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Trade/Want List

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Devoured Death

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:57 pm    Post subject: Trade/Want List Reply with quote

Sorry to post this again, I couldn't find my old one so I had to post my updated one. The want list is nowhere near complete so feel free to send lists.


Altar - Youth Against Christ
Artery Eruption - Gouging Out Eyes of Mutilated Infants
Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage
Bloody Gore - Stench of Your Perversions
Cenotaph - Puked Genital Purulency
Cryptal Darkness - They Whispered You Had Risen
Cryptal Darkness - Chapter II: The Fallen
Cultus Sanguine - Shadow's Blood
Danzig - II: Lucifuge
Dead of Night - Demo
Dead Raven Choir - Sturmfuckinglieder
Deeds of Flesh - Reduced to Ashes
Deeds of Flesh - Crown of Souls
Desecration - Murder in Mind
Desecration - Inhuman
Dimentianon/Rigor Sardonicous split
Dominion - Blackout
Enthrallment - Smashed Brain Collection
Fetus Eaters/Brainchoke - Vomitcore/Microchipped and Mindcontrolled split
From the Depths - Bereavement
Green Carnation - Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Hecate Enthroned - Kings of Chaos
Human Mincer - Embryonized
Infernal Hate - Upset
Infernal Hate/Lupus Nocturnus - split
Krupskaya - Demo
Krupskaya - Clouds Over Pripyat
Lividity - Age of Clitoral Decay
Lock Up - Hate Breeds Suffering
Melencolia Estatica - S/T
Mercyless - Abject Offerings
Morgue - Bonecrunch
Nailed - Promo 2004
Nailed - Calculated Act of Murder
Necrophobic - Darkside
Obituary - Back From The Dead
Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhodes Tribute
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel
Pagan Wrath - Ancestral Warriors
Paradox - Through Pain There Is Joy
Pyrexia - System of the Animal
Rememberance - Frail Visions
Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With The Dead
Sanatorium - Fetus Rape
Solitude Aeturnus - Adagio
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition - I
Sunn 0))) - Black One
Urna - Sepulcrum
Vinterriket - Winterschatten
Visceral Bleeding - Transcend Into Ferocity
Vomit Remnants - Promo 2004
Vomit Spawn - Diabolical Detention
Zyklon - World Ov Worms

Promo CDs:

Cadaver Inc - Discipline
Corporation 187 - Prefection in Pain
Decapitated - Nihility
Falkenbach - Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty
Farmakon - A Warm Glimpse
Gothic Knights - Up From the Ashes
Mess Age - Self-Convicted
Sceptic - Unbeliever's Script

Vinyl 12"

Bunkur - Bludgeon
Death - Scream Bloody Gore (Under One Flag)
Dying Fetus - Destroy the Opposition - clear vinyl, limited to undisclosed ammount
Iron Maiden - Out of the Silent Planet - pic disc
Litanies of Sacrilege compilation
Nattefrost - Blood & Vomit
Necros Christos - Triune Impurity Rites

Vinyl 7"

Fuck Hate Propaganda - S/T - Blue splatter vinyl
Fuck Hate Propaganda/Sick Terror - Yellow and Snot Green splatter vinyl
Fuck Hate Propaganda/H8 Target - Lime Green vinyl, perfect condition
Ramesses - S/T
Voodooshock/Iron Kind


Celestia - Dead Insecta Sequestration (limited, hand numbered demo)
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra - Midnight Full Moon
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra - Insatiable Moon
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra - The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypse
Vinterriket - 7-Zoll Kollektion 2002 (limited to 200)


Arckanum - May The World Burn & The Sky Fall - S/S - XL
Carnivorous - Logo S/S - L
Deeds of Flesh - Crown of Souls - S/S - XL
Falkenbach - Skaldic Art - Hoody L
Gorefest - False - S/S - XL
Nile - Black Seeds of Vengance 2000 Tour shirt - L/S XL
Sintury - Logo S/S - XL
Worship - Learne to Feare God - S/S - XL

Looking for:

Absu - Barathrum - V.I.T.R.I.O.L pic disc
Anathema - We Are The Bible 7"
Dead Congregation - Goat shirt
Goat Molestor - Ancient Barbaric Assault
Goat Molestor - Realm of Evoked Doom 7"
Incantation - Entrancement of Evil and Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies 7"s, old shirts
Infester - Darkness Unveiled 7"
Necros Christos splits w/ Goat Molestor, Loss, Teitanblood
Pentacle - The Fifth Moon Pic LP
Rotting Christ - Passage to Arcturo MLP, Satanas Tedeum 12", old shirts
Thornspawn - Infernal Allegiance - First Possession 12"
Thornspawn - Infernal Legions 7"
Thornspawn - Wrath of War 12"
Thornspawn/Unholy Archangel 12"
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