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collectors LP sale

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Joined: 15 Feb 2009
Posts: 121
Location: Desecration of Virgin(ia)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:25 am    Post subject: collectors LP sale Reply with quote

Attention collectors! In order to make room for our next LP release, sacrifices must be made. This list is from our private collection. Flexible on price, please use median/upper discog/pops. range on these titles:

Abigail- ultimate unholy death LP
Abigail- intercourse and lust DIEHARD LP
Ares kingdom –failsafe mlp
Ares Kingdom- failsafe DIEHARD LP
Ares kingdom –firestorm redemption DIEHARD gold vinyl
Ares kingdom- return to dust DIEHARD pic LP, demo 7”
Absurd- facta loquuntur –LP no colours 1st press 421/500
Absurd- blutgreicht LP white vinyl 111 copies
Acheron – anti god, anti Christ LP w/2 lp only bonus tx
Acid storm- why dirty war brazil thrash 1989
Ancient rites- dark ritual pic LP
Akitsa - Aube de la misanthropie 2lp
Altar of perversion- From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast'ral Path) LP eal 446/500
Anatomy –the witches of dathomir picLP
Anvil -12” ep 1982
Arcturus- aspera hiems symfonia constellation my angel 1st press 2002 displeased rec
Arkenstone- s/t LP limit 500
Armaggedon- Imperium wird durch das Blut wieder aufleben 300 on blk vinyl
Armoured angel- wings of death 12” ccg demo series 1990
Assassin- interstellar experience LP sealed 1st press
Assault- nuclear deaththrash lp
Asunder –a clarion call 2lp
Asunder – a clarion call 2LP diehard color vinyl, gold emboss
Atomizer- death mutation disease annihilation LP eal 330/500
Atomizer- death mutation disease annihilation PIC LP
Atomizer- the death of forever PIC LP
Autumn tears- love poems for dying children act1 PIC LP
Avalon- old psychotic eyes LP
Behemoth- the return of the northern moon LP 1st press blue vinyl 1995, 2 bonus tx
Black circle- the distant wind LP
The Black Coffee - Life Never Waits
Чёрный Кофе -Вольному - воля
Blackdeath- Saturn sector LP somber rec 193/350
Blackdeath/mortifera LP sealed
Blaspherian- allegiance to the will of damnation LP 475/666
Leviathan/blackdeath PIC LP limit 500
Black witchery- desecration of the holy kingdom LP 1st press 2002
Blasphemy- fallen angel of doom… DIEHARD pic disc
Blasphemy- fallen angel of doom.. wild rags LP
Blasphemy- gods of war 2PIC LP
Blasphemy- return of the hooded demons LP
Blizzard- pure filth and mayhem
Bombarder- ledena krv 100 red vinyl
Bone awl- meaningless leaning mess LP+7” first press, sold out in 8 hours
Brutal obscenity- its because of the birds and flowers…
Burzum-lost wisdom LP, vinyl maniac records 001
Callenish circle- graceful… yet forbidding PIC lp
Calhoun conquer-..and now your gone 12” 1987 sealed
Candlemass- disciples of doom 346/500 fan club record, autographed
Church bizzare- sinister glorification
Conqueror- war. Cult. Supremacy LP 2001 DTM rec, alternate cover art
Corpus christii- the torment continues
Damaar- through spears of sacrilege DIEHARD LP
Damaar- through spears of sacrilege LP
Dark storm- infernal tyrant 263/500
Darkened nocturn slaughtercult- follow the calls for battle LP 1st press 2003
Deathgate arkanum- Totenwerke LP
Death yell- morbid rites DIEHARD LP 300
Decayed- demon blade, 500 sombre rec
Decieverion- 12” 2002
Defcon one- worlds beneath PIC LP exclusive tk
Delirium- zzooouhh
Demonic Christ- demonic battle metal PIC LP
demoncy- joined in darkness SPK rek 2 bonus tx
Depression- Chronische Depression 300 splatter
Desecration- murder in mind LP 173/300 HHR
Destruction- invicible invasion LP live 5/27/85
Destructor- nuclear storm PIC LP 500
det hedenske folk- true northern 12" 500
devil lee rot- a little devil aint enough LP bonus track
diabolic force- old school attack 12"
dissection- reinkaos
dissection- final genocide lp sealed
dissimulation- maras 39/333
dolmen- on the eve of war
doom snake cult -love, sorrow, doom LP
doom snake cult -love, sorrow, doom LP DIEHARD w/patch
dorsal atlantica- ultimatum outakes '82-'85
black draugwrath- dwellers of the cursed forest
