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punk/metal/hc records for sale

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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 7:26 pm    Post subject: punk/metal/hc records for sale Reply with quote

Cleaning out my collection and ran into a bunch of shit I want to get rid of that is BRAND FUCKING NEW, some great stuff too. Prices as marked or make offer if none is listed.

LP SALE Prices as marked, if not make offer

Motorbreath / Holocaust in Your Head split LP red vinyl New
Ruin/Tribe split LP new gatefold $9
Massmord / Shades of Grey split LP Swedish crust new $8
Lair of the Minotaur "war metal battle master" LP New sealed
Sickness "4 Bastards" LP NEW Motorcrust $8
Avskum "Upror" LP sealed new$8
Homicide / MC Homeless split LP new white vinyl $4
Total Fury LP US Tour /500 new
Castet "punk side of the Moon" LP newpolish HC $5
Eye for an Eye "Gra" LP sealed
Insect Warfare "s/t" LP new sealed $8
Sabbat "Live Resurrection" LP new white Iron Tyrant
Black Sabbath "Vol 4" LP VG orig $8
Aaritila "Ennen Huomista.." LP new sealed finnish $8
Wartorn "tainting" LP PE vinyl retentive new
Project Hopeless "Valkommen" LP New Swedish crust $9
Vee Dee "Furthur" LP new
Mouth Sewn Shut "Doomed Future" LP + Pray for Salvation 7" vinyl retentive PE
Torr "Witchhammer" 2xLP gatefold East Europe thrash rare New
Fall of Erfafa "Elil" 2xLP new HC
Varathron "1989-1991" LP new sealed Greek metal
Needful Things "Dead Point" LP new sealed grind $8
Baader Brains "Complete Unfinished" LP new Sealed political HC
No Thanks "Are you ready.." LP New sealed Lengua Armada old school nyhc $8
Varathron "His Majesty" LP new sealed /600 greek metal
Manes "Til Kongens Grav.." LP new Ltd black metal
Disrupt "s/t" 12" New gatefold grind $8
Avenger of Blood "Death" LP new thrash
Thou "s/t" LP new black metal/punk
Armageddon Clock "armageddon macht" LP new sealed $6
Fall of Efrafa / Down to Agony split LP new sealed
Human Compost "Reign" LP new $5
Disfear "Live the Storm" LP new red vinyl
12 Audillos "Discography" LP new Spanish hc
Geriatric Unit "Nuclear Accidents" 12"EP new ex heresy $8
Nachtmystium "Eulogy 4" LP new
Evil Army "s/t" LP new thrash $10
Warvictims "Until Man" LP New Sweish D Beat $10
Homewreckers "Waiting" LP new sealed all female d beat $8
Disnihil "s/t" LP new sealed NY D beat
Death "Leprosy" LP gatefold re release new
Proclamation "Messiah of Darkness and Impurity" LP new sealed
Desaster "Angel" LP new sealed German classic thrash
Bickle's Cab "Shades of Gray" LP $3
Wyrd "Huldrafolk" 2xlp gatefold new black metal

7"s MAKE OFFER! Some of these aren't worth much so don't be afraid of offending me

