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Wanted Mexican Metal

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:18 am    Post subject: Wanted Mexican Metal Reply with quote

Hello, i'm searching for this :

- 34-D "Demo" Pro-Tape
- Abraxas "Extremos" Tape
- Abraxas "Profanación" Tape
- Absession "Sistematic Exterminium" Tape***Pre-Bloodsoaked
- Abxtract "Demo" Tape
- Acrimonius "Horror Life" Tape
- Acrostic "Radioactive Grind" Pro-Tape
- Aglarond "The Aglarond" Cassette
- Aglarond "Demo-Tape 98" Cassette
- Aglarond "Over a Wide Night of Tides" Cassette
- Agony Lords "Unions" Cassette
- Agresor "Obscuridad" Cassette ***Color cover only
- Agresor "Juegos de Terror" Cassette
- Aiwass "666" Cassette
- Aiwass "Hoor-Paar-Kraat" Cassette
- Alpheratz "Egregorian Oath" Pro-Tape
- Amantes de la Noche "Sonambulos" Pro-Tape
- Amantes de la Noche "Hombre de Metal" Pro-Tape
- Amnesia "Demo" Tape ***Mty
- Amnesia "Before" Tape ***Mty
- Anarchus "Promo 91" Tape
- Anarchus "In Partibus Infidelium" Pro-Tape
- Anarchus "500 Years of Infamy" 7"EP
- Anticristo "Demo '90" Tape ***not the "Ensayo".
- Anton "En el Umbral del Caos" Pro-Tape
- Aphses "Escape from the Agony" Pro-Tape
- Apocryphal "Promo 1996" Tape
- Apokrifos "Fatal Demencia"
- Ars Antiqua "In Red Nights" Pro-Tape
- Argentum "Matter Misericordiae" Pro-Tape
- Argentum "Exothaernium" Pro-Tape
- Argentum "Insious Omnium Rerum" Tape
- Argentum "Ad Interitum Funebrarum" Pro-Tape ***Cover only
- Argentum "Stigma Mortuorum" LP
- Argus "Valle Azul" LP
- Arkanhell "Arkanhell" Tape
- Arkanhell "No Agresion No Odio No Violencia" Tape
- Ars Occulta "Pacta Conventa Doemonarum" Tape
- Ars Occulta "Demo" Tape
- Arsenal Death "Possession Demoniaca" Tape
- Arsenal Death "Exorcism" Tape
- As Light Fades "Ethereal Equilibrium" Tape
- Astaroth "Condenados" Cassette
- Astaroth "Imágenes Ocultas" Cassette
- Ateo "Reto Moral" Tape
- Axis "Metalmorphosis" LP
- Bacteriah "Demo" Tape
- Beholding Signs "In the Ocean of Time Signs of New Life..." Cassette
- Belial "Demo '92" Tape
- Belial "Occult Advance" Tape
- Beltane "Promo 98" Tape
- Belzabet "In Penumbra" Pro-Tape
- Belzabet "Before Night Fall" Pro-Tape
- Bestia Metálica ***Cualquier Tape
- Bestial Lust "Demo '90" Cassette
- Black Empire "Promo" Cassette
- Black Empire "A Real Man...A Black Heart" Cassette
- Black Torment "La Oscuridad Eterna" Tape
- Black Torment "The Coming of Cold Darkness" Tape
- Blackthorn "Dawn of Immortality" Tape
- Blaster "Que Ves... Que Oyes... Que Sientes" Cassette
- Blaster "Tribulaciones" Pro-Tape
- Blaster "Universe" Pro-Tape
- Blemish "Depression" Tape
- Blemish "Wisdom of the Worm" Pro-Tape
- Bloodsoaked "Autist Decay" Tape ***Cover Only
- Bloodsoaked "Frost Image" Pro-Tape
- Burial "Demo" Tape
- Buried Dreams "The World Beyond" Tape
- Buzrael "Nocturnal Spirits" Tape
- Buzrael "Demo '98" Tape
- Buzrael "Buzrael " Tape
- Cannabis Sativa "Lúcida Inconciencia" Cassette
- Cannabis Sativa "Demo" Cassette
- Cardon Cripta ***Cualquier tape
- Caronte "Magos Y Dragones" LP
- Castlow "Demo" Cassette
- Castlow "True is a Trick" Pro-Tape
- Cenotaph "Rise of Excruciation" ***Color Cover only.
