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trade/sale list
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NCM Recs

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:19 am    Post subject: trade/sale list Reply with quote

No PMs please, email to noncomposmentis6@aol.com with "trade" or something in the subject line in case it goes into my spam folder. The first lists are distro items (vinyl, CD, CD-R, tapes in that order) then there's the beginnings of a personal vinyl & demo list that I'll be completing soon enough.

Aesthenia/Somrak-Split 7” (Vile Art)
Agalloch/Nest-S/T 10” Pic Disc (Infinite Vinyl)
Agathocles-No Use 7” (Uxicon)
Aluk Todolo-S/T 7” (Implied Sound)
Amnion-Burn the Forest 7” (Calabozo)
AN-S/T 7” (Northern Sound)
Angantyr-Endelos/Nordens Stolte Krigere 2 x 10” (Northern Silence)
Animus Herilis-Salvatio Regni 7” (Forgotten Wisdom)
Antithesis-S/T 7” (Blazing)
Armageddon-Kill Yourself or Die Pic Disc LP (Unholy Horde)
Aryan Blood/Evil-Split 7” (Einsatzkommando)
Astriaal-The Throne to Perish 7” (Dark Horizon)
Ater Tenebrae-Eternal Eclipse 7” (Terranis)
Ater Tenebrae/Ravenshades-Split MMV 7” (Miriquidi)
Atomizer-Songs of Slaughter-Songs of Sacrifice 2 x 7” Pic Disc (Hells Headbangers)
Axis Powers/Ill Natured-S/T 7” (Deathstrike)
Banished Spirits/Ensamhet-S/T 7” (Duke)
Bannerwar-Chronicles of Pagan Steel 7” (Blazing)
Black Beast-S/T 7” (Cryptia)
Black Circle-Behold My Visions & Wisdom LP (Anti-Xtian Terror)
Blodarv-Beyond Life 7” (Breath of Pestilence)
Blood Vengeance-Iron Warfare Pic Disc LP (Obscure Abhorrence)
Bone Awl-Meaningless Leaning Mess LP (Nuclear War Now)
Bone Awl-Magnetism of War LP
Chant of Blasphemy-Revelation 7” (Warfront/Vargulf)
Cirith Gorgor-Through Woods of Darkness & Evil 7” (Regimental/Ketzer)
Cirith Gorgor/Mor Dagor-Demonic Incarnation/Memento Mori 7”
Cock & Ball Torture/Grossmember-Analcadaver/Make Victims Not Love 7” (No Weak Shit)
Cock & Ball Torture/Squash Bowels-Parental Advisory/Regulation 7” (Bizarre Leprous)
Cultus/Meslamtaea-Split 7” (Heidens Hart)
Cutthroat-Anal Electrocution 7” (The Infernal Thrashing)
Daemonlord-Coils of Devastation 7” (Necromancer)
Daemonlord-Aarstrand 7” (Ketzer)
Darkthule-Revolution of Souls 7” (Blazing)
Dead-Slaves to Abysmal Perversity 7” (Malodorous Mangled Innards)
Dead World-S/T 7” (Relapse)
Decieverion-Despondent 7” (Paragon)
Decieverion-S/T LP (Hellflame)
Depression/Rot-S/T 10”
Der Sturmer/Arghoslent/Mudoven-S/T 7” (Vinland Winds)
Diabolicum/Angst-Hail Terror 7” (Eerie Art)
Disastrous Murmur/Embedded-S/T 7” (Perverted Taste)
Disemboweled Corpse-Black As the Coals of Hell 7” (Mint Tone)
Disfigured/Repudilation-S/T 7”
Drastus-S/T LP (Flamme Noire)
Dunkelnacht/Arimonium Rex-S/T 7”
Eismalsott-Best Before:Spring 7” (Northern Silence)
Enid-Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt 10” (Ketzer)
Erhabenheit-Vom Temple zum Throne LP (Raging Bloodlust)
Erhabenheit-Verhallend mit des Todesvoten Kunde 7” (Raging Bloodlust)
Eternal Frost-Das Ende 7” (Undercover)
Evil-Distant in Forest’s Deep 7” (Total War)
Exekrator-The Beast is Come 7” (Fiery)
Exekrator-Superstitionis Maleficiae 7” (View Beyond)
Exhumed/Nyctophobic-Totally Fucking Dead/Sterility 7” (Revenge)
Exhumed/Pantalones Abajo Marinero-S/T 7” (Discos Al Pacino)
Exhumed/Retaliation-Tales of the…/Pray for War 7” (Head Fucker)
Flauros-Third Curse 7” (Dark Horizon)
Full Moon Lycanthropy/Conjuration-S/T 7” (Bestial Burst)
General Surgery-Necrology 7” (Relapse)
Goatreich 666-Funeral of Nameless Angels 7” (Drakkar)
Gravewurm/Devil Lee Rot-Infernal Gates 7” (Miriquidi/City of the Dead)
Haemorrhage/Groinchurn-Surgery for the Dead/I Don’t Think So 7” (Morbid)
Haemorrhage/Ingrowing-S/T 7” (Shindy)
Hate Forest-Sorrow LP (Soldats Inconnus)
Headrot-S/T 7” (Dissonant)
Hellstorm-Murder 7” (Oskorei)
Holy Moses-Queen of Siam LP (GWR)
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse-Dancing Demons in the Grey-Lit Glade LP (Serpens Caput)
Horned Almighty-In the Year of Our Horned Lord 7” (Infernus)
Houwitser-March to Die 7” (Displeased)
Impaled/Cephalic Carnage-S/T 7” (Headfucker)
Impaler/Ripsnorter-Black Leather Monster/Beyond the Grave 7” (Root of All Evil)
Impending Doom/Exmortem-Split 7” (Perverted Taste)
Impiety/Surrender of Divinity-Two Majesties double 7” (Unholy Horde)
In Battle-Welcome to the Battlefield LP (Animate)
Inferno/Fagyhamu-Split 7” (Terranis)
Irae/InThyFlesh-From the Deepest Night 7” (Goathammer)
Isenheim/Uruk-Hai-S/T 7”
Klage-Dystopias Wiege LP (Fimbul)
Korgonthurus-s/t LP (Grievantee)
Krieg-Sono Lo Scherno LP (Berstorungs)
Krieg/Open Grave-Resistance is Futile 7” (Regimental)
Legion of Doom-Chariots of Thunder 7”
Leviathan/Blackdeath-Portrait in Scars/Totentanz II Pic Disc LP (Niessedrion)
Macabre-Drill Bit Lobotomy 7” (Hater of God)
Macabre-Nightstalker 7” (Relapse)
Macabre Omen/Ad Inferos-Split 7”
Machetazo-Realmente Disfruto Comiendo Cadaveres 10” (Fudgeworthy)
Mareridt-Mors Angelorum 10” (Art of Propaganda/Obscure Abhorrence)
Mastomah – Luciferi Advocare 7” (Garazel)
Monumentum-In Absentia Christi LP (Misanthropy)
Morbid Darkness-Warfare at Winter’s Solstice 7” (Autopsy Kitchen)
Morbosidad/Manticore-Invocation of the War Beasts 7” (Hells Headbangers)
Morgue/Last Days of Humanity-S/T 7” (Evil Biker)
Morticite/Drogheda-S/T 7” (Extremist)
Mucupurulent/Cabal-S/T 7” (Bizarre Leprous)
Myrkr-Ritual of Undeath 7” (Werewolf)
Nachtmahr/Elisabetha-Eine Dunkle Symbiose…7” (E.O.L.P.)
Naer Mataron-Ughivsiin DLP (Anti-Xtian Terror)
Nasum/Abstain-The Black Illusions/Religion is War 7” (Yellow Dog)
Nasum/Warhate-The Nasum/Warhate Campaign 7” (Relapse)
Nembrionic Hammerdeath-Themes on an Occult Theory 7” (Displeased)
Nokturne-Embracer of Dark Ages LP (AntiXtian Terror)
Obscure-Global Obscurity 7”
Odroerir-S/T 7” (Det Germanske Folket)
Ovskum/Slow Mantra–S/T 7” (Hearse)
Pantheon-Pantheon 7” (Non Compos Mentis/Desastrious)
Parade of Souls-Empyreum 7” (Grief of a Nymph)
Paragon Impure-In Commemoration of Ish Kerioth 7” (Painiac)
Perisynti-Turmeltuneen Ihmisen Luonto 7” (Warfront)
Profanity/Lividity-Drowned in Dusk/The Urge to Splurge 7” (United Guttural)
Perversist/Prophecy-S/T 7” (Pigeon Shit)
Pungent Stench-Extreme Deformity 7” (Nuclear Blast)
Raate-Halki Kuolleen Maan LP (W.T.C.)
Ravening-Forbidden Arts 7” (Northern Sound)
Redrum-Ghettoblaster 7” (Antichrist)
Resurrected-Bloodline 7” (Underground)
Sadistic Intent-A Calm Before the Storm 7” (Relapse)
Sadistik Impaler-Beastial Christ Fornication 7” (Terranis)
Sargeist/Bahimiron-S/T 7” (Obscure Abhorrence)
Signum Diabolis/Hatespawn-S/T 7” (Obscure Abhorrence)
Skeletal earth-Drighphuck 7” (Desperate Attempt)
Slowgate-S/T 7” (To the Death)
Somnus/Theatre of Tragedy-The Deceiver/Enraptured by Temptation 7” (Root of All Evil)
Soul Demise-Farewell to the Flesh 7”
Squash Bowels/Birdflesh-Wo-man/Morbid Jesus 7” (Fudgeworthy)
Superchrist-Ladycutter 7” (Famine)
Surturs Lohe-Wo Einst Elfen Tanzten DLP (Christhunt)
Svart Hat-A Prelude to the End LP (Iron Tyrant/Black Hate)
Szron/Kriegsmachine-S/T LP (Under the Sign of Garazel/Todeskult)
The Wizar’d-Smouldering Sinners 7” (Rusty Axe)
Thou Art Lord/Ancient Rites-S/T 7” (Molon Lave)
Throneum/Devilry-S/T 7” (Breath of Pestilence)
Thurisaz-s/t 7” (Sombre)
Toxic Holocaust-Hell on Earth LP (Nuclear War Now)
Tumulus-Wodureid 10” (Niedersachsensklan)
Tymah/Necroplasma-Storm of the Shallow Voices 7” (Turanian Honour)
Typhus/Crowned in Semen-S/T 7” (Dark Horizons)
Urfaust/The Ruins of Beverast-S/T 7” (Van)
Vemoth-Kottkrokvals Pic LP (Temple of Darkness)
Verivala/Vulva Infernum-Scars & Worship 7” (Debemur Morti)
Viking Blood-Blutes Klagen 7” (Einsatzkommando)
Vilkates-Hostis Generis Humani DLP (Christhunt)
Vilkates-The Heritage of the Old Wolf 7” Pic Disc (Christhunt)
Villains-S/T 7” (Ajna)
Vinterriket-Kalte 7” (Parasite)
Vitsaus-Ruumiinvaellus 7” (Autumnae)
Vordr/Odelegger-S/T 7” (Obscure Abhorrence)
Vordr/Orodruin-S/T 7” (Hearse)
Warage/Excruciate 666-Guerriers Nordistes 7” (Sabbath’s Fire)
Wolfsschrei-Torture of a Human Soul LP (Raging Bloodlust)
Wolfsschrei/Har Shatan-S/T 7” (Darkland)
Wolfswinter-Nordal LP (Christhunt)
Yersinia/Total Hate-S/T 7” (Deviant)
Zahrim-Ja Zagasthenu 10” (Raging Bloodlust)
Zarach Baal Tharagh/Karbonized Traitor-S/T 7” (Winter Reich)
Zarach Baal Tharagh/The Dead Musician – S/T LP (Altsphere/DUKE)
Zavorash-In Odium Veritas LP
Zonnewiel-Channeling the Essence of Wuotan 7” (Nightfog)
V/A Awaiting the Glorious Damnation of Mankind 7” W/ Garwall, Axis of Advance, Frost & Demon Realm (Daimonion)
V/A Europe Alliance 7” W/ Unterwald, Viking Blood, Myrkvid & Funeral Forest (Sabbath’s Fire)
V/A Goatwatchers United-Satan’s Goat’s Tribute II Assault 7” W/ Goatbless, Nocturnal Goat, Goat Horns & Goat Prayers (Goatwatchers United)
V/A Outbreak of Evil III 7” W/ Evil Angel, Gravewurm, Nailgunner & Grippiud (Nuclear War Now)
V/A Shit Hits Volume Two 7” W/ Blood Irstas, C.S.S.O., Wind of Pain, Silmaosasto, Hemdale, Plan E & Excess of Cruelty (E)
V/A Tribute to Zander 7” Pic Disc W/ Enslaved, Lubricant, Cadaver Corpse & Necromance
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NCM Recs

Joined: 25 Jul 2007
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Abandon-Never-ending Black Torrent of death (Todestrieb)
Abhor-In Nostrum Maleficium (Hearse)
Abigail-Alive in Thailand (Witchhammer)
Absonus Noctis-Penumbral Inorgantia (Wraith)
Adversary-Forsaken (Cursed)
Aetherius Obscuritas-Visions (Paragon)
A Gruesome Find-The Fire That Burns in Hell (Vile Art)
Ahnenstahl-Zwischen Tod und Leben (Black Tower)
Ahriman-Kodkin Osveny (Terranis)
Aigro Mucifelam-Lost Sounds Depraved (Insidious Poisoning)
Akerbeltz-Never Deny From the Powers of Sorcery (Last Rights)
Alfa Eridano Akhernar/Nibiruth-S/T (Concreto)
Algol/Shroud of Despondency-Whispers From an Empty Room (Paragon)
Alkonost-Stone Heart Blood (Metalism)
Aluk Todolo-Descension (Public Guilt)
Al’Virius-Beyond the Human Nation (Wroth Emitter)
Amalek-Die Ruckkehr Wotans (Hammerbund)
Amenthis-Dualism (Genocide)
Ammit-Hammer of Darkness (From Beyond)
A Mors Et Bello-Sounds of Horror (Azermedoth)
Amputator/Baphomet’s Horns-Satanic Forcefucked Annihilation (Old Cemetery)
Anal Vomit-Demoniac Flagellations (From Beyond)
Anchoreth-Purification Among the Dusty Stones (Othal)
Ancientblood-The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness (Black Hate)
Angmar-The Razorblade Redemption (Northern Sound/Bestial Burst)
Angmar/The True Endless-S/T (Bestial Burst)
Animus-Poems For the Aching, Swords For the Infuriated (Ars Magna)
Animus Mortis-Thresholds of Insanity (Debemur Morti)
Anti-The Insignificance of Life (Obscure Abhorrence/Art of Propaganda)
Anti-Christian Assault-S/T (Daydream Nightmares)
Anwech-My Frozen Dream Slept Too Eternally (Fog of the Apocalypse)
Aphoom Zhah/Smiercieslau-Split (Possession)
Aphotic-Under Veil of Dark
Aphotic-Stillness Grows (Flood the Earth)
Aphotic/Dusk-S/T (Cursed)
Apokefale-Interior Chaos (Serpent’s Lair)
Apoplexy-Life, Thoughts & Destiny (HVS)
Apostasia-Martyrs of God (Adipocere)
Apraxia-Hymns of Dark Forests (Ewiges Eis)
Arcana Coelestia-Ubi Secreta Colunt (ATMF)
Archaic-Akelarre/Regressor (Obskure Somber)
Arghoslent-Hornets of the Pogrom (Drakkar)
Argonist-Time to Change (Ache)
Arise From Thorns-Before an Audience of Stars (Dark Symphonies)
Arkenstone-S/T (Au-To-Dafe)
Arkhon Infaustus-Orthodoxyn (Red Stream)
Arkona-Raw Years 1993-95 (Under the Sign of Garazel)
Arkona-Bogowie Zapomnienia (Warkult)
Arkona-Zhizn Vo Slavu (Sound Age)
Arkona-Lepta (Soundage)
Arkthos-Knights of the Eternal Sun (Supernal)
Ars Macabra-Hate Induced Trance (Sinister)
Artes Negras-Let There Be Death (Furias)
Aryadeva-Kshatra (Nordsturm)
Aryan Art-Bbnpekh Bchyko (Einsatz Kommando)
As All Die-Victory (Flood the Earth)
Ashdautas-Shadow Plays of Grief & Pain (Ixiol)
Ashen Light-Pesni Mertvych/Zov T'my (More Hate)