Voorhees/Insult 7" marble vinyl, unplayed
Cripple Bastards/Social Genocide split 7" ltd OOP NM
V/A War 7" rare 500 made 1988 NM (Rattus, Prong, Capitol Scum, Damage, X-Creta, etc)
George Harrison/Conga Fury split 7" unplayed
Intestinal Disease/Brutal Insanity split 7" /300 rare grind
Gate Crashers/Idol Punch split 7" pink marble 3rd pr.
Dread 101/ Fastard split 7" unplayed thrash
Distress/Karma split 7" crust rare
Agathocles/Violent Headache split 7" rare grind /500
Mindsuck/Unarmed split 7" MCR Japan punk thrash NM
IAF/Rahakka split 7" Spain/Finnish crust
Career Suicide "signals" 7" unplayed sealed
Brutal Knights "Not fun" split 7" unplayed sealed
Torcha Shed 7" blue vinyl /500nm
The Dead Ones s/t 7" white vinyl silkscreened cover New
No Heroes "We ain't.." 7" 2005 unplayed
Fear is the Path to the Dark Side "Someday" 7" nm
Police Line s/t 7" unplayed
Blood I bleed s/t 7" unplayed
Point of Few "Surface" 7"unplayed
Human Shield/Shot on Sight split 7" new
Gojira "Don't Fear the Cookie Monster" 7" rare PV /500nm
Uzi Suicide s/t 7" nm
Threatning Verse "time for war" 7" nm
Unholy Grave/Sabbat split 7" gold vinyl rare oop
Fastard/Onsolete split 7" Japacore unplayed
V/A Anglican Scrape Attic flexi Lipcream, Execute, Sacrilege classic comp rare
Fact/Disgusting Lies split 7" Japanese MCR crust split mid 90s nm
Safe Inside s/t 7" clear vinyl black matter NM
Neon Maniacs "Rip em up" 7" unplayed
Capitalist Casualties/Slight Slappers split 7" nm MCR Japan/US /500
Curtainrail/John Browns Army split 7" gloom unplayed
v/a 1997 Chaos Channel, Besthoven, Conclude, Disclose etc RARE /500 unplayed
IntestinaL Disease/Violent Headache TEST PRESS 7"
IRF/Dahmer split 7' Purple vinyl mid 90s rare
Agathocles/ Psycho split 7" axCtion Records 1992 /500
Agathocles/Social Genocide split 7" unplayed mid 90s
v/a UPS The Record split 7" /500 Sin Dios, Visions of War, PCP, Boycot, Dekadent Unplayed
v/a Homeless Benefit Comp 7" mid 90s silkscreened cover Hellnation, Corrupted, Ebola, Autoritar etc. nm
Liberate/Selfish split 7" NM 1999 Japan/Fin MCR split /500
Skeletor "Skullmate" 7" NM Swedish HC punk 1999
Zombified "s/t" 7" Swedish punk HC 2000 unplayed
Exmortes "Hear the Saw...Coming Near" 7" DUTCH Metal early 90s!! rare
Violent Minds "Riot" 7" /200 tour record thrash!nm
Daughters "Hello Assholes" 7" w/band folded cover NM
V/A A Tradition of.. 7" comp early 90s Agx, Warsore, Slight Slappers, F. Helvitis, Enemy Soil, Damad, more RARE
Nailed Down/ split 7" Japanese/Oz punk thrash NM
Man Afraid "Those Disenchanted" 7" clear vinyl early 90s unplayed Mpls
Man Afraid "Uphill Struggle" 7" mid 90s mpls punk unplayed sealed
The Book of Dead Names "Remington West" 7" Gatefold red cover NM
Unholy Grave/Taste of Fear spit 7" Grind spit oop
Spiting Teeth "Legacy of Cruciality" 7" total nerd version blue vinyl nm rare
Fucked Up "Dance of Death" 7" Unplayed
Fucked Up "Police" 7" unplayed
Indignity/Outrage split 7" red vinyl HC
Bread and Water "Future Memories" 7" purple marble vinyl rare
Bags "Disco's Dead" 7" live 1978 stuff unplayed
Gatecrashers/Down in Flames split 7" thrash HC
Street Trash "Five Dirty Fingers" 7" unplayed
Teen Cthulhu s/t 7" screened cover 2001 nm
Y "A Black Sheep" 7" thrash/PC NM
Ox Baker "Raped Ox" 7" Canadian D Beat unplayed
Voetsek "s/t" 7" unplayed
Sins of the Flesh "Know your Enemy" 7" rare 80s crusty metal Desperate Attmt /500
Aclys s/t 7" German metalcore unplayed
V/A "Let's Start a Riot..." 7" RARE classic dutch comp repress /300 Noxious, Neopunx, BGK, Amsterdamned, etc NM
Disaster Area "Skate Tonight" 7" 1985 skate punk Germany rare oop
Knugen Faller "Skellefte.." 7" Unplayed red vinyl Danish punk HC
Knugen Faller "Inte Som Ni" 7" Unplayed Danish punk
Incontrollados "Hvem Vil Det Gavne" 7" unplayed Danish punk Kick n punch rare
So Much Hate "A Day At the Station" 7" rare x-mist 1991 Norway
Scraps "Apartheid" 7" 80s pre-power violence fast thrash HC RARE France
Scraps "Aaargh" 7" see above 1987, rare thrash
Nailed Down "Destroy Deceitful" 7" Aussie Japanese style HC rare 1996
Offenders "We Must Rebel" 7" Regan Era HC label re-release late 90s
Urban Waste s/t 7" late 90s boot rare /300
Mindrot "Endeavor" 7" 1991 crust/metal/sludge purple marble vinyl
Rectify "20th Century" 7" mid 80s British anarcho punk rare
Whipped/Inhumane split 7" rare 90s pdx dark crust
Damad "Centric" 7" orig HC punk
Nervous Christians "From Insults.." 7" 1995 Pdx punk rare
State "s/t" 7" Reagan Era HC release late 90s.unplayed
Billingsgate "Reach Out" 7" Old school SXE Chicago 1990 early Victory
Septic Death "Kichigai" 7" Pusmort 1988 orig!
