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Old 'zines for sale/trade - DEMOS ADDED
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:37 am    Post subject: Old 'zines for sale/trade - DEMOS ADDED Reply with quote

All prices for the following items are in Euros (€) and DO NOT include postage. All items are in very good to mint condition and have not been played for a large number of years, if at all. People are welcome, and are encouraged, to request pictures.


More demos will be listed over the next several weeks.


In order to make things easier and more transparent, I will provide everyone with the following -

- An actual quote for postage and packaging (and the calculation from NZD to Euros - please note that I use NEW packaging only)
- Paypal protection (I will NOT request anything other than a standard Paypal payment (not a gift!), and I will NOT request extra money to cover fees)
- A picture of the package to be sent
- A copy of the postage receipt


A Mind Confused (Swe) Poems of a Darker Soul Demo 1995 (15)
Abhorrent (Nor) Occultus Brujeria Demo 1990 (50)
Abigail (Japan) Blasphemy Night Rehearsal Demo (30)
Abigail (Japan) Demo 1 (30)
Ablaze my Sorrow (Swe) For Bereavement We Cried Demo 1993 (30)
Abominator (Aus) Barbarian War Worship Demo 1995 (50)
Aborym (Ita) Worshipping Damned Souls Demo 1993 (30)
Abruptum (Swe) The Satanist Tunes Demo 1990 (100)
Absu (USA) The Temples of Offal Studio Rehearsal 1991 (40)
Accursed (USA) A Curse Called Life Demo 1993 (10)
Accursed (USA) Satanic Ritual Demo 1993 (10)
Adornment (Fin) …And Love Perished Demo 1994 (10)
Agatus (Gre) A Night of the Dark Ages Demo 1993 (50)
Alastis (Swi) Black Wedding Demo 1990 (60)
Algol (Nor) Witchsleep Demo 1993 (40)
Altar (Fin)/Cartilage (Fin) Split Album cassette LP 1992 (30)
Altar (Swe) No Flesh Shall Be Spared Demo 1992 (Wild Rags version – slight water damage – waving) (15)
Another Day (Ita) Youth (The Castle of Illusions) Demo 1996 (5)
Anubi (Lit) Gods Pantenon Demo 1994 (30)
Aphasia (Aus) The Battle of Armageddon 1994 (40)
Aphasia (Aus) The Battle of Armageddon Demo (50)
Apostasy (USA) Accuser of Brethren Demo 1993 (10)
Aradia (Mal) Alive… The Gospel of the Draconian Blackhearts Live Album 1998 (10)
Armagedon (Pol) Dead Condemnation Demo 1991 (10)
Armaggedon (Fra) The Wrath of the Black Empire Demo (15)
Aryan Terrorism (Ukr) WAR cassette LP (White Records) (40)
Asafated (Tur) Humanity Landscape Demo 1994 (15)
Atavism (Gre) Corpses Cataclysm Demo 1998 (5)
Athotorgh (Mal) Promaster Dieyana Demo 1997 (10)
Autopsy Torment (Swe) The Seventh Soul of Hell Demo (30)
Barathrum (Fin) Battlecry Demo 1992 (30)
Bastardized (Sin) With Love, With Hate, With Grief, With Pain Demo 1995 (20)
Beelzebul (Col) The Black Return of Leviathan Demo 1995 (5)
Behemoth (Pol) …From the Pagan Vastlands Demo 1993 (40)
Behemoth (Pol) Return of the Northern Moon Demo 1993 (50)
Behemoth (Sin) Rememberance of the Crucification Demo 1992 (20)
Beherit (Fin) Demo II ’90 (100)
Belial (Fin) Gods of the Pit Demo 1991 (80)
Belial (Sin) Demo 2 (30)
Berith (Ger) Ia Adveni Demo 1994 (10)
Bethor (Gre) Unholy Bride of Mayhem Promotape 1995 (10)
Beyond Dawn (Nor) Heaven’s Dark Reflection Demo 1991 (40)
Blacksstorm (Fra) Night, Death and the Devil Compilation Demo 1998/2000 (10)
Blot (Nor) Furore Normannorum Demo 2000 (10)
Brisen (Ita) Holocaust Sky Demo 1993 (30)
Bundeswehra (Pol) King’s Return Demo 1994 (30)
Buzrael (Ita)/Tears of Christ (Ita) Split Demo 1994 (20)
Calvary (Ita) And You Die Demo 1993 (15)
Calvary (Ita) In Solitude Demo 1994 (15)
Canopic Jar (U.K) Demo 1994 (10)
