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(Bestial Burst) Goatmoon, Ride For Revenge, A.Blood, XE etc.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:02 am    Post subject: (Bestial Burst) Goatmoon, Ride For Revenge, A.Blood, XE etc. Reply with quote

New: Orders over 100 euros without postage! All orders to: info (at) bestialburst.com


ABSCESS / BLOODRED BACTERIA split MCD 6 e (USA/GER Abscess does four tracks in 14 minutes of their patented sick as fuck Death Metal zombie lust, Bloodred Bacteria attacks with 5 tracks in 6 minutes of extreme brutality. Sick mini album finally released the way it was meant to come out a lot earlier. Bestial Burst)
ANGEL BUTCHER - 25 Years Bleeding Ears CD 12 eur (BRA Raw and punishing thrash metal, demo tracks 1987 - 89 and 2006 + 2010 ep in one CD. Limited, numbered edition of 500 copies. Dead Center Productions)
ANGEL REAPER - Angel Ripping Metal CD 12 eur (HUN Demo I from 1987, A végzet utolér demo from 1989 and Exhumált világ demo from 1992: a 20 song complete discography of Hungarian black thrash cult. A Must for those into rawest old school bm! Metal Ör Die Records)
ANGMAR / The True ENDLESS split CD 8 e (FIN/ITA True Black Metal. Raw, cold and grim. Bestial Burst)
APOKALYPTIC RAIDS - The Third Storm CD 12 eur (BRA Total Hellhammer worship, very old school and raw black death. Dead Center Productions)
ARYAN BLOOD - Through Struggle to Victory CD 12 e (GER Brand new compilation, 13 songs from 1996 to 2003. Black metal. Totenkopf Propaganda)
AZAZEL - Jesus Perversions: Raping the Virgin Mary CD 12 e (FIN New album from finnish black metal cult. Recommended. Werewolf Records)
BEHERIT - At The Devil´s Studio 1990 CD 12 e (FIN Previously unreleased recording that was meant to be the original debut album. Most classic Finnish Black Metal. KVLT)
BIZARRE UPROAR - Rape Africa CD 12 e (FIN New 2012 album of finnish noise veteran. Harsh and cruel! Freak Animal / Filth&Violence)
BIZARRE UPROAR - Mass/FF CD 12 eur (FIN "Mass" mlp + extremely rare "FF" tape re-issued in one CD. Brutal harsh noise assault! Filth&Violence)
BIZARRE UPROAR - Unsafe & Insane CD 12 eur (FIN If one should mark few milestones in Finnish noise, this is one of them. Debut album of the harsh noise / p.e. master, originally released as vinyl LP by a Japanese label. Filth&Violence)
BLACK BEAST / BLOODHAMMER split CD 11 e (FIN True finnish Black Metal. Primitive Reaction)
BLACK VIRGIN - Sinister Sister CD 12 eur (USA Raw New York metal, their "Most Likely to Exceed" album from 1986 + 2 demos from early 90´s. Early stuff is like Venom meets the Mentors, later more thrash in the Carnivore style. For those into very old school manly metal. Metal Ör Die Records)
BRUMALIS - Furore Normannorum CD 8 e (USA NSBM. Re-release of "Furore..." album with better booklet + rare and unreleased bonus tracks featuring Burzum cover. Bestial Burst)
CAEDES CRUENTA - Skies Daimonon CD 12 eur (GRE Black metal with good songs and killer melodies, drawing influences from classic Greek, as well as nordic black metal. Highly recommended! Cryptia Productions)
THE CARNIVAL / ENORMITY split MCD 6 e (FIN Two death squads from Finland are ready to annihilate! The Carnival does three tracks of raw as hell 100% old school Metal in the lines of Celtic Frost/Hellhammer and very early Bathory. Enormity is in-your-face Deathrash of the highest quality. A Bloodthirsty discharge of finnish underground Metal! Bestial Burst)
CLOAMA + BLUTLEUCHTE - CD 12 e (FIN Ritual / ambient / experimental music. Anima Arctica)
CLOAMA + BLUTLEUCHTE - From Wasteland Mausoleums CD 12 e (FIN Ritual / ambient / experimental music. New Old Sentinel)
CONJURATION - Funeral of the Living MCD 6 e (FIN Heaviest, creepy, ghastly and wicked Horror Metal from beyond the grave. 5 Song mini album for those who like it morbid and obscure. Bestial Burst)
CONJURATION - 1st demo CD-r 3 e (FIN Horror Metal)
DEAD REPTILE SHRINE - Burning Black Infinity CD 12 e (FIN Killer album finally on cd. Antihumanism)