Ashen Light-Compassion To The Outcast, Hell To The Convicted (More Hate)
Ashes to Ashes-Cardinal VII (The Art)
Astrofaes-Those Whose Past is Immortal (Supernal)
Atman-Djirli Ika (Perish in Light)
Autumnik-In Loneliness of Two Souls (Griffin)
Averse Sefira-Tetragrammatical Astygmata (Evil Horde)
Avsky-Mass Destruction (Humanitys Plague)
A.W.A.S.-Hope (Open Grave)
Axis of Advance-Obey (Red Stream)
Ayat-Al Nabi Moujrem Monghtaseb Dajjal (Sardonic Wrath)
Azure-King of Stars/Bearer of Dark (Deathgasm)
Bahimiron/Teratism-Pact in Dizease & Profanation (Graveless Slumber)
Banewort-Dipping in Plains (Thou Shalt Kill)
Bann-Antiochia (Grief Foundation)
Basilisk-A Joyless March Through the Cold-Lands (Meurtre Noir)
Battalion-Into Harm’s Way (Asphyxiate)
Battalion-Winter Campaign (Shiver)
Beastcraft-Into the Burning Pit of Hell (Desastrious)
Beelzeb-Misanthrope’s Aurora (Black Seed)
Behalf Fiend/Grima Morstua/Nahual/Warfare-Recrucifixion (Magistellus Infernal)
Behalf Fiend/Versos Miriades-Honor & Pride for Satan (Demon’s Pride)
Beneath the Frozen Soil/Negative Reaction-S/T (Total Rust)
Bergraven-Fordarv (Unexploded)
Berserk-Live From the Woods (Battlelord)
Berserk-Cries of Blood & Hate (Unexploded)
Bestialized-Annihiulating the JudeoChristian Generations (Old Cemetery)
Bestial Mockery-Gospel of the Insane (Red Stream)
Beyond the Ninth Wave-S/T (Suffering Jesus)
Black Blood-Cryptic Rituals (Werewolf)
Black Circle-Behold My Visions & Wisdom (Perverted Taste)
Black Crucifixion-Faustian Dream (Paragon)
Black Crucifixion-Promethean Gift (Paragon)
Black Death Ritual-Prfound Echoes of the End (Hammer of Hate/No Sign of Life)
Black Empire/Kratornas/Nakkiga/Xerion-Four Concentric Ways of the Ancient Cult (Satanic)
Black Funeral-Ordog (Behemoth)
Black Funeral-Az-I-Dahak (Behemoth)
Black Funeral-Waters of Weeping (Behemoth)
Black God-The End of the Christian Utopia (Obscure Abhorrence)
Black Hole Generator-Black Karma (Ars Magna)
Blackhorned-Arrival of the Firedemon (Goathorned)
Black Jade-Of Forest & Fire (Black Tower)
Blackmass-Gloria Diaboli (Blasphemy)
Black Mass-Voices of Fate (Primitive)
Black September/Ravenlord Darkstorm-S/T (The Ritual)
Black Shadow-Eob Cmepmu (More Hate)
Black Torment-Satanic Holocaust (Old Cemetery)
Black Vomit-The Faithful Servant (Azermedoth)
Black Witchery/Conqueror-Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance (Dark Horizon)
Blakagir-Nostalgia/Droga Przed Egzekucla (Black Plague/God is Myth)
Blodfest-I Kong Skjolds Navn (None More Black)
Blodulv-II (Knightmare)
Blodulv-III-Burial (Eerie Art)
Blood Covered-Wrong Direction (Solistitium)
Blood Cult-We Who Walk Behind the Rows (Rusty Axe)
Blood of Christ-A Dream to Remember (CDN)
Blood of Kingu-De Occulta Philosophia (Supernal)
Bloody Victim-Bound in Plasphemy
Blutklinge-Reflection of a Bleak Mind (Funeral Moonlight)
Born of Thorns-New Horizon (Oak Knoll)
Branikald-BlikkAvKald (Stellar Winter)
Branstock-S/T (Raging Bloodlust)
Breath of Sorrows-Through Darkness to Battle I Ride (Wraith)
Brown Jenkins-Dagonite (Moribund)
Buio Omega-Thy Dark Conquest (Battlegod)
Buried God-Dark Revelation (Merciless)
Campo de Mayo-S/T (Desastrious/Fetch The Rope/Dark Hidden)
Camulos/Ainshval-Verwesender am Kreuz/Ainshval (Darkland)
Capitollium-Undivine Antipathy (Oupiric)
Capricornus/Der Sturmer-Polish/Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G. (Wolftower)
Carpticon-Master Morality (Black Seed)
Castrum-Mysterious Yet Unwearied (Bloodbucket)
Castrum-Hatenourisher (Bloodbucket)
Castrum-Phenomenonsense (Bloodbucket)
Catholicon-The Death Throes of Christianity (Negativity)
Catholicon-Treatise on the Abyss (Negativity)
Cele Kula-The Moonlight & the Misty Night (Raptures Asylum)
Celestia-Frigidiis Apotheosia (Paragon)
Cerberus-Chapters of Blackness (Schwarzdorn)
Chaos Moon-Languor Into Echoes Beyond (Ars Magna)
Chaos Omen-Let Clarity Succumb (Nails of Christ)
Charnel Valley-The Igneous Race (Paragon)
Chelmno-Under Our Cemetery (Hearse)
Chernobog-Vlidoxeato (Sound Age)
Cold Northern Vengeance-The Arising Dungeon Cult (Ixiol)
Conjuration-Funeral of the Living (Autumnae)
Corprophemia-Arrived in Pieces (CDN)
Corpus Christii/Thesyre-F.O.A.D. (Sadolust)
Crimson Massacre-The Luster of Pandemonium (Deathgasm)
Crimson Moon-Xepera Xeper Xeperu (Deathgasm)
Crowhead-Frozen (My Kingdom)
Crucified Mortals-Converted by Deception (Stigmatized)
Cryfemal-Apoteosis Oculta (Oniric)
Cryfemal-Escucha a los Nuertos (Regimental)
Cryfemal-Perpetua Funebre Gloria (Oniric)
Cryptic-Once Holy Realm (Dark Horizon)
Cryptic Winds-Storms of the Black Millenium (Breath of Night/Merciless)
C.Y.T./Drastus/Hostis-From the Womb of Ferocious (Flamme Noire)
Daemonheim-Schlachtfeld (Black Tower)
Daemonlord-The Sign (Medusa)
Daemonlord-Of War & Hate (Heaven Ablaze)
Daemonlord/Lux Ferre/Malleus/Mortinatum-Acerbus Mortis (Oniric/War)
Daemonlord/Satanizer-9 Bullets in the Face of Christ (Goathorned)
Dagon-They Who Abideth Amidst the Poison (Desastrious)
Dark Dominion/Secratain-Bound in Blasphemy (Indomitus/Battlegod)
Darkest Grove-Pain & Suffering Shall Be Known (Forever Plagued)
Dark Legions-Satanic Destroyer (Pestilence)
Darkmoon Warrior-In Fundis Inferiorum (Obscure Abhorrence)
Darkness Eternal-Misanthropic Annihilation (Autopsy Kitchen)
Dark Tribe-In Jeraspunta (Black Hate)
Dawnfall-Drei Raume (Supernal)
Dead Congregation-Graves of the Archangels (Nuclear War Now)
Dead to Earth/Volkeinblucht/Idvarp-Three Way Split (Graveless Slumber)
Deamon-Descend Dethrone (CDN)
Deathcrush-Mutilating the Christian Faith (Iron, Blood & Death)
Deathrow-Primordial Lifecode (ISO666)
Death Vomit-S/T (Tunes of Torture)
Decayed-Hexagram (Folter)
Defeat-From Far Away (Hakenkreuz)
Deinonychus-Insomnia (My Kingdom)
Demiurg-Unholy War Sword of Rebellion (Hell is Here/Dead Man)
Demiurg-From the Throne of Darkness (Eastside)
Demonic Chorals-Power of Immortal Hatred (Schwarzmetall)
Demonic Resurrection-A Darkness Descends (Demonstealer)
Deny the Urge-Subsequent Confrontation (G.U.C.)
Deofel-Aposni Rytvat (Aeon of Horus/Thou Shalt Kill)
Desaster-Angelwhore (Reborn)
Desaster-Hellfire’s Dominion (Merciless)
Desolation-Eternity of Hell (Supreme Music Creations)
Devastator-The End (Regimental)
Devastator-Nuclear Proliferation (Regimental)
Devilish-Possession (Eisenwald)
Deviser-Running Sore (Merciless)
Dialetic Soul/Apocryphal-S/T (Paradise)
Diapsiquir-Virus S.T.N. (Necrocosm)
Diecold-Rest in Hell (ISO666)
Die Saat-Der Schlachten Tribut (Ewiges Eis)
Dies Ater-Out of the Dark (Black Attakk)
Dimensional Psychosis-Magical Matrix of Dimensional Continuum (Asphyxiate)
Dimentianon-Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum (Non Compos Mentis)
Dimentianon/Rigor Sardonicous-Amores Defunctus Tuus Mater (Largactyl)
Dodsferd-Desecrating the Spirit of Life (Blackmetal.com)
Dodsferd/Ganzmord-Doom & Destroy (Blackmetal.com)
Dom Dracul-Attack on the Crucified (Blasphemous Underground)
Doominhated-Inferno Caput Mundi (Blackmetal.com)
Doominhated/Ringwraith-6 Tears of Pleasure/Tales from Middle Earth (Blackmetal.com)
Downlord-Random Dictionary of the Damned (Open Grave)
Downlord-Grind Trials (Open Grave)
Drastus-Taphos (Flamme Noire)
Draugsang-Seil Pa Skyggans Hav (Northern Silence)
Drudkh-Estrangement (Supernal)
Drudkh-The Swan Road (Supernal)
Drunken Bastards-Posercrusher (Metal or Die)
Dryados-L’amour n’enleve pas Vraiment la Depression (Musica)
Dunkelstorm-Schicksal (Furias)
Dysanchely-Secrets of the Sun (Metal Age)
Ecliptic Sunset-Of Torment & Grief (Orion/Furias)
Eikenskaden-There is No light at the End of the Tunnel (Blackmetal.com)
Eldrig-Kali (Supernal)
Eljudner-Daudingekvider (Northern Silence)
Emancer-The Menace Within (Golden Lake)
Empaligon-Black Dominated Annihilation (Autopsy Stench)
End-II (ISO666)
En Declin-Trama (My Kingdom)
E.D.M.-Endless Dismal Moan (Blackmetal.com)
Endless Gloom-Corpsporation (Blacksmith)
Enoid-Dodssyklus (None More Black)
Enthral-Subterranean Movement (Displeased)
Epuration Satanique-Omnia Vanitas (Satan’s Millennium)
Equinoxio-Punishment of Souls (Sinister)
Ereshkigal-Shadow’s Land (Witchcraft)
Ereshkigal-Ten Years of Blasphemy (Azermedoth)
Eschaton-Causa Fortier (Nykta)
Eternal-Satanic Templars of the Dark Age (Sinister)
Evermork-Astral Forest Winds (Oak Knoll)
Evil Angel-Unholy Fight For Metal (Crush Until Madness)
Evilwar-S/T (Somber)
Excessum-Death Redemption (Deathstrike)
Extinction-The Black Hex (Todestrieb)
Extrovert-Silver Thread or Where Reality Ends
Fafnir/Nominon-Daemons of the Past (Northern Silence)
Fantom/Evoked Curse/Terror Strike-Fantomania (Native Pride)
Fastkill-Nuclear Thrashing Attack (World Chaos)
Flagellum Dei-Tormentor of the False Creator (Bloody)
Folkearth-Drakkars in the Mist (Stygian Crypt)
Folkearth-By the Sword of My Father (Stygian Crypt)
Fomorii/Wiatr-S/T (Blackmetal.com)
Forest-In the Flame of Glory (Stellar Winter)
Forest-As a Song in the Harvest of Grief (ISO666)
Forest of Doom-Ancient Woods of Darkness (Azermedoth)
Forest of Impaled-Rise & Conquer (Red Stream)
Forgot-Burning Down (Propaganda)
Forgotten Darkness-Nekrolog (Ewiges Eis)
Forgotten Tales-All the Sinners (Divenia)
From Beyond-Sounds of the Grave (Sonic Temple)
From Forgotten Being-Black Cataclysm (Witchcraft)
Front Beast-Black Spells of the Damned (Isengard)
Frostkrieg-Majestatic Eines Kalten Elements (Nykta)
Frost Like Ashes-Tophet (Open Grave)
Frostmoon Eclipse-Another Face of Hell (ISO666)
Full Decay-S/T (Thou Shalt Kill)
Funerarium-Noces Chimiques (Great White North)
Galar-Skogskvad (Heavy Horses)
Ganzmord-Monolithic in Darkness (Antinomian)
Garlikde’th-White God Sleeps (Lyderhorn)
Gauntlet/Contagion Black-Split (Sinister Sounds)
Gauntlet’s Sword-Theosophy (Ewiges Eis)
Gauntlet’s Sword-And the Night Became Darker, Wilder (Ewiges Eis)
Geimhre/Shade-For the Blood of Hinterland/Isa (Stellar Winter)
Gheestenland/Grim Funeral-S/T (Obscure Abhorrence)
Goatholocaust-Satan Jugend (Infernus)
Goatholocaust/Vociferian-Maitre Boue (Regimental)
Goatlord-Reflections in the Solstice (Nuclear War Now)
Goatlord-The Last Sodomy of Mary (Nuclear War Now)
Goatpenis-Semen 1992 Anno Domini (Infernus)
Goatwar-We are Heretics (Sardonic Wrath)
Godless-Church Arsonist (Rusty Axe)
Goliard-Artissimae Tenebrae (Griffin)
Gosforth-Hornlust (Blackmetal.com)
Gospel of the Horns-Realm of the Damned (Hells Headbangers)
Gottlos-Infernal Pandemonia (Eclipse)
Grab-Plague (Blackmetal.com)
Grafenstein-Silence Endless (Black Hate)
Grafenstein-Death Born (Black Hate)
Granulosum-The Final Stand (Stellar Winter)
Grauen Pestanz/Miasma-Into the Fire of Isolation (Black Plague)
Gravewurm/Suicidal Winds-From Conflict to Conquest (Time Before Time)
Grenjar/Vantro-Svart Sammensvergelse (Nordstrom)
Grim Funeral/Spectre-Coldness in the Howl (Solistitium)
Grimm-Heksenkringen (Displeased)
Grivf-Draugsrunor (Serpent Salvation)
Grom/Wulfgravf-Fullmoon Alliance (Ewiges Eis)
Gromm-Cold Old Thorns (Blackmetal.com)
Gromm-Happiness, It’s When You are Dead (Blackmetal.com)
Guarnerius-Arcanos Abismos (Auryn)
Hakenkreuz-Axis of Cosmos (Graveless Slumber)
Harsgathyr/Ysorex-Nordland Krieger (Othal)
Harvist-Lightning Storm on the Veins (Dark Horizon)
Hayras-Sombre Death (Nykta)
Heiden-Potomkum Pozemskeho Soumraku (Eclipse)
Helcaraxe-Triumph & Revenge (Regimental)
Helgrindr-Cold Might of Winter War (Velvet Music)
Hellborn-Cursed Infernal Steel (Death Solution)
Hellgoat/Legions of Astaroth-Split (Vile Art)
Hellveto-Visions from the Past (Ritual Execution)
Hellveto-Crusade;Autumnal Night (Ritual Execution)
Hellveto-Medieval Scream (Ritual Execution)
Hellveto-Zmicezko (Dark Symphonies)
Helvintr-A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness & Despair (Supernal)
Hemlock-Lust For Fire (Full Moon)
Heorot-Ragnarok (Stygian Crypt)
Heulend Horn-From the Caucasus to Gotland (Orion/Furias)
Hills of Sephiroth-Fly High the Hated Black Flag (Wraith)
Himinbjorg-Haunted Shores (Red Stream)