Capra Hircus (USA) Goat Metal Assault Demo (15)
Cased (Den) Promo 1993 (15)
Catacomb (Fra) In the Maze of Kadath Demo 1993 (15)
Celtic Frost (Swi) Into the Crypts of Lamours Live Bootleg 1986 (15)
Cemetery of Scream (Pol) Sameone 1993 (15)
Centinex (Swe) Under the Blackened Sky Demo 1993 (Wild Rags version) (15)
Ceremonial Doom (Ita) Prophecy of the Apocalypse Demo (10)
Cernoth (Ger)/Myrddraal (Aus) Split Demo (30)
Chapel of Rest (U.K) A Twilight Serenade Demo 1994 (15)
Chapel of Rest (U.K) Memorium Grief Demo 1992 (15)
Chemical Nurslings (Can) How Will You Breathe? Demo 1995 (5)
Coarse (Fin) Demo 1993 (10)
Coercion (Swe) Headway (Remix) Demo 1994 (10)
Congestion (Fin) Bed of the Ancient River Demo 1993 (15)
Corpsevomit (USA) Gathering Chemical Children/Bastards of Foreverfilth Demo (15)
Countess (Hol) The Wolves Awake Demo 1994 (30)
Crimson Midwinter (Fin) Just Another Cold Wasteland Demo 1995 (15)
Cruachan (Ire) Celtica Demo 1994 (w/Primordial Live July 1994 on b-side) (30)
Crucifier (USA) By Disgrace of God Demo 1993 (40)
Crucifier (USA) Unparalleled Majesty Demo 1993 (40)
Cultus Sanguine (Ita) Rehearsal 1994 (30)
Damonacy (USA) From Within Demo 1991 (20)
Dark Decade (Ger) And the Sun is Shining Black Demo 1993 (10)
Dark Opera (Pol) The Day of Pariah Demo 1992 (10)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Ger) The Pest Called Humanity Demo 1999 (30)
Darkstyle (Fin) Cold Charisma Demo 1995 (10)
Darkwoods My Betrothed (Fin) Dark Aureoles Gathering Demo 1994 (20)
Dawn (Ger) The Darkness Within Demo 1993 (20)
Dawn of Azazel (Nzl) Vita Est Militia Super Terram Demo 2000 (10)
De Occulta Philosophia (Ita) Obscura Simphonia Demo 1995 (15)
Deadly Dislocated (Fra) Demo 1 1992 (20)
Death Courier (Gre) Necrorgasm Demo 1990 (Wild Rags version) (20)
Debauchery (Sin) Spirit of Barbuelis Demo 1993 (20)
Decameron (Swe) My Grave is Calling Demo 1992 (50)
Decayed (Por) The Seven Seals Demo (30)
Deceiver (Fin) Nocturnal Death Demo 1994 (20)
Deceiver (Fin) Rules of Conduct Demo 1993 (20)
December Wolves (USA) Wolftread Demo 1994 (20)
Decortication (Swe) Lucichrist – The Third God Demo 1993 (30)
Deformity (Swe) Sickly Obsessed Demo 1992 (10)
Demoniac (Ger) Demoniac Demo 1994 (pre-Moonblood) (100)
Demonic (Nor) Nar Morket Faller Demo 1994 (30)
Demonic Christ (USA) Deceiving the Heavens Demo (10)
Denial of God (Den) The Dawn of Aemizaez Demo 1993 (15)
Der Sturmer (Gre) Europa Erwache Demo 1999 (30)
Der Sturmer (Gre) Europa Erwache! Demo 1999 (20)
Desulphurize (Gre) Nihilistic Era Demo 1993 (includes unreleased studio tracks on b-side) (20)
Desultory (Swe) Visions Demo 1991 (80)
Dew-Scented (Ger) Symbolization Demo 1993 (15)
Dion Fortune (Swe) Tales of Pain Demo 1994 (15)
Disbelief (Ger) Promotion Tape 1992 (10)
Discomposure (Den) Conquest of Darkness Demo 1993 (15)
Discrucior (Est) Mundus Subterraneus Demo 1994 (20)
Disembodied (USA) Demo 1991 (10)
Disembody (Aus) Demo 1993 (10)
Disinter (USA) Crematory Consecration Demo 1992 (10)
Dornenreich (Aut) Mein Flügelschlag Demo 1997 (20)
Ebitalium (Ger) Forgotten Gods of Darkness Demo 1994 (15)
Ebonsight (Tur) The Ocean Ebon Demo 1994 (10)
Einherjer (Nor) Aurora Borealis Demo 1993 (20)
Elysian Fields (Gre) Promotape 1995 (15)
Embryoctomy (Est) Grasping the Meaning of the Void Demo 1994 (20)
Entity (Swe) Demo I 1994 (15)
Equinox (USA) Equinox Demo 1993 (30)
Eternal Oath (Sin) The End Demo 1993 (20)
Eterne (U.K) As the Silence Fades EP 1993 (30)
Eve of Mourning (USA) Acheronian Winter Demo 1993 (30)
Everdark (USA) Gravesite Rite Demo 1994 (10)
Eviscerate (Nzl) Severely Butchered Remains Demo 1993 (15)
