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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:05 am    Post subject: *** DEATH METAL FOR TRADE (COUPLE OF RARE ITEMS) *** Reply with quote

Hi folks

Just tradin' some records.

7" ep
For the following records, please be serious when you'll propose a trade.

ACID WITCH - Midnight mass (Hellsheadbangers) Purple / Orange With Black Splatter M/M
ACID WITCH / NUNSLAUGHTER - Spooky (Hellsheadbangers) Red/Green/Blue M/M
ACT OF GODS - Dies Irae (Osmose) NM/NM
ANATOMIA / BURIAL INVOCATION - Decomposing Serenades (Dark descent) Black vinyl first press 400 copies NM/NM
ATROCITY (US) - Hatred Birth 7ep (Hogbitch Records - 1989) VG+/M
BLOODY SIGN - The 3rd Escape (Blood harvest) M/M
CARCASS - Captive bolt pistol (Nuclear blast) Grey vinyl NM/NM
CHARON - Banished (Sepulchral voice rec) 500 copies M/M
CORPSESSED - Corpsessed (Dark descent) Grey vinyl special press M/M
THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS (Noise Squatch) black vinyl 600 copies M/G (vinyl is a bit deformed)
DEATHEVOKATION/LIE IN RUINS - An allegiance in death (Imperium productions) 210 copies black vinyl M/M *ON HOLD*
DISASTROUS MURMUR/EMBEDDED - split 7ep (limited 1000 copies- Perverted taste 2001) VG+/VG+
DISMA / CONVULSE - Days of death (Doomentia rec) 500 copies orange and black M/M
DOOM - Police Bastard 7ep 1st press (Discarded rec - 1989)
EXHUMED/GADGET - Exhume to consume (Relapse) Black vinyl VG+/NM
FUNEBRARUM / UNDERGANG - The dead of winter (Doomentia record) black vinyl 250 copies M/M
HAEMORRHAGE/NUNSLAUGHTER - split 7ep black vinyl (Hells Headbangers - 2005) M/M
HOODED MENACE/COFFINS - split 7ep black vinyl (limited 400 copies - Doomentia rec 2010) M/M
GRAVEYARD/ULCER - of ancient metal and eternal death (Selfmade god records) Black vinyl M/M
IMPALED / CEPHALIC CARNAGE - split ep (Headfucker) black vinyl VG++/NM
IRON LAMB - Peskycostal preaching (Soulseller records) M/M
KRYPTS - Krypts (black vinyl) (Detest records/Me saco un ojo records) NM/NM
MORBID ANGEL - The Kingdom come 1st and original press red insert black vinyl (limited 666 copies - Splattermaniac records 1988) VG+/NM
NAPALM DEATH/SOB - flexi 7ep b&w cover (Sound of burial - 1989) M/M
NEKROFILTH - Street bitch (Doomentia records) purple vinyl 100 copies M/M
NUNSLAUGHTER - Rehearsal 1987 limited 100 copies (Self release - 2001) NM/M
POSSESSION - Anneliese (Iron Bonehead/Invictus) Red vinyl 250 copies M/M
PAGANIZER/HUMILIATION - Blood on the axe/Catacomb (Brutal art rec) grey vinyl 97 copies M/M
PUTREVORE / PUTREFACT - Funebre plague into darkness (Unholy prophecies) red vinyl 300 copies M/M *ON HOLD*
REGURGITATE / SKULLHOG - split ep (Regurgitated semen records) black vinyl NM/NM
REVEL IN FLESH/GRAVE WAX - Corpus obscuria (Doomentia records) Bonze vinyl 100 copies M/M *ON HOLD*
REVEL IN FLESH / REVOLTING - Within the morbid ossuary (Cyclone empire) 300 copies black vinyl NM/NM *ON HOLD*
SOB/OUTO - split 7ep Swindle be live 88/Skate muties (blue vinyl limited 200 copies- Unofficial 1988) VG+/NM
SONNE ADAM - The sun is dead (Imperium productions) M/M
SULPHUR AEON - Deep Deep Down They Sleep (Imperium productions) black vinyl NM/NM