drowned- Viscera Terræ LP 1st press black
enthroning silence- a dream of nightskys LP painiac rec 155/500
enthroning silence- Unnamed Quintessence of Grimness LP sombre rec
evil incarnate- blackest hymns of gods disgrace 407/500 hhr
even vast- where the trees still speak PIC LP
evil- evils message PIC LP
executer- rotten authorities LP 1st press HMM rec
emptyness- LP 193/500
exitium-ad regnum sathanas
fallen souls- god is dead LP #300
Скорая Помощь/first aid- hellraiser
fleshgrind- destined for defilement PIC LP
forgotten woods-the curse of mankind DLP 1st press, bonus track
the true frost- invoking the aeon of satan LP bonus tk
the true frost- open the portals to darkness
future tense- crossing the swords again.. 464/500
goatfire- sacrophobic initiation 15/350 sombre rec
goatlord- reflections of the solstice DIEHARD LP+7"
goatlord- the last sodomy of mary DLP DIEHARD
gorgon- tokyo tape PIC LP 251/255
gottlos- infernal pandemonio
gravewurm- ancient storms of war
grimfaug- blood upon the face of creation 109/320
grave flowers- solace me PIC LP
haat- Recidivus in Obscurum 128/350
hordes of the lunar eclipse- dancing demons in the grey lit glade
hearse- ... all soon to be dead 89/400
heathen hoof- the occult sessions 12"
hellias- Noc potępienia DIEHARD LP
horna- Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne DLP 13 tracks/cd 8 tracks
horna-Kohti yhdeksän nousua / Ordo Regnum Sathanas 400 black vinyl
horna- Ääniä yössä
Ignivomous- path of attrition 12"
Ignivomous- path of attrition 12" DIEHARD
immortal -pure holocaust 1st press "greenish" label
immortal- battles in the north 1st press clear vinyl 314 copies
impetigo- ultimo mondo cannibale/faceless DLP
impetigo- ultimo mondo cannibale PIC DISC
Inquisição-demo 1987 LP
inquisition- anxious death mlp 1st press 1990
impious havoc- the great day of wrath
inferi- shores of sorrow
incriminated- hypocricide 12" 109/400
iron angel-rush of power 150/300
i shalt become-wanderings LP 310/375
SOLD katharsis-666 1st press 97/200
judas iscariot- dethroned, conquered and forgotten LP. +demo bonus tx
kadotus- twilights depths
kat-666 nwn DIEHARD withmetal and hell picdisc DLP
kill-horned holocaust
kreator-after the attack PIC DISC
kreator-behind the mirror PIC DISC
kruger- Рождённый мраком
kult of azazel- order of the fly LP
the legion- unseen to creation LP 2bonus tx
luror- the iron hand of blackest terror LP 1st press 277/400
mad reign- 1986 EP octogon shaped vinyl
maniac butcher-best of/tribute to DLP
maniac butcher-barbarians LP somber rec 162/200
maniac butcher-Černá krev limited to 100
malediction- Condamnés
manticore- ritual cleansing of the whore
martire- 1991 EP DIEHARD pic disc
martire-martire 100 copies redvinyl
martire- black vinyl
mercyful fate- black masses 12"
midnight-complete and total fucking midnight DLP DIEHARD patch
minotaur- 83-87 LP limit 400 black
moonblood- fullmoon witchery LP blue vinyl
moonblood- blut and krieg 207/333 1st press
morbosidad-1st album, 1st press DIEHARD 100 copies
moral crusade- an act of violence
morfeus- disbelieved world
morningstar- finnish metal LP w/bonus tk
mortuary drape- tolling 13 kneel 1st press DLP iron pegasus
mortem- amputator
mortician/fleshgrind LP hhr002 887/1000
mournful congregation- tears from a grieving heart 158/300 1st press
mutilated- demos+ LP 415/500
mx -simoniacal
mystic circle- infernal gods of war PIC LP
mystifier- tormenting the holy trinity LP 1st press 2003 500
naer mataron- up from the ashes LP w/bonus tk 176/500
nargaroth- fuck off nowadays blackmetal 1st press #24/100
nargaroth- fuck off nowadays bm PIC DISC
nargaroth- amarok 1st press
nastrond- from a black funeral coffin 300
nattefrost- blood and vomit
nazxul- live PIC DISC
necrofago- brutal mutilation/desire for blood.
necrophagia- ready for death green vinyl
necroplasma- my hearse my redemption 350
nocturnal breed - the tools of the trade DLP 500
nocturnal graves- satans cross
nocturnal graves- satans cross red vinyl
nocturnal graves- satans cross pic disc DIEHARD
nocternity- crucify him 12" b&e 200 copies
nomed- like... 509/1100
nuclear death- for our dead/all creatures great... LP 317/666