Evol (Ita) The Dark Dreamquest Part I Demo 1994 (20)
Evol (Ita) The Tale of the Horned King Demo 1993 (20)
Exempt (Swe) Ill Health Demo 1992 (20)
Ezurate (USA) Demo 1995 (20)
Fallen Temple (Hol) Shrines of the Past Demo 1992 (25)
Fatal Embrace (Swe) Advance Tracks for “Shadowsouls Garden” (5)
Filli Nigratum Infernalium (Por) Demo 1992 (30)
Forgotten Silence (Cze) Senyaan Cassette LP 1997 (10)
Forgotten Sunrise (Est) Behind the Abysmal Sky Demo 1993 (30)
Forgotten Woods (Nor) Sjel Av Natten Demo 1995 (60)
Forneus (Pol) Time of Apocalipse Demo 1998/99 (5)
Fulgor (Ger) To Be One With the Stars… Demo 1993 (30)
Funeral (Hol) Christianity’s Fall Demo 1991 (15)
Funeral Procession (Ita) Doom Demo 1998 (30)
Genetic Deformation (Bra) Contaminated World Demo 1993 (15)
Glacial Fear (Ita) Promo 1993 (10)
Goat Emperor (Bra) Announcing the Neo-Aeon Demo 1995 (15)
Goat Worship (Den) Tales of the Ancient Goat Demo 1992 (30)
Godfall (Fin) Demo 1 1994 (15)
Golden Dawn (Aut) Way of the Sorcerer Demo 1995 (40)
Gontyna Kry (Pol) Pusty Wieczor Demo 1998 (25)
Gorgoroth (Nor) A Sorcery Written in Blood Demo 1993 (50)
Gorgoroth (Nor) Pentagram Advance Cassette 1994 (50)
Gotterdammerung (Ger) Weltenbrand Demo 1994 (10)
Gravewurm (USA) Ancient Storms of War Demo 1995 (15)
Gravewurm (USA) Rehearsal 1993/1996 (10)
Grimoire (Isr) In the Darkwoods Sovereignty Demo 1995 (15)
Halls of Mandos (Fin) As Evil Wins Demo (15)
Harvester (Sin) As We Reap the Fields of Pain Demo 1995 (15)
Hastur (Ita) Live in Fear Demo 1994 (10)
Havorum (Gre) Sirius-Draconis-Capricornus Demo 1995 (20)
Helheim (Nor) Walpurgisnatt Demo 1994 (60)
Hellhammer (Swi) Apocalyptic Rais 1990 cassette MLP (15)
Heretic Angels (Tha) Exterminate the Respiration EP 1993 (15)
Hodur (Pol) The Majesty Demo (20)
Holokaust 2001 (Ice) A Death Odyssey Demo (30)
Holy Death (Pol) Evil cassette LP (10)
Honor (Pol)/Graveland (Pol) Raiders of Revenge Split 2000 (Triskelon Records) (80)
Hordes (Hol) Songs to Hall Up High Demo 1993 (30)
Hybernoid (U.K) Well of Grief Demo 1992 (10)
I Rise in Flames (Fin) Demo 1995 (10)
Iconoclast (Ita) Promo Tape 1992 (15)
Immured (Ger) Torture Master Demo 1995 (10)
Impiety (Sin) Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration Demo (200)
In Memorian (Bra) Centuries of Sortilege Demo 1994 (10)
In the Dark Pit (Pol) In the Dark Pit Demo 1992 (20)
Incarnated (Swe) Wool-Gathering Demo 1993 (15)
Indulgence (Nzl) Enigmatic Through Demo 1995 (30)
Infernal Beauty (Bel) Drakensquar Demo 1995 (15)
Infinite Black (Aus) Rehearsal Demo 1995 (bonus rehearsal on b-side) (20)
Inflammation (Cze) Demo 1996 (20)
Inner Fear (Gre) Fear Within Demo 1991 (20)
Insatanity (USA) Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam Demo 1993 (10)
Inverted (Swe) Heaven Defied Demo 1992 (30)
Kohort (Pol) Meggido Eve Demo 1994 (40)
Kranium (Per) Mundo Interior Demo 1992 (20)
Lamentation (Gre) Fullmoon Over Faerhaaven Demo 1995 (40)
Landscape (Swe) A Trip Through a Monotonous Atmosphere Demo 1994
Langsuir (Mal) Occultus Mysticism Demo 1993 (15)
Langsuir (Mal) The Eastern Cruelty Demo 1995 (15) ******** ON HOLD
Ligament (Swe) Demo 1992 (20)
Lobotomy (Swe) When Death Draws Near Demo 1990 (30)
Lord Foul (USA) Killing Raping Burning Demo 1993 (40)
Lord of Pagathon (Fin) The Chaos Spirit Among Us Demo 1994 (40)
Lullaby (Bra) Lullaby Demo 1990 (20)
Lux Occulta (Pol) Forever Alone Immortal Tape LP 1996 (20)
Lux Occulta (Pol) The Forgotten Arts Demo 1995 (20)
Lycanthia (Aus) Rapture’s Embrace Promo (10)
Majesty (Fin) The Natural Architect Demo 1995 (20)
Maleficarum (Col) The Dust of the Real Path Demo 1995 (10)
Malevolence (Por) Pleasure of Molestation Demo 1994 (20)