Holocaustia-The Sacrament Seed (Unholy Horde)
Holocaustus/Odelegger-S/T (Nykta)
Holy Death-Apocalyptic War (Fallen Angel)
Holy Death-The Knight, Death & The Devil (Fallen Angel/Luciforus Art)
Hordagaard-Anti Human Anti Life (ISO666)
Horna-Sotahuuto (Moribund)
Horncrowned-The Rise of Satan’s Artillery (Goathorned)
Horned Almighty-Black Metal Jesus (Infernus)
Horn of Valere-Blood of the Heathen Ancients (Deathgasm/Vae Victis)
Hospice-Land of Eternal Night (More Hate)
Hugi-Solarliod (Regimental)
Hurusoma-Sombre Iconoclasm (Sabbathid)
Hymen of Darkness-Unholy Total Hate (Ablaze)
Hysteria-Abyssal Plains of Chaos (Infernal Waves)
IAD-Penitentiam Agite (Fog of the Apocalypse)
IC Rex-Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia (Hammer of Hate)
Ignis Uranium/Havoc Vulture-Speech of the Mushroom Cloud (Blutvergiessen)
Ildhur-The Wandering (Azermedoth)
Impetuous Rage-Inverted Redemption (Genocide)
Impious Havoc – Monuments of Suffering (Total Holocaust)
Incriminated-The Promise of Worse to Come (From Beyond)
Infernal/Exelsus Diaboli-The Reapers of God (Mighty Horde)
Infernal/Infernal Kingdom/ereshkigal-Trilogy for Domination (Azermedoth)
Inferus-Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light (Satanic Spirits)
Infestum-S/T (Battle Hymn)
Inhumane Deathcult-To Hell With Your Soul (Sinister)
Insane Vesper-Twilight of Extinction (Propaganda)
Instinct-Albion (Suffering Jesus)
Interitus-Der Traum von Menschenleerer Schonheit (Fog of the Apocalypse)
Inthyflesh-Lechery maledictions & Grieving Adjures of the Concerns of Flesh (Nykta)
Irae-Terror666 (Goathammer)
Irhmgaar-Sado Terrorist (Heaven Ablaze)
Ironfist-Fistial Destruction (Embrace My Funeral)
Isenburg-Erzgebirge (Black Attack)
I Shalt Become-Wanderings (Moribund)
Istidraj-Blasphemous Ritual (Satan’s Millennium)
Izmoroz-Na Zakate Begrovom (Sound Age)
Kali Yuga/Varhorn-S/T (Possession)
Kamaedzitca-Dzni Seca (Strong)
Karna-Diabolic (Possession/Eternal Pride)
Karnarium-Tank Pa Doden (Embrace My Funeral)
Karsten Hamre-Broken Whispers (Flood the Earth)
Kekal-The Habit of Fire (Open Grave)
Khors-The Flame of Eternity’s Decline (Oriana)
Kiborg/Svartskog0Pagan Land (SDV)
King’s Evil-Deletion of Humanoise (World Chaos)
Knox Om Pax-Laudanum (Destructive)
Kosa-Evilabsorption (Propaganda)
Kratornas-Over the Fourth Part of the Earth (Grave Smasher)
Krieg-The Black House (Red Stream)
Kult Ofenzivy-Symfonie Oceli (Long Ago)
Kythrone-Kult des Todes (Flamme Noire)
Labatut-Yeomanly (Asgard)
Lament Configuration-Demonic Incantations (Vile Art)
Last Days of Humanity-Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration (Bones Brigade)
Legacy of Blood-Infernal Cult of Blood (Under the Sign of Garazel)
Legion of Doom-Kingdom of Endless Darkness (ISO666)
Legion of Doom-For Those of the Blood (ISO666)
Libido Airbag-Miss Melanoma (Autopsy Stench/Obliteration)
Liholesie/Stielas/Mor-Death Comes From the North (Assault)
Lik-Lekamen Illusionen Kallet (Agonia)
Locus Mortis-Inter Uterum et Loculum
Lord Blasphemate-A Restless Shelter Under the Remote Stars (Blasphemy)
Lord Paymon-Evil Command (Goat Music)
Lorn-Towards the Abyss of Disease (Eerie Art)
Lucifugum-The Supreme Art of Genocide (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Sectane Satani (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Invoitation (Propaganda)
Lungorthin-Morgrom (Folter)
Lut-Dnipro 14/88 (Evil Barber)
Lut-The Day of the Rope (Chernovit)
Lutomysl-The Challenge (Eastside)
Lux Divina-New Days for the Ancient Wisdom (Bloody)
Lux Luciferi-Purity ov Enmity (Soulflesh)
Lux Occulta-Major Arcana (Pagan)
Macabre Omen-The Ancient Returns (Monstrous Star/Blutreinheit)
Maleficia-Songs of the Nightbird (Pakana)
Malveillance-Insignifiance (Suffering Jesus)
Malveillance-Just Fuck Off (Sabbathid/Suffering Jesus/New Scream)
Malvento-Regressus Ad Uterum (Vomitium Niger)
Malvento-Clavi (Vomitium Niger)
Manegarm-Urminnes Havd (Displeased)
Manegarm-Vargaresa (Displeased)
Matak-Polymorphous Perversion (Old Cemetery)
Martial Barrage-Call of the Serapeum (Sinister Sounds)
Martire/Throneum-United in Hell (Apocalyptor)
Martyrium-The Carnage Lit by Darkness (Witchcraft)
Masokismi-Hapeallinen Siveysoppi (Bestial Burst)
Masquim Xul-Plague of Our Age (Terranis)
Massemord-Hatred Towards Mankind & Life Itself (Death Solution)
Mathyr-Mandraenken (Animate)
Memorial-Enter My Megaron (Baphomet)
Mephisto-Metal of Death (Bestial Burst)
Merciless Crucifixion-Aipesis (Black Seed)
Meressin-The Baphomet’s Call (Inferna Prefundus)
Metal King-Any Warrior Dies Without Honour (Exhumed)
Mirrorthrone-Of Wind & Weeping (Red Stream)
Misanthropic Painforest-Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing (Alpha Draconis)
Miscreant-Oppressive (Blacksmith)
Misery’s Omen-S/T (Bindrune)
Moat-The Sun is Destroying Us All (Black Flame)
Moontower-Black Metal Terror (Total Holocaust)
Moontower-Praise the Apocalypse (ISO666)
Moontower/Taran-Devil’s Incarnation (Long Ago)
Mop-Lesomorie (Assault)
Morbid Execution-Total Devotion (Deathgasm)
Mord (US)-Imperium Magnum Infernalis (Non Compos Mentis)
Mordaehoth-Bloedwraak (New Era)
Mordhell-Cut Yourself & Die (Fallen Angel)
Morgart-Die Schlacht (Black Tower)
Morgion-Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth (Dark Symphonies)
Mort-Godless Dominion (Pestilence)
Morte-Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence (Sabbathid)
Mortem-The Devil Speaks in Tongues (Merciless)
Mortifera-S/T (Dying Art)
Mortuus Caelum-Maeto Interitum Mundi (Blackmetal.com)
Mournblade-Mangled Lies (Open Grave)
Myrddraal-Falling Sky (Decius)
Mythological Cold Towers-The Vanished Pantheon (Firebox)
Naastrand-Total Holocaust (Azermedoth)
Nachtgeblut-Strange Ways to Ancient Times (Dark Hidden)
Nahual-Massive Onslaught From Hell (Magistellus Infernal)
Nailgunner/Wounds-Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare (Bestial Burst)
Nasheim- Evighet/Undergang (Northern Silence)
Natassievila-Iter Lethalis (Dark Horizon)
Necrodemon-Ice Fields of Hyperion (Open Grave)
Necroplasma-Gospels of Antichristian Terror (Isengard)
Necropsia-Die Fucking Bastard (Witchhammer)
Nergal-Absinthos (Supreme Music Creations)
Netherealm-The Occultist Omnibus (Black Seed)
Nicodemus-The Supernatural Omnibus (Dark Symphonies)
Nirnaeth Arnoediad-S/T (Suffering Jesus)
Nitberg-Nitsanger (Totenkopf)
Nocturnal-Unholycult (Black Plague/God is Myth)
Nocturnal Fear-Fog of War (Elegy)
Nocturnal Feelings-Nocturnal Attack (Tribulacion)
Nocturnal Sin-Nastier (Ablaze)
Noia-Pure Scorn (Sabbathid)
Nokturne-Curse of Nazarene (Baphomet)
Nokturne/Noctifer-Wargod Domination (Baphomet)
Nommam Erytz-S/T (Insidious Poisoning)
Non Opus Dei-VI:The Satanachists Credo (Pagan)
Nordmen-Vertus Guerrieres (Nykta)
Nord’N’Commander-Hermeneutics (More Hate)
Nordvrede-Northern Frontlines (Hexenhammer)
Northern Frost-Ewige Kalte F.O.T.A. (Fog of the Apocalypse)
Nosferatos-Ventum Infernum de Tenebrae (Blacksmith)
Nosferatos-Pandemonium (Blacksmith)
Nosvrolok-Maledictum Parasytus (Desastrious)
November’s Doom-The Knowing (Dark Symphonies)
Nunwhore Commando-Home Sweet Home (Autopsy Stench)
Obeisance-Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil (Black Seed)
Obeisance-Hellbent on Slaughter (Desastrious)
Obscure Vortex-Was Einst War (Black Tower)
Oceans of Sadness-For We Are (LSP)
Octagon-Artisans of Cruelty (Autopsy Kitchen)
October Falls-The Streams of the End (Debemur Morti)
Ocultan-Profanation (Sinister)
Ocultan-Regnum Infernalis (Pazuzu)
Odal-On Old Paths (Klaxon)
Odor Mortis-Spasi I Otsosi (Griffin)
Odor Mortis-Coagula (Thou Shalt Kill)
Of Human Bondage-The Goat Sessions Volume 1 (Sinister)
Ogmias-3 (Murderous Music)
Ohtar-Human Fuel of Death (Forever Plagued)
Oksanat-Aurora (Grom)
Old Goat-Slaves of War (Pagan Flames)
Onirik-Spectre (Nightmare)
Open Grave-The Heavens Cry Black (Regimental)
Orcrist-Black Blood Raised (Hearse/Warlord)
Ordo Tyrannis-Vasa Iniquitatis (Flood the Earth)
Orkus-The Gate (Undercover)
Ornias-Death Bringer (Regimental)
Pagalguenna-Dreams (Nordsturm)
Paganus-S/T (Total Rust)
Panchrysia-In Obscure Depths (LSP)
Panchrysia/Iconoclasm-The Ultimate Crescendo of Hell (Shiver)
Pantheon I-Atrocity Divine (World Chaos)
Panzer Division SS Totenkopf-Ljasnyja Braty (Othal)
Paragon Impure-To Gaius (Goatowarex)
Para Tu Eterno-MMJPGA (Imperial)
Peordh-An Obscure Forgotten Path (Blackmetal.com)
Peordh-Glaring From Spacious Woods & Mountains of Eternal Frost (Blackmetal.com)
Perdition-Antihuman Divinity (Putrid Prophet)
Perverse Monastyr-S/T (Old Cemetery)
Pestiferous-Deep Dark Seasons (Behemoth)
Pestiferous-Gateway (Behemoth)
Piorun-Stajemy Jak Ojce (Eastside)
Pogost-From Eternal Chaos (Assault)
Polymorph-Innocent Suffering (G.U.C)
Prevalent Resistance-To Live Again & Dominate (Nykta)
Primitive Graven Image-Traversing the Awesome Night (Open Grave)
Proclamation-Messiah of Darkness & Impurity (Nuclear War Now)
Profanatica-Profanatitas de Domonatia (Hells Headbangers)
Protest-Have A Rest, Please (Metal Age)
Psionic-Nu-Tech Cyber Sorcery (Injected Senses)
Psychopathic Terror-Fucker (Serpent’s Eye)
Rain Paint-Disillusion of Purity (My Kingdom)
Raven Dark-Autumn Roar (Stellar Winter)
Realm of Carnivora-Verised Relvad (Ketzer/Onslaught)
Regnum Umbra Ignis-Raw & Profane (DFL)
Rellik-Deceive the Deceiving (Metal War)
Remembrance-Frail Visions (Total Rust)
Repent-Disciple of Decline (Autopsy Stench)
Republika-Katastrofi (Ablaze)
Resuscitator-A Warrior’s Death (From Beyond)
Revenge-Victory, Intolerance, Mastery (Red Stream)
Revenge-Attack.Blood.Revenge (Dark Horizon)
Ride For Revenge/Torturium-S/T (Bestial Burst)
Rigor Sardonicous-Vallis ex Umbra de Mortuus (Paragon)
Rossomahaar-Live & Die in Moscow (Sound Age)
Rossomahaar-Regnum Somni (Sound Age)
Ruina/Tundra/Operation Winter Mist-Allegiance of the Profane Pack (None More Black)
Runes of Dianceht-S/T (Battlelord)
Sabbat/Surrender of Divinity-Sabbatical Siamesechrist Beheading (Witchhammer)
Sacrificial Blood/Zombie-S/T (Rusty Axe)
Sacrilegious Impalement-S/T (Blasphemous Underground)
Sacrosanctum-Fragments (Metal Age)
Sad-Total Nothingness (Regimental)
Sadistic Grimness-Vicious Torture (Infernus)
Saltus-Slowianska Duma
Sapfhier-Trollskogen (Black Plague/God is Myth)
Sapremia-Hollow (Open Grave)
Sapthuran-In Hatred (Wraith)
Sapthuran-To the Edge of Land (God is Myth)
Satanizer-War Cult Domain (Goathorned)
Satanochio-I Am Satanochio (Axa Valaha)
Satarial-Heidenlarm (Beyond)
Saxorior-Saxot (G.U.C.)
Scorched-Forever Dying Sun (Regimental)
Scorched-The 5th Season (Heretic)
Sect’s World Funeral-WWIII (Assault)
Seeds of Sorrow-Immortal Junkies (Metal Age)
Seelengreif-Jenseits der Schatten (Tour de Garde)
Sekhmet-Okularis Infernum (Murderous Music)
Semargl-Attack on God (More Hate)
Semargl-Manifest (Deathgasm)
Semargl-Satanogenesis (Deathgasm)
Septrion-Perpetual Frost (Ablaze)
Sezarbil-Bleed for the Devil (Murderous Music)
Shadow Cut-Pictures of Death (Firebox)
Shub Niggurath-Horror Creatures (American Line)
Siculicidium-Lelekosveny (Native Pride)
Sigillum Diaboli-S/T (Blasphemous Underground)
Silencer-Death Pierce Me (Autopsy Kitchen)
Silva Nigra-Cerny Kult (Ravenheart)
Sinoath-Forged in Blood (Elegy)
Sinpularctos-The Voidance of Man (Sabbathid)
666-Ave Satan (Possession)
Skoll-11 Years of Mist (Ewiges Eis)
Skyforger-Semigalls’ Warchant (Folter)
Skyforger-Kauja Pie Saules (Paragon)
Slave’s Mask-Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry
Smouldering in Forgotten-Legions Into Black Flames (Old Cemetery)
Sodomizer-Tales of the Reaper (Holokaostor)
Sol Evil-Sanctus Satanas (AXT)
Solgrav/F-Kaksi Perkelerta (Varjot)
Sombre Chemin-Heterodoxie (Sabbaths Fire)
Sombre Chemin-Doctrine (ISO666)
Sombre Chemin/Ornaments of Sin-Durch Ruinen und Dustere Kriegsfelder (ISO666)
Somrak-The Abhorred Blessings (DTR)
Soulless-Agony’s Lament (World Chaos)
Spell Forest-Lucifer Rex (B.T.O.D.)