DEATH NÖIZE - Conquest War Famine Death CD 12 eur (ROM New band from Transylvania influenced by Hellhammer and also by early Hellbastard and Deviated Instinct, crusty death metal death nöize, total stench!!! Metal Ör Die Records)
DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER - WarBloodMassacre CD 8 e (FIN Second album of Finland´s heaviest, most brutal and bestial Death Metal unit. With added Death and Doom, Deathspawned Destroyer brings back the merciless inferno of World War II to punish the unworthy! Bestial Burst)
DER STURMER - Bloodsworn, The First Decade 1998 - 2008 12 e (GRE Compilation of first ten years, radical Black Metal. Totenkopf Propaganda)
DER STURMER - Transcendental Racial Idealism digipak CD 12 e (GRE Latest 2011 album of radical Black Metal. Totenkopf Propaganda)
DEVILRY - Stormbolt MCD 8 e (FIN Merciless, radical Death Metal. After years of excellent vinyl and tape releases, it´s finally time to unleash the first ever CD release from Finland´s most powerful Death Metal supremacists. With added fury and hate, Stormbolt is the soundtrack of iron will and victory. Bestial Burst)
DÄMONENBLUT - Das Tor zur Hölle CD 12 eur (GER Raw black metal with a touch of RAC. Like classic Absurd. Werewolf Records / Breath of Pestilence)
EVIL ANGEL - Unholy Fight For Metal CD 11 e (FIN Bestial finnish Black Thrash in the vein of Sarcofago, Blasphemy and Urn. Punishing old school demonical blasphemies from Lahti Metal Hell! Bestial Burst)
EXEKRATOR - Ordo Bestiae CD 8 e (DEN Unique Black / Heavy Metal from Denmark. With dramatic vocals and theatrical arrangements, yet staying 100% Metal all the way, they sound like adrenaline charged Black Metal answer to Mercyful Fate! "Some of the best, most powerful heavy metal that I've heard in a long time" - Canadian Assault. Bestial Burst - Mailorder copies come with free full color poster)
FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS - Satan´s Punishment: the Ultimatum CD 12 eur (FIN Blasphemous distortion and hellish black noise. New 2012 album! Bestial Burst)
GALLHAMMER - Gloomy Lights CD 11 e (Japanese all female trio influenced by Hellhammer, Burzum and Amebix. Atmospheric and original Metal the way you haven´t heard it before. Bestial Burst)
GOATMOON - Tahdon Riemuvoitto CD 12 e (FIN 2013 album, with some old songs, some new songs, all new recordings. Werewolf Records)
GOATMOON - Son of the Northwind CDS 6 e (FIN National romantic Black Metal. Bestial Burst)
GOATMOON - Varjot CD 12 e (New album of Finnish national romantic Black Metal. Werewolf Records)
GOATMOON - Finnish Steel Storm CD 12 e (FIN Black Metal, classic 2nd album. Werewolf Records)
v/a GRIND WAR FINLAND 4-way CD 4 e (FIN 65 minutes of Grindcore and Death Metal with Irritate, Emulgator, Drunk Junkees, Murder Company. Hostile Regression)
HAARE - Madon Evankeliumi CD 12 eur (FIN Psychedelic, occult noise alchemy. At War With False Noise)
INCRIMINATED / BLOODHAMMER split CD 12 e (FIN 2012 re-release of the 2001 split album! Raw and filthy old school Black Metal. Mailorder copies come in special colored boxes. Bestial Burst)
INCRIMINATED - Death Noize MCD 8 e (FIN Ugly, filthy, old school Metal of Death misery influenced by the likes of Hellhammer, Venom, NME and Slaughter. This time as duo of Werwolf and Harald Mentor. MCD version finally available. Northern Heritage)
INCRIMINATED - Hypocricide MCD 8 e (FIN Ugly, filthy, old school Metal of Death misery. Originally released on 12"vinyl by Ordealis in 2003, now available in cd format for the first time, remastered and with new artwork! Primitive Reaction)
INCRIMINATED - Possessed in Billnäs CD 10 e (FIN Perfect live set from "Kings of Misery" era, old school black death in primitive way. Limited, numbered edition of 333. Monokrom)
INCRIMINATED - The Promise of Worse to Come CD 11 e (FIN Third album of total misery. Very old school Death / Black Metal worse than ever. From Beyond)
