros
Anal Blasphemy "Ejaculation of Black impurity" 5 euros
Glorior Belli "Evil Archaic order" 5 euros
Tanat/Briargh "A black Mark of the land" 5 euros
Korihor/Abigail "Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers" 4 euros
Enconfination "Ritual ascensión beyond flesh" 6 euros Green tape
Cult of Daath "Under the cover of darkness" 5 euros
Beastcraft "Crowning the Tyrant" 5 euros
Aura Noir "Dreams like deserts" 4 euros
Vlad Tepes "La Morte Lune" Tape 8 euros
Scattered Remnants "Procreation Mass Carnage" 20 euros
Korgüll the Exterminator/Morbid Yell Split Tape 5 euros
Morbid Yell "Relics of the Morbid" 5 Euros
Warhammer "The Doom Messiah" 4 EUROS
wArhammer "Deathchrist" 4 Euros
Warhammer "Curse of absolute eclipse" 4
Warhammer "The winter of our discontent" 4
Toxic Holocaust "Live-Only deaf is real" 5 Euros
Imperial "Aggressors not followers" 3 euros
Perversion "Rehearsal MMXI" 3 euros
Grimfaug "Defloration of Life´s Essence" 3 euros
Revenge "Ultras" 4 euros
Nocturnal Vomit "Divine Profanation" 3 euros
Kladovest "Kladovest" 3 euros
Perysinti "turmeltuneen..." 3 euros
Korgonthurus 3 euros
Darkened noctunr slaughtercult "hora nocturna" 2 euros
Slavia "Gloria In Excelis.." 4 EUros
Samael "Live in to the pentagram" copy 148/166
Demoncy "Joined in Darkness" 5 euros
Corpus Christii "Rising" 3 euros
Martyrum Ómnium "War code" 3 euros
Kraft "Twilight halls of sorrow" 3 euros
Martyrum Ómnium "Soul Wandering" 3 euros
Spearhead "Deathless Steel command" 3 euros
Nocturnal Vomit "Demo II" 4 euros
Hell Throne "Ur sentiment Bellza" 3 euros
Borgia "et ibi mundo"
Ominous "Hymn in the dark world" 2 euros
Abscessy "Stump Embrio" Pro-Tape 1,5 Euros
Glorior Belli (Fra) "Evil Archaic Order" 5 Euros
Horrific Liguesent Aftermath Comp. Pro-Tape 1,5 Euros (Aborted,Inhume,Necrophagist,Wormed,Cenotaph,Brodequin,Alienation Mental,Slough,Machetazo..)


Arghura Zine #12 2,5 euros
Supposed to Rot #1 3 Euros
From The Coffin #1 2 Euros
Caro data vermibus/Invocation of Evil Split-Zine 5 Euros
Good transactions with these guys!: addison, Kakarot55S, morbiddeceiver, Morbid Mike, Mz412, Sadovahr, Sadomizer
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