AHUMADO GRANUJO - Litka system (Khaaranus productions)
ALL SHALL PERISH - This is where it ends (Nuclear blast) NM
ANCIENT RITES - Dim carcosa digipack (Hammerheart rec)
ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY - Before the throne of infection (Siege of amica records) digisleeve NM
ARCHITECTS - Nightmares (In at deep end) NM
BLACKFIELD - Welcome to my DNA (Kscope) near mint
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid (UMC digipack) sealed
BLINDED BY FAITH - Veiled hideousness (Galy rec) VG+
BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS - Simian hybrid prototype (The Spew) near mint
BÖHSE ONKELZ - Dunkler ort mcd (Virgin) sealed
BURIALMOUND - Black death (Sound riot rec)
CATASTROPHIC - The cleansing (Metal blade) VG++
CLAWFINGER - The truth mcd (WEA) NM/NM
DAMNATION ARMY - Tyrant (Mascot records) NM
DARKANE - Layer of lies (Toy factory - pressage japonais) NM
DESPONDANCY - Supreme misanthropic brutality (Revenge prod) NM
CORROSIF - Join us digipack (self release) NM/NM
CORROSIVE ELEMENTS - Chaos unleashed (self release) NM/M
CRAZY ABOUT SILENCE - When death surges forth (Several bleeds) NM/NM
CROPMENT - Spiral of violence (Fastbeast) VG+/M
DANDARE - Deine it, defeat it... (Madskull records) NM/NM
DEADLOCK - The arrival (Winter recordings)
DEVIOUS - Acts of rage (Spitzenburg rec) NM/NM
DIABOLICAL - A Gallery of bleeding art (ViciSolum prod) NM/M
DOG EAT DOG - Warrant (Roadrunner)
DOWNLORD - Grind trials (Open grave rec) near mint
ELKTRONIK SCIETY - Archetypal influence (ELKS) NM
ENGRAVE - Stealing from death (Defiance records) sealed
ENTER VI - Dreams (self release)
FORSAKEN (THE) - Manifest of hate (Century media) NM
FLATTBUSH -Smash the octopus (koolarrow records)
HANDICAPITATED - kitchen knife conspiracy (magic milkshake music) NM/NM
HORDE OF WORMS - Dreams and dying eyes (Bloodbucket production)
HYPOCRISY - Hypocrisy (Nuclear blast) digisleeve NM
HYSTERIA - Abyssal plains of chaos (Infernal waves prod) VG+/VG+
GULU LOCUS - Chocol-hate (Nocturnal music) NM/VG+
ILLOGICIST - Dissonant perspective (demo cd) sealed
ILLOGICIST - Polymorphism of death (demo cd) sealed
INFERNAL REVULSION - Devastate under hallucination 5goregiastic rec) NM/NM
INGRAVED - Hatred from outside (Deadsun) VG+/VG+
KILL II THIS - Trinity digipack (Visible noise)
LIFE KIT - Monkey number one (Overcome) digisleeve NM/NM
MACABRE - Gloom (Hammerheart 2001) sealed
NECROMANCIA - Check mate (Mausoleum rec)
NEGLECTED FIELDS - Splenetic (Aghast recordings)VG+/VG+
ORAKLE - Tourments & perdition (Holy records) NM/NM
ORIGIN HELL - Human decadence (Deadsun rec)
POPPY SEED GRINDER - Oppressed reality (Khaanarus prod) VG/NM
RECLUSION - Shell of pain (Listenable)
RESURRECTURIS - The cuckoo clocks of hell (Mondongo canibale rec)
SAPREMIA - Hollow (Open grave rec)
SLAVERY - War is peace dead is dead (Several bleeds) NM/NM
SOLITARY - Nothing changes (Holier than thou rec) NM/M
SYMPTOM - Beneath the ossuary (Craneo negro) near mint
THUNDRA - Blood of your soul (Spinefarm)
VANDÖD - As (Ex mortem rec)
VIU DRAKH - Death riff society (Moonstorm rec)
ZA PIRATZ - Metal up your death (Another sphere) sealed

The following items may have a hole in code bare or back cover has been bend.