IRRITATE - Ten Stabs of Demented Violence CD 10 e (FIN New full lenght of ugly, filthy, sludgy Death Metal. No trends, no technical masturbation, just pure nihilistic carnage. Bestial Burst)
IRRITATE / UTTER BASTARD split CD 6 e (FIN/USA Death Metal / Grindcore. Hostile Regression)
LIVING DEATH - Live in Frankfurt 10.9.1984 CD 10 eur (GER Vengeance of Hell era live set of classic speed/thrash metal. Classic Live Series)
MEPHISTO - Metal of Death CD 8 e (ITA Old school Metal of Death from Italy. Heavily influenced by the likes of Hellhammer, Venom, Sodom and Slaughter, Mephisto will murder all the posers with their masterpiece of old school METAL. Bestial Burst)
MERCYLESS - Visions from the Past, Live 1989 CD 12 eur (FRA Official live album from the golden era of death metal. The Ritual Productions)
MOTÖRHEAD - Live at the Roundhouse 1978 CD 10 eur (UK Great quality live set of early Motörhead, official release on Finnish label. VL-Musiikki)
MUSTA SURMA / BLOODHAMMER / ANNIHILATUS 3-way split CD 12 eur (FIN Black metal. Northern Heritage)
MÜTIILATION - Vampires of Black Imperial Blood 12 eur (FRA Cult raw black metal melancholy. Dark Adversary Productions)
MÜTIILATION - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul 12 eur (FRA Cult raw black metal melancholy. Dark Adversary Productions)
MÜTIILATION - Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) 12 eur (FRA Cult raw black metal melancholy. Dark Adversary Productions)
MÜTIILATION - Majestas Leprosus 12 eur (FRA Cult raw black metal melancholy. Dark Adversary Productions)
MÜTIILATION - Sorrow Galaxies 12 eur (FRA Cult raw black metal melancholy. Dark Adversary Productions)
NAILGUNNER / WOUNDS - Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare CD 8 e (FIN 12 Tracks, 34 minutes of first class underground Thrash Metal from Finland. Raw and real, a fucking nightmare for all those into false "metal". Bestial Burst)
NEUTRON HAMMER - Iron Storm Evocation CD 12 e (FIN Finally, a raging debut full lenght! Thrashing old school war/black metal. Primitive Reaction)
NEUTRON HAMMER - Damnation´s Bringer MCD 6 e (FIN Thrashing old school war/black metal. Primitive Reaction)
ONSLAUGHT - Live in Gateshead 1.12.1984 CD 10 eur (UK Classic gig before the "Power of Hell" masterpiece. More punky stuff like their demos, nice raw sound, must for those into crusty thrash metal. Classic Live Series)
PAGAN SKULL - In the Hands of the Fatherland CD 12 e (FIN Epic mix of RAC and Black Metal. Europa Erwache)
PAHUUS - Pahuuden Voitto MCD 5 e (FIN Total d-beat hardcore punk in the lines of Discharge, Mellakka and Kuro. 6 songs in 15 minutes.)
PLAGA - Pozeracze Slonc MCD 8 eur (POL Black metal. Societas Oculorum Arcanorum)
RIDE FOR REVENGE - Under The Eye CD 14 e (FIN New 2011 album of heavy, distorted and original occult Black Metal. KVLT / Bestial Burst)
RIDE FOR REVENGE - The King of Snakes CD 12 e (FIN Debut album back in stock. Occult Black Metal. Northern Heritage / Bestial Burst)
RIDE FOR REVENGE / TORTURIUM split MCD 8 e (FIN Two unique Black Metal units from Finland. Ride For Revenge with three occult Black Metal rituals from the depths of hell, carrying the spirit of early finnish Black Metal, Torturium with two soulpiercing Black Metal hymns from the torture chambers of the wicked, all together 22 minutes you´ll never forget. Bestial Burst)
RIVOLOGI - demo I CD-r 4 e (FIN Five tracks of occult Finnish Black Metal)
SATANIC WARMASTER - Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber CD 12 e (FIN Compilation of unreleased material from 2000-2001, raw and true Black Metal. Werewolf Records)
SKULLFUCK - Supreme Ugliness CD 8 e (FIN Very old school Death Metal inspired by the first wave of north american Death Metal a´la Slaughter, NME, Necrovore etc., not forgetting the old european gods like Hellhammer and Sodom. Raw yet powerful production and most punishing DM riffs since the fucking "Strappado"!!! Bestial Burst / Nocturnal Woodlands)
