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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:52 pm    Post subject: sale list Reply with quote


Ok, all the stuff below is for SALE ONLY. NO TRADES PLEASE. The only thing he would want in trade would be the ILDJARN "S/T" CD. Email offers at fpt333@hotmail.com. He can accept a variety of payment methods. He has some contacts that post on here, so feel free to ask for references, and also feel free to ask questions about the below stuff. HE IS IN AMERICA BUT WILL SHIP ANYWHERE.


Abigail "Posesion Demoniaca"
Bestial Holocaust "Odio y Muerte" 615/666
Birdflesh "Killing Rosenkeller"
Butcher ABC "Official Bootleg" LTD. 666
Christian Death "Only Theatre of Pain"
Clandestine Blaze "Below the Surface of Cold Earth"
Coven "Boneless Christian" SEALED
Dauthslahk "Demo '06"
Deceased "Luck of the Corpse"
Eole Noir "Valeurs" 113/200
Finis Gloria Dei "Consecration of the Horned God"
Finis Gloria Dei "In Tenebris"
Force of Darkness "ReHELLsal II"
Furze "Necromanzee Cogent" 185/300
Ghoul "Friday Blessing Show"
Ghoul "Heaven Lust"
Ghoul/Dangerous Meeting in Nagasaki "Morbid Mercy" LTD. 99
Glorior Belli "Evil Archaic Order"
Goatvomit "Carnal Blasphemy" #478/500
Grausamkeit "Nostalgia..." #377/666
Graveland "Epilogue / Impaler's Wolves"
Hallow's Eve "Tales of Terror"
Heidenwelt "Demo" (Did a split with Vordr)
Heretic "Transmigration / Unreal Silence" (Rare and sick Polish DM, 1993)
Iron Maiden "Live After Death"
Kristallnacht / Morke "Split" LTD. 300
Laibach "Kapital"
Masokismi "Kaikken..." 3/50
Meridian Pain "Blaspheme Under the Crucifixion" (Good Japanese BM)
Miscreant "Promo '93" (Cult Swedish DM, this particular copy has a ton of extra / rare songs)
Morke "Ave Sathanas" #65/88
Morke "Blutrausch" #221/666
Myself "Experiences 1" 7/169
Myself/Je M'en Fous "Experiences 5" 12/69
Necropsia "We Work for the Devil" (Chilean Death)
Nocturnal Graves "Deathstorm"
Nocturnal Graves "Profanation of Innocence"
Nuit Noire "Black Form"
Nuit Noire "Somewhere in the Nightpast"
Obituary "Slowly We Rot"
Obscvrvs Advocam "Fervour & Devotion"
Odelegger "Drowning in Time" #178/200 (Widar included lots of unreleased tracks on this)
Odelegger "Evoluting Blackness" #42/???
Overlord "For Metal Maniacs Only!!!"
Parabellum "Mutacion Por Radiacion" (Official)
Parabellum "Sacrilegio" (Official)
Pogrom "Mort Au Peuple"
Prevalent Resistance "Under Satan's Command" PROMO/333
Raate "Demo"
Sacrifix "I don't remember the name of this tape" (ask if you care)
Saram "Metal Mayhem Genocide"
Seigneur Voland "Consumatum Est"
Sepultura "Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation EP"
Sodom "Persecution Mania"
Sodomizer "The Dead Walk" LTD. 500
Sombre Chemin "Nacht und Krieg" #222/300
Terrorama "Horrid Efface"
The Krushers "Kaos at CSOA Excarcere Live" 36/333
The Krushers "Megaloi Theoi" 84/250
Tinieblas "Hijos Malditos" (Old Venezuelan thrash)
Toil "Demo 1"
Troops of Death "Black September" #335/1000
Ulfang "Dust" 17/300
V/A "Buried Terror" (Good compilation of Japanese BM bands)
V/A "Doomsday News III"
V/A "Metal Noir Vol. 1" (Many cult French bands on this one w/ unreleased stuff)
V/A "Morbid Tunes... Vol. 7" #32/??? (Great compilation)
V/A "Warfare Noise" (Pure and total violence)
Violent Attack "Demo Rehearsal '03" #209/300
Vordr "Demo" 84/111
Warpath "Alternative Dose" (Old Chile thrash)
Wytchkraft "Satan Plays Heavy Metal"


Blessed in Sin "Acte 1: Finis Gloria Dei / Reh. 93" (A TON of ultrarare stuff on official CD-R)
Defaillance "Long french name" LTD. 500 (First one they released)
Destroyer 666 "Phoenix Rising"
Destruction "Best Of..." 2CD
Dr. Shrinker "Grotesque Wedlock" (Fucking good shit!)
Graveland "1000 Swords"
Krabathor "Lies"
Luror/Eternity/STMS/Darkmoon Warrior "We Walk the Infernal Path" 528/666 (RARE!!!)
MX "Simoniacal"
Mutilator "Immortal Force"
Nuit Noire "Lunar Deflagration"
Odelegger "The End of Tides"
Prurient "The History of AIDS" (RARE)
Seigneur Voland "S/T" MCD
Smegma "Rumblings"
Ulfhethnar "Von Deutscher Art" (Widar from Bilskirnir doing RAC/Metal stuff)
Unleashed "Shadows in the Deep" (1st Press)
V/A "A Sixth Sense of Darkness" (Vordr and other bands)
V/A "Der Sonne Entgegen" (German Pagan / NSBM bands)
V/A "Violent Hell Assault" (4-way between some SA bands like Violent Attack and others)
Widomar "Het Land..." (Sombre Chemin guy)
Xibalba "Ah Dzam Poop Ek"

I also have a lot of Sombre Chemin and Vordr splits with other bands, if you want to know more just ask, but I don't really feel like listing vinyl.

SEND ALL INQUIRIES TO fpt333@hotmail.com
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