Malicious Hate (USA) Bring Forth Hate… Demo 1995 (5)
Malkuth (Bra) Glory and Victory Demo 1995 (20)
Maniac Butcher (Cze) Invaze/Cerna Krev Promotape (both full albums, including full covers) (20)
Maniac Butcher (Cze) The Incapable Carrion Demo 1994 (40)
Masochist (USA) Frost of the Diabolical Forest Demo (30)
Mass Murder (Can) Memories of Blood Demo 1997 (15)
Mastema (USA) Blood of Kingu Demo 1994 (30)
Memorium (Swe) Deepest Woods Demo 1993 (30)
Mirror of Deception (Ger) Words Unspoken Demo 1994 (20)
Mistery (Mal) The Mistery of the Dark War Come True Demo 1995 (10)
Moaning Wind (Swe) Demo 2 1994 (20)
Molested (Nor) Unborn Woods in Doom Demo 1993 (50)
Monastery (Hun) Far from Christ Tape LP 1992 (20)
Moonblood (Ger) Moonblood Demo 1994 (150)
Moonburn (USA) Promo/Rehearsal 1994 (10)
Moonshadow (Pol) The Time of Pagan Triumph Demo 1996 (10)
Moonspell (Por) Anno Satanae Demo 1993 (50)
Morbid Darkness (Can) Demo 1 1991 (30)
Morbid Insane (Pol) Sicken Crazy Demo 1991 (20)
Mordor (Swi) Csejthe/Odes Demos (w/booklet) (40)
Morningstar (Fin) Inside the Circle of the Pentagram Promo Demo 1993 (15)
Morpheus (Fin) The Unbearable Wretchedness of Existence Demo 1992 (20)
Mortal Profecia (Bra) Escathogyc Times Demo 1992 (10)
Mortal Slaughter (Pol) Destiny Demo 1991 (10)
Murder Rape (Bra) In Liaison With Satan Demo 1993 (20)
Mystic Charm (Hol) Endless Sickness Demo 1993 (15)
Mystification (Pol) From the Dark Side of Live Demo 1993 (20)
Naglfar (Swe) Stellae Trajectio Demo 1994 (30)
Nastrond (Swe) From a Black Funeral Coffin Demo 1994 (50)
Necrolatry (Pol) Confessions Demo 1992 (30)
Necrology (USA) Physical Decay Demo 1995 (20)
Necromancy (Bol) Into Apocalipsis Demo 1995 (20)
Necromantic (Fra) Blood Virgin Sacrifice Demo 1994
Necromicon (Swe) Through the Gates of Grief Demo 1994 (30)
Necronomicon (Mal) Evil One Eye Rehearsal Demo 1995 (20)
Necropsy (Gre) Religious Terrorization Demo 1990 (30)
Nefandus (Swe) Behold the Hordes Demo 1995 (white cover) (50)
Neolithic (Pol) The Personal Fragment of Life Demo 1993 (30)
Nergal (Gre) Ijus Morker Demo 1994 (10)
Nifleheim (Por) Onde Outrora Velhos Corvos Negros Meditavam 1995 (10)
Nihili Locus (Ita) Advesperascit Demo 1994 (20)
Nordor (Gre) His Fictitious Grandeur Demo 1993 (30)
Nosferatu Records Promotape 1993 – Side A Celestial – Promo Demo 1993, Side B Doomstone (USA) 4 Song Advance Tape for “Those Whom…” (30)
Nuit Noire (Fra) Black Form Demo 2001 (20)
Nuit Noire (Fra) Somwhere in the Nightpast Demo 2002 (20)
Obscure (Spa) Curse the Course Demo 1991 (15)
Old Morgul (Fin) From the Dark Streams of Night Demo 1999 (20)
Opera IX (Ita) Demo 1992 (30)
Opera IX (Ita) The Triumph of Death cassette EP 1993 (w/full EP cover) (30)
Order from Chaos (USA) Crushed Infamy Demo 1989 (Wild Rags version) (70)
Osculum Infame (Fra) Sadomatic, Impure Artgoat Demo 1994 (30)
Ossuary (Lit) Desert Demo 1993 (20)
Pandemonium (Pol) Devilri Demo 1992 (40)
Pantheon (Sin) Darkness Enshroud Demo (30)
Penitent (Nor) Demo 1995/Melancholia Advance Tracks (no cover, just handwritten tracklist from band) (10)
Perdition Hearse (Nor) Mala Fide Demo 1992 (50)
Pollution (Ita) Darklight Promo Demo (10)
Prestidigitator (Nzl) Cheese Grater Demo 1992 (5)
Primordial (U.K) Dark Romanticism – Sorrow’s Bitter Harvest Demo 1993 (40)
Profanation (Sin) In Gloom Demo 1994 (20)
Prophanity (Swe) Demo #1 1994 (20)
Putrid Mass (USA) Stripped of my Flesh Demo 1993 (10)
Ragnarok (Nor) Pagan Land Demo 1995 (30)
Revenant Host (U.K) Bio-Weaponry Demo 1992 (20)
Rex Infernus (Gre) Triumphalia Ornamenta Demo 1995 (15)