SUMMONING - The Demon Tapes 2CD 15 eur (AUS Two cd´s, 21 songs from the demo period of Summoning, in the years 1993/1994. All songs were remastered in 2012. Highly recommended! Burznazg Productions)
THRASHING RELICS Volume 1: Underground Thrash Metal from Finland 1987-90 compilation CD 8 e (FIN Complete demos and more from Lycantrophy, Morphosis, National Napalm Syndicate and Mengele. 80 minutes of raw and real underground Thrash Metal influenced by Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, early Slayer and so on... Authentic artwork including original demo and zine material. If this ain´t kult enough then fuck off! Bestial Burst)
TIVOL - Early Teeth CD 8 e (FIN Lo-fi noisy space rock. Very underground! Holy Mountain)
TIVOL - Interstellar Overbike CD 8 e (FIN Lo-fi noisy space rock. Very underground! Last Visible Dog Records)
TOTALE VERNICHTUNG - Feuerbestattung digipak cd 12 eur (AUS Radical warlike black metal, a bit like Eisenwinter at times. Darker Than Black)
TUDOR - Bloody Mary CD 12 eur (CZE Ultra black metal in the early Czech black metal tradition. Sadly overlooked masterpiece from 1992, very recommended! First time on cd, limited, numbered edition. Slava Productions)
UNDOR - MCD 6 e (GER Slow Black Metal torment inspired by Abruptum and Burzum. One song clocking near 30 minutes, most extreme Black Metal not for the weak. Bestial Burst)
UNDOR / RIDE FOR REVENGE split digipak CD 12 e (GER/FIN Extreme, epic, underground Black Metal. Finally a luxurous digipak cd version of the sold out and sought after LP. Bestial Burst)
USVA / DRACO - "Re-Desecrating the South Carelian Graves" split CD 12 e (FIN Pre-Goatmoon material. Classic, cold, aggressive and epic finnish black metal. Limited edition on Bestial Burst)
VOIVOD - Spectrum, live 09.1987 CD 12 eur (CAN Originally released by the band in 1987, killer show finally on CD. Classic Live Series)
WARHAMMER - The Winter of Our Discontent + Towards the Chapter of Chaos CD 12 eur (GER Continuing the legacy of Hellhammer, first album + first demo on one CD! Dead Center Productions)
WILL OVER MATTER - Lust For Knowledge CD 12 e (FIN New 2011 album of ritual electronics and occult industrial. Freak Animal)
WILL OVER MATTER - 9 To the Moon CD 12 e (FIN 74 minutes journey through ritual electric doom, occult power electronics and lunar new wave madness. Created with oscillators, radio frequences and synthetizers, this unique release is suitable for those with an ear for electric albums of Beherit, Suuri Shamaani and the more experimental Ride For Revenge material. Limited edition of 500 copies. Bestial Burst)
WOLFNACHT - Heidentum / Night of the Werewolf CD 12 e (GRE Two NSBM classics on one cd. Signal Rex)


ARYAN BLOOD - Through Struggle To Victory LP 16 e (GER Raw yet melodic German NSBM of the highest order. Limited edition on black vinyl, this LP compiles all Aryan Blood recordings from 1996 to 2003: split EP with Satanic Warmaster, split CD with Eisenwinter, split EP with Capricornus, Demo 1998 and split EP with Evil. Bestial Burst)
BARATHRUM / EPÄKRISTUS split 10"MLP 9 e (FIN Black fucking Metal! Primitive Reaction)
BEHERIT - Celebrate the Dead 12"MLP 13 e (FIN New mini album of all previously unreleased material. Finnish masters of obscure Black Metal. KVLT)
BESTIAL SUMMONING - Live in Venray ´92 7"EP 6 e (HOL A Celebration re-release of the classic live ep, as identical in sound and lay out as possible. Limited edition, yet a must for those into raw black metal. New Era)
BESTIAL SUMMONING - The Dark War Has Begun LP 17 eur (HOL The 1992 classic of ugly, raw, real black metal finally re-released in vinyl format. A Definite must! Supremacy Through Intolerance)
BIZARRE UPROAR - Viha&Kiima LP 17 e (2011 album from Finland´s most extreme noise artist, filled with perversions and offensive topics. FIlth&Violence)
BIZARRE UPROAR - Rape Africa LP 17 e (2012 album of finnish noise legend. Filth&Violence)
BLOODHAMMER / RIDE FOR REVENGE "Chords of the Left Hand" LP 19 e (FIN New split album on KVLT, noble gatefold covers and heavy weight vinyl)
CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Harmony Of Struggle LP 16 eur (FIN Finest black metal from Finland. Northern Heritage)
FYRDUNG - Hyperborea LP 16 eur (SWE Their final release, more black metal, still with that epic touch of vikingarock/RAC. A Flawless album! Darker than Black / Breath of Pestilence)
GOATMOON / AZAZEL split LP 15 e (FIN Two controversial finnish Black Metal units, now on vinyl!! Werewolf / NH)
GOATMOON - Finnish Steel Storm LP 15 e (FIN A Classic second album finally on vinyl! White&blue splatter vinyl STILL AVAILABLE FROM US FOR NORMAL PRICE. Werewolf / NH)
GRAVE COMMAND: All Hallowed Hymns compilation pic LP 17 e (International horror themed compilation with GHOUL, XINR, ORCHID, RIDE FOR REVENGE, XANDER HARRIS, GRAVE VIOLATORS, DECEASED, OCCULTATION, VENENUM and DANAVA. Unseen Forces)
INCRIMINATED - Death Noize 10"MLP 8 e (FIN filthy, old school Metal of Death misery influenced by the likes of Hellhammer, Venom, NME and Slaughter. This time as duo of Werwolf and Harald Mentor. Northern Heritage)
IRON BUTTER / IRRITATE split 7"EP 5 e (USA/FIN Out on Bestial Burst´s "Blood Beast" extreme music series. Iron Butter is loud and ugly, primitive noisegrind madness, six originals plus an insane coverversion of Sodom classic "Outbreak of Evil". Irritate is filthy Death Metal groove, one original plus a coverversion of Rattus track "Will Evil Win". Very limited edition. Bestial Burst)
IRRITATE - Driven 7"EP 4 e (FIN Groovy, heavy as hell Death Metal with a rocking vibe. 3 originals plus coversongs from Lärm and Bathory! Agromosh)
IRRITATE / HATED PRINCIPLES split 7"EP 3 e (FIN/USA Groovy Death Metal vs. raw hard/grindcore. Hostile Regression)
CHARLES MANSON - The Hallways of the Always LP 18 eur (USA Recordings from the Vacaville Medical Facility, 1982 – 1985. Professionally remastered, great sound – pure and angry apocalyptic folk from our beloved cult leader. Highly recommended! New Era Productions)
MGLA - Presence LP 16 eur (POL Black metal, including Crushing The Holy Trinity material on b-side. Northern Heritage)
MGLA - With Heats Toward None LP (POL Black metal. Northern Heritage)
MGLA - Mdlosci + Further Down The Nest LP (POL Black metal. Northern Heritage)
MILITARIS-TIC - Curse of Weapons LP 16 eur (FIN Raw post apocalyptic old school metal punk from Finland! No modern sound, no filler riffs, no politically correct arseholes. Ten songs equivalent of a nuclear holocaust. Black vinyl 250 copies / green vinyl 100 copies mailorder only (when ordering, please mention preferred vinyl color!). Bestial Burst)
NEUTRON HAMMER - Iron Storm Evocation LP 15 e (FIN Finally, a raging debut full lenght! Thrashing old school war/black metal. Primitive Reaction)
NEUTRON HAMMER - Extermination Kommand 10"MLP 9 e (FIN Black/thrash/war metal. Primitive Reaction)
PENTAGAMMADION - Panzer Crusade LP 16 eur (POL Raging NSBM, recommended! Pluton's Rising Productions)
OBSKURE - Opressions in Obscurity 7"EP 6 eur (BRA Dark and raw death metal demo from 1992 first time in vinyl. TLB Records)
RIDE FOR REVENGE / METI BHUVAH split 7" 7 eur (FIN/RUS Heavy terror from Finland vs. raw powerful black metal from Russia. Bestial Burst)
SAASTAA SUOMESTA compilation 7"EP 8 eur (FIN Nihilist Commando, Aunt Mary, Funeral Mongoloids, Anal Barbara, Musta Oksennus, ProDeath, Chains Of Death Command, Luostari, Pahoinvointi and Unpeace: filthy noise core, noise rock, anti-music, anti-everything from Finland. Obscurex / Viina Records)
SELBSTMORD / ANTISEMITEX - We Bring Desolation split LP 17 eur (POL Two NSBM hordes. 360 copies in black vinyl. Darker than Black)
STORMHEIT - Syksy Sieluni Yössä 7" 7 e (FIN Pure finnish pride! With their earlier works heavily influenced by "viking era" Bathory, this little piece of vinyl among with their new Chronicon Finlandiae album shows them progressing to more finnish sound. Two exclusive songs in 15 minutes, limited to 300 copies on black vinyl only! Bestial Burst)
