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End of the year sale-list with very low prices

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:25 am    Post subject: End of the year sale-list with very low prices Reply with quote

I have some items to sell from my distribution list to make more space, so prices are low:

CDs: 3 euros / Tapes: 2 euros


Ars Moriendi (Fra) – Du Tréfonds d'un Etre
(A unique album that refers to the phenomenon of black holes and the perfect expression of the nothingness and annihilation power that is beyond imagination. Cosmic chants of dead stars as the way to grasp our insignificance in the universe. An epitome of Atmospheric Black Metal)

Bahimiron (Usa) – Rebel Hymns of Left-handed Terror
(American outlaw cult Bahimiron are always on the move, keeping everyone guessing whilst staying forever true to their twisted, hideous muse. This material dive deep into the most primeval Black Metal but then tear it asunder with haunting nuances entirely their own)

Black Death Ritual (Fin) – Profound Echoes of the End
(First and only album of this mysterious horde from A.B. 2005. Raw and cold Black Metal in the veins of the Finnish traditions with members of Baptism, Horna and some more)

Flame of War (Pol) – Long Live Death!
(Latest album of this majestic Polish horde. Dark, transcendental and spiritual Black Metal with a deep and immense atmosphere)

Gräuen Pesttanz (Usa) / Miasma (Can) – Into the Fires of Isolation
(Raw, cold and misanthropic Black Metal poison with an evil atmosphere fused with a dark and horrific ritualistic ambience for 3-3 psalms directly to this shared material)

Hatesworn (Swi) – Transcend Moral Limitations to Evoke Pure Negativity until All is Dead
(Debut album of this Swiss underground horde emanating pure negativity. All of the strictly limited demos and some bonus tracks on one disc with around 72 minutes playtime and with an extremely elegant and consuming design)

Inferius Torment (Rus) – Your God Liar
(First full-length of these Russian godSlayers. Grim, hateful and satanic Black Metal with a great production of sound and good song structures. Except merciless devastation and total desecration)

Irae (Por) – To Those Who Stand… Evil Prevails
(Compilation disc containing two previous demos from this great underground Portugese horde, „In the Veins of Satan” and „Seven Hatred Manifestos”. Raw and hateful traditional Black Metal with an authentic dark and evil atmosphere)

Lashblood (Rus) – Plasticine People digi CD
(New EP from this killer Russian band from Stavropol Nekrodivizion. A dark, dissonant, transcendent and interesting piece of art with three new songs, diving into the depths of consciousness, plus two old songs, reminiscent of the past. Unique Black Art for the wicked!!)

Likvann (Nor) / Gravkors (Nor) – Split MMXIV
(True Norwegian Black Metal in the old tradition of their country that reminded sometimes to Beastcraft and old Gorgoroth vs. cold, furious Black Metal with dark melancholies, sang in their native language)

Lord Foul (Usa) – Killing, Raping, Burning / The Devil’s Advocate
(A release of cult demo from 1993 „Killing Raping Burning” with the unreleased demo „The Devils Advocate” from one of the oldest American Black Metal bands. All remastered from the original tapes. Band reborn for a lot of people in ’98 when Nargaroth covered their song "I Burn For You". This is and was a lost gem of the U.S. Black Metal underground)

Namter (Ita) – Il Rifugio Della Creazione
(First album after 11 years of existence. Great Black Metal with atmospheric touches)

Nebiros (Ger) – Kurwa Satana
(Good old school blasphemous Black Metal with some Death Metal influences as well. Debut album from MMXVIII in the veins of old desecrations from late 80’s and early 90’s)

Nenavist (Blg) – Nenavist
(Debut album of this obscure horde that is one of the best Black Metal bands of the small Bulgarian scene. Nenavist is a vision of the disintegration of the Human, a burst of instinct, a work of isolation and loathing for the man-ruin and the pathetic world of "progress". Death.)

Not Last Rise (Rus) – Sfumato digipack
(First album of this great, dark and atmospheric Black Metal horde. Another black fucking crime from Stavropol Nekrodivizion in digipack format)

Novem (Rus) – Pestilent Necrospell
(Raw, filthy, rotten underground satanic Black Metal blasphemies against the humanoid vermins. After three demos, this fresh EP was just unleashed by the horde)

Order of the White Hand (Fin) – Korpimaa
(Second album of this merciless Finnish one-man horde from 2014 but originally recorded in 2007. Blasphemous and intolerant Black Metal crushing the slaves of judeo-christian faith)

Order of the White Hand (Fin) – Through Woods and Fog
(First album of this great and obscure Finnish Black Metal congregation. Killer, raw, hateful and dynamic Black Metal in the good old tradition that will drape your heart in the darkest ruins)