False Liberty "Silence is Consent" 7" 1986 anarcho punk thrash rare Seattle band
Last Option "over time" 7" 1987 orig Phoenix punk HC
*Jenny Piccolo "s/t" Pic disc 7" rare NM
Heart Attack "God is Dead" 7" /515 late 90s release green vinyl
Remains of the Day "s/t" 7" late 90s HHIG style crust PDX
Necracedia "Fight for Change" 7" 1990 Pittsburgh punk HC rare nm
Boom and the Legion of Doom "s/t" 7" 80s punk orig Michigan
Kursk "The Implication" 7" unplayed crust/dark
Atrocious Madness "Uses of HAARP" 7" orig NM thrash!
Alternative Attack "No turnin back" 7" mid 80s UK punk Nm, Broken Bones style
Born BC "The Power and the Privilege" 7" rare 1982 English anarcho punk rare! nm
Doctor and the Crippens/Juntess split 7" MCR mid 90s UK/Japacore NM
Voorhees "Everybody's good at something" flexi Armed w Anger rare
Icons of Filth "Not on her.." 7" pink vinyl fan club nm early 90s
Chaos UK "King for a Day" 7" Vinyl Japan unplayed
Voorhees "What you see.." 7" unplayed UKHC
Police Bastard "Cursed Earth" 7" UK crust NM
Nailbiter/Vimeinen Kolonna split 7" unplayed hc
Valse Triste/Z split 7" MCR rare HC
V/A I Slaughter Singing Madly Anthem 7" comp Rare mid 90s Forca Macabra, Uutuus, Sanctus Iuda, CBU, Masskontroll, NM
V/A Polka Slam Crisis Point 7" Bolt Thrower, Instigator, Instigators NM 80s
Shotgun/Sound Like shit split 7" HC thrash split unplayed
V/A Bloodbath is Coming 2x7" (Left in Ruins, Nasum, Gride, Hog, Dudman, HHC, Many many more) unplayed
Fuck on the Beach/Makta Theresa split 7" unplayed thrash split
Nailed Down/Ruido split 5" Rare
Bruce Banner/Sound Like Shit split 7" unplayed Swedish hc
Out cold/No Side split 7" NM US/Japanese hc
V/A Will Evil Win? Flexi 7" Anihilated, Civilised society, Lord Crucifier, Desecrators rare Peaceville 1987
V/A Chards of Civilization 7" NM (Rot, Excreted Alive, Violent Headache, Denak, tons more) grind
Drop Dead/Totalitar split 7" unplayed
Agathocles/Morbid Organs Mutilation split 7" mid 90s Japanese/Belgium nm
Peaceful Protest/IRA split 7" rare Japanese split NM low press
Pist/Brutally Familiar split 7" early 90s New England anarcho punk
Shotgun s/t 7" HC unplayed skate
Econochrist/the Detonators split 7" green/red cover orig
Man in Shackles/Sewn Shut split 7" unplayed Swedish HC
DPPS/Nailed Down split 7" Aussie/Japan HC
Violent Headache/Carcass Grinder split 7" grind Nat Records rare
Sarcasm/Wojczech split 7" unplayed crust
Katastrofialue/ Freak show early 9os Spain/Finland crust
Seein Red/Now Denial split 7" unplayed
Violent Headache/Excreted Alive split 7" yellow vinyl grind /300 rare
Machetazo/Rise Above split 7" unplayed Spain/Japan
Sewn Shut/Ulcerrhea split 7" unplayed grind orig
Argue Damnation/Coche Bomba split 7" Japan/France crust
Alternative System "no way for life!" 7" Finnish HC /300 yellow vinyl
Raamattupiiri "Perestroika" 7" 1988 Finnish punk thrash very rare
Harsh s/t 7" Finnish grind thrash nm
Doom "Hail to Sweden" 7" orig! UK
Prophecy of Doom "Until the Again" 7" 1990 UK crust nm
Life Cycle "Myth of Ritual" 7" 80s UK anarcho punk NM
V/A End the Warzone 7" comp red vinyl fanclub
Defuse/Polikarpa y sus viciosas split 7" Japan/Colombia all female hc
v/a They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 7" comp fold out cover Mushroom Attach, Hiatus, Private Jesus Detector, etc
Police Bastard/Unkind split 7" unplayed crust grind
Positi Caustico/Violent Headache split 7" Spanish grind early 90s NM
Bl'ast "Schools Out" 7" orig 87
Teen Idles "100" 7" 96 repress
h100s "Dismantle" 7" silkscreened sleeve blue vinyl
Bastard "Controled in the Frame" 7" Fanclub mid 90s unplayed.
V/A Anti US Japan Security Treaty 7" Arg. Damnation, Victims of Greed, Youth Strike Chord, Absent.
V/A No Hesitation to Resist 2 7" unplayed. Peaceful collapse, Kampfer, Agree to Differ, Discript, more
Side Burns "Never Give in" 7" Japanese Oi! Rare
Assfort "Guilty" 7" /300 made anti-war records
V/A Uppsala Crust Comp 7" unplayed 15 bands, Diskonto, Aparat, Abuse, Dismachine, Downward Spiral.
Krunch "Tjafs and Dalt" 7" 1985 Swedish HC
Yuppiecrusher/Intervenzione 7" oop
Viletones "s/t" 7" sample 3 songs, 1994 Blammo
Cobra Noir s/t 7" unplayed 2004
Media Children "But Still they Ignore..." 7" late 80s OC anarcho
Apocalypse "Earth" 7" Crust Recs early 90s /1000!!
Snapcase "s/t" 7" Victory orig.
Screamin' MeeMees "live 1977" 7"
Kaivosurma "Saatanan Lampaat" 7" unplayed Finnish HC
Rotten Sound "Psychotic Veteranarian" 7" mid 90s grind crust early
Hazardous Waste "Another Warning" 7" 1994 Finnish Thrash small press.
Murder Maniacs "Black Punk" 7" /500 made Japanese thrash punk mid early 90s
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