UNDOR - Deficit Omne Quod Nasciture 7"EP 6 eur (GER New 2012 ep of total black metal torment. Limited to 250 copies. Bestial Burst)
WILL OVER MATTER - Phenomenal Highways LP 14 eur (FIN New 2013 album on vinyl only. Minimalist, powerful take on ritual electronics and occult industrial. Limited edition. White Denim)
WOLFNACHT - Night of the Werewolf LP 18 eur (GRE Total masterpiece or no-compromise NSBM, raw black metal with RAC/Oi! influence. Limited to 200 copies! Evil Rising)
WOLFNACHT - Dawn of Heathens LP 18 eur (GRE NSBM of the highest order, raw black metal with RAC/Oi! influence. Limited edition 500. Evil Rising)
WOLFNACHT - Zeit der Cherusker LP 18 eur (GRE High class NSBM supremacy from the master. Limited edition 500. Evil Rising)


BIZARRE UPROAR - Putrid Live Activities 2011-2012 4Xcassette set 25 eur (FIN Yeah that´s right, four cassettes of insane live performances from the master of offensive power electronics and harsh noise. Filth&Violence)
DEAD REPTILE SHRINE - The Jewel Throne 3 x cassette set 16 e (FIN A Limited edition cassette version of the classic set. Antihumanism)
GOATMOON / DEAD REPTILE SHRINE - Winterforest cassette 6 e (FIN Two controversial acts of finnish Black Metal underground. Bestial Burst)
GONKULATOR - Satan´s Burial Ground cassette 6 e (USA Finally a cassette edition of long sold out and sought after 1996 album, previously only available on CD format. Boston´s Gonkulator was propably the most chaotic band to hit the 90´s with their highly distorted sound, demonic growling vocals and influences taken from black metal as well as most blasphemous death doom and underground grind. Huge influence on Bestial Burst artists like Flooded Church of Asmodeus or Ride For Revenge. Sealed pro-cassette on yellow body, full color covers, limited to 250 copies. Bestial Burst)
v/a LOST TAPES OF BESTIAL BURST pro-cassette 6 e (FIN 50 minutes of all previously unreleased material, tracks from cancelled releases and occasional sessions from Ride For Revenge, Incriminated, Usva, Will Over Matter, S.A.D.O.S., Rivologi and Conjuration. Limited edition 300 copies) Have a look: http://www.bestialburst.com/BEBU056_photos.jpg
RIDE FOR REVENGE / BELOW split pro-cassette 6 eur (FIN/USA Full lenght album of raw black metal. Limited to 300 copies. Bestial Burst)
RIVOLOGI - Sexuaalisuus ja Saatanan Palvonta cassette 6 e (FIN New, limited edition pro-cassette. 5 Songs of Pekka Siitoin obsessed occult Black Metal. Check out songs and pics at www.reverbnation.com/rivologi Released by Vaasankadun Hengentieteen Seura, distributed by Bestial Burst)
SPERMICIDAL - Vermicide pro-cassette 6 eur (IRE Blurring the edges of cryptic black metal atmosphere, echoing industrial rhythms and droney repetition of heaviest chords, Spermicidal brings to mind legendary names like Abruptum, Godflesh, early Swans and "IIIrd Gatekeeper" of Skullflower. Also highly recommended for those into Bestial Burst artists like Ride For Revenge, Undor and Will Over Matter. Self released on pro-cassette)
XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION - Live 15/12/2012 Night And Fog Over Finlandia cassette 6 eur (FIN Recorded live in the event with Goatmoon and Der Sturmer. Total noise offensive! Pro-cassette. Filth&Violence)
WEARY OF EMPIRES - Through Three Sided Glass pro-cassette 6 eur (IRE Raw, heavy, atmospheric black metal with a definitely personal touch. Self released on pro-cassette)


GOATMOON - "Goat of Arms" badge 1,50 e
MILITARIS-TIC - Curse of Weapons hooded sweatshirt 38 euros. High quality forest green Gildan brand with big hood for apocalyptic vengeance. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. Pre-order: we take your order now, manufacture the size you want and send it in a couple of weeks! These consume too much space and money to keep all sizes in stock, the best chance to get your size is to order one in advance.
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