Sacramentum (Swe) Finis Malorum Promo (no cover, just handwritten tracklist from band)
Sadist (Ita) Above the Light cassette LP 1993 (30)
Sage (Pol) Sage Demo 1993 (5)
Sanctimony (Lat) When the Sun Was God Demo 1996 (15)
Sargatanas (Ita) Demo 1995 (15)
Satariel (Swe) They Heavens’ Fall Demo 1994 (w/bonus studio rehearsal, rehearsal tracks + 2 tracks of Hel (Swe)) 40
Scholomance (USA) Promo 1996 (15)
Sectarium (Cub) God’s Wrath Demo 1993 (20)
Seidr (Swe) Invading Heaven Demo (15)
Sentenced (Fin) Rotting Ways of Misery Demo 1991 (50)
Serenade (U.K) Let Loose the Beauty Within Demo 1994 (20)
Setherial (Swe) A Hail to the Faceless Angels Demo 1994 (30)
Seventh Gates (Sin) Crucified By the Dawn Demo (20)
Shadow Dancers (Nor) Son of the Wasp/Warriors Livin’ Fate (both on one cassette, both covers included) (30)
Shrouded Deity (USA) Omens Demo 1995 (5)
Sigh (Japan) Requiem for Fools Demo 1992 (Wild Rags version) (50)
Sigillum Diaboli (Fin) Demo II 1994 (50)
Skepticism (Fin) Aeothe Kaear Demo 1994 (40) ******** ON HOLD
Solemn (USA) Exiled Demo 1992 (10)
Solstice (Hol) Poems of Petulancy Demo 1992 (20)
Songe D’Enfer (Bra) My Vision in the Forest Demo 1995 (20)
Sons of Satan (Swe) Cast Into the Race of Progress Demo (10)
Sorhin (Swe) Svarta Själars Vandring Demo 1993 (60)
Spear of Longinus (Aus) Nazi Occult Metal Demo 1994 (40)
Sturm (Belarus) Ultra cassette LP 1999
Symphony of Grief (USA) Infernal Creation Demo 1993 (30)
Temple of Tiphareth (Ger) Strange New Order Demo 1999 (20)
Tha-Norr (Ger) Assault of Aerie Demo 1994 (30)
The Bleeding (Cro) The Sad Bloom Demo 1994 (10)
The Other Side (Pol) Demo 1993 (10)
The Reign (U.K) Act of Penance Demo 1991 (10)
The Reign (U.K) This Silent Nation Demo 1992 (10)
Thornium (Swe) North Storms of the Bestial Goatsign Demo 1993 (50)
Thorny Wreath (Fin) Behind the Gates Demo 1994 (20)
Thy (Den) In the Darkness Forgotten By Life Demo 1993 (30)
Thy Serpent (Fin) Frozen Memory Demo 1994 (25)
Thy Serpent (Fin) Into Everlasting Fire Demo 1995 (25)
Timeghoul (USA) Tumultuous Gatherings Demo 1992 (50)
Torture Krypt (USA) Bestial Mutation Demo 1994 (15)
Totanoll (Bel) Hail to the Diabolical Moon Rehearsal Demo 1994 (20) (includes both cover versions)
Tragedy Begins (Gre) 818 Promo Cassette LP 2000 (5)
Trail of Tears (Nor) When Silence Cries Demo 1997 (20)
Tumulus (Ger) Hymns and Dirges Demo 1994 (30)
Twilight (Gre) Promotape 1994 (15)
Tyrant Trooper (USA) Mortal Extinction Demo 1993 (10)
Tzaphkial (Fra) Anahata Chakra, Kundalini... Luciferi... Demo 1994 (50)
Uncanny (Swe) Nyktalgia Demo 1992 (50)
Unpure (Swe) Demo 3 1994 (30)
Unsilence (U.K) Shadows Cast in Stone Demo 1994 (20)
Uranus (Gre) The Clang of Lances Demo 1997 (15)
Vahrzaw (Aus) Black Resplendent Waters Demo 1995 (20)
Varathron (Gre) Genesis of Apocryphal Desire Demo 1991 (40)
Venedae (Pol) Venedae Promo for LP 1998 (10) (handwritten tracklist cover)
Vermin (Swe) Life is Pain Demo 1992 (20)
Vermin (Swe) Scum of the Earth Demo 1993 (20)
Vital Remains (USA) Excruciating Pain Demo 1990 (Wild Rags version) (50)
Vlad’s Mirror (USA) Twilight Coffin Promo (no cover, just handwritten details by the band) (5)
Vornat (Fin) The Flame of Satan Demo (30)
Vrag (Aus) Demo 2001 (15)
Waylander (U.K) Once Upon an Era Demo 1994 (20)
Winged (Ita) Oath of Blood Demo 1993 (30)
Wintergods (Gre) Seven Xul Curses Demo 1994 (15)
Winterlord (Hol) Black Blood Demo 1995 (20)
Withering God (Bel) Demo 1993 (20)
Wolfnacht (Gre) Night and Fog Demo (30)
Xantotol (Pol) Cult of the Black Pentagram Demo 1993 (30)
Xantotol (Pol) Thus Spake Zaratustra Demo 1995 (40)
Zephyrous (Gre) Entrance and Wandering on the Seven Zones Demo 1994 (30)