AABSINTHE - In search of light (Rupture music) Cardboard sleeve
ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE - Systematic terror decimation (From beyond prod)
ACACIA STRAIN (THE) - The dead walk (Prosthetic)
AGE OF DISGRACE - those who persist (FWH rec)
AGNEDA OF SWINE - Waves of human suffering (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Agorapocalypse (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
AHUMADO GRANUJO - Litka system (Khaaranus productions)
ALL SHALL PERISH - Awake the dreamers (Nuclear blast)
ALL SHALL PERISH - Hate Malice Revenge (Nuclear blast) Cardboard sleeve
AM'GANESHA'N - Somia (Holy records) Cardboard sleeve
ANATOMY OF I - Substratum (RNG) digipack
ANHKREHG - Against you all (Galy rec)
APOSTASY - Cell 666 (Black mark) Cardboard sleeve
APOSTHATE - First born evil (T.A.F. productions)
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - Sincerest misery (Northern silence prod) *ON HOLD*
AS IT BURNS - Mortal dusk (Cold blood industries)
ATOMIZER - The only weapon of choice (Agonia rec)
AUGRIMMER - Autumnal heavens (Northern silence prod)
BEECHER - Breaking the four walls (Earache)
BEFORE THE FALL - From mutism to riddance (Twilight)
BIRDS OF PREY - The hell preacher (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
BIOMECHANICAL - The empires of the worlds (Earache) Cardboard sleeve
BLAKAGIR - Carpathian art of sin (Pulverised) Cardboard sleeve
BLINDED BY FAITH - Weapons of mass distraction (Galy rec)
BLINDED BY FAITH - Imperial collapse (Galy rec)
BLINDED BY FAITH - Veiled hideousness (Galy rec)
BLOODJINN - The machine runs on empty (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
BLOODSHOTEYE Without any remorse (Galy rec)
BLOODSHOTEYE - An unrelenting assault (Galy rec)
BURIALMOUND - Black death (Sound riot rec)
BURNT BY THE SUN - Heart of darkness (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
CAGE - Darker than black (Massacre rec) cardboard sleeve
CALABRESE - The traveling vampire show (Abstract) cardboard sleeve
CHILDREN OF BODOM - Hatebreeder (Nuclear blast) Cardboard sleeve
CHOPCORE - Bloody little mess (Metal age prod)
COALESCE - 012:2 (Relapse) cardboard sleeve
COLOSSEUM - Chapter 1 : delirium (Firebox)
CONTEMPT - When angels begin to cry (Empire)
CORROSIF - Join us (self release) digipack
CORRUPTION - Orgasmusica (Metal mind rec)
CRAZY ABOUT SILENCE - When death surges forth (Several bleeds)
CROPMENT - Spiral of violence (Fastbeast)
DAEMON - Eye for an eye (Die hard) Cardboard sleeve
DANDARE - Deine it, defeat it... (Madskull records)
DARK DISCIPLE - Unholy hate gore (Soul food) Cardboard sleeve
DEADLOCK - The arrival (Winter recordings)
DEATH OF MILLIONS - Statistics and tragedy (Black end rec)
DEATHSTARS - Synthetic generation (Nuclear blast) Cardboard sleeve
DEBAUCHERY - Black in blood (AFM) Cardboard sleeve
DEVIL WHOREHOUSE - Revelation unorthodox (Regain rec) Cardboard sleeve
DEVIOUS - Acts of rage (Spitzenburg rec)
DEVOLVED - Technologies (MGM)
DIABOLICAL - A Gallery of bleeding art (ViciSolum prod)
DIRGE ) Wings of lead... (Equilibre music) Cardboard sleeve
DISILLUSION - Back to times of splendor (Metal blade) Cardboard sleeve
DISTORTED Voices from within (Candlelight) cardboard sleeve
DISTRESS - Others (Manitou music)
DOOMSTONE - Disharmonic (Source of deluge records) Cardboard sleeve
THE DUSKFALL - Source (Black lotus rec)
DYING HUMANITY - Fallen paradise (restrain rec) Cardboard sleeve
EBONY ARK - When the city is quiet (Ascendance rec)
EDENSHADE - The lesson betrayed
EDGE OF THORNS - Masquerading of the wicked (Twilight zone rec)
EGOIST - Ultra selfish revolution (Self made god) Cardboard sleeve
EKOTREN - Light the fire (Blind prophecy rec) Cardboard sleeve