- Cerberus "After Dark Side" Tape
- Cerberus "If You Kill Me, Well Come Together?" Cassette
- Coprofagia "Coprofagia" Cassette
- Coprofagia "Sade's Inheritance" Cassette
- Coprofagia "What's there...behind death" Cassette
- Corpus Golgotha "Ilusiones" Pro-Tape
- Corrupter "Brutal Suicidio" Pro-Tape ***Avanzada Metalica version
- Crematorio "Tiempos Aciagos" Cassette
- Crossing Death "One Life Is Not Enough" ***Band's version, B&W Cover
- Cruz de Fuego "Fuera de Control" Pro-Tape
- Cruz de Fuego "Together Forever" Pro-Tape
- Cuero y Metal "La Venganza" 7"EP
- Cuero y Metal "Demo" Cassette
- Dark Half "Death comes true" Cassette
- Darknness "Requiem" Pro-Tape
- Darkness of Blood "The Essence Transformation" Cassette
- Darkness of Blood "Sisters of Sodomy" Cassette
- Dashboard "1900" Pro-Tape
- Dead Silence "Dead Silence" Cassette
- Deadly Dark "Vade Retro" Pro-Tape
- Deadly Dark "Slaughter Times" Pro-Tape
- Deadly Dark "Chaotic Omen" Pro-Tape
- Death Warrant "Satan's Fall" Tape
- Death Warrant "Time of Dying" Tape
- Deceiver ***Algun demo
- Deformed "Demo" Cassette
- Deformity "...to a Chaotic Existence" Cassette
- Demigod "Promo tape" Cassette
- Demise "The Feeling of Death" Cassette
- Demogorgon "Devils Elixirs" Tape
- Demolish "Artis Cabalisticae" Pro-Tape
- Demolish "Reinforcement Laments from the Lamb" Pro-Tape
- Deus Mortis "Ominous Eyes" Pro-Tape
- Deus Mortis "The day earth vomited her horrors" Cassette
- Devourment "Hungry Souls" Tape
- Devourment "For Delicious Minds" Tape
- Dew of Nothing "Doubleueird" Pro-Tape
- Dharmah "Dharmah" Cassette
- Dharmah "The Ninth Sephiroth's Mystery" Cassette
- Dies Irae "Ab Imo Pectore" Pro-Tape
- Disgorge "Rehearsal 1994" Tape
- Disgorge "Advance Demo 1995" Cassette
- Disgorge "Through the Innards" Pro-Tape
- Disgorge "Blood and Pus Emanations" Pro-Tape
- Disgorge "Promo Tape 98" Pro-Tape
- Disidente Agresor "Derechos castrados" Pro-Tape
- Disinter "Depths of Existence" Pro-Tape
- Distraught "Allthrought the Thresholds" Pro-Tape
- Drakkar "Thrashcore" Tape
- Draksen "Thrashcore" Tape
- Draksen "Sorry, We're Back!" Tape
- Draksen "Draksen" Pro-Tape
- Dream of Nebiros "And the Soul Cannot Traspass the Dream" Cassette
- Dream of Nebiros "Into the Critical Evolution" Pro-Tape
- Dream of Nebiros / Demise "Nightly Silence" Pro-Tape
- Embalmed "Demo 94" Cassette
- Embalmed "Reh. Heresy Recordings..." Cassette
- Embalmed "Unholy Torment" 7"EP
- Embalmer "Demo/Reh '92" Cassette
- Equimantorn "Demo '95" Tape
- Equimantorn "The Black Demo" Tape
- Equimantorn "The Beginning of the Dark Kingdom" Pro-Tape
- Ereshkigal & Vargnogk "Monument to the Filth / Kur-Nu-Gi-A" Pro-Tape
- Eskirla "Historias de Fantasmas" LP
- Eskoria "Surviving" Cassette