Spiculum Iratus/Bestial Incarnation-Monuments of Decimation (Baneful Genesis)
Spinegrinder-A Visual Symphony of Horror (Extremist)
Spite Extreme Wing-Kosmokrator (Behemoth)
Stillhet-Gjemt I Skyggene (Northern Silence)
Storm Legion-The Eye of the Prophet (Goatowarex)
Stormrider-Lucifer Rising (Infernal Waves)
Striborg-Embittered Darkness/Isle de Morts (Displeased)
Sturmfront-Behind the Gate of Darkness (Black Tower)
Subliritum-Dark Prophecies (Evil Horde)
Sumeria-All Paths Lead to Insanity (Graveless Slumber)
Superchrist-Heavy Metal Tonight (Bestial Onslaught)
Superchrist-South of Hell (Autopsy Kitchen)
Superchrist-Headbanger (Professor Black)
Surrender of Divinity-Manifest Blasphemy (From Beyond)
Surrender of Divinity-Oriental Hell Rhythmics (Executor/Atolinga)
Svarga-Yav Vozdimait (Stellar Winter)
Svarrogh-Kukeri (Heavy Horses)
Svartskogg-Helvete 666 (Perish in Light)
Svartthron-Soundtrack to My Solitude (ISO666)
Svartthron-Obscure Telepathy (ISO666)
Symbolic/Dreamlore-The Artificial Acts of Madness (American Line)
Sytry-S/T (De Tenebrarum Principio)
Tacit Fury-The Invented Pain (Witchcraft)
Tangorodream-Twilight Before Sunrise (Witchcraft)
Temnojar-Hyperborean Dylogy (Evil Barber)
Tenebrous-Arias Towards the Black Sun (Deathgasm)
Teratism/Lugubre-Templi Omnium Hominum Paris Abhas (Non Compos Mentis)
Terror Squad-Chaosdragon Rising (World Chaos)
Tetraktys-Vorelon Sellas (Nykta)
Teurgia-With True Faith (Hungaryan)
Thalarion Lati-S/T (Heretic)
The Dying Light-Survival Guide to the Apocalypse (Hypercube)
The Dying Light-The Killing Plan (Hyper Cube)
The Everscathed-Razors of Unrest (Open Grave)
The Knell-Harm (Total Rust)
The Krushers-Omonimo (Apocalisse 74)
The Light of the Dark-Beyond Darkness & Hell We Come (American Line)
The Meads of Asphodel-Damascus Steel (Supernal)
The Shadow Order-Untold (Nykta)
The Stone-The Fog (Folter)
Thronar-For Death & Glory (Seven Kingdoms)
Throneum-Pestilent Death (Apocalyptor)
Thy Flesh Consumed-Pacified by the Oceans of Blood (CDN)
Tiwaz-The Rune of Victory (Somber)
Tjolgtjar-Five Tjolgtjarian Keys (Suffering Jesus)
Tjolgtjar-Halloween (Rusty Axe/Dipsomaniac/Illinoisan Thunder)
Todeskult-Als Die Farben Alter Wurden (ZAM)
Todesstoss-Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen
Tondra/Nordic Mist-Cracking the Hoarfrost (Hell’s Headbangers)
Toten/Contrivisti-Split (Nuclear War Now)
Trist-Stiny (Ars Magna)
Triumph-Dominium (Ordem Negra)
Tundra-Ansia (Long Ago)
Typhus-Profound Blasphemous Proclamation (Dark Horizon)
Tyranny-In Times of Tyranny (Ewiges Eis)
Ulfhethnar-Essence of Superiority (Dark Hidden)
Unchrist-On Leather Wings (Graveless Slumber)
Uncreation’s Dawn-Lightning Hammer Falls (Hammer of Hate/No Sign of Life)
Underdark-The Truth That Lives (Battlelord)
Unholy Archangel-The Demos (ISO666)
Unholy Matrimony-Love & Death
Unlight-Eldest Born of Hell (Heavy Horses)
Until Death Overtakes Me-Symphony III-Monolith (Flood the Earth)
User Ne-Atropa Natura (Dark Symphonies)
Utuk Xul/Mephiztophel-S/T (Hell Attacks)
Uvall-Obsidian Torment (Antinomian)
V.A.C.K.-Vinland Anti-Christian Kommando (Sardonic Wrath)
V.A.C.K.-L’ombre de la Solitude (Rusty Axe)
Valaskjalf/Hrodvitnir-Under the Banner of Vinlandic Heathen Might (Storms of Steel)
Valhom-Desolation (Ars Magna)
Valholm-Despair (Ars Magna)
Varathron-Genesis of Apocryphal Desire (Cursed)
Vardan-Hidden in a Tomb (Folter)
Vazal-Age of Chaos (Meurtre Noir)
Velimor-Ancestry (Stellar Winter)
Velimor-For the Glory of Our Kin/Rujan (Stellar Winter)
Vellonic Sin-Ritual (Blackmetal.com)
Vesperian Sorrow-Beyond the Cursed Eclipse (Displeased)
Vesperian Sorrow-Psychotic Sculpture (Displeased)
Vexed-Endless Armageddon (Witchhammer)
Vigilia Mortum-Bloody Remorse (Blacksmith)
Vinterriket-Und de Nacht Kam Schwaren Schrittes (Displeased)
Vinterriket-Winterschatten (Flood the Earth)
Vinterriket-Lichtschleier (Flood the Earth)
Vinterriket-Lichtschleier (Displeased)
Vinterriket/Northaunt-Split (Flood the Earth)
Violate-Chaos Unbound (Embrace My Funeral)
Vladislas-Season of the Witch (Vile Art)
Vociferian-Triumphant Usurper Beast (Time Before Time)
Vociferian-Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul (Meurtre Noir)
Voiceless Void-Vampire-Another Side of Death (Sound Age)
Volh-Solemn March Into the Ragnarok (Vacula)
Volition-S/T (Total Rust)
VolkeinBlucht- To Consume the Darkness Whole (Graveless Slumber)
Vomit-Still Rotting (Lyderhorn)
Vomit Church-Offers to the Sado-God (E.O.L.P.)
Vordr-S/T (Nykta)
Vordr-II (Nykta)
Vorgus-Vorgusized (Iron, Blood & Death/Execute 666)
Vrata Tmi-Warriors of Northern Lands (More Hate)
Vuohivasara-The Sigil (Iron, Blood & Death)
Vuohivasara/Warpath-Thorns Pest Blood (Iron, Blood & Death)
Wackhanalija-IT:In Hatred to Everything (Ohal)
Wallachia-From Behind the Light (Dark Horizons)
War-Holy War (Under the Sign of Garazel)
War-Dawn of New Epoch/The War Horde (Regimental)
Warage-Black Metal War (Desastrious)
War For War-Kovy Odjinud (Naga)
Warlust/Pestis-The Final War/Plagueridden (Regimental)
Watain-Rabid Death’s Curse (Drakkar)
Watain-Casus Luciferi (Drakkar)
Wayd-Decadence (Metal Age)
Wedard-Einsamer Winterweg (Regimental)
Wedard-Eiskrieg (Sabbathid)
Weeping Birth-A Painting of Raven & Rape
Widomar-Het Land der Katharer (Christhunt)
Winterdemons-The Darkest Storm (Behemoth)
Winter of Apokalypse-Solitary Winter Night (Moribund)
Witchcraft-Years of Blood (Regimental)
Witchtomb/Martyvore-S/T (Old Cemetery)
Wolfen Society-Conquer Divine (House of Death)
Wolfsschrier-Torture of a Human Soul (Raging Bloodlust)
Wolf’s Source-Remission of Spirt (Ridge ov Dragon)
Wolok-Universal Void (Northern Sky)
Woods of Infinity-Hamptjarn (Supernal)
Wraith-Shadows (Graveless Slumber)
Xasthur-S/T (Moribund)
Yaotl Mictlan-Guerreros de la Tierra de los Muertos (American Line)
YcosaHateRon-La Nui (Baphomet)
Zargof-Departure for the Cosmic Twilight (Ars Magna)
Zmrok-Svjatlom Zaginuuszaga Dnja (Possession)
Zyklon-B/Kranty-Judgement Day
V/A Absurd/Tribute to the Tyrants of German Black Metal W/ Leichenzug, Abolition, Feueropfer, Forgotten Darkness, Froststurm, Bloodrevenge, HKZ, Hellfucked, Hirpus, Eisesnacht, Menneskerhat, Schwertzeit, Tarihan, T.H.O.R., Totenburg, Welter, Tyskland & Wolfnacht
V/A A Sixth Sense of Darkness W/ Bloodshed Nihil, Noctifer, Vordr, Wrath, Arkha Sva & Impious Havoc (BBSA)
V/A A Tribute to Count Grishnack W/ Agares, Armagedda, Ereshkigal, Final Thrash, Wigrid, Nokturnal; Mortum, Luror, Earthcorpse, Pagan Warrior 88, Sunwheel, Sun of the Sleepless & Aegishjalmar
V/A Bloody Compilation III W/ Baalphegor, Black Tear, Chamber of Shred, Cyhiriaeth, Daemonlord, Dyspraxia, Foscor, Jigsore, Lapidated, Lucifugum, Mydgard, Numen, Scent of Death, Suffering Down, Witches’ Sabbath & Xerion (Bloody)
V/A If You Can’t Eat it or Fuck it…Then Kill it A Tribute to Carnivore W/ Cannibalingus, Decayed, Hakenkreuzzug, Frostmoon Eclipse, Deathsquadron, Crucifier, Chemikiller, Hellhound, Arghoslent, Kontatto Estremo, Prophelation & Diamatregon (Fetch the Rope)
V/A Metal Message IV W/ Gjenferdsel, Forefather, Tharaphita, Galar, Oakenshield, Irminsul, Slechtvalk, Folkearth, Theudho, Alkonost, Slartibartfas, Skyforger & Sirocco (Metal Message)
V/A Southern Elite Circle W/ Ulfhethnar, Nachtgeblut, Argenraza, Permafrost, Argentum, Campo de Mayo & Furor (Dark Hidden)
V/A Southern Warriors Cult Pt. 1 W/Imperial Lucyfer, Mausoleum, Cheol, Defacer, Poeticus Severus, Arkhon Ton Daimonion, Blazing Corpse & Behalf Fiend (Southern Spirits)
V/A Southern Warriors Cult Pt. II W/Succorbenoth, Awake the Mighty Dragon, Key of Salomon, Nashemak, Inferus, Demoniac Lord, Luxuria de Lilith, Hecate, Kaziklu Bey & Shadow Moon (Southern Spirits)
V/A The Night & the Fog Part III W/Hunok, Dark Fury, Thranath, Kroda, Ulfhethnar, Xenophobia, Panzsergreif, Evil, Graveland, Fjord, Sombre Chemin, Martial, Evil Incarnate & Eigverg (Totenkopf )
V/A Tribute to the Idols ! Best Songs of Angel Reaper & Fantom Presented by Their Followers W/ Acidity Regulator, Age of Agony, Diecold, Dusk, Evoked Curse, Fagyhamu, Labyrinth of Abyss, Ravenshades, Siculicidium, Vorkuta & Warkult (Native Pride)
V/A Under the Axe Volume 3 W/ Desalin, Baphomets Horns, Defecated Corpse, Satan’s Almighty Penis, Kill All Resistance, Wollfsschanze, Dark Energy, Sacrificial Blood, Mephistophelian, Blood Cult, Demonic Mortuary, Tjolgtjar, Enbilulugugal, Bethledeign, Impious, Finisher, War Plague, Melkor, MMFHL, It & Illuminacht (Rusty Axe)
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NCM Recs

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Abiathar-The Apocalypse (Rusty Axe)
Abysmal Desolation-Darl Endless despair (Demonic Death)
Aesthenia-S/T (Proclaim Death)
Agmen-Tartarus (Ravenheart)
Anaboth-Nie Czas Pomiotow (Polish Cult)
Angel Reaper-Vegzet Utolier (Native Pride)
Angel Reaper-Exhumalt Vilag (Native Pride)
Ansur-Carved in Flesh (Nerbilous)
Ares Wrath Division-War Bombastic Black Metal (South Satanic Terrorists)
Argenraza/Grafvolluth/stormlust-Primera Conquista Total del Hemisferio Sur (Desastrious)
Ases-Relics of the Past
Ax-Glare of Autumn (Runefire)
Ax-Extirpation (Runefire)
Battle Tyrant-Mystical Black Night (No God)
Beastcraft-Pentagram Sacrifice (Deathcibel)
Behalf Fiend-Journey Mystic to the Knowledge of Occults Secrets (Magistellus Infernal)
Blackhorned-Arrival of the Firedemon (Pesttod)
Bloodcult-Metal From Hell (Dipsomaniac)
Bound by Entrails-Overture to the Fallen (Runefire)
Bound by Entrails-For Valhalla’s Sorrow (Runefire)
Brumalis-Vengeance Amidst the Snow (Graveyard)
Burning Winds/Kerberos/Misanthropy-Where Darkness Reigns (Goat/Necromantic/Satan’s Millenium Vinland)
Carmina/Amethyste/Atrophy/Darklord-Obscure Infinity (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Catholicon-Promo Demos 2002/1999
Chaos Holokaust Massaker-Execution Propaganda (Dipsomaniac)
Crivian Heathen Madness-S/T (Othal)
Dark Earth-?? (TLOPF)
Dark Messiah-Immortal Battlefield
Dawndeath Incinerator-Tomb of Corporeal Butchery (Stench)
Dawn of Sorrow-Prelude to the War (Dipsomaniac)
Deep Vein/Bloody Sign/Oppression-Bleeding the Fist (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Demonium-Dependence on Malevolence (No God)
Der-Utoler a Veg (Native Pride)
Detonator-Demonstracios Felvetel (Native Pride)
Drohm-The Oracles of Darkend Time (Necrotic)
Drohm-Everlasting Departure
Emmos-Tyrant After Tyrant (Altsphere)
Emmos-Guided by the Devil (Altsphere)
Emmos-Last Breath (Altsphere)
Empty-Eternal Cycle of Decay (Atlantida)
Enbilulugugal-Noizemongers For Goat Serpent (Rusty Axe)
Enecare-Dawn of Creations Ruin (Satan’s Millenium Vinland/Northern Sky)
Envenom Ascension-Demo 2005
Envenom Ascension-Murkland (Runefire)
Envenom Ascension-Daemon est Deus Inversus (Runefire)
Ered-Realms of the Scorn (Oniric)
Eschaton-Summon the Manifestation (Witching Hour)
Everwinter-Final Victory (Antinomian)
Ezayah-Wintersky (Extreminal)
Fantom-Probafelvetelek (Native Pride)
Fantom-Lucifer Jelenj Meg (Native Pride)
Feculence-2002 Promo Demo (Human Cesspool)
Goblin Spell-Nihilism (EOLP)
Gollum-Blod I Natt
Grafvolluth-Black Metal Against Time (Desastrious)
Grannos-Loin de Vos Pensees (Taran)
Gruesome Karnage-1990-1992 (Inspire Hate)
Hasskommando-Nocturnal Knight (Inspire hate)
Hekatomb-Fim do Existir (Satan’s Millenium)
Hellspawn/Hateful/Impureza-Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Demence (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Herot-S/T (Desastrious)
Hrimthurs-War of the Ages
Hun-Wandering on the Fields of Europa (Native Pride)
Ismane/Gungnir-Bunos Ver (Vereskard)
Istidraj-Singakult Black Metal (Satan’s Millennium Vinland)
Kill the Kristians-S/T (Asgard)
Kozmikkrypt/Xastur-Sodomizer Black Domination (Atolinga)
Legion of Doom-A Decade of Darkness & Blood
Lorn-The Path to the Black Infinity
Luten-Rebel Spirit in Pagan Music (Othal)
Malleus-A Semente da Ruina (Satan’s Millenium Vinland)
Mirkvid-The Burning Night (Runefire)
Morbidium-Decayed Remains Taken From Butcher’s Morgue
Naastrand-Chants d’Europe (Sabbaths Fire)
Nathicana-the Redolent Herald of Midnight (No God)
Necrobestiality/Enbilulugugal-Satan’s Poop
Necrovomitor-Vomit Porn Satan (Nerbilous)
Nerlich/Decoherence/Gorgasm-Embalmed Madness (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Nokturne/Noctifer-Die Eiserne Faust DVD-R
Obitus-Coup de Grace (Rape)
Obscuration-S/T (Traumatogenic)
Obsidian-Niederkunst des Chaos (Blutchre)
Occidens-Descending of the Fire Hordes (Nerbilous)
Orcrist-Primitive Damnation (Third Reich)
Plague-Black Hearts of Misanthropy (Desastrious)
Pripegal-Slavia Antiqua (Hammerbolt)
Psychosadistic Haterapist/Erotonomicon/Septic Scum/Uterus-4-way Vomitrocity (No Life)
Pyre-Totalitarian (Desastrious)
Ravenclaw-Where Mighty Ravens Fly (Atlantida)
Raw Hatred-Hung Again Like a Bitch (Dipsomaniac)
Raw Hatred-Total Devastation (Dipsomaniac)
Sacrificia Mortuorum-Ira Melanox (Inspire Hate)
Salvation 666-In Dies Maior (Raging Bloodlust)
Schwarzlose-A Tribute to the Pannon Skins (Native Pride)
Semor-Lesy Severn (TLOPF)
Shayol Ghul-Forlorn Wretch (No God)
Siculicidium-Transylvanian Resistance (Native Pride)
Sinah/Angelgoat/Carnal Valley-S/T (Dead Center)
Slaugorthia-Freestyle Butchery (Dipsomaniac)
Socius/Augur-Split (Schwarzdorn)
Solgrav-Pohiola Kotimme
Sorg Innkallelse-Into the Dark Tower (Hexenreich)
Striid-Warmageddon (Satan’s Millenium Vinland)
Tanmo-Oppressive Lustyranikkal Fukkrituals (Dipsomaniac)
The Black Death-Deathstick (Asgard)
The Dead Musician-S/T (Altsphere)
The Dead Musician-React Then Act (Altsphere)
The Krushers-Megaloi Theoi (Eyes of the Dead)
The New Plague-Diary of a Misanthrope
The One/Goat Molestor/Niroth/Fluisterwoud-Black Metal Terror Over London (Todestrieb)
The Tyrant of Manchester-Rough Music, Bad Blood (Dipsomaniac/Illinoisan Thunder)
IIIrd Sovereign-Horrified Visions
Tjolgtjar-Ave Tjolgtjari (Dipsomaniac)
Tomhet-Perdition Forest
Torech Ungol/Gates of Azharia-Les Voies du Destin (Inspire Hate)
Tunrida-Era 2001 (Dragonthrone)
Twilight Abyss-Astral Plane
Vasilisck-From the dark Depths of the Swamps (Demonic Death)
Vazal-Uit Haat Herrezen (Staalhart)
Versus The World-S/T (Altsphere)
Via Sanginus-S/T (Europart)
Vladislas-Acolytes of the Black Circle
Vorkuta-Morbid Audial Plaugestorm (Native Pride)
Vorkuta/Heldentod-Howard Phillips Lovecraft/Heathen War Cult (Native Pride)