Cassette Albums (all half price to what is shown)

Afflicted (Swe) Prodigal Sun cassette LP 1992 (20)
Asphyx (Hol) Crush the Cenotaph cassette MLP 1991 (15)
Asphyx (Hol) Last One on Earth cassette LP 1992 (20)
Atheist (USA) Elements cassette LP (20)
Atrocity (Ger) Todessensucht cassette LP 1992 (20)
Autopsy (USA) Mental Funeral cassette LP 1990 (20)
Bolt Thrower (U.K) War Master cassette LP 1991 (20)
Broken Hope (USA) The Bowels of Repugnance cassette LP 1993 (15)
Cancer (U.K) To the Gory End cassette LP 1990 (20)
Cathedral (U.K) The Ethereal Mirror cassette LP 1993 (10)
Celtic Frost (Swi) Into the Pandemonium cassette LP 1987 (10 – cover worn)
Celtic Frost (Swi) Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying compilation LP 1984-1992 (20)
Celtic Frost (Swi) Vanity/Nemesis cassette LP 1990 (20)
Clandestine Blaze (Fin) Night of the Unholy Flames cassette LP 2001 (Harvester Records) (20)
Dark Angel (USA) Leave Scars cassette LP 1988 (20)
Dark Angel (USA) Live Scars cassette MLP1990 (10)
Death (USA) Leprosy cassette LP 1988 (20)
Death (USA) Spiritual Healing cassette LP 1990 (5 – cover and cassette worn)
Disharmonic Orchestra (Aut) Not to Be Undimensional Unconscious cassette LP 1992
Dismember (Swe) Like an Ever Flowing Stream cassette LP 1991 (20)
Dismember (Swe) Pieces cassette MLP (15)
Dragon (Pol) Fallen Angel cassette LP 1990 (15)
Grave (Swe) Into the Grave cassette LP 1991 (20)
Grave (Swe) You’ll Never See… cassette LP 1992 (20)
Hypocrisy (Swe) Penetralia cassette LP (20)
Incubus (USA) Beyond the Unknown cassette LP 1990 (20)
Kataklysm (Can) Sorcery cassette LP 1995 (20)
Massacre (USA) From Beyond cassette LP 1991 (20)
Morbid Angel (USA) Abominations of Desolation cassette LP 1986 (Earache reissue) (5 – cover worse for wear)
Morbid Angel (USA) Altars of Madness cassette LP 1989 (20)
Morbid Angel (USA) Blessed Are the Sick cassette LP 1991 (full 7 panel version) (25)
Morgoth (Ger) The Eternal Fall/Resurrection Absurd cassette LP 1991 (20)
Nocturnus (USA) The Key cassette LP 1990 (20)
Paradise Lost (U.K) As I Die cassette MLP 1993 (10)
Paradise Lost (U.K) Shades of God cassette LP 1993 (20)
Pestilence (Hol) Mallevs Maleficarvm cassette LP 1988 (20)
Ripping Corpse (USA) Dreaming with the Dead cassette LP 1991 (20)
Sadus (USA) A Vision of Misery cassette LP 1992 (20)
Samael (Swi) Ceremony of Opposites cassette LP 1993 (10 – barcode punched)
Sarcofago (Bra) Rotting cassette LP 1989 (20)
Scorn (U.K) Vae Solis cassette LP (20)
Sepultura (Bra) Beneath the Remains cassette LP 1989 (20)
Sepultura (Bra) Schizophrenia cassette LP 1987 (Roadrunner Records 1990) (20)
Shining (Swe) Livets Andhallplats cassette LP 2001 (Harvester Records) (20)
Slayer (USA) Hell Awaits (w/Haunting the Chapel and Captor of Sin) cassette LP 1984 (10)
Slayer (USA) Reign in Blood cassette LP 1986 (full programme on both sides) (20)
Solitude Aeternus (USA) Into the Depths of Sorrow cassette LP 1990 (20)
Sorrow (USA) Forgotten Sunrise cassette MLP 1991 (15)
Tiamat (Swe) Clouds cassette LP 1992 (20)
Unleashed (Swe) Across the Open Sea cassette LP 1993 (20)