- Esoteric "Life Is Death" Cassette
- Esoteric "The Evil Always Triumphant" Cassette
- Eternal "Abismo de Sueños" Pro-Tape
- Eternal Disgrace "Death Wish" Cassette
- Eterno Ritual "Demo" Cassette
- Etreum "Promo / Reh" Tape
- Evil "Demo" Cassette
- Exanime "Demo I" Cassette
- Exanime "Demo II" Cassette
- Exenferis "En el umbral de mis dominios" Pro-Tape
- Exxecutor "Violenta agresion" Cassette
- Fatal Narcosis "Mind Conflict" Tape
- Fatal Narcosis "Pshichotropic Lies" Cassette
- Fatal Narcosis "Neurofisiología de un Psicópata" Tape
- Father's Fate "Demo" Cassette
- Foeticide "Putrefact Corpse" Pro-Tape
- Foeticide "Life and Death" Pro-Tape
- Foeticide "The End... of the Beginning" Pro-Tape
- Fortia ***¿Algun demo?
- Fongus "Guadalajara Rock" LP
- Fongus "Aferrado al Rock" LP
- Fongus "Metal" LP
- Fongus "Sobredosis de Metal" LP ***Cover only.
- Forgotten Son "Celestial Decease" Tape
- Frighful Cross "Rehearsal Tape '89" Tape
- Frimost "Demo" Cassette?
- Funeral "Esperando El Final" Pro-Tape
- Funereal Moon "In the Shadows" Cassette
- Funereal Moon "Silent Night of Full Moon Shine" Cassette ***Drakkar version.
- Funereal Moon "Lucifer's Dagger" Cassette
- Gehenna "En Busca Del Valle De Gehenna" 12"LP
- Gehenna "Demo" Cassette
- Genocide "Miracle of Deceit" Cassette
- Gilgamesh "Demo" Pro-Tape
- Gomory "The Lament Fallen Angel" Cassette
- Gothic "Dark Cloudy Noon" Cassette
- Gothic "Vortex" Cassette
- Guadaña "Demo 1" Cassette
- Guadaña "Demo 2" Pro-Tape
- Haborym "Crushed Christianity" Cassette
- Haborym "Venenum inveteratum in sepulcrum voluptatis" Cassette
- Haborym "When the Sun Has Failed" Cassette
- Haborym "Ritual Sabbath" Cassette
- Haborym "Nox" Cassette
- Hallucinate "Sitting at the Edge of My Dreams" Cassette ***Color cover
- Hardware "Hardware" Pro-Tape
- Hator "Demo" Cassette
- Heaven's Nearby "Born on a Black Day" Pro-Tape
- Hellnomorf "Tales of the Past" Pro-Tape ***TOAJ Version
- Hellnomorf "Depressions" Cassette?
- Hiborym "Abakua: Pacta Conventa Daemonorum" Tape
- Hiborym "Rehearsal" ***Or any other cassette
- Holocausto "Demo" Cassette
- Hologram "Hologram" Cassette
- Hologram "Ordainer of Reality" Cassette
- Hologram "Into the Hologram" Cassette
- Huizar "El Emisario" LP
- Huizar "Pecado Capital" LP
- Incest "Dead Empire" Cassette ***Color cover
- Incest "The Call of the Land" Cassette
- Incest "El Rostro Del Sol" Cassette ***Color cover
- Incinerador "Ensayo 1991" Cassette
- Incubus "Rehearsal" Cassette
- Infestación "Infestación" Pro-Tape
- Infestation "The Parody of Desolation" Pro-Tape
- Infestation "The Mystic Sorrow" Pro-Tape
- Inmundicia "Lagrimas De Una Viuda Sin Perder La Esencia" Cassette
- INRI "First Blasphemy" Cassette ¿Exist?