Wald Geist Winter-Des Nebels Langer Weg (Raging Bloodlust)
Warbutcher-Raping War Plague
Warcry-Wotan Stands for Victory (Siegrunen)
Warkult-Rehearsal 1 (Native Pride)
Wolfsschrei-L.U.S.T. (Nerbilous)
Woodlan’s Edge-Liquified in the Molten Bowels of Earth (Subterranean Surreal)
Wurm/Grim Winter-Suicide Pact (Northern Horde)
Xerion-O Trono de Breogan (Taran)
Zanthicus/Gort/Tyrantz Empire-S/T (Desastrious)
V/A Black Circle-Volume III W/ Beauty of Desolation, Bloody Sign, Lucifugum, Reverence, Inferno, Archaeus, Sus Scrofa, Odium, Ases, Gerbe of Life, Uranus, Celtic Throne, Horrid Flesh, Bael, Nordum, Nihilistic Kaos & Grannos (Black Circle)
V/A Bloody Compilation III W/ Baalphegor, Black Tear, Chamber of Shred, Cyhiriaeth, Daemonlord, Dyspraxia, Foscor, Jigsore, Lapidated, Lucifugum, Mydgard, Numen, Scent of death, Suffering Down, Witches’ Sabbath & Xerion (Bloody)
V/A Poganski Szaniec Pomorza W/ Pomerania, Gontyna Kry, Hatenwar, Aetheres, Venedae, Archandria, Wilk & Iechia (Czertog)
V/A Resurrection W/ Demonic Resurrection, Myndsnare, Kryptos, IIIrd Sovereign, Exhumation, Grey, Acrid Semblance, Reptilian Death, Narsil, Demonstealer, Black Hole Theory & Shrapnel
V/A The First Trip in Hell: Total Ukrainian Compilation W/ Brilliant Coldness, Grindfather, Scorn Age, Fatal Day, Dusk Chapel, Gates of Hate, Gromm, Underdark, Natural Spirit, Nocturnal Dominion, Capitollium, Triumphar, Mortid, Simbioz, Fatal Energy, Zal.U.P.A., Resnullius & Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (Bloodhead)
V/A Ukrainian Hordes: The Black Compilation W/ Capitollium, Dead Christ Cult, Dragobrath, Gates of Hate, Kroda, Namtar, Platzdarm, Serpens, Sinah, Vermis Mysteriis, Volhv, Tchugaister & Elite (Dead Christ)
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NCM Recs

Joined: 25 Jul 2007
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Accept-Restless & Wild (Portrait)
Accept-Balls to the Wall (Portrait)
Aetherius Obscuritas-Kinzo Harag (Terranis)
Aetherius Obscuritas-Az Ejszaka Csaszara (Terranis)
Agarthia-Between Eiglophian Mountains (Avalon)
Anaxagazaroth/Ichneutic/Eternity of Darkness/S.I.S.T.-Order of the Wolf
A Mind Confused-Poems of a Darker Soul (Near Dark)
Ancientblood-The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness (Intolerant)
Angantyr-Kampen Fortsatter (Heidens Hart)
Angelkill-Beyond the Black
Angra Mainyu-The Art of Blasphemy (Total Holocaust)
Animus Herilis-Mater Tenebrarum (Drakkar)
Antichrist Terrorist-Nikdy Nepoklekneme Pred Ukrizovanym (Ravenheart)
Anwech-Through the Fog…Behind the Trees (Regimental)
Aphoom Zhah-Eternal Pain (Possession)
Aquer-S/T (Daemonolatreia)
A Ravens Forest-Werewolves Chant (Shadow Dance)
Arghoslent-Galloping Through the Battle Ruins (Propaganda)
Arkenstone-Noctis Arma/Lucitanian Pride (Satanachia/Hades)
Astrofaes-Those Whose Past is Immortal (Stuza)
Astrofaes-The Eyes of the Beast (Oriana)
Astrofaes-Ancestors Shadows (Oriana)
Astrofaes-Heritage (Oriana)
Ater tenebrae/Ravenshades-MMV (Stygian Shadows)
Baal Zebuth-Unholy Baal Zebuth (Nihil)
Bael-Caida de Cristo (Diabolous)
Balfor-Volki Severa (EOLP)
Battalion-Soldiers of Evil (Plague)
Battle Tyrant-Mystical Black Night (No God)
Beelzebul-The Powerful Essence of Lucifthian in Times of Obscurantism (Hell War)
Bestial Cult-Throne of Blood & Fire
Bilskirnir-In Flames of Purification (Tanhu)
Black Angel-Beyond from Beyond (Black Vomit)
Black Bleeding-The Awakening (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Black Circle-Behold My Visions & Wisdom (Total Holocaust)
Blackdeath-Grave of the Light (Blutreinheit)
Black Dementia-Proxima Thule
Black Grave-Anvil of Hate
Black Plague-Under the Black Flame (Hell War)
Blasphemous-Ripping Alive Christ (Ravenheart)
Blodulv-Kristkrossare (Total Holocaust)
Blodulv/Aska-The Purest Cold Precision
Blood Stained Dusk-Continuance of Evil (Propaganda)
Bloody Harvest-Black Hordes
Bluten-Years of Hate & Misanthropy (Krutoslav)
Bolt Thrower-Realm of Chaos (Relativity)
Bone Awl-By Ropes Through Dirt
Brume d’Antomne/Teutates-Unis Parle Lys (Krutoslav)
Butchery-The Coming Plague
Capricornus-Kein Blut Soll Verunreinigt Werden (Warspirit)
Carcharoth-My Father Was a Wolf (Battle Hymn)
Cast in Stone-Demoncrypt (Swordslain)
Cemetery Fading-As Thy Fullmoon Dies
Cerberus-Infernal Creations
Chamber Seven-S/T (Brain Tumor)
Chambre Noir-Sodomize the Dead (Near Dark)
Corpus Christii-The Fire God (Propaganda)
Cultus-De Zwaarden Spreken (Heidens Hart)
Cultus-Our Swords We Raise
Cultus-A Seat in Valhalla (Heidens Hart)
Cumming Jehovah-Throne of Black Priest (Invocation Occultes)
Cumming Jehovah-Demo 3 (Invocation Occultes)
Dammerung-Follow Your Own Shadow (EOLP)
Damnation-Demonstration of Evil (Time Before Time)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult-Hora Nocturna (Propaganda)
Darkest Grove-The Rudimentary of Pessimism (Forever Plagued)
Dark Tribe-In Jeraspunta (Reaper)
Dead & Forgotten-The Tempest (Intolerant)
Dead & Forgotten-S/T (Intolerant)
Deathchurch-Paranoid Destruktion
Deathchurch-Dedicated to Hell
Deathsaint-And Death Will Embrace You (Hazad)
Deathsquadron-Rememberance of Past Atrocities (Unholy World)
Decieverion/Everwinter-S/T (Ravenheart)
Deep Vein/Bloody Sign/Qppression-S/T (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Definition Sane-The Trial
Demonar-S/T (Intolerant)
Demonic Orgy-Sport Vomiting
Demonium-Into the Demonium
Demonlord-Unsacred Soul (Satanachia/Hades)
Demoriel-Lifehatred (Total Holocaust)
De Occulta Philosophia-Obscura Simphonia (Beyond)
Draugurz-S/T (Dunkelweg)
Drop Method-Medium
Drudkh-Autumn Aurora
Dying Creed-Under the Surface
Effigy in Black & White-S/T
Eisenwinter-Reichswinter (Glory to Hatred)
Elite-Kampen (Ravenheart)
Empire of Hate/Morthond-S/T (Heidens Hart)
Enbilulugugal-Goatsodomy (Goatsemen)
Enimon Ni-Blasphemes Sombres Presages (Aura Mystique)
Enochian-Satanic Ceremony (Ravenheart)
Eternal Agony-The Beginning of a New Eternal Chapter (RACB)
Eternal Oath-Physika Kai Mystika
Eviternity-Aurost (Hibernia)
Exterminate-Demo Reh.
Extinction Agenda/Oppression-S/T (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Finsternis-Eine Finster Nachtmusik (Regimental)
Firstborn Evil-The Awakening of Evil (Sword)
Fog/Hellkult-Supreme War (Dragonthrone)
Fogland-Enumaelish (Conflict)
Foldalatti Alakulat-Phobia (Gungnir)
Forest-Zarevom Nad Prakhom (Stellar Winter)
Front Beast-Procreation in Fire (Deathstrike)
Funeral Procession-Legion Cymru (Intolerant)
Garden of Shadows-Heart of the Corona
Gates of Dis-Nero Triumphant (Rusty Axe)
Germanen Blut-S/T (Black Hate)
Gernoth-Damnation Introitus (At War)
Gernoth/Myrddraal-Cold Moon Over Kaltenberg (At War)
Ghash-Forest of Perpetual Pains
Gholgoth-Visional Inertia (Stygian Shadows)
Gnostic-Vistigium de Monasteriom (Rancor)
Godless Truth-The Desperation (Lord Mark Black)
Goetia-Wolfthorn (Daimonion)
Gonfanon-Samain (Inspire Hate)
Gonfanon-Dux Bellorum (Inspire Hate)
Gorvomd-S/T (Goathammer)
Gosforth-God Failed (Black Blood)
Grab-Behold your Future
Grand Belial’s Key-Mocking the Philanthropist (Propaganda)
Grand Belial’s Key-Judeobeast Assassination (Propaganda)
Grausamkeit-Bischmisheiman Pagan Madness
Gravewurm-Ancient Storms of War (Time Before Time)
Gravewurm-Carnivorous Monarchy (Time Before Time)
Grief of God-Deepest Hits
Grimorc-Under His Great Shadow (Swordslain)
Gromm-Ferro Ignique (Ravenheart)
Gromm-Nails for Gods (Ravenheart)
Hakenkreuzzug-Promo 112
Hate Forest-For Those Who Came Before Us
Hate Forest-The Gates
Hate Forest-Purity
Hate Forest-Battlefields
Hateful Abandon-Never Ending Black Torrent of Death (Meurtre Noir)
Hatework-Thrashers’ Attack (Deathstrike)
Havoc Vulture-S/T
Heidentum-Rest in Battle (Satanic Terror)
Hellstrike-Soundtrack for Aryan War (Terror Wolfe)
Helvete-Macht ist Recht (Funeral)
Holmgang-I Vinterens Favn (Total Holocaust)
Holokaust 666-Ihmisyyden Pimea Puoli Uvautuu (BlackArts)
Honor Pugnae-Resistance (Taran)
Human Decay-Redemption Denied
Hunok-Forgotten Honour (Tanhu)
Hutt-Sessao Descarrego (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Hydrogenium-Black Madness
Hydrogenium-Human Holocaust
Hyperborean-Promo ‘03
Ichor-Gia Thn Nikh Poy Oa’Poei (Avalon)
Immortal Hammer-Immortal Past (Krutoslav)
Impious Havoc-The Great Day of Wrath (Total Holocaust)
Impious Havoc-Monuments of Suffering (Meurtre Noir)
Inferno-Chram Nenavisti (Unholy World)
Inferno-Duch Slovanske Sily (Old Legend)
Inferno-Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004 (Ravenheart)
Inferno/Moonblood-S/T (Ravenheart)
In Tha Umbra-Of the Singing Dusk (Tribal)
In Tha Umbra-Of the Singing Dusk (Hibernia)
Irhmgaar-Funeral Hate (Chaos)
Irmingot-Support the Underground (Vargulf)
Ithdabquth Oliphoth-Demonic Crown of Anticreation (Misanthropic Propaganda)
Jerusalima Est Perdita-Marsch der Kolonne (Forgotten Wisdom)
Kadotus-Glare of Darkness
Kadotus-Seven Glorifications of Evil (Cathedral Ruins)
Kalte-Opus II
Keel-The Right to Rock (Gold Mountain)
Kharon-The Fullmoon Curse (Neodawn)
Kill-Live for Satan (Satanic Propaganda)
Komiklapper-S/T (Satanic Terror)
Korium-Mraziva Noc Prinasa Pokoj (Ravenheart)
Kratherion-Nuclear Black Mass of the Goat Radiations (Lucifer Warlord)
Lado Obscuro-O Inferno por (Intolerant)
Landscape-In the Stillness Calm (Madara)
Lebensessenz-Wenn der Wald Zum Traum Wird
Lebensessenz-Terra Nullis (Gungnir)
Lebensessenz-Einsamkeit, Hab und Dunkelheit sind mein Lebensessenz (Dunkelweg/Blood & Iron)
Lubrik Hate-Negative Destiny (Infernal Kommando)
Lucifugum-And the Wheel Keeps Crunching (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Path of Wolf (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Stigma Egoism (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Supreme Art of Genocide (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Vector 33 (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Sociopath:Philosophy Cynicism (Propaganda)
Luftwaffe Raid-Empire (Total Holocaust)
Lugubrum-De Zuivering (Tanhu)
Lutomysl-Decadence (Propaganda)
Lycanthia-Rapture’s Embrace
Lycanthropy’s Spell-Chaos, Death & Horror (Intolerant)
Machiavel-To Die for a New Empire (Aura Mystique)
Maggut-Reh. Demo 2001
Malefice-Blood Frozen Ritual (Invocation Occultes)
Malefice-The Cross Inverted (Invocation Occultes)
Maleficencia-Apostasia (Diabolous)
Marblebog-Wind of Moors (Tanhu)
Mercenary-Promo to Mini CD ’95
Meslamtaea-Illusion (Heidens Hart)
Midnight Sun-Demo 1
Midnight Sun-Demo 2
Mirk-Of Spirit & Blood (Asgard)
Mirkhall-Heathen Hearted (Tanhu)
Misanthropic Art-Homicides (Nihil)
Moloch-Black than Darkness
Moontower-The Wolf’s Hunger
Morbid Angel-Domination (Giant)
Morbid Angel-Covenant (Giant)
Morbid Execution-Necrotorment (Time Before Time)
Myrkal-Whispers of Carpathian Wolves (Intolerant)
Myself Vs. Maximum Perversion (Heidens Hart)
Myself Vs. Maximum Perversion 2 (Heidens Hart)
Nacht-Mist & Spirits (Daemonolatreio)
Nameless Project-Nameless Demo
Nazgul-Omne Est Paratum (Hallucination)
Nebelkreiger-Asaland (EOLP)
Necromancer-Three Songs for Satan
Necromancer-Black Legions
Necromancy-Satan Crush Useless God (Diabolous)
Necromancy-Into Apocalipsis (Diabolous)
Necromortum-Evil Coming Winter (Chanteloup)
Necrophile-Morbid Perversions
Necrowitch-Into the Temples of Nar Matarru (Black Vomit)
Negro Altar-Goat Ritual (Gungnir)
Nokturnal Mortum-Return of the Vampire Lord (Oriana)
Northcrown-Ancient Battles (Swordslain)
Northcrown-Presage of War (Swordslain)
Nosophoros-Alone in Cryptic Labyrinths (Terror Wolfe)
Nowogrodek-Shadow’s Dance
Nyktalgia-S/T (Tanhu)
Object 4-Facility 7se7en (Ravenheart)
Obtest-Avka Seniems Dievams (Ledo Takas)
October Foggy-S/T (Axis Poer)
Omnivorus-S/T (Riposte)
Ornias-Fodelse (Cursed Creation)
Osirion/Vorkuta-S/T (War)
Oyhra-Na Jazycznickaj Zjamli (Funeral Pyre)
Oyhra-The Battle Arrow (Funeral Pyre)
Paganfire-Mabangis! Marahas! (Eternal Darkness)
Pagan Hellfire-A Voice from Centuries Away (Intolerant)
Paragon Impure-S/T (Meurtre Noir)
Perdition-Forgotten Rites (Axis Power)
Perdition-Death Knell (Aryan Heritage/Fourth Reich/Rusted Nails)
Perditor-Desecration of Recession Day
Pestiferium-In Honour of Evil & Ancient Pride (War)
Peurs Ancestrales-Supplices Infernaux (Infernal Kommando)
Pimentola-MM-MMV (Ravenheart)
Poems About the Forest-Schwaizes Licht
Profane Solitude-Awakening in Emptiness (Ravenheart)
Prophanity-The Battleroar (Black Stone Wielder)
Putride-The Lie Called Salvation (Skull)
Rammer-Incinerator (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Ratt-Invasion of Your Privacy (Atlantic)
Ravenbanner-For the Might of Heathen Blood (Totenkopf)
Raven Dark-Berustet av Kriegsdronnet (Stellar Winter)
Raven Dark-Verdandi (Stellar Winter)
Realm of Carnivora-Vengeance Shall Come (Ketzer)
Regnant & Thrall-Questing the Faustian Spirit (Strange Conviction)
Remmirath-Smrt Putnikova (Ravenheart)
Ritual-En la Sombra del Valle de la Muerte (Averno)
Sacrificia Mortuorum-Dark Hymns of War (Inspire Hate)
Sadiztik Impaler-Demonic Sadiztik Onslaught (Goathammer)
Sadomaniac-Sadomaniacal Desecration (Rancor)
Samael-Cermony of Opposites (Century Media)
Satanic Sacrifice-S/T (Goathammer)
Satan’s God-Live From Planet Zoilert-Staff (Pure Hatred)
Satan’s God-Crux de la Violence (Pure Hatred)
Satan’s God/Numb From the Face Down-S/T (Pure Hatred)
Seidr-Invading Heaven (Chanteloup)
Seigneur Voland-Consumatum Est (Warspirit)
Sempiternal-Forest of Omnot (Eternal Darkness)
Seraph/Netherealm-Summoning the Shadowsouls (Daimonion)
Serpent Hordes-Triumphant Awakening of Hell’s Darkest Master
Serpent Hordes-In the Name of Satan (Inverted Cross)
Serpent Hordes-Satan’s Wrath Unleashed
Shatargat-Wolfe Der Nacht (Demonium)
Shayol Ghul-Forlorn Wretch (No God)
Silva Nigra-Symbol Nenavisti (Ravenheart)
Silva Nigra-Chlad Noci (Ravenheart)
Silva Nigra-Cerny Kult (Ravenheart)
Skyforger-Latvian Rifleman (Fatal Ecstasy)
Slechtvalk-The War that Plagues the Lands (Hrom)
Song of Melkor-Bled Dry (Dipsomaniac)
Soulgrind-Helkavirsia (Regress)
Spiritual Wintermoon-Nightfall in the Ancient Woods
Stormnatt-Funeral Apocalypse (Total Holocaust)
Stormnatt-Resurrection ov the Kult
Striborg-Mysterious Semblance (Total Holocaust)
Suicid Solution-In Suicide We Trust (Wintermond/Satanic Terror)
Svarga-Yav Vozdimaet (Rarog/Stellar Winter)
Svartalfheim-Well of the Highest Knowledge (Engwar)
Svartnar-S/T (Insikt)
Tales of Darknord-Endless Sunfall (R.I.P.)
