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Huge & Updated Tradelist (CD,LP)

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:29 am    Post subject: Huge & Updated Tradelist (CD,LP) Reply with quote

Few items for trade, ask for pictures, condition if it's necessary.
I can also sell, if you'll be interested PM me with offer...

ABSURD / PANTHEON (Ger/Usa) - Split CD 2002 (Nebelfee Klangwerke) -FIRST PRESS-
AMON GOETH (Cze) - The Worship (Nazgul's Eyrie)
APOLION (Ita) - Hungry Of Souls (Bylec Tum Prod., limited to 500)
APRAXIA (Belr) - Hymns Of Dark Forest (Ewiges Eis)
ASPHYX (Hol) - The Rack (Century Media) -FIRST PRESS-
ASTAARTH (Fra) - Gloria Burgundia (Blood Fire Death)
ASTRAL (Cze) - Filicetum Lunare (Last Episode)
ATROCITY (Ger) - Todessehnsucht (Roadrunner) -FIRST PRESS-
AVENGER (Cze) - Godless (Deathgasm)
AZEROTH (Rus) - Doctrine Of Dark Forest (Manimal Prod.)
BATHOMET (Gre) - Bathomet (Unisound)
BELLUM / RHUNE (Usa) - Vinland Rising (Desastrious Rec.)
BENIGHTED LEAMS (Uk) - Caliginous Romantic Myth (very first release of Supernal Music, 001)
BILSKIRNIR (Ger) - In Flames of Purification (Millenium Metal Music) -FIRST PRESS-
BLACK JADE (Swi) - Of Forests And Fire (Ewiges Eis)
BLACK FUNERAL (Usa) - Az-I-Dahak (Behemoth Prod.)
BLOOD OF CHRIST (Can) - A Dream To Remember (CDN Records)
CRUENTION (Fra) - Promo CD 1998 (Selfreleased)
DECORYAH (Fin) - Fall Dark Waters (Metal Blade)
DEMIURG (Pol) - Unholy War-Sword of Rebellion (Hell Is Here/Dead Man Rec.)
EQUIMANTHORN (Usa) - Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (Unisound)
EQUIMANTHORN (Usa) - Lectionum Antiquarum (Unisound)
ELYSIAN FIELDS (Gre) - Adelain (Unisound)
EMINENZ (Ger) - The Blackest Dimension (Last Episode)
EVIL DEAD (Svk) - Spomienky na Predkov (Osiris Prod.)
FEBRUARI 93 (Nor) - Februari 93 (Solistitium, FORLORN project)
GOREFEST (Hol) - False (Nuclear Blast) -FIRST PRESS-
GOREFEST (Hol) - Mindloss (Pavement Music)
HEIDEN (Cze) - Potomkum pozemskeho soumraku (Eclipse Prod.)
HYPERBOREAN DESIRE/SVARDENVYRD (Cze) - Novy Usvit (split CD, limited to 100 pieces only!)
INFAMY / CHRIST DENIED (Usa/Spa) - The Blood Shall.../ Got What We Deserved (Blackend)
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM (Fra) - Des bibles, des hymnes, des icônes... (Oaken Shield)
MATUTINA NOCTEM (Fra) - Anima Mean (neofolk/ambient, Adipocere)
MORD (Usa) - Imperium Magnum Infernalis (Non Compos Mentis)
MYSTIFIER (Bra) - Wicca (Mutilation Rec, re-release)
NARGAROTH (Ger) - Herbstleyd (No Colours) -FIRST PRESS-
NEHEMAH (Fra) - Light of a Dead Star (Oaken Shield)
NERGAL (Gre) - The Wizard of Nerath (Unisound) -FIRST PRESS-
NOCTIS INVOCAT (Guat) - Depressiva Vox Clamentis (Southern Hellish)
ODAL (Ger) - Sturmes Brut (digi, Darkland)
OPFER RASSENHASS (Can) - Fierté Ancestrale (Cernovit)
OUROBOROS (Ita) - Lux Arcana (Sabbathid Records, ambient/darkwave music)
PANIKOS (Arg) - Eclipse I (Southern Hellish)
PESTILENCE (Hol) - Spheres (Roadrunner) -FIRST PRESS-
PRIPEGAL (Pol) - Slavia Antiqua (Hammerbolt, limited to #300)
RAVEN DARK (Rus) - Autumn Roar (Stellar Winter)
RAVEN DARK (Rus) - Verdandi/Berustet av... (B.O.P. & Grievantee Prod.)
SAMAEL (Swi) - Eternal (C.Media) -FIRST PRESS-
SAMAEL (Swi) - Passage (C.Media) -FIRST PRESS-
SENTENCED (Fin) - Shadows Of The Past (re-release, Century Media)
SCHOLOMANCE (Usa) - The Immortality Murder (double CD, The End Records)
SKYTHRONE (Rus) - The Way
STVOR (Cze) - Pocatek... (Brany Bratru Prod., limited/handnumbered to 100)
THE MARTYRIUM (Ger) - Todesrunen (Neb.Klangwerke)
THE SYRE (Can) - Duality (digipack, Selbstmord Services)
THERION (Swe) - Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon... (Pavement Music)
TUNDRA / RUINA / OPERATION WINTER MIST (V/A) - Split CD (None More Black, lim.to 1000)
V/A Deep In The Spirit Of UGBM (various) - Grimlair, Hordagaard, Funeral Forest, Ymber Autumnus, Rabennacht
V/A The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous label sampler (Bal-Sagoth, Sigh, A.Ceremony, Bloodstorm, Abyssos, 13 Candles...)
VESPERIAN SORROW - Beyond The Cursed Eclipse (Displeased)
VIKE TARE (Ger) - The Tide Of Revelation (S.D.I.)
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita) - Criteria ov 666 (digiCD, Code666)
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita) - Hunam Antithesis (digiCD, Code666)
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita) - Toward The Dusk (Nocturnal Music, limited to 800)
VOLKOLAK (Rus) - Dark Shine Of Scales (Othal Prod.)
VOLKOLAK (Rus) - The Feat Of The Grey King [demo 2002] (Othal Prod.)
VOMIT CHURCH (Gre) - Offers To The Sado-God (Live Eclipse Records.)
WOLFNACHT (Gre) - Night of the Werewolf (Battlefield)
XIBALBA (Mex) - Ah Dzam Poop Ek [reissue] (Guttural Rex)
XIBALBA (Mex) - Ancients (Guttural Rex)

ZYKLON (Nor) - Storm Detonation Live (Candlelight) - 10 EURO
- Live at Partysan Open Air 2004, 2 videoclips, special features...

DAEMONLORD (Spa) - The End Of The Era 12"MLP (Ketzer, limited to 500)
VIKING BLOOD (Ger) - Blutes Klagen 7"EP (red vinyl, Einsatzkommando Prod.)
EMPEROR (Nor) - Emperor 12''MLP (BOB re-release limited to 2000)
MAYHEM (Nor) - Deathcrush 12''LP (BOB re-release, ltd.to 2000, heavy gatefold sleeve)
SERPENT OBSCENE (Swe) - Serpent Obscene 12"LP (Necropolis)
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Joined: 19 Sep 2007
Posts: 2198
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

update ...
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