- INRI "Christ On His Knees" Cassette ¿Exist?
- Izckra "Demo" Cassette
- Karroña "Despierta y Actua" Cassette
- Karroña "Sick Mind" Cassette
- Khafra "Heavy Metal" Cassette
- Khafra "Demo 89" Cassette
- La Bruja "Rompe con Todo" Pro-Tape
- La Divina Comedia "Jhavy Metal" Tape
- La Divina Comedia "El último juglar" Tape
- La Santa Mentira "Demo" Cassette
- Leteo "Prayers of the Crystal Tablet of Beli" Cassette ***Pre-Funereal Moon
- Lord Diabolicus "Demo" Tape ***Pre-Lord Occultus
- Lord Occultus "Maleficarum Sigilium Diaboli XXX A.S." Tape
- Lust "Advance Tape" Tape
- Luzbel "Pasaporte al Infierno" LP
- Luzbel "Otra Vez" LP ***1st. Version.
- Lynx "Be Wild" LP
- Magma "S/T" LP
- Makina Negra "Al borde de la destrucción" 7" EP ***As Grupo Maquina Negra
- Malicious Prophecies "Reducido A Cenizas" Pro-Tape
- Malicious Prophecies "Pensamientos, Sentimientos..." Pro-Tape
- Malleus Maleficarum ***Any cassette
- Maniaca "Licantrophus" Cassette ***Any Cassette
- Mar de Dolor "Promo" Cassette
- Mar de Dolor "Through Internal Sorrow" Pro-Tape
- Marduk "Vida Derramada" Pro-Tape
- Matricide "The Enchanted Land" Cassette
- Mausoleo "Demo" Cassette
- Mechanical Chaos "Christ of Herds" Cassette
- Mechanical Chaos "Eternal Return" Pro-Tape
- Mechanical Chaos "Deaf Civilization" ¿Cassette?
- Mefis Seth "Collaboration Occult" Tape
- Megaton "Promo" 7"EP
- Melancholy "Einhar" Pro-Tape
- Meltdown "Human Desintegration" Cassette
- Meltdown "At the End of an Unreal World" Cassette
- Men at Arms "Die by Our Sword" Pro-Tape
- Mictlan "The Place Where the Dead Abide" Cassette
- Misericord "Descend into the Clouds" Cassette
- Misericord "Swang Song" Cassette
- Moon Lighting Hell "Mysteris of Moon" Cassette
- Morbicus "Rehearsals '90-'91" Cassette
- Morbicus "Occult Things from Hell" Cassette
- Morbicus "The Trial of Torment" Cassette
- Morbicus "Sadistic Immolation" Cassette
- Morbicus "Forsaken in Dejection" Cassette
- Morborum "When Mourning Begins" Cassette
- Mordem Ikum "Cabezas Torcidas" Pro-Tape
- Mortal "Demo 1" Cassette ***Cualquier otro cassette
- Mortem Christ "Mortem Demo" Cassette
- Mortuary "Blackened Images" 12"LP ***Black Wax, Turbo edition
- Mutilación "Mutilación" Cassette ***Color Cover
- Naglefaroth ****Cualquier cassette
- Nassav "Yaknb Ibn Ishak Sabbah Al Kindi" Cassette
- Nassav "Revelations from the Pagan Towns" Cassette
- Nebrae "Living of Black" Cassette
- Necroccultus "Encircling the..." Cassette
- Necrofilia "Demo" Cassette *** from Mérida, Yucatán
- Necrophiliac "Putrefact Death" Cassette
- Necropsia "Demo" Pro-Tape
- Necropsy "The Promise of Eternity" Cassette
- Necrum "Demo" Cassette
- Nefroptosis "The Existence Finish to Die" Cassette
- Nefroptosis "Nauseating" Cassette
- Nefroptosis "In Harmony" Cassette
- Nefroptosis "My Forgotten Life" Cassette
- Next "Demo" Tape
- Nightmare of Reality "Demo 90" Tape