Tales of Darknord-The Last (R.I.P.)
Temnozor-Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus (Stellar Winter)
Tengereken-As Attila Rides (Arrow Cross)
Terror-The Agony of Wandering Souls (Total Holocaust)
Terrorgoat-From the Cathedral of Disgust, We Rise (Lord Weird)
Terrorgoat-Demon Scarification (Lord Weird)
Terrorgoat-Conjurations of a Lunatic Priest (Lord Weird)
The Abyss-The Other Side (Nuclear Blast)
Thor’s Hammer-The Fate Worse Than Death (Blutreinheit)
Tinieblas-Dark Infernal Light (Thrash Corner)
Toil-S/T (Forever Plagued)
Tomb-Sacrilegium (Todestrieb)
Tundra-Ansia (Ravenheart)
Typhus-Profound Blasphemous Proclamation (Propaganda)
Ulvhedner-Fordasyn (Ancient Path)
Underdark-Eternal Raw (Ravenheart)
Underdark-The Truth That Lives (Ravenheart)
Unholy Crucifix-Execration Mass (Meurtre Noir)
Unholy Crusade-Goat’s Perversion
Uno Actu-L’eveil de L’ombre (Tour de Garde)
Uraeus-O Despertar da Ira Serpential (
Vacuum-Ascensus (Eerie Art)
Vargleide-Just Ashes, Dust & Burning Ground Remains (Ancient Nation)
Vastion-Horrid Sights of Hate
Vastion-Buried & Nameless
Vazal-Uit Haat Herrezen (Staalhart)
Vedervardig-Demons (Total Holocaust)
Veil-Dolor (Terror Wolfe)
Veil of Sorrow-Autumn Lustre
Venedae/Grom-S/T (Stellar Winter)
Vento Negro-Do Perfeccionismo Natural (South Satanic Terrorists)
Vredgad-Hatats Natt (Rott)
Vrolok-Resurgence (Total Holocaust)
War Blasphemy-For the Glory of the Unpure (Hell War)
Warcry-Wotan Stands for Victory (Tanhu)
Warfire/Ad Hominem-Purification (Total Holocaust)
Wargrinder/Blasphemous Noise Torment (Unholy)
War Master-The Black Horde Reigns Supreme
Wedard-Einleben in der Ewigkeit (Wintermond)
Winterfrost-The Return of North-Eastern Hordes (Blasphemy)
Wold-Badb (Regimental)
Wolfthorn-Battle Against Humanity (Total Holocaust)
Wolfthrone-Awakening of the Wolves (Siegrunen)
Wrath Ritual-The Irruption (Rancor)
Zarach’Baal Tharagh-S/T (DUKE)
Zwischen Den Wald-Promo ‘04
V/A Algharb In Flames W/ In Tha Umbra, Tesanna Satanna, Bell Witch, Sortilege, Alcoholic Smashing War, At Ivory Boughs, Dwelling In Pain, Brutal Whisper, Whispering (Hibernia)
V/A As the Nuclear Mist Descends W/ Unburied, Twisted Tower Dire, The Tempter, Shadows of Sunset, Pedifile, Razor of Occam, Maniac Butcher, Prophecy, The Forgotten, Fallen Yggdrasil, Autoerotic Asphyxiation, Altar of Perversion, Unholy Archangel, Suicidal Winds, Ork & Liege Lord (Eternal Darkness)
V/A Here Lies Your Trend Volume 1 W/ Eternal Sadness, Wasteland, Sanatorium, Obscure Disaster, Depression, Chaos & Technocracy, Decayed Catacomb, Forlorn Legacy, Caress & Airfresh (Trendkill)
V/A Pieces of Atrocity w/ Severe Torture, Cyanosis, Morgue, Soils of Fate, Incarrion, Voracious Gangrene, Excarnated & Vomit Remnants
V/A The Second Dawn of Meggido W/ Ligeia, Cromlech, Enchanted Sorrow, Severence, Messe Noir, Impact Winter, Demonic Sacrifice & Martire (Eternal Darkness)
V/A ‘Til Your Ears Bleed Volume 1 Asiatic Attack W/ Mortes Saltantes, Bastardized, Perish, Funeral Rites, Tegnokorak & Dusk (Hibernia)
V/A ‘Til Your Ears Bleed Volume 2 American Attack W/ SPQR, Obliteration, Twisted Tower Dire, Garden of Shadows, Unholy Death & Mystical Full Moon (Hibernia)
V/A ‘Til Your Ears Bleed Volume 3 European Attack W/ Moonsorrow, Hondur, Tharaphita, Alcoholic Smashing War, Eviternity, Tangrycan & Consecrated (Hibernia)
V/A Tobende Donner W/ Vomit Church, Nebelkrieger, Heidentum, Inferi Nebula Mortuum, Goblin Spell & Bloody Harvest (EOLP)
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Aaskereia - Mit Dem Eid Unserer Ahnen Begann der Sturm
Abazagorath – The Spirit of Hate For Mankind White Wax (Blood Fire Death)
Abhorer – Upheaval of Blasphemy (Shivadarshana) Two Different Versions
Abigail – Tribute to NME (Nuclear War Now)
Abigail – Confound Eternal (Of God’s Disgrace)
Abigail – Descending From A Blackend Sky (H.S.B.)
Abigail – Tribute to Sigh/Eastern Force of Evil Die Hard Red Wax (Nuclear War Now)
Abigail/Decayed – The Bulldozer Armageddon Vol. II (Warlord)
Abigail/Fastkill – Far East Necromancers (Satanic Lust)
Abigail/Hate Kommand 0 Street War Metal Kommand (Deathrash Armageddon)
Acheron – Deprived of Afterlife (Corpse Grinder)
Acid Death – Apathy Murders Hope Blue Wax (Molon Lave)
Ad Hominem/Ornaments of Sin - Treaty of Alliance (Christhunt)
Adramelech – Spring of Recovery (Adipocere)
Adumus/Blaspherian – Maelstrom/To Walk the Path of Unrighteousness (Black Death)
Aesthenia/Somrak-Invocations Unto Belial/Gathering At the Ruins (Vile Art)
Agathocles – No Use (Uxicon)
Agathocles/Abstain – Society of Steel/Fuck Your Values Blue Wax (Uxicon)
Agathocles/Morbid Organs Mutilation – Who Profits ? Who Dies ? (Rodel)
Ahriman/Frost – A Tribute to Tormentor (Osiris)
Akitsa – Propetie Heretique (Sabbath’s Fire)
Akitsa/Thesyre – S/T (Sadolust)
Alttari/Kadotus – S/T (W.T.C.)
Aluk Todolo – S/T (Implied Sound)
Amalek/Aryan Art – Ein Freies Volk (Einsatzkommando)
A Mind Confused – Out of Chaos Spawn (Near Dark)
Amnion – Burn the Forest (Calabozo)
Amorphis – Vulgar Necrolatry (Relapse)
Amortis – Memories of An Ancient Time (Last Episode)
AN – Pure Northern Hell (Northern Sound)
Anael – Infernal Devotion (Sombre)
Anael/Buried God – Eye of the Sleepless/Back To Wreck Your Neck (Hatespawn)
Anal Blasphemy/Bloodhammer – Filth Union in Desecration (Hammer of Hate/No Sign of Life)
Anal Vomit – From Peruvian Hell (Legion of Death)
Angelkill – Lady Cadaver (Enigmatic/Necrodeath)
Animus Herilis – Salvatio Regni (Forgotten Wisdom)
Antithesis – S/T (Blazing)
Apocalypse Command – S/T (Nuclear Abominations)
Aptorian Demon – S/T (Aftermath)
Aquer/The True Endless – United By Demoniacal Obsession (Necromancer)
Ares Kingdom – Chaosmongers Alive (Agonia)
Arkha Sva/Hypothermia – S/T (Fog of the Apokalypse)
Armaggedon/Akerbeltz – Satanic Chainsaw Sodomized/Solemn March Towards the Holocaust (Chaos)
Armaggedon/Vargsang – Armaggedon/In Darkness They Will Bleed (Undercover)
Armour – Kodoku No Warrior (Dozin Destroyer)
Arrival – Son of Stormbringer (Breath of Pestilence)
Arsonist Lodge – Lihaa Pedolle (Northern Sound)
Aryan Blood/Evil – S/T (Einsatzkommando)
Aryan Blood/Satanic Warmaster – Strength-Pride-Nobility/The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves (WKG)
Ash Pool – Black Bondage in the North (Paragon)
Aska/Hypothermia – S/T (Unjoy)
Astriaal – The Throne to Perish (Dark Horizon)
Atanatos – Castle in the Dark Pic Disc (Last Episode)
Ater Tenebrae – Eternal Eclipse (Terranis)
Ater Tenebrae/Ravenshades – Split MMV (Miriquidi)
Atomizer – Songs of Slaughter-Songs of Sacrifice Double Pic Disc (Hell’s Headbangers)
Atomizer – Tyrus (Soulseller)
Atomizer – Gimme Natural Selection Pink Wax (Nihilist Void)
Atomizer/Root – Ancient Mysteries/And the Hunt Begins Again (Ajna)
Audiopain/Dead To This World – The Inhumator/Speak When Spoken To (Hearse)
Awakening – Swimming Through the Past (Adipocere)
Axis Powers/Ill Natured – Fresh Human Flesh/Reject the Living (Deathstrike)
Bael – Le Regne du Sang (Satan’s Millennium)
Bahimiron – Hunting Down the Weak Red Wax (Blood Fire Death/Regimental)
Bak De Syv Fjell – S/T (Edged Circle)
Balmog/Nausea – S/T (Bloody)
Baltak – Macedonian Legions Rise (From Beyond)
Banished – S/T (Olympic/Peaceville)
Banished Spirits/Ensamheit – S/T (DUKE)
Baphomet – Boiled in Blood (After World)
Bannerwar – Chronicles of Pagan Steel (Blazing)
Baptism – Black Ceremony Pic Disc (Faustian)
Barastir/Yersinia – Devoured By Chaos in Eternal Torment/Invocatur Infernum (Bloodlust/Irminsul)
Barbatos – War Metal Drinkers (Legion of Death)
Barbatos/Mantak – Baptized by Beers White Wax (Necromancer)
Beastcraft/Orcrist – S/T (Temple of Darkness)
Behalf Fiend – A Step to Chaos (Necromancer)
Behalf Fiend/Satanic Prophets – United By Satanic Pride (Southern Spirits/Necromancer/Aigon)
Behemoth – Antichristian Phenomenon Pic Disc (Avantgarde)
Bekhira/Desolation Triumphalis – Leading the Plague of Yahweh to it’s Grave (Aura Mystique)
Belial – The Gods of the Pit Part II Orange Wax (Moribund)
Belsebub – Elohim (Drowned)
Benediction/Pungent Stench – S/T (Nuclear Blast)
Bestial Holocaust – Primigenium Invocation (Terranis)
Bestial Holocaust – Pacto Con Satan (Necromancer)
Bestial Raids – Order of Doom (Bird of Ill Omen)
Bilskirnir – Wolfswut Clear Wax (Wotanstahl Klangschmiede)
Bilskirnir/Hunok – Allied By Heathen Blood (Tanhu/Sabbaths Fire)
Bilskirnir/Nordreich – Die Wacht/Nehmt Mir Das Licht (Perverted Taste)
Black Altar – Wrath ov the Gods (Odium)
Black Angel – Art & Fire (Legion of Death)
Black Angel – Reign of Satan Pic Disc (Necromancer)
Black Beast – S/T (Cryptia)
Black Flame – S/T (Sombre)
Black Howling/Front Beast – S/T Magenta Wax (Deathstrike/Hell War/Steelfire/Frostfluch)
Black Task/Incriminated – Warriors of Fire & Hell (Bestial Burst)
Black Winter/Nethescerial – In Cosmic Installation/Onwards the Dismal Kingdoms Clear Wax
Blodarv – Beyond Life (Breath of Pestilence)
Blodarv – Heksen (Breath of Pestilence)
Bloodhammer/Blackdeath – Desecrated by Satan’s Lust/Sun is Setting in the North (Breath of Pestilence)
Bloodhammer/Bliss of Flesh – S/T (Primitive Reaction)
Bloodhammer/Deathspawned Destroyer – S/T (Bestial Burst)
Bloodline – A Pestilence Long Forgotten (Neodawn/Ketzer)
Blood Red Fog/Musta Kappeli – Wandering Towards (Primitive Reaction)
Blood Vengeance – Panzerschlag (Obscure Abhorrence)
Bone Awl – At the Eclipse’s Arc (Northern Sky)
Bone Awl – So I Must Take From the Earth Double (Hospital)
Bone Awl – Night is Indifferent (Klaxon)
Bone Awl – Lindow Man
Bone Awl/Furdidurke – S/T
Botulistum/Domini Inferi – Acts of Excrement Terrorism (New Era)
Brain Dead – S/T Mint Green Wax (Perverted Taste)
Brandpest – I Fandens Vold og Magt (Horror)
Branstock/Nordreich – S/T (Perverted Taste)
Brujeria – Machetazos (Alternative Tentacles)
Burialmound – Horror (Arte de Occulta)
Capricornus – Stahlgewitter (Wolftower)
Carbon – March of the Golgothan Hordes (Decius)
Cauldron Black Ram – The Devil Bellied Seven Inch (Apocalyptor)
Celestia – Evoking Grace & Splendour (Drakkar)
Celestia/Goatfire – Darkness Enfold the Sky/Black Slaughterization (End All Life)
Celestial Bloodshed – S/T (Apocalyptic Empire)
Chant of Blasphemy – Revelation (Warfront/Vargulf)
Chaos Omen – Life Be Gone (Perverted Taste)
Cianide/Terror Throne/Malas/Hellrealm – Chicago Metal Hell (The Number Thirteen)
Cirith Gorgor – Through Woods of Darkness & Evil (Ketzer/Regimental)
Cirith Gorgor/Mor Dagor – Demonic Incarnation/Memento Mori
Cock & Ball Torture/Grossmember – Analcadaver/Make Victims Not Love (No Weak Shit)
Cock & Ball Torture/Squash Bowels – Parental Advisory/Regulation (Bizarre Leprous)
Corrupt – Silence Equals Death (Blood Harvest)
Corrupt/Necrovation – Curse of the Subconscious (Blood Harvest)
Crucifer – Pray For the Dead Blue Wax (Wild Rags)
Crucified Mortals – Kill Upon Command (Iron Bonehead)
Crucifixion Wounds/Chaosbaphomet – Profanation of the Crucified/Rex Demonicus (Deathstrike)
Cryostasium/Xasthur – S/T (Bestial Onslaught)
Cult of Daath – Razor War Die Hard (Klaxon/Nuclear War Now)
Cutthroat – Anal Electrocution (The Infernal Thrashing)
Cutthroat – Branded Then Whipped (The Infernal Thrashing)
Cutthroat – Please Show Me Your Pussy (Iron Bonehead)
Daemonlord – Coil of Devastation (Necromancer)
Daemonlord – Aarstrand (Ketzer)
Damnatory – Hybridized Deformity Clear Wax (I.O.E.)
