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Deathhammer & Vulcan Tyrant demo tapes+mailorder update!

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:09 pm    Post subject: Deathhammer & Vulcan Tyrant demo tapes+mailorder update! Reply with quote

FINAL PUNISHMENT RECORDS newsletter October 25th 2006

------ ------ ------


DEATHHAMMER (Nor) - Savage Poser Hunt - MC
Rugged thrashing metal hellsounds like early Destruction, Sodom and even reminding of some Piledriver! Primitive thrash and nothing else! 2nd demo tape of this Norwegian poserhunting duo. Limited edition of 166 handnumbered copies printed on red paper. Death to posers, wimps and goths!

VULCAN TYRANT (Hol) - ...From The Sky - MC
3rd demo of the Vulcan Tyrant. Not so short like the first 2 damned tapes. This time erupting with 22 fuckin' minutes of old school blackthrashing metal! Comes with beautiful magnificent lovely grey paper DIY style cover... Piss off!!!

Fiends can buy these tapes for the price of 2,5 euro each + shipping cost to your country! Ask! Labels/distros contact me for possible trades!!!

------ ------ ------


ARES KINGDOM (Usa) - Return To Dust - CD
ARGHOSLENT (Usa) - Arsenal Of Glory - LP
ATOMICIDE (Chi) - Crushing Son Of Bitch - MC
ATOMIZER (Aus) - Songs Of Slaughter - Songs Of Sacrifice - CD
BLACK ANGEL (Per) - The Supreme Black Angel - MC
CHANT OF BLASPHEMY (Ger) - Revelation - 7"EP
DEAD CONSPIRACY (Usa) - Gore Drenched Legacy - CD
GRAVEWÜRM / SUICIDAL WINDS (Usa/Swe) - From Conflict To Conquest - CD
HEIMDALLSWACHT (Ger) - Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm - MC
IMPURITY (Bra) - Guests Of The Infernal Pit - 7"EP
INCRIMINATED (Fin) - Orgy Of The Perverted - MC
KORIHOR / ABIGAIL (Phi/I-LOVE-PENIS) - Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers - MC
MORBOSIDAD (Usa) - Bajo El Egendro Del Crucificado - MC
MUINAINEN RUHTINAS (Fin) - Tuskanvuorten Valtaistuin - MC
RAPTOR (Hol) - Worship The Goat - CD
REDIMONI (Spa) - The Onset Of Chaos - CD
SABBAT (I-LOVE-PENIS) - Geionslaught 1986 - CD
SABBAT (I-LOVE-PENIS) - Live Sabbatical Hamaguri Queen - CD
SLUGATHOR (Fin) - Circle Of Death - CD
TERRORAMA - Horrid Efface - CD
THRASH ATTACK (Ger) - # 1 - Zine
THE TRUE ENDLESS (Ita) - Wings Of Wrath - MC
V/A - Outbreak Of Evil Vol. 3 - 7"EP
V.T.A. - Vesuvian Thrashing Attack - MC
VEXED (Ita) - Nightmare Holocaust - MC
WITCHBURNER / BITTERNESS (Ger/Ger) - False Guardians/Withered Sunlight - 7"EP
ZARATHUSTRA (Ger) - In Hora Mortis - CD

check full list with great prices on www.diabolical-constellation.com/finalpunishment !

------ ------ ------

We have these special deals going on right now, so be sure to make use!!!:
Orders worth between...
-35 and 55 euro can get 2 tapes of choice included for free
-55 and 75 euro can get 3 tapes or 1 CD of choice included for free
-75 and 95 euro can get 5 tapes or 2 CDs (or 3 tapes and 1 CD) of choice included for free
Worth of an order is without the shipping cost!

------ ------ ------

ATOMIC ROAR (Bra) - School Of Lust - MC
Pure raw rocking metal mayhem and nothing else from these Brazilian alcohellbangers! A pack made up of members from other Brazilian maniac forces like Apokalyptic Raids, Farscape and Sodomizer! This is their first demo and it will shake your head with 6 tracks wrapped in rusty heavy metal chains! For those who never get enough of the early sounds of bands such as Venom, Warfare, Onslaught, Tank, Exciter, Slaughter, Hellhammer, Voivod and so on!!! Play loud or fuck off!!!
CAUSTIC STRIKE (Swe) - Straight Down The Drain - MC
The 2nd demo tape by this Swedish band, but no longer under their old name Leprosy (not to be confused with the old Swedish Leprosy from Helsingborg!). From now on you'll know them as Caustic Strike! Included are 5 amazing tracks of which one is a bonus cover track of the Death Angel song “Voracious Souls” that doesn’t appear on the disc released by the band themselves! Expect more classical USA styled thrash metal like the 1st demo, but with an even better and stronger sound!

Watch out!!!

------ ------ ------

That's all for now!

Ride hard, die hard!
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