- Noctambulism "Demo Rehearsal" Cassette
- Noctambulism "Worship in the Domain of Grave" Pro-Tape
- Nócturnal Aar "Aar - U" Cassette ***Color Cover
- Nox Kruent "Nox Kruent" Cassette ***Pre-Khafra
- Noxious Creed "Demo" Cassette
- Nyarlathotep "Crawler Evil" Cassette
- Obertura "Demo" Cassette
- Oro Verde "Demo" Cassette
- Pactum "MODL" Tape
- Pactum "Ficción, Lujuría y Blasfemia" Pro-Tape
- Padre Nuestro "Quien es el" Pro-Tape
- Panic "Panic" Pro-Tape
- Paradoxxa "Mito o Paradoja" Pro-Tape
- Patibulo "Hacia el Patibulo" Tape
- Perdition "Age of Faith" Tape
- Perversor "El Merodeador" Tape
- Peste "Demo" Tape
- Polvo de Estrellas "Alza tus Ojos" Pro-Tape
- Profanator "Extintion of Humanity" Tape
- Profanum "Miscarriage" Pro-Tape
- Prohibitory "Necrofilia" Tape
- Prohibitory "Possessed and Dismembered" Pro-Tape
- Prohibitory " Waiting to the Darkness Grave" Cassette
- Prohibitory "Black Mass" Cassette
- Prohibitory "Excomulgado" Cassette
- Prohibitory "Virus" Cassette
- Puño de Hierro "Ten Fé en Dios" MLP
- Putrefacción "Profanation of the Grave" Cassette
- Pyosisified "Damned to the Forensic Inquisition" Pro-Tape
- Pyphomgertum "Anacreon" Cassette
- Pyphomgertum "....to the Mesphil" Pro-Tape
- Pyphomgertum "Promotape '94" Cassette
- Pyphomgertum "Promo '97" Cassettte
- Ramses "Pon Tu Cerebro A Remojar" Pro-Tape
- Ravia "El Iluminado" Cassette
- Ravia "Voces y Sueños" Cassette
- Ravia "Fiel por Ascender" Cassette
- Raxas ***Cualquier Cassette
- Raxe "S/T" LP
- Raxe "Party Hardy" 7"EP
- Reptil "Vive Hasta el Final" Pro-Tape
- Reptil "Basta Ya!" Pro-Tape
- RIP "Las Damas de Salem" Pro-Tape
- RIP "Demencia Extrema" Pro-Tape
- Ripping Flesh "Parallel Windows" Pro-Tape
- Ripping Flesh "Rehearsal Demo 4/2/90" Tape
- R'lyeh / Devourment "Split" Tape
- Sabbottage "Invierno Nuclear" Cassette
- Sacrificio (De Muerte) "Mente Abstracta" Cassette
- Sacrificio (De Muerte) "Odio" Cassette
- Sacrilegio "Un Poco Más" Pro-Tape
- Sacro "Yo voy a Pelear" Tape
- Sagrad "Nueva Creacion" Pro-Tape
- Saman ***Cualquier demotape
- Sanecra "Encantamiento de Horror" Cassette
- Santa Muerte "Relatos en la Obscuridad" Cassette
- Santuario "Altar de Metal" Pro-Tape
- Sarcasmo "Searching the End from My Past" Cassette
- Sarcasmo "De Ocultis" Pro-Tape
- Sarcastic "Oxidation" Cassette
- Sarcastic "No Forgiveness" Cassette
- Sarcoma "Demo 95" Cassette
- Sargatanas "Demo 95" Tape
- Sargatanas "Promo 1997" Tape
- Sargatanas "Promo Advance '98" Tape
- Satan "Opera de Muertos" Pro-Tape
- Satan "Ritual de Media Noche" Pro-Tape
- Satanic Preachers "Followin the Preacher" Tape
- Satanic Preachers "Terror" Tape
- Scour "After of the Aggression" Cassette
- Scour ***El otro demo
- SDM "Nada Normal" Cassette
- Septimo Angel "Total Genocide" Cassette
- Sepulcro "Sendero a la Eternidad" Pro-Tape
- Serpiencoatl "Demo" Pro-Tape
- Shadowthrone "Demo" Cassette ***¿Exist?