nunslaughter- christmassacre lp green diecut letters
nunslaughter- christmassacre lp red diecut letters
nunslaughter- christmassacre lp green square 22/24
nunslaughter- christmassacre lp green xmas tree 36/68
nunslaughter- christmassacre lp green sawblade 34/39
nunslaughter- christmassacre lp red xmas tree 30/36
nunslaughter- christmassacre lp red sawblade 69/94
nunslaughter- one night in hell 304/500
nunslaughter- goat first hhr press
nunslaughter- goat pic disc/diecut jacket
nunslaughter- hex lp black vinyl
nunslaughter- hex pic disc
nunslaughter- fuck the god in heaven shaped pic disc
nunslaughter- fuck the god in heaven pic disc 333 copies
nyktalgia- nyktalgia LP 400 black
obtest- Auka seniems dievams LP 333
october 31- no survivors LP 500
october 31- meet thy maker 1st press metal supremacy rec
old funeral- grim reaping norway 110/200 first press black vinyl
old funeral - grim reaping norway PIC DISC 100 copies
oz- turn the cross upside down 12"
oz- iii warning combat rec
old wainds- religion of spiritual violence
pagan rites- mark of the devil 188/666
paul chain/sabatoge LP
pendemia- narcotic religion
pest-pest ep germany
poison- bestial death
portal- seepia 1st press 2003 brown vinyl/decius rec
Portal / Rites of Thy Degringolade LP 400
prevalent resistance- dynamics of creation
procreation- Incantations of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen
procreation- Incantations of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen PIC DISC
profanatica- the enemy of virtue diehard splatter 200
profanatica- the enemy of virtue DLP
profanatica- Profanatitas de Domonatia black
profanatica- Profanatitas de Domonatia pic disc/diecut jacket
pyre- murder.satan.holocaust
razor of occam- pillars of creation 100 blue
retrosatan- grito mortal
revenge - triumph.genocide.antichrist
Rites of Thy Degringolade - an ode to sin 800 black vinyl 1st press
Rites of Thy Degringolade - an ode to sin 200 pic disc
Rites of Thy Degringolade - an ode to sin silver vinyl diehard
R.U. Dead- a thought before the kill
runemagick- dark live magick #300
samael- infernal storm of medieval prophecy 68/315
sarcofago-inri nwn pic disc
sarcofato- inri nwn DIEHARD
S.A. slayer- go for the throat PIC DISC
selefice- where is the heaven
setherial- from the ancient ruins
shadowbreen- only shadows remain PIC DISC
shock- heavy metal we salute you
silva nigra- Černý kult 186/500
slaughter- fuck of death PIC DISC 777
slaughter- fuck of death 400 black vinyl
slaughter- strappado fringe 1st press
sodom- obsessed by cruelty - steamhammer w/after the deluge
sodomizer- tales of the reaper 222/500
strid- demo 93/7"
suicidal winds- winds of death 300k, 2 bonus
HOLD svartsyn- aandens melankoli 1st press
svartsyn-bloodline/his majesty 65/500 EAL
tangorodrim - unholy and unlimited 666 1st press
tartaros- darkened destiny 52/500
terrorama- horrid efface
terrorama- horrid efface PIC DISC
thunderbolt- apocalyptid doom 500, bonus tk
torgeist- devoted to satan
torgeist- time of sabbath
tormentor- anno domini 500 1st press nap/hnf
torture- storm alert
toxic holocaust- evil never dies 1st press NWN DIEHARD 200
toxic holocaust- hell on earth NWN press, yellow/clear vinyl, radiation cover
toxic holocaust- hell on earth NWN DIEHARD black/clear, ratiation cover
tsjuder- kill for satan 1st press EAL 157/350, bonus tk
tudor- ultra black metal 2lp
tudor- ultra black metal DIEHARD 2lp
uncreation dawn- deaths tyranny 2LP, 3 bonus tx
valhalla- winterbastard 91/300
urgehal- rise of the monument PIC DISC
vargsang- throne of the forgotten 500,1 bonus tk
vilkates- hostis generis humani 2lp
vordven- towards the frozen stream 300
witchburner- witchburner 583/1000
witchburner- german thrashing war
witches hammer- stretching into infinity 2lp
witchtrap- no anesthesia PIC LP
wytchkraft- Inquisição Satânica 500
v/a tormenting legends II splatter vinyl, 4/100
v/a tormenting legends II black vinyl
wolfsmond- tollwut 500
wolfs winter- nordal 294/350 bonus tk
xyster- in good faith..
zemial- necrolatry 532/666
zyklon-b - blood must be shed. malicious rec
korihor/abigail -alcoholic metal blasphemers
lust/ anael -split LP 450