Perverse Monastyr (Blg) – 10 Years of Perversion
(Collectional material from the millenium celebrating the 10th anniversary of this dark, morbid and disgusting horde containing desecrations from their demos and rehearsals with some additional unreleased stuff )

Perverse Monastyr (Blg) – Perverse Monastyr
(Third full-lenght of this sick and blasphemous Black Metal horde with tunes full of hatred and a tenebrous, evil atmosphere. A morbid and perverted attack against organized religions, pissing on their values and humiliating them)

Pravus Abyssus (Usa) – Within the Abyss of Solitude
(Deep, atmospheric and ambiental Black Metal wandering through obscure landscapes and capturing the cosmic darkness in this solitary journey. Recommended for those who are into Paysage D’ Hiver & Evilfeast)

Serpent Self Devouring (Rus) – Hail Horned!
(Debut material of this unholy, fresh Russian Black Metal horde with dynamic, traditional and crushing Black Metal. The EP contains 5 great blasphemous psalms and a cover of old Darkthrone)

Trou Noir (Rus/Fra) – Echoes in Black Holes
(Raw, grim and desolate Black Metal with a bleak, haunting atmosphere and some cold ambient fusion. First demo on tape)

Варххорн (Rus) – Labyrinths of Darkness
(First and only album of this obscure and underground Russian Black Metal horde, released in MMIX. Varhhorn plays cold, hateful and spiritual Black Metal sometimes reminiscent of old Forest)

Veér (Hun) – 27
(Second full-lenght from this unique, morbid, decadent Hungarian Black Metal band)



Bloody Sacrifice (Chi) – Reverencia Sathanas
(Evil, satanic and darkened South American Black / Death Metal conjuration. First demo of the band with malicious Spanish incantations)

Dead Reptile Shrine (Fin) – A Journey Through The Darkest of Forests
(An exceedingly strange material from the period of 2001-2005 with Pan-Satanic inculcations and fascist blessings of malevolence. Interesting and freak ritual off-tone terror with contorted rhytms)

Elimi (Swe) – Summoned From Ashes
(Traditional Satanist Black Metal in the veins of old Horna and Moonblood. Tape version of their first full-lenght evil from 2008)

Extreme Deformity (Hun) – Internal
(Re-issue on tape of this total classic Death Metal demo from 1993)

Gromm (Ukr) – Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativity
(Tape version of the EP from 2009 from this great primordial Black Metal horde existing since the millenium. A powerful and dynamic material full of hatred and sinister, negative energies)

Hatesworn (Swi) – Transcend Moral Limitations to Evoke Pure Negativity until All is Dead
(Tape edition of this slow, bonecrushing hate meditaion summoning pure negativity with their art. Killer design and high-quality edition unleashed by Sinister Stench)

Human Serpent (Gre) – Inhumane Nihilism
(This is the second coming of Nihilism from this ominous band from Hellas fixing the final nails to the coffin of human worms. Raw, hateful and satanic Black Metal with a great power in their psalms)

Impure Worship (Gre) – Chthonic Litanies
(Fast, agressive, hateful and blasphemous Black / Death Metal beast with a very high level of violence!! Second demo-niac desecration from 2013 with cover songs of Profanatica and Chaotic End)

Nuclear Magick (Ger) – Priests of the Bomb
(Slow and crushing doomed Black / Death Metal for the nuclear holocaust with a dark atmosphere. Follow the priests of the bomb into their reactor of doom!!)

Order of Tepes (Eng) – Dusk Bring Thy Misery
(First album of this great UK horde with excellent riffs and atmosphere, recommnded!)

Princeps Daemonum / Hell Icon – Icono Infernorum Et Daemonium Malevoli

Sabbatical Rites (Gre) – The Destruction
(Morbid, dirty and total blasphemous Black Metal demon chaos’ second spit to Christ's face!! Totally infernal, dark, obscure and possessed Black crushing Metal from the deepest underground of Hellas. Raw, malignant and old-school for the ancient Death Black metallers)

Svartgren (Srb) – Prazan Grob
(First full-lenght strike of Svartgren that is a primitive and obnoxious, yet engrossing Death praise that will lead you through the deepest depths of Hell. This modern, yet traditional Black Metal release is higly recommended for fanatics of Horna, Mgla, old Inferno or Armagedda)

Unfit Ass. (Hun) – Absurd Reality / Flagging Water
(Compilation tape of this old Hungarian Death Metal band)

Veér (Hun) – 27
(Second full-lenght from this unique, morbid, decadent Hungarian Black Metal band)
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