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Vinyl Sale List

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Gille de Rais

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:33 am    Post subject: Vinyl Sale List Reply with quote

Make offers before I eBay it. Trades considered for ‘Les Demos’ Cd by Peste Noire and a few different Facta Loquuntur/Asgardsrei versions.

-Ancestors - I (white vinyl - Youth Attack Recs)
-Annthennath - Paeans Of Apostasy (Necromancer recs - 500 copies - white vinyl)
-Arghoslent - Hornets Of The pogrom (1st press - black vinyl - Drakkar)
-Bloodstone - Hour Of The Gate (Blood Harvest Recs)
-Capricornus - Alone Against All (brown vinyl - 115 copies)
-Coldworld- The Stars are Dead Now (Deviant Records - 287 copies)
-Der Sturmer - Carellian Pagan Madness (500 copies - Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
-Extra Hot Sauce - Taco of Death (Arena Records)
-Hammer (Fin) - Shoax (300 copies - Grievantee Recs)
-Havohej - Hornbook Seytan pic LP (100 copies - HHR recs)
Havohej - Hornbook Seytan smelly brown LP (100 copies - HHR recs)
-Infinity - Enter the Labyrinth Of Hell Gatefold Lp (Obscure Abhorrence recs)
-Infinity - Nostalgia for the Dark Age (Obscure Abhorrence recs - 222 copies)
-Infinity - The Birth Of Death Lp + 7” (Obscure Abhorrence recs - 111 copies)
-Isolationist - Home is... (Cocainacopia - 100 copies)
-Maniac Butcher - Il Sangue Nero (100 copies white vinyl - Slava Satan recs)
-Mutiilation - Destroy Your Life for Satan (Dark Adversary - Red vinyl)
-Netjajev SS - Anarchy Andromeda (first press 234 copies - Rescued from Life recs)
-Peste Noire - Lorraine Rehearsal (1st press - Northern Heritage)
-Prevalent Resistance/Horned Serpent splatter LP (Obscure Abhorrence Recs - 111 copies)
-Profanatica - Profanatitas De demonatia pic lp with sleeve and poster (HHR recs)
-Pungent Stench/Disharmonic Orchestra Split (Nuclear Blast 1991)
-Rupture - Sex, Drugs and Rupture (Hate Ape Productions) was
-Rottevore- Iniquitous (green vinyl bootleg - 500 copies)
-Stumm - I (Blind Date Records)
-Sturmtiger - 2007 pic disc (250 copies - Third attack wave recs)
-Suffocation - Beginning Of Sorrow pic disc (live 1992 bootleg)
-Taylor Bow - Thin Air (clear vinyl and covers - 100 copies - Youth Attack Recs)
-Vermeth - Suicide or be Killed (Drakkar)
-Vlad Tepes/Torgeist Split (purple cover - Drakkar)
-Vothana - Tren Con Duong Danh Vong 10” (100 copies - Werewolf Recs)
-Worship (Can) - Dooom gatefold DLP (Painiac Recs - 500 copies)
-Various - Death Metal Session LP feat. Root, Torr (Direkt recs - 1990)

-Ancestors - II (youth attack recs)
-Ash Pool - Black Bondage in the North (Paragon Recs)
-Ash Pool - Saturn’s Slave (blue vinyl - ltd 100)
-Burned up Bled Dry - Kill the Body kill the soul
-Cantus Baestae/Christicide Split (ltd 400)
-Crowned in Semen/Thyphus (Dark Horizon recs)
-De Novissimis/Tunguska Split
-Deathchurch - Unsilent Hate Anthem
-Disfleisch - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing New (Rodel Records)
-Dragbody - Swallowing Razors (Lifeforce Recs)
-Drowning The Light - Vampyric winter (Slava Satan - black vinyl
-Eyegouger- Ass Rotor
-Funeral Frost - Watch them burn (Raging Bloodlust recs)
-Gloria Diaboli - first 7” (Painiac Recs)
-Goatmoon - Green 7”
-Goatmoon/Bizarre Uproar Split
-I’m Going Ape #2 (No Fucking Labels Recs)
-Lullaby - Lucifer 7” (Wild Rags)
-Modern Life is War - first 7” (white vinyl)
-Nine shocks of terror/Killers Split (Gloom recs)
-Netjajev SS/Rupture Split (Haunted Hotel Recs)
-Netjajev SS - Surfside Anthems 2 (Quasiphonic recs)
-Not so Fast - Outta my face (Riptide Recs)
-Nuit Noire - Furibond Elegance
-Profanatica - The years of Pestilence (ltd to 313 - ltd 50 one with the extra posters and badge)
-Tiger Junkies - Sick Of Tiger
-Toil/Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits Split (some damage)
-Warcollapse - Indoctrination
-White Medal - chance/northern mist (Gold vinyl)
-Wodensthrone/Niroth Split (Ltd 250) [/img]
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