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Rare + cheap tapes for sale @ Skull Fucking Metal Distro

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 4:17 pm    Post subject: Rare + cheap tapes for sale @ Skull Fucking Metal Distro Reply with quote

HELLOWEEN-"Keeper Of The 7 Keys-Part 1" TAPE (1987 noize international,thrash!) $3

BLACK SABBATH-"Heaven Or Hell" TAPE (neon knights! 1980 Warner bros) $3

ALICE IN CHAINS-"Facelift" TAPE (Their best album by far,1990 CBS) $3

HELLOWEEN-"Keeper Of The Seven Keys-Part 2" TAPE (1988 Noize international, amazing metal album) $3

SODOMIZED-"Cannibalistic Devourment" PRO DEMO TAPE (killer death metal from usa,old school feeling,1994 self released) $3

CARCASS-"Wake up and smell the carcass" TAPE (Killer death grind.1996 earache) $3

URUK-HAI-"In Durins Halls" PRO TAPE (Quality dark ambient from Austria,2008) $3

PAGANFIRE / BEASTIAL PETRIFY SPLIT PRO TAPE (Thrasha hellocaust! lim. to 666 hand numbered copies,Poser Blaster productions 2006) $3

SOLUS-"Slave Of Mind" DEMO TAPE (rare canadian death metal demo,quality stuff!1996 skinblast productions) $3

MORBID CEREMONY-"Black Depths" DEMO TAPE (Rare Canadian harsh blackmetal, not for the weak and tottaly recommended! Teutonic Satan) $4

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX-"Morbid Edifice" PRO TAPE (outstanding Harsh black metal,2006 Northern Sky Productions) $3

M.O.D.-"Gross Misconduct" TAPE (Killer thrash rare and hard to find,1989 megaforce recs) $3

WINGER-"S/T" TAPE (glam,1988 warner brothers) $3

SKITZO-"Synusar'sukus" DEMO TAPE (extremely rare american thrash metal demo,1994) $5

SLAYER-"Haunting The Chapel" TAPE (thrasssh rare! 1984 metalblade) $5

SLAYER-"South of Heaven" TAPE (Usa thrash gods,1988 defjam) $5

BIOHAZARD-"S/T" TAPE (Usa hardcore greats,1992 magnetic) $3

W.A.S.P.-"The Headless Children" TAPE (Usa cult metal,1988 Capitol Records) $3

HELLRAISER 2-"HELLBOUND" TAPE (original motion picture soundtrack,1989 newworld pictures,extremely rare) $5

JANIES ADDICTION-"Nothing's Shocking" TAPE (Great stuff!1988 warner brothers) $3

AGNOSTIC FRONT-"Live at CBGB'S" TAPE (Awesome crossover thrash,1989 Relatively records) $5

KMFDM-"What do you do deutschland" TAPE (re-issue of their first release,rare) $3

KMFDM-"Money" TAPE (sex on teh flag! 1992 waxtrack records) $3

GRAVE-"Soulless" TAPE (Killer death metal! 1994 Century Media) $4

MANIAC-"Hell on Hogtown" TAPE (Very rare canadian thrash metal live release,2006 lim to 100 hand numbered copies,metal assult productions) $5

NUCLEAR ASSULT-"Fight To Be Free" TAPE (6 tracks of cult american thrash,1988 relativity records) $5

S.O.D.-"Live At Budokan" TAPE (American thrash,1992 Megaforce records) $5

IN THE DARKNESS COLD CLUTCHES" TAPE (1991 compilation tape w/ nocturnis,order from chaos,beherit,mortician,demigod,hellwitch,grave,varaathron,prime evil,vital remains,crucifier,old funeral+more! Eternal darkness creations) $5

NAPALM DEATH-"Death By Manipulation" TAPE (killer grindcore,1991 earache records) $5

BLACK SABBATH-"Dehumanizer" TAPE (tc crimes,1992 reprise records) $3

VARATHRON-"Walpurgisnacht" TAPE (killer greek black metal.1995) $5

MEGADETH-"Killing is my business and business is good" TAPE (usa thrash debut,1985 relativity) $5

MINISTRY-"jesus built my hotrod" TAPE (2 tracks,rare 1991 sire records) $3

BEGRIME EXEMIOUS-"demo 2006" PRO DEMO TAPE (Killer Canadian black metal demo,rare self released) $3

KREATOR-"Endless Pain" TAPE (Thrash,1896 noise) $5

LUNACHICKS-"Binge & Purge" TAPE (thrash punk,1986 safehouse communications) $3

ASS O GORE-"Anal Fist Capitalism" TAPE (Cool canadian crust with a cover of cop killer) $3

XENTRIX-"For Whose Advantage" TAPE (Thrash rare 1990 roadrunner) $3

JELLO BIAFRA AND D.O.A.-"last scream of the missing neighbours" TAPE (Killer punk, alternative tentacles rare release,1989) $5

GEIMHRE-"Mollachd" PRO TAPE (Quailty canadian black metal ) $5

RAMMER-"Choke on this shit" PRO DEMO TAPE (very rare canadian thrash metal release,self released 2004) $6

TOXIC HOLOCAUST-"Hell On Earth" PRO TAPE (Usa thrash metal gods,harsh brutalcold productions 2006) $5

TERRORIZER-"World Downfall" TAPE (Killer grind/crust,1989 earache records) $5

MEGADETH-"Rust In Peace" TAPE (thrash metal,1990 capitol records) $3

FORGOTTEN REBELS-"untitled" TAPE (killer canadian punk,1989 restless records) $3

CARCASS-"Heartwork" TAPE (death metal,1993 earache) $5

CANNIBE / ORIFICE SPLIT TAPE (porn grind promo tape,sick!) $2

HOT STOVE MURDER-"s/t" PRO DEMO TAPE (old school usa death metal demo) $3

OBITUARY-"The End Complete" TAPE (American death metal, 1992 r/c) $5

CORROSION OF COMFORMITY-"Delivernce" TAPE (usa stoner metal,1994 sony music) $3

INDESTRUCTABLE NOISE COMMANDO-"Razorback" TAPE (rare thrash,very cult,1987 Giant records) $5

THE DAMNED-"Damned but not forgotten" TAPE (uk import,punk,1986 castle) $3

WHITNESS COMPILATION VOL.2 PRO TAPE (great comp from Italy featuring age of agony, dodsferd,elisabetha,beast petrify,devil lee roth,heia,terminal descent,carnavage,moloch,voltur,paganfire,sargatanas,denial of god,inhumate) $3

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 5:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you got a pm Smile
Good sellers/traders & Trade/sell/want list
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