Damonenblut – Im Schloss des Finst’ren Grafen Clear Black Wax (Blutvergiessen)
Darkest Oath – Paradise of the Infernal Torment Red Wax (Molon Lave)
Darkthule – Revolution of Souls (Blazing)
Darvulia – Belladone (Battlesk’rs)
Dawn of Azazel – Bloodforged Abdication (Hellflame)
Dead – Slaves to Abysmal Perversity Red Wax (Malodorous Mangled Innards)
Dead Christ – Satans Hunger Red Wax (Molon Lave)
Dead World – S/T (Relapse)
Deathchurch – Unsilent Hate Anthem (Klaxon/Nuclear War Now)
Deathchurch/Morquida – Terror Revelation/Slow, Gory & Sick (Weird Truth)
Deathgate Arkanum/Todesstoss – Sturmbund/Asgardsrei (Horned)
Death Squadron – Black Guard of War (Agonia)
Decayed – Hell-Witch (Iron Bonehead)
Decayed – Satanic Blast (Drakkar)
Decayed – Remnants of a Past (Global Terror)
Decayed – Hymns to Satan (Iron Bonehead)
Decayed/Corpus Christii – Decadentia Christii (Hiberica)
Decrepit – The Wake Clear Wax (P.S.)
Denouncement Pyre – Under the Aegis of Damnation (Apocalyptor)
Depressor – The Book of the Dead Double Red Wax
Derketa/Garvewurm/Witchburner/Sadomaniac – Behold the Legions of Hell (Iron Bonehead)
Der Sturmer – Iron, Will & Discipline Blue Wax (Black Sun)
Der Stumer/Arghoslent/Mudoven – S/T Clear Wax (Vinland Winds)
Der Sturmer/Evil/Nacht und Nebel – Those Who Want to Create (Breath of Pestilence)
Der Sturmer/War 88 – Once & Again Plundering the Zion (Death’s Abyss)
Desecration – Raping the Corpse Red Wax (Apocalyptic Empire)
Desolation Hymn – Purgatory Despairing (Blood Fire Death)
Desolation Triumphalis/Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis – S/T (Niessedrion)
Destroyer 666 – Satanic Speed Metal (Merciless)
Devilry – Muslim Genocide (Breath of Pestilence)
Devilry – Inhumane Regiment Pic Disc (Embers)
Devilry – Satanasphere (Nuclear Winter)
Devilry/Ravening – S/T (Northern Sound/Bestial Burst)
Deviser – The Revelation of Higher Mysteries (Teutonic Existence)
Diabolicum/Angst – Hail Terror (Eerie Art)
Diamatregon – Charognard (Paragon/Agonia)
Dies Ater – Rausch Der Macht Brown Wax (Fog of Apacalypse)
Disastrous Murmur/Embedded – S/T (Perverted Taste)
Disemboweled Corpse – Black As the Coals of Hell (Mint Tone)
Disfigured/Repudilation – S/T
Disharmony – The Gate of Deeper Sleep Red Wax (Molon Lave)
Dissection/Immortal – Sacrifice/Unsilent Storms in the Northern Abyss
Dissimulation – Miglose Purple Wax (Ledo Takas)
Doom Stone – Rosemary’s Baby Green Wax (With Your Teeth)
Dreams of Damnation – S/T (Brimstone)
Dunkel Nacht/Arimonium Rex – Bloodthirst/Lord of Bloodstained Forests (MGT)
Dust – The Endless Fall (Mester)
Eidomantum – The Death (Sombre)
Eisenwinter – Tyrannendunkel (Deathwind/Silent)
Eismalsott – Best Before: Spring (Northern Silence)
Elite/Carbon – Stanken av Hyklers Blod/Descent (Agonia)
Empaligon/Triumvirat Xul – Realm Wrath Complex/Binah, die Triade
Encomium/Funeral Procession – Under An Endarkened Skie (Phlegethon)
Encomium/Graupel – S/T (Phlegethon/Westwall)
Enthroned – Goatlust (Painkiller)
Equinox – Upon the Throne of Eternity Red Wax (Silencelike Death)
Erhabenheit – Verhallend mit des Todesboten Kunde (Raging Bloodlust)
Eternal Dirge – My Sweet Satan (Morbid)
Eternal Frost – Das Ende Red Wax (Undercover)
Eternal Hatred – Upon Rotten Mankind (Stormbringer)
Evil – Distant in Forest’s Deep (Total War)
Evil Angel – Metal Onslaught (Sword & Sorcery)
Ewiges Reich/Jerusolima est Perdita – S/T (Christhunt)
Ewiges Reich/Totenburg – S/T (Perverted Taste)
Exekrator – Superstitionis Maleficiae (View Beyond)
Exekrator – The Beast is Come (Fiery)
Exhumed/Nyctophobic – Totally Fucking Dead/Sterility (Revenge)
Exhumed/Panatalones Abajo Marinero – S/T White Wax (Discos Al Pacino)
Exhumed/Retaliation – S/T (Headfucker)
Exmortem – Killstorms
Exordium – Nihil INRI (Northern Heritage)
Fagyhamu – South of Carpathians (Terranis)
Fatal Portrait – Rapture Among the Idols
Feikn – Helhesten (Horror)
Fiendish Nymph – The Sibyl of Elikona (Solistitium)
Flauros – Suicide Pic Disc (Embers)
Flauros – Before My Eyes the New World Rose (Breath of Pestilence)
Flauros – Third Curse Red Wax (Dark Horizon)
Fluisterwoud/Sauron – S/T (Mrok/Obscure Abhorrence)
Fog – From Within the Darkness Beyond Eternity (Dark Horizon)
Forgotten Silence/Dissloving of Prodigy – Clara/Damocles Gladius (Obscene)
Front Beast – Ars Satanic Ex Tempus
Front Beast/Abigail – Hexenkreis/Live in Germany (Onslaught)
Front Beast/Har Shatan – Laws of the Cemetery/Pain & Misery Clear Wax
Front Beast/Staub – S/T (Deathstrike)
Frost/Panzerfaust – S/T Red Wax (Satanic Terror)
Frostkrieg/Halgadom – Ahnenland (Christhunt)
Frostmoon Eclipse – Revenge in Scorn (Maggot)
Full Moon Lycanthropy/Conjuration – S/T (Bestial Burst)
Funebrarum – Dormant Hallucination Red Wax (Midnight)
Funeral Dirge – S/T (Selbstmord)
Funeral Frost – Watch Them Burn (Raging Bloodlust)
Furze – First Feast For Freedom (Apocalyptic Empire)
G.A.T.E.S./Bludwulf – S/T (Death Bitch)
Gauntlet’s Sword – Conquer Miss (Vinland Winds)
Gaurithoth – Huoravasara Gray Wax (Fudgeworthy)
Geimhre/Ad Hominem – We Are the WolvesBlack Sabbath (Undercover)
General Surgery – Necrology (Relapse)
Genocide – Blasphemic Terrorism (Burning Churches)
Gholgoth/Witchcraft – S/T (Miriquidi/City of the Dead)
Goatbless/Nocturnal Goat/Goat Horns/Goat Prayers – Goatwatchers United (Goatwatchers United)
Gloria Diaboli – S/T (Painiac)
Goat Messiah/Tiburon – Alliance Helvetia Red Wax (Necromancer)
Goat Molestor – Realm of the Evoked Doom (Bestial Onslaught)
Goatpenis/Death Squadron – High Temperature Fires/Genocide Before Extinction (Infernus)
Goatreich 666 – Funeral of Nameless Angels (Drakkar)
Goatthrower/Lisa the Wolfe – S/T Red Wax (Axcation)
Goat Vengeance – We Bring the Goat Massacre on the Men’s World (Necromancer)
Goatvomit – Chapel of the Winds of Belial (Nuclear War Now/Kiss of Shame)
Goatwhore/Epoch of Unlight – S/T (Bloated Goat)
Goblin SpellThe True Endless – On the Path in the Night/The Forest Like Us (Eclipse of Live Promulgation)
Gorgoroth – The Last Tormentor Fluorescent Pink Wax (Malicious)
Grave Desecrator – Cult of Warfare & Darkness (Ketzer)
Gravewurm – W.A.R.B.E.A.S.T. (Iron Bonehead)
Gravewurm/Daemonlord – The Final Order White Wax (Necromancer)
Gravewurm/Devil Lee Rot – Infernal Gates (Miriquidi/City of the Dead)
Grenade – Venom of God (Decius)
Grenjar/Kargvint – S/T (Lyderhorn)
Grima Morstua – Repulsive Sounds of Satanic Worship (Drakkar)
Grimnir – S/T W/ Patch (Ostfront/Satanic Empire)
Grimnir/Mordgrund – S/T (Ostfront)
Haatstrijd – Satansplaag (Sadolust)
Haemorrhage/Groinchurn – Surgery For the Dead/I Don’t Think So (Morbid)
Haemorrhage/Ingrowing – S/T Red/Clear Splatter Wax (Shindy)
Handful of Hate – Scorn & Conquest (Warlord)
Handful of Hate – Death From Above (Downfall)
Hate Forest – Ritual (Miriquidi)
Headrot – S/T (Dissonant)
Hellsermon – Brimstone, Sulphur & Blood (Decius)
Hellshock – Warlord (Profane Existence)
Hellstorm – Murder Grey Wax (Oskorei)
Hin Onde – Fiery September Fire (Aftermath)
Holocausto – Inferior
Horned Almighty – In the Year of Our Horned Lord (Infernus)
Horror of Horrors/Judecca – Old Burnt Church Road/The Evil is Born Maroon Wax
Houwitser – March to Die Olive Green Wax (Displeased)
Hyena – S/T Lime Green Wax (Obscure Abhorrence)
Hypocrisy – Carved Up Purple Wax (Relapse)
Hypocrisy/Resurrection/Afflicted/Sinister – S/T Blue Wax (Nuclear Blast)
Hypothermia/Svartnar – S/T (Eternity)
IAD – Die Prophezeiung (Fog of the Apocalypse)
Ildjarn-Nidhogg – Norse (Nocturnal Art)
Immortal Hammer – Volanie Bahyne Smrti (Eclipse)
Impaled/Cephalic Carnage – S/T (Headfucker)
Impaler/Ripsnorter – Black Leather Monster/Beyond the Grave Red Wax (Root of All Evil)
Impiety/Surrender of Divinity – Two Majesties Double (Unholy Horde)
Impious Havoc – The Good Shepherd (Ashen/Raging Bloodlust)
In Aeternum – Demon Possession Pic Disc (Metal Supremacy)
In Aeternum – Covered in Hell Pic Disc (Bloodstone)
Incantation – Entrantment of Evil (Relapse/Rotten)
Incursus – S/T (Forever Plagued)
Infantry – Pro-Death Green Wax (TriState Terror)
Infernal – Majestic Fire (Obscura Rebelion/Tribulacion)
Infernal Necromancy – Freezing Blackstained Universe (Forgotten Wisdom)
Inferno – Legie Nesmrtelnych (Eclipse)
Inferno/Fagyhamu – Sacrifice for Black Metal Magic/Flames of Torment (Terranis)
Inferno/Tundra – Demoniac Blessing to Death/The Triumph of Black (Shadow Dance/Slava Satan)
Infester – Darkness Unveiled Red Wax (Moribund)
Intestate/Asrafil – The Pessimism/In the Rose Colored Time (Bloodbath)
Inner Helvete/Front Beast – United Terror Division (Ordealis)
In Tha Umbra – The Goatblod 666 (Hibernia)
In the Woods – White Rabbit (Misanthropy)
Inverted – Empire of Darkness (Regress/Voice of Death)
Invocation/Medieval Demon – S/T (Dark Side)
Irae/Inthyflesh – From the Deepest Night (Goathammer)
Irmingot – Posercrushing Black Metal (Vargulf)
Isegrim/Sanctimonious Order – The Gate of Nanna/For They Shall Be Slained (Last Episode)
Isenheim/Uruk-Hai – S/T Clear Wax (WWP)
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Abhorre-Au Nom du Nord (Intolerant)
Abigail-Demo 1
Abs Conditus-Noc Dlugich Nozy (Dead Christ Commune)
Absu-The Temples of Offal
Absurd-Thuringian Pagan Madness (Capricornus)
Abyssmal Nocturne-The Gates Beyond the Stars (Spectral Arts)
Accursed-Satanic Ritual
Acheron Gates-Forests of Dark Mayhem (Heller)
Ad Inferos-Bloodlust[Devil’s Dance] (Demonion)
Aegir-Demo 2002 (Ostfront)
Aegir/Wikingsholm-S/T (Ostfront)
Agalloch-From Which of This Oak (First Light of Dawn)
Agonizing Terror-Ways of Existence
Agathion-The Blackening of the Arctic
Aguynguerran-Hordes of the Antichrist
Akitsa/Song of Melkor-Aube de la Misanthropie (Heavy Distortion)
Alcoholic Smashing War-Give Me War Or Give Me Death (Hibernia)
Alghazanth-Behind the Frozen Forest
Altar of Perversion-The Abyss’ Gate Re-opens
Amalek-Sonnengrad (Donnerschlag)
A Mind Confused-Poems of a Darker Soul (Near Dark)
Amnion-The Return of Total Desolation (Calabozo)
Amok/Audiopain-S/T (Witchhammer)
Amon-Kniha Smrti
Amon-Realm of Evil (Osiris)
Amon-Book of Death (Osiris)
Amon Sul-Goat Mit Uns
Amphiaraus-Pure Hate
Anaboth-Nie Czas Pomiotom
Anaon-The Frosty Breath from Devil
Anata-Vast Lands of My Infernal Dominion
Anaxazarath/Ichneutic/Eternity of Darkness/S.I.S.T-Order of the Wolf
Ancient-Eerily Howling Winds
Ancientblood-The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness (Intolerant)
Ancient Rites-The Diabolic Serenades (Morbid Noizz)
…And Oceans-Mare Liberum (Defender)
An Erotic Funeral-Havohej Eslaf Eht
Angelkill-Casket Lullabies
Angelkill-Garden of Crosses
Angelkill-Blood Stained Memories
Angelkunt-Satanic Inferno
Angizia-Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter (Mystic)
Angkor Vat-A Pulse Beyond Nothing (Funeral Agency)
Angra Mainyu-The Art of Blasphemy (Total Holocaust)
Animus Herilis-Mater Tenebrarum (Drakkar)
Animus Herilis-Demain sera le Chaos
Annihilatus-S/T (Northern Heritage)
Antichrist Terrorist-Nikdy Nepoklekneme Pred Ukrizovanym (Ravenheart)
Antiparasitar/Sieg Oder Tod-S/T (Flammentod)
Antisemitex-Laser Holocaust
Anwech-Through the Fog…Behind the Trees (Regimental)
Anwyl-Rehearsal 9/29/01
Anwyl-Realm of Blasphemy (Inferno)
Anwyl-Inferior Molestation (Inferno)
Anwyl-Demo 98 (Insin)
Anwyl-Bloody Mary Promo
Apraxia-Ideology (Hallucination)
Apraxia-Live in Gardariket (Graveyard Silence)
Apraxia-Return to Ancient
A Ravens Forest-Werewolves Chant (Shadow Dance)
Ares Kingdom-S/T
Armagedda-Volkermord (Flagellation)
Armagedda/Svarthymn-In Blackest Ruin (Deathcult)
Armaggedon-Satan Master
Armaggedon-True, Frost & Evil (Chaos)
Armaggedon/Baalberith-S/T (Chaos)
Art Malefica-Imperio da Anarquia
Art Malefica-As Florestas do Sul (Pure Evil)
Art Malefica-As Florestas do Sul (Devast/Pure Evil)
Arvind-Infernal Moonlight (Black Blood)
Ashen Light-Pesn Velesa (CDM)
Ash Pool-Genital Tomb (Tour de Garde)
As Sahar-Santau (Art)
Astrofaes-The Attraction:Heavens & Earth (Stuza)
Astrofaes-Dying Emotions Domain (Oriana)
Astrofaes-Those Whose Past is Immortal (Stuza)
Ater-Withered Flowers (Hiems)
Ater Tenebrae/Ravenshades-Split MMV (Stygian Shadows)
Atomicide-Total Atomicide (Iron Fist Kommando)
Atrocity-Toxic Death
Atropos-La Fileuse de Mort
Ausbomben-WWII (Blitzkrieg)
Author of Pain-1998/3 = 666
Avenger-Shadows of the Damned (Ramus)
Averse Sefira-Blasphomet Sin Abset (Nigra Mortis)
Axenic-Reaping Mindless Discord
Azaghal-Rehearsal Demo 98 (Chanteloup)
Azaghal-Black Terror Metal (Black Arts)
Azaghal-Black Terror Metal (Chanteloup)
Azaghal-Kristinusko Liekeissa (Chanteloup)
Azagthoth-Blood Boil High (Genoside)
Azaxul-The Arrival of the Demonlord (Chanteloup)
Azazel-Order of the Fly
Azazel-Of Evil & Hatred
Baal Zebuth-Unholy Baal Zebuth (Nihil)
Bael-Caida de Cristo (Diabolous)
Bael-Deathly Pale (Hell War)
Bahimiron-Funeral Black
Bapthomet/Thoronath-Unholy Sign of the Horns (Chanteloup)
Baptism-Sons of Ruin & Terror (Warmoon)
Basilisk-Vintyrhell (Eternal Darkness)
Basilisk-Blackened Royalty (Eternal Darkness)
Battalion-Soldiers of Evil (Plague)
Battle-War Messiah
Battle Tyrant-Mystical Black Night (No God)
Beatrik-The Infernal Wolf is Still Hunting
Becksvart-Att Omfamnas av Morkret
Beheaded Baptist-Satanic Butchery (Rancor)
Beheaded Baptist-An Eternity With Satan (Rancor)
Behelal-Magie Neagru (Unholy)
Behemoth-From the Pagan Vastlands (Pagan)
Behemoth-The Return of the Northern Moon (Pagan)
Bekhira-Demo 96 (AMSG)
Beliar-Death Slaughter (Breath of Pestilence)
Bellum-Army of the Black Death (Horde of Darkenwood)
Besatt-In Nomine Satanas
Besatt/Unhallowed/Tragedy Begins-Underground Satanic Split (Pagan Black Cult)
Bestial Cult-Throne of Blood & Fire
Bestial Mockery-War The Final Solution
Bethel-Northern Supremacy (Ominous)
Beyond Serenity-Dark One
Bilskirnir-For Victory We Ride (Beverina)
Bilskirnir-Vorvater (WKG)
Bilskirnir-In Flames of Purification (Tanhu)
Bilskirnir-Feuerzauber (Hellflame)
Bilskirnir/Nordreich-S/T (Flammentod)
Bishop of Hexen-Ancient Hymns of Legends & Lore
Black Angel-From the Darkness (L.E.G.I.O.N.E.S.)