ELFFOR - From the throne of hate (Northenr silence prod)
EVILRA MADIGAN - Regentsie (Black lodge) Cardboard sleeve
EMILBULLS - The black path (Drakkar) Cardboard sleeve
ENTER CHAOS - Aura sens (Metal mind rec)
ENTER VI - Dreams (self release)
ETERNAL DEFORMITY - Frozen circus (Code 666) Cardboard sleeve
ETERNAL REST - The four winds of evilness (self release)
EVERY REASON TO... - eponyme (Several bleeds)
EXPLICIT SILENCE - Nothing lasts forever
EYES OF A TRAITOR (THE) - A clear perception (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
FACEBREAKER - Dead rotten and hungry (Uplverised rec) Cardboard sleeve
FACELESS (THE) - Planetary duality (Life force) Cardboard sleeve
FACESHIFT - Reconcile (Black lodge) Cardboard sleeve
FALL OF SERENITY - Bloodred salvation (Life force) Cardboard sleeve
FINAL DAWN - Under the bleeding sky (new aeon media)
FLATTBUSH -Smash the octopus (koolarrow records)
FLESHLESS - To kill for skin (Obscene prod)
FLESHLESS - Hate is born (Metal age prod)
THE FORESHADOWING - Days of nothing (Candlelight) Cardboard sleeve
FOR RUIN - December (Sentinel) Cardboard sleeve
FOREST IN BLOOD - What a wonderful world (Corleone rec)
FORSAKEN (THE) - Traces of the past (Century media) Cardboard sleeve
FROM BEYOND - All thrash breaks loose (Painkiller rec)
GORELORD - Zombie suicide part 666 (Season of mist) Cardboard sleeve
GRANTIG - So muss es sein (Drakkar) Cardboard sleeve
GRAVE OF VALOR - Salarian gate (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
GREENFLY - Hidden pleasures of... (Morbid rec) Cardboard sleeve
GREYSWAN - Thought tormented minds (Ebony tears)
GULU LOCUS - Chocol-hate (Nocturnal music)
HANDICAPITATED - kitchen knife conspiracy (magic milkshake music)
HAMBURGER ALIEN - Toxic (Rupture music)
HARMONY DIES - Impact (Morbid rec) Cardboard sleeve
HASTE - The mercury lift (Century media) Cardboard sleeve
HEDFIRST - Hedfirst (Crash music)
HEINOUS KILLINGS - Hung with barbwire (Unmatched brutality)
HELL-BORN - Legacy of the nephilim (Conquer rec)
HEMLOCK - Bleed the dream (Candlelight) Cardboard sleeve
HIDDEN - Alexistar morphalite (Baphomet rec)
THE HOTTNESS - Stay classy (Ferret) Cardboard sleeve
SCOTT HULL - Requiem (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
HYSTERIA - Abyssal plains of chaos (Infernal waves prod)
INCAPACITY - 9th order extinct (Metal blade) Cardboard sleeve
IMMORTAL RITES - Art of devolution (Morbid rec) Cardboard sleeve
IMPENDING DOOM - The serpent servant (Facedown rec)
INTO ETERNITY - The scatterings of ashes (Century media) Cardboard sleeve
INTO THE GORE - Pain must be amplified (Metal age) Cardboard sleeve
ISKALD - Revelations of reckoning day (Indie recordings) Cardboard sleeve
JESUS ON EXTASY - Beloved enemy (Drakkar) Cardboard sleeve
KILL THE ROMANCE - For Rome and the throne (Inverse rec)
KERBENOK - "o" (Nothern silence prod)
KOLDBORN - The uncanny valley (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
KORUM - No dominion (Sekhmet rec) Cardboard sleeve
JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE - Rauchen und yoga (Bastardized recordings) Cardboard sleeve
JUDGEMENT DAY - 40 minutes to impact (New aeon media)
LETZE INSTANZ - Das weisse lied (Drakkar) Cardboard sleeve
LYZANXIA - Unsu (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
MAHATMA - Perseverance (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
MAN MUST DIE - No tolerance for imperfection (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
MARIONETTE - Spite (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
MARTRIDEN - The unsettling dark (Candlelight) Cardboard sleeve
MERCENARY - Everblack (Hammerheart rec)
MINSK - With echoes in the movement of stone (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