virgin steele- noble savage-cobra rec/promo stamp (1st press)
v/a the wine of satan LP
loudness- devil soldier
loudness-the law of the devils land
loudness- thunder in the east
v/a S.P. metal
enochian crescent- black church
jucifer- if thine enemy hunger
twisted sister-come out and play
twisted sister- stay hungry
wasp- the last command
wasp- inside the electric circuis
borknagar- the archaic course 2003 press
diapsiquir- LSP 300 eal
morturary drape- all the witches dance 1st press unisound
havohej-black perversion
rotting christ- passage to arcturo mlp decapitated rec
carbonized- for the security
judas iscariot- distant in solitary night 66/100
samael- worship him 1st press osmose
agressor- kill or die
victimizer/eternal pain/betrayed/farscape LP
sargeist/horned almighty LP 300
bestial mockery/unholy massacre LP 500
Железный Поток-Знамение
Железный Поток-Бесконечная боль
Чёрный Кофе- Переступи порог

10" EPs
acrimonious- perdition gospel
dodsengel- alongside choronzon
malign-divine facing 1st press!
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Joined: 15 Feb 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Satyricon Katharsis sold. Svartsyn on hold
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:38 am    Post subject: LP offer Reply with quote

pm sent last week / LP offer
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for the smooth trade. It was a real pleasure dealing with you.

Chief Darragh Invictus wrote:
Everything good comes in packs, wolves and beer.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You have PM.
Bela Guttmann's curse lives on. Another 50 years remain.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:48 am    Post subject: Trades? Reply with quote

Would you be willing to trade your morturary drape-all the witches dance lp for the Leviathan Scar Sighted boxset?
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pm sent
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