Compilations –

A Darkness Reborn (USA) C-90 compilation featuring – Impaled Nazarene, Disembowel, Absu, The Reign, Desultory, Shub-Niggurath, Decomposed, Killing Addiction, Prime Evil (live track), Embrionic Death (rehearsal track), Excruciate, Mythic, Order from Chaos. (Note that some bands have 2 tracks featured.) (5)

Brainfade (Ita) C-90 compilation featuring – Theatre of Tragedy, Spina Bifida, Profanatum, Morthra, Archangel, Dipthery, Mangled, Hybris, Cromm Cruac, God Forsaken, Thy Serpent, Blind Jesus, Darkwoods My Betrothed. (5)

Tales from Kadath (Ita) C-90 compilation featuring – Rotting Christ, Phlegethon, Psychopath, Supuration, IMC, Varathron, Disgrace, Mortician, Autopsy Torment, Transgressor, Broken Fear, Disembowelment, Crematory, Old Funeral, Bathym, Abhorrence, Argos, Necrophiliac, Vital Remains. (5)

The Black Tome of Alsophocus (Fra) C-90 compilation featuring – Entownizer, Purtenance, Rotten Flesh, Pandemonium, Putrid, Cronos, Feretrum, Mastication, Broken Fear, Demilich, Enslaver, Lucifer, Thormentor, Obscure, Beyond Dawn, Demigod, Human Waste, Sadist, Mutation, Sacrophobia, Cauterizer. (5)

Rock Hard Presents – Monsters of Death cassette compilation featuring – Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Death, Brutal Truth, Immolation, Gorguts, Unleashed, Obituary, Dismember, Morgoth, Pestilence, Atheist, Pungent Stench, Vader, Exhorder, Atrocity, Tiamat. (10)

Trilogy of Destruction Volume 2 – Bootleg live tape – Obituary, Live Holland 12 April 1992, Entombed, Live Sweden 9 August 1991, Morbid Angel, Live Holland 20 May 1991. Rare. (30)

Speed Kills – The Very Best in Speed Metal – featuring – Hallows Eve, Exodus, Destruction, Bulldozer, Metallica, Slayer, Possessed, Exciter, Venom, Voivod, Megadeth, Celtic Frost. (5)

Infernal Diatribe (Fra) – 2 x C-90 compilation (created by “Evil” Ludo) featuring (some bands featured twice) – Blasphemy, Impaled Nazarene, Belial, Amon (/Deicide), Zemial, The Black, Mythos, God Dethroned, Rippikoulu, Archgoat, Lucifer, Beherit, Sarcofago, Hypocrisy, Crematory, Altar, Vibrion, Morbid Angel, Dawn, Sentenced, Defleshed, Betrayer, Emperor, Mystifier, Abhorer, Nocturnal Feast, Engraved, Thou Art Lord. (15)

Burning Bethlehem Compilation (USA) C-90 compilation featuring – Moonspell, Brisen, Disharmony, Deinonychus, Drowned, Gorgon, In the Woods, Cremation, Sigh, Torment, Dark Funeral, Langsuir. (5)

Diabolical Netherworld Volume II (USA) C-90 compilation featuring – Corpse Molestation, Funeral Winds, Zemial, Dungeon, Ancient, Pagan Rites, Gorgoroth, Vorphalack, Runemagic, Rancid Christ, Grand Belial’s Key, Carpathian Forest, Opera IX, Thou Art Lord, Occult, Monumentum, Moonburn, Mayhem. (5)

Diabolical Netherworld Volume II (USA) C-90 compilation featuring – Primordial, Opera IX, Fiendish Nymph, Ulver, Beyond Dawn, Whores of Babylon, Order from Chaos, Ras Algethi, Einherjer, December Wolves, Agatus, Sabbat, Destroyer 666, Possessed (live 86!). (5)

Meganecropsy Compilation Volume 2 (Gre) C-90 compilation featuring – Diabolus, Sadistic Exekution, Desultory, Necrophobic, Excavation, Order From Chaos, Macabre End, Mystifier, Centinex, Impaled Nazarene, Old Funeral, Anguish, Edge of Sanity, Acheron, Decomposed, Internment, Rotting Christ, Sinister, Necrony, Abhoth. (5)

Meganecropsy Compilation Volume 1 (Gre) C-60 compilation featuring – Baxaxaxa, Rotting Christ, Emperor, Iconoclast, Pandemonium, The Black Flame (/The Black), Absu, Armoured Angel, Azhubham Haani, Pagan Rites, Alastis, Wings, Zemial, Black Crucifixion. (5)

Satanic Symphony Volume II (Bel) C-90 compilation featuring – In the Woods, Countess, Graveland, Withering God, Behemoth, Necromantia, Grand Belial’s Key. Bhaobhan Sidhe, Inverted Pentagram, Gorgoroth, Beyond Dawn, Abigail, Demoniac, Lullaby, Mjollner, Manes. (5)


The following list of ‘zines is for sale or trade. Condition has been fairly graded as follows

VG – No overt signs of wear. Staples and pages are still in good, un-creased, condition. No page yellowing.
G – Minimal wear. Pages still in good condition, though possible that there could be slight foxing.
F – Signs of wear. Possible creasing or issues with staples (e.g. pages falling out).

