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DC INTERVIEWS: Nunslaughter, Impaled Nazarene, Mandatory

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:59 am    Post subject: DC INTERVIEWS: Nunslaughter, Impaled Nazarene, Mandatory Reply with quote

Howdy. A few interviews that we have conducted recently. Please feel free to take a peep. Thanks.

Interview with Don of the Dead of the Pure Death Metal band NUNSLAUGHTER

"Am I worried because the MTV metal music crowd does not know or like NunSlaughter? Not at all. The people that are truly fans of underground death metal know us."

"We have had many projects delayed or canceled because of the name. Pressing plants and printers do not want to press vile lyrics and obscene images. "

"(For) the first tour I had to sell my motorcycle for the airfare. I bought all four tickets for the band because that was something I wanted to do."

"I can sleep at night knowing that I did not prostitute myself just so some person can read about me in Metal Maniacs."

Interview with Mika of the Finnish Black Metal band IMPALED NAZARENE (Read what Mika has to say about the US elections!)

"We have never composed as an unit, it has always been individual approach."

"Apart from "I am the killer of trolls" song, I really do not see any "we are laughing at your scene" shit."

"We build our setlist that way that we play at least one song from every album, I think it is retarded to ignore your back-catalogue."

"Some metalhead saw "light" and turned into a Hare-Krishna. He kindly informed his new masters that evil band and evil record label have disgraced their dearly loved painting. So we and Osmose got sued. Originally they wanted $100.000USD."

Interview with Sascha of the German Old School Death Metal band MANDATORY

"It's not that we sit there before writing new songs and wonder: Oh well, what should we sound like on the new record? Which band could we copy this time?"

"Today every second demo is advertised with "The new killer mega ultra Mini-CD by XY in the style of Grave, Unleashed, Dismember blablabla“.

"Adrift Beyond (the new album) will feature one THE best cover artworks ever to be released in Death Metal."

"I would never like to get a parcel with an Indian Swastika marking."

Interview with Chris of the Ugly Australian Death Metal band THE DEAD

The Dead - Nocturnal Funeral review

"It's too easy nowadays to record a crystal clean triggered drums, guitars-recorded-with-no-amps kind of sound. The problem is a lot of the bands who do that sound terrible live because they don't really sound like that."

"We just really wanted to document what the band really sounded like..The challenge (to record live) was just to play as well as you can and not get frustrated if someone made a mistake and you all had to start over again."

"Mike Yee actually works in an abattoir so i think he does not lack for inspiring visual stimulation."

"You watch a (cricket) match from India and the crowd are nuts and LOUD. Here they just seem to drink a beer and fall asleep."


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