MISERATION - Your demons - Their angels (Life force rec) Cardboard sleeve
MORGAIN - Abandoned in the forest of beariness (Metal age prod)
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - Liberation = termination (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
MUTILATION - Conflict inside (Adipocere)
NEHEMAH - Shadows of the past (Oaken shield)
NERVO CHAOS - Quarrel in hell (Ibex moon rec) Cardboard sleeve
NOMAD - Demonic verses (Baphomet rec)
NOMAD - Transmigration of consciousness (Witching hours prod) Cardboard sleeve
NON HUMAN LEVEL - Non human level (Listenable) Cardboard sleeve
NOVEMBRE - The blue (Peaceville) Cardboard sleeve
OBLITERATE / DIN-ADDICT - Against Your Will - Planet U.s.a (Skud rec)
OCCULT - Elegy for the weak (Painkiller rec)
OCTOBER FILE - Holy armour from the jaws of god (Candlelight) Cardboard sleeve
OPPOSITION PARTY - Zombified (Pulverized rec) Cardboard sleeve
ORIGIN HELL - Human decadence (Deadsun rec)
PANZER CHRIST - Battalion beast (Neurotic) Cardboard sleeve
PEGAZUS - In metal we trust (Black leather rec) Cardboard sleeve
POINT BLANK RAGE - The sound of resistance (Galy rec)
PREJUDICE - Dominion of chaos (Painkiller rec) Cardboard sleeve
RAISE HELL - City of the damned (Black lodge) Cardboard sleeve
RAUNCHY - Wasteland discotheque (Lifeforce) Cardboard sleeve
RESURRECTURIS - The cuckoo clocks of hell (Mondongo canibale rec)
R:IRazz: - out to r:i:p: all nations !!! (Twilight vertrieb)
ROSAE CRUCIS - Worms of the earth (Scarlet) Cardboard sleeve
RUNNING LIKE THIEVES - The approval of the crowd (Livewire records) Cardboard sleeve
SATHANAS - Entering the diabolic trinity (Pulverised) Cardboard sleeve
SCID - Fucked beyond recognition (Undergind)
THE SEVEN GATES - Gehenna's sword (l'oeil du dragon)
SHAOLIN - Gaining freedom at the expense of virtue (Galy records)
SIKSAKUBUR ‎– Back To Vengeance / The Carnage (From beyond prod)
SILENCE AFTER TRAGEDY/ THE PHOENIX - split cd (Still life records)
SLAVERY - War is peace dead is dead (Several bleeds)
SOLITARY - Nothing changes (Holier than thou rec)
SPYDER BABY - Let us prey (Blind prophecy rec) Cardboardsleeve
STONEGARD - From dusk till doom (Indie recordings) Cardboard sleeve
STONEMAN - How to spelle heroin (Twilight zone rec)
STORMLORD - The gorgon cult (Scarlet records) Cardboard sleeve
SUFFOCATE BASTARD - Acts of contemporary violence (Revenge prod)
SUICIDAL WINDS - Total death n' live (Pulverised) Cardboard sleeve
SUPPURATION - Incubation (Holy records) Cardboard sleeve
SWIM IN STYX - Zero kelvin (Symbol)
TAINT - Secrets and lies (Rise above) Cardboard sleeve
TAKE A WORM FOR A WALK WEEK - T.A.W.F.A.W.W. (Midmarch rec)
TERROR 2000 - Slaughter in japan live 2003 (Scarlet records)
THINE EYES BLEEDS - Thine eyes bleed (The end rec)
THIS ENDING - Inside the machine (Metal blade) Cardboard sleeve
THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD - Malice (Prosthetic rec)
TORTURE KILLER - Swarm! (Metal blade) Cardboard sleeve
TOTTEN KORPS - Tharnheim : athi-land-nhi... (Repulse records) Cardboard sleeve
TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES - Utopia sadistica (Spikefarm) Cardboard sleeve
TOURETTE SYNDROM - Gabbergrind (Apathic view prod)
TRINACRIA - Travel now journey infinitely (Indie recordings) Cardboard sleeve
VANDÖD - As (Ex mortem rec)
WEREWOLF GREHV - Zombie aesthetics (Relapse) Cardboard sleeve
WITHIN Y - Extended mental dimensions (Karmaggedon media) pas de back cover
WOLFPACK UNLEASHED- Anthem of resistance (Napalm rec) Cardboard sleeve
WOODS OF BELIAL - Demos XIII (Firebox)
ZA PIRATZ - Metal up your death (Another sphere)
ZERO - Zeroplugged (CNR music) Cardboard sleeve
40 GRIT - Nothing to remember (Metal blade) Cardboard sleeve
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