I do not grade ‘zines as “Mint” or “Near Mint”, as all have been read from time to time, even if it’s just leafing through the pages!

For the benefit of those that are not familiar with any of the following, I have included an overview of the bands included, the year of production and country of origin. Some may be highlighted with information of interest.

A small handful of ‘zines will be added in the next few days.

All prices for the following items are in Euros (€) and DO NOT include postage.

Offers to – fenrirsson@gmail.com

Apocryphal Souls ‘zine #3 (Gre) (A5) – Marduk, Sadness, Beyond Dawn, Euthanasia, Solstice, Throne of Ahaz, Mortal Dread, Morbid Darkness, Dead Christ, Fester, Abysmal, Catacomb, Acheron, Decayed, Malignant, Corpse Molestation, Absu, Phlebotomized, Thou Shalt Suffer. Band bios, flyers, etc. Co-edited by Odes from Absu of Twilight. (10)

Arise from the Underground #2 (G) (Nzl) (A4) – Human, Revoltage, Bolt Thrower, Entropy, Sawchain, God Forsaken, Azazel, Tension, Cyrrhosis, Allegiance. Reviews, band bios. 1992. (5)

Balance of Terror #3 (G) (Can) (A4) – Impetigo, Inverted, Agathocles, Bolt Thrower. Articles on KKK, band bios, reviews. 1992. (10)

Carrion Banquet 2 (G) (Nzl) (A5) – Azazel (Nzl), Exulceration, Rotting Christ, Corpse Grinder, Revoltage, Impetigo, Leukemia, Conscious Rot, Entombed, Human, Necrotomy, Tension. Reviews, bios etc. 1993 (5)
Final Holocaust #5 (G) (Bel) (A4) – Chemical Breath, Exit 13,Funeral Nation, Penetrator, Protected Illusion, Vital Remains, Incubus, Agathocles, Cadaver. Reviews, band bios. 1991. (10)

Hammer of Damnation 2 (VG) (Fin) (A4) – Impaled Nazarene, Tiamat, Mayhem, Demigod, Beherit, Therion, Beheaded, Blasphemy, Possessed, Sentenced. Demo reviews, band articles etc. 1992. (Really cool ‘zine by Niko from Thergothon.) (30)

Moribound #3 (G) (Ita) (A4) – The Black, Sceptical Schizo, Opera IX, Necromantia, Bestial Summoning, Acid Death, Alastis, Varathron, Mutation, Cenotaph, Lobotomy, Anarchus, Nightfall, Necromass, God Forsaken, Excruciate… Demo reviews. 1993. (10)

Occult Grinder #3 (G) (Japan) (A4) – Mystifier, Impetigo, Satanic Hell Slaughter, Human Remains, Colemesis, Vermin, Disabled, Maggoty Corpse, Solitude, Rottrevore, Dispatched, Deiphago, Eroded, Pugnacity, Oliver Magnum, Maimed, Nocturnal Rites. Reviews, flyers… 1993. (20)

Order of the Evil Eye Journal – Volume 1, Issue 2 (A5). Journal of the American Satanist society “Order of the Evil Eye” run by members of Acheron. American candy Satanism. Sweet, devoid of substance and rotten, flogging the embraced corpse of the Christ with a dead horse shaped piñata. Only for posers, fakes and those of an “American” outlook. (1)

Rites of Eleusis #1 (Por) (A4) – Candle Serenade, Desaster, Necromantia, Antichrist, Mayhemic Truth, Einherjer, Ancient Rites, Moonspell. Loads of historical articles, flyers, reviews. (15)

Sombre Eve #4 (Aus) (A4) – The Third and the Mortal, Sigh, Naked Eve, Bethlehem, Abyssic Hate, Dawn of Winter, As Serenity Fades, Dog Meat, Chorus of Ruin, Divine Eve, Banana Incendium, Deinonychus. Band bios, reviews, flyers. Co-edited by Shane (ex) Gospel of the Horns. (10)

The Oath #2 (Ire) (A5) – Cruachan, Illska, Mordor, Monumentum, Sigh, Gorgoroth, Mayem, Varathron, Mortuary Drape, Decoryah, Fleurety, Moonspell. Reviews, flyers. Edited by Alan of Primordial. (10)

Wallachian Tyrant #2 (Gre) (A4) – Spear of Longinus, Eisenwinter, Osculum Infame, Nastrond, Graveland, Berzerker, Wald, Thor’s Hammer. Historical articles, reviews, flyers. (10)

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List fully updated. Further demos and 'zines to be added.

Serious offers welcome.

A wantlist will manifest eventually.
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List updated with over 100 new items added. Still more to come.
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Updated list again, with STILL MORE to come over the next days.

Working to provide people with pictures, with my apologies for delays.
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More updates to take place over the coming weekend. A few more 'zines, an armful + of demos.

Some demos gone, some on hold.
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List updated with some items gone, some on hold.

All cassette LP's are half the listed price.

List will be updated again during this week, more demos, and a small handful of 'zines to add.
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Really good and fast seller!

Tape received today!

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