- Shemhamphorash "Maiden's Night" Pro-Tape
- Super Alfa "Demo" Cassette
- Shub Niggurath "Horror Creatures" Tape
- Shub Niggurath "Unknown Adorer" 7"EP ***1st. version
- Snake Sad "Great Dream" Cassette
- Snake Sad "Pinnacle of the Tyranny" Cassette ***Color Cover
- Solitude "Crying in False Reality" Cassette
- Steel Hawk "Demo" Cassette
- Supplicium "Demo" Cassette ***Color Cover
- Supplicium "The True Circle Through the Gleam..." Pro-Tape
- Supplicium "Beneath the Cloak Waiting..." Pro-Tape
- Tabernaculo "Sangre de Sacrificio" Pro-Tape
- Tamerlan "Night of the Triumph" Cassette
- Tarantula "Premature Violence" Pro-Tape
- Taskforce "Iron Assassins" Tape
- The Chasm "Awaiting The Day Of Liberation" Cassette
- The Chasm "Procreation Of The Inner Temple" LP
- The Chasm "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire" 2LP
- The Chasm "Reaching The Veil Of Death" 10" MLP
- The Cult Occult "Thy Worshipper" Cassette ***Just the Cover
- The Dark Beyond Conception "Towards the Vastness" Pro-Tape
- The Dweller "Omnious" Pro-Cover
- The Suffering "Demo" Pro-Tape
- The Sweet Leaf "Take the Hit" Cassette
- The Zephyr "Demo 95" Cassette
- The Zephyr "Celestial Evil God" Pro-Tape
- The Zephyr "Impure & Divine" Pro-Tape
- Thy Only Forgotten "Iniquity to an Eternal Conquer" Pro-Cover
- TOD "La Mort" Pro-Tape
- TOD "Point" Pro-Tape
- Tormentor "Rehearsal" Tape
- Tormentor "Entombed" Tape
- Toxkon "Muerte Subita" Cassette
- Toxodeth "Demo 1" Tape
- Transylvania "Hechicera" Cassette ***Color Cover
- Twitch "The Watchers out of Time" Pro-Tape
- Ultimatum "Ultimatum" LP
- Ultimatum "No te Detengas..." LP
- Under Age "Apocalypse" Tape ***Color Cover
- Under Age "Inquisitor Society" Tape ***Color Cover
- Under Moonlight Sadness "Echoes of Ancient Music" Pro-Tape
- Under Moonlight Sadness "After the Cosmic Gate" Pro-Tape
- Undergore "Eating Putrid Corpses" Cassette
- Unholier "La Ronde Du Sabbath" Cassette ***Color Cover
- Untheme "Demo" Tape ***Pre-April Morning
- Unusual Sickness "It Is Time" Cassette
- Valhalla "Sueño Eterno" Pro-Tape
- Varios "Legión Subterránea" 12" LP
- Varios "Thrashing the Holy Week" Cassette
- Virgin Witch "Death Metal" Cassette
- Vlad "The Vampire Blood" Cassette
- Vociferous "God of Perversity" Pro-Cover
- Vociferous "The Last Dominion" Cassette
- Votan "Olmecas" Pro-Tape
- Wayjel "Almas Perdidas" Cassette
- Witchhunter "Procreation of Souls" Cassette
- Witness "End of the Inheritance" Pro-Tape
- Wrecker "Why!?!" Cassette
- Xipe Totec "Prehispanic Beg" Pro-Tape
- Xyster "Impulsados por el Rock" Cassette
- Yey "Metal Sagrado/Metal Caliente" Tape
- Yey "El Apañon" Pro-Tape
- Z "La Noche Que Hicimos El Pacto" LP
- Zeus "Preso" LP
- Zonaidecis "Religiones" Cassette ***Color Cover
- Zotz "Fear of my Time" Pro-Tape
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 16 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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