Black Angel-Excelso Black Arts (Neuralgia)
Black Angel-Beyond From Beyond (Black Vomit)
Black Autumn-Rain of Caliph
Black Crucifixion-S/T
Blackdeath-Grave of the Light (Blutreinheit)
Black Dementia-Proxima Thule
Black Funeral-Journeys Into Horizons Lost (Abyss)
Black Funeral-Journeys Into Horizons Lost (No Rip Off)
Black God-Resurrection of the Fallen Angels (Pesttod)
Black Grave-Anvil of Hate
Blackhorned-Troops of Death (Grindcore)
Black Howling-Flagellation Reigns Eternity (Hell War)
Black Rain-Bez Ohne
Blacksstorm-Nacht und Nebel (Habistes)
Black Sunrise-Under A Moonlight Sky
Black Sunrise-Promo ‘97
Black Sunrise/Gods of Sadness-S/T (Whiplash)
Black War-As the Darkness Prevails (Symphony’s Prophanous/Zyklon-B)
Blasphemous-The Eternal Journey
Blasphemous-Ripping Alive Christ (Ravenheart)
Blasphemous Noise Torment-New Nails in the Body of Krist (Third Reich)
Blaspherion-S/T (Dipsomaniac)
Blessed in Sin-A Tribute to Euronymous
Blessed in Sin-A Tribute to Euronymous/Odes Obscures
Blodulv/Aska-The Purest Cold Precision
Blodulv/Pestiferium-Satanic Murder Order (War)
Bloodshed-Laughter of Destruction
Blood Storm-Iron Flames of Battle
Blood Storm-Death by the Stormwizard
Bloody Harvest/Vokodlok-S/T (Eclipse of Life Promulgation)
Blot Mine-Kill For Inner Peace
Bluten-Years of Hate & Misanthropy (Krutoslav)
Blutrache-Marsch Zu Neuen Zeitaltern (Black Order)
Bluttaufe-Zeremonien des Teufels
Bluttaufe-Schwarze Dornen
Bone Awl-Magnetism of War
Bone Awl-Not For Our Feet (Nuclear War Now)
Bone Awl-By Ropes Through Dirt
Bone Awl-Bog Bodies (Black Abyss)
Bone Awl-Up to Something
Bone Awl-S/T
Botulistum/Christfighter-S/T (Impaler of Trendies)
Branikald-To Kampf (Stellar Winter)
Branikald-Stormheit (Stellar Winter)
Branstock-Lewwer Duad us Slaav (Westwall)
Brume d’Automne/Teutates-Unis par le Lys (Krutoslav)
Brutal Insanity-Sick Perversions
Bundeswehra-King’s Return (Baron)
Burning Moon-Eternal Darkness
Burning Winds-Demo 1
Burning Winds-Blessed by Hell (Satans Millennium)
Burning Winds-Promo 2003 (Necromantic)
Burning Winds-Black Altar of Satan (Rancor)
Burning Winds-The Flame of Lucifer (Goat)
Burning Winds/Kerberos-Apotheosis of War (Goat)
Burzum-Filosofem Promo (Misanthropy)
Caarcrinolas-The Egg
Cantus Bestiae-Pactum Tacitum Com Daemone
Cantus Bestiae-The Cult of Sterility (Gorification)
Cardiovascular SubHypothermia-Pulmonary Descent
Carpathian Forest-Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern
Cast in Stone-Demoncrypt (Swordslain)
Castrum-The Leading Spirit of Medieval Tortures (Metal Force)
Cataplexy-Teardrops Veiled Black Desire
Catharsis-Incantations of Immortality (Setekh)
Catholicon-1999 Promo
Celestia-Dead Insecta Sequestration (Drakkar)
Celestia/Draugwath-S/T (Hungry AK-47)
Celtic Dance-Ancient Battlecry (Satanachio/Hades)
Centinex-Under the Blackened Sky (Wild Rags)
Centinex-Transcend the Dark Chaos (Evil Shit)
Centurian-Of Purest Fire
Centurion Centauri- S/T
Centurion Centauri/ Thy Lord-S/T (Spikekult)
Cerebral Hemorrhage-S/T
Cerebral Turbulency-As Gravy
Chained & Desperate-Oracles from the Neitherworld (Demonion)
Chained & Desperate-Oracles from the Naitherworld
Chambre Noir-Sodomize the Dead (Near Dark)
Chimera-Nothing but Illusion (Total War)
Christ Agony-Unholyunion (Carnage)
Christcrusher/Ravenbanner-S/T (Axis Power)
Christ Inversion-Obey the Will of Hell
Clandestine Blaze-Below the Surface of Cold Earth (Northern Heritage)
Clandestine Blaze-Goat:Creative Alienation (Northern Heritage)
Clandestine Blaze-There Comes the Day (Northern Heritage)
Condanna-Sentence of Birth
Conqueror-AntiChrist Superiority
Contamino-Mother Nature Gased (Carnal)
Corpse Molestation-Descension of A Darker Deity
Corpse Molestation-Dungeon Rehearsals (Time Before Time)
Corpsevomit-Bastards of Foreverfilth
Corpsevomit-Gathering Chemical Children
Corpus Delecti-Blasphemy Embodiment
Cosmical Aura-On Black Wings
Count Nosferatu-Soleil Noir (Drakkar)
Covenant-From the Storm of Shadows
Cradle of Filth-Total Fucking Darkness
Cradle of Filth-Orgiastic Pleasures Foul (Clit)
Crimson Evenfall-Nocturnal Storms of Infinity
Crimson Midwinter-Us Mere Mortals
Crucifier-Powerless Against
Crucifixion Wounds-crumbling of the Heavenly Kingdom
Cryfemal-Escucha…la Muerte Persigue (War)
Csontfej-Haborus Bunosok
Cult of Daath-The Triumphant Holocaust
Cult of Daath-Under the Cover of Darkness (War Hammer)
Cultus-De Zwaarden Spreken (Heidens Hart)
Cultus/Detonator 666-S/T (Heidens Hart)
Cumming Jehovah-Demo 3 (Invocations Occultes)
Cumming Jehovah-Throne of the Black Priest (Invocations Occultes)
Curse/Fornication-First Sabbat (Black Procession)
Cursed-The Coldest Death Infinite (Forgotten Wisdom)
Dakria-Figures of the Fog
Damnation-Demonstration of Evil (Time Before Time)
Damnation-Divine Darkness
Darkart-Promo 1 (Third Reich)
Darkearth-On the Great Ages (Legacy of Pagan Future)
Darkest Grove-The Rudimentary of Pessimism (Forever Plagued)
Darkest Hate/Black Winter Night-From the Dark Flames of the… (Christcrusher)
Darken-The Silent Bleeding of Eternity
Darken-Reign from Funeral Thrones
Dark Legions-Awakening of the Legions (Irminsul)
Dark Opus/Darvulia-S/T (Paleur Mortelle)
Dark Tribe-In Jeraspunta (Reaper)
Darkwoods My Betrothed-Dark Aureoles Gathering
Darvulia-L’odeur du Corbeau Mort (Paleur Mortelle)
Dawnbringer/Edenrot-Promo (Twilight)
Dawn of Azazel-Vita Est Militia Super Terram
Deaden-Feast on the Flesh of the Dead
Deadfuck-How to Raise A Serial Killer
Deathchurch-Paranoid Destruktion
Deathcode of the Abyss-S/T
Deathcode of the Abyss-Reh Sept. 02
Deathgate Arkanum-Germanic Fields of Hate (Chanteloup)
Deathgate Arkanum-Schattenkrieger
Deathkids-Born in Hell/Bleeding & Praying Demos (Aardvark)
Deathsaint-And Death Will Embrace You (Hazad)
Deathspell Omega-Disciples of the Ultimate Void (Drakkar)
Deathsquad-Demo 97
December Wolves-Wolftread
Decieverion/Everwinter-S/T (Ravenheart)
Deeds of Flesh-Gradually Melted (Wild Rags)
Demigod-Unholy Domain
Demonar-S/T (Intolerant)
Demonic-Nar Morket Faller
Demonic Orgy-Sport Vomiting
Demonic War-Die in the Pentagram
Demonium-Into the Demonium
Demonlord-Unsacred Soul (Satanachio/Hades)
Demon Realm-Upon the Altar of Darkness
Demoriel-Lifehatred (Total Holocaust)
Denial of God-The Dawn of Aemizaez
De Occulta Philosophia-Obscura Simphonia
Der Gerwelt-Norlich Sturm (Sound Age)
Der Gerwelt-Revelation
Der Sturmer-Europa Erwache (Totenkopf)
Descend-Hate for Your Blood (Cutting Edge)
Descending Darkness-Gevotter Hein
Desolate-The Scourge of Sanity (Wild Rags)
Det Hedenske Folk-True Northern (Point of Enlightenment)
Det Hedenske Folk-True Northern
Deviant/Mysteriis-S/T (Spikekult)
Devilish Era/Ond Aand-Gathering for Infernal Onlsaught
Devilish Era/Zaghurim-Prolegomena to the Theory of Wrath (DUKE)
Devilry/Flauros-S/T (Nuclear Winter)
Deviser-Thy Blackest Love (Stoned Music)
Diabolic-City of the Dead
Diabolical Imperium-S/T
Diamond Eyed Princess/Infect-United to Conquer (Aura Mystique)
Dictatorial Spears-Fleshed of Misanthropy
Dies Irae-Gargoyles (Bestial)
Disinter-Storm of the Witch
Disinter-Welcome to Oblivion Promo
Disinter-War Machine
Dismal Euphony-Spellbound
Dissimulation-Juodo Menulio Pasveikinta (Dangus)
Divine Empire-98 Demo
Dodfodd-Besjarjelse For Omvand Rekreation (Orderless Evil)
Dom Dracul-Genocide in the Name of Satan (Satanic Propaganda)
Dominion-The Millenium of Dark War (Blitzkrieg)
Dominions of Our Endeavor-S/T
D.O.R.-Blessed by Unholy Murder (Silverwolf)
Dornenreich-Mein Flugelschlag
Downthroat-I’ve Got My Mothers Eyes
Draconis Sanguis-Gloria Draconis (Elven Witchcraft)
Draugurz-Rehearsal Demo ’03 (Dunkelweg)
Draugwath-Apocalyptic Songs of…(Hungry AK-47)
Draugwath-Dwellers of the Cursed Forest (Hungry AK-47)
Drawn & Quartered-Demo ‘98
Drawn & Quartered-S/T
Drogheda/Dismembered Fetus-S/T (Extremist)
Drohm-A Winter’s Burial
Drutentus-In Frigidis Silvis (Demonion)
Duael-Hadan Drailh (The Way of Force)
Dub Buk-Misyac Pomsty (Ancient Nation)
Dunkelheim-Heidentum (EOLP)
Dunkelheim-Skulpas Svarte Troner (EOLP)
Dusk-Scream of the Soul (Stygian Shadows)
Dust-A Wander Through the Dark Realm (Mester)
Dying Creed-Under the Surface
D.ying D.ong D.oom-Transistor (Ordo Obscuri Domini)
Dzelzs Vilks-Miruoas Kaijas (Mapl)
Ebonsight-As the River Runs Through the Pain
Ebonsight-The Ocean Ebon
Ecclesia Satani-Antichrist
Esienwinter-Reichswinter (Glory to Hatred)
Eisenwinter-Schattenlieder (Funeral)
Eisregen-Das Ende des Weges
Elite-Kampen (Ravenheart)
Eljudnir-Terugkeer Van Het Zonnewiel
Ember-Chapter II:The Gate
Ember-Within the Realm of the Snowqueen
Embrace of Fear-The Mysterious Underflesh Emotions
Emperor-Wrath of the Tyrant (Eastclan)
Empyrium-Der Wie Ein Blitz Vom Himmel Fiel
Enbilulugugal-Satanic Killing of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night
Enbilulugugal-Goatsodomy (Goatsemen)
Enbilulugugal-Devil’s Harvest (My Lai)
Encabulos-Dark Divinty
Enecare/Gravestench-S/T (Last Rights/Goathammer)
Enforsaken-Promo 1999
Engorge-Blood, Urine, Semen
Enid-Nachtgedanken (Elven Witchcraft)
Enimon Ni-Blasphemes (Aura Mystique)
Enmortem-Bleeding the Sorrow
Enochian-Satanic Ceremony (Ravenheart)
Ensemble Nocturne-Maestoso
Enthroned-Promo 94
Epheles-Les Anges de la Derniere Scene
Epheles-Dead Nature for Humans Without Tears (Paleur Mortelle)
Epitaph-Awaiting Tribulation (Undead)
Epoch of Unlight-Promo 1996
Equinox-Ceremony of the NorthWinds
Equinox-Promo ‘93
Eternal Agony-The Beginning of A New Eternal Chapter (R.A.C.B.)
Eternal Autumn-Moonscape
Eternal Frost-Stormfront
Eternal Frost-War Metal Fuck
Eternal Hatred-Vengeance From the Grave
Eternal Hatred-The Eve of Destruction
Eternal Majesty-Evil Consecration (Chanteloup)
Eternal Majesty/Antaeus-S/T (
Evemaster-In Thine Majesty
Evil/Moonblood-Fuck Peace! We’re at War! (Southern)
Evil Incarnate-Christ Destroyed
Evil Incarnate-S/T
Evilnasty-Blasphemia Canorae (Terror From Hell)
Evilwinged-Crush the Human Factor
Eviternity-Aurost (Hibernia)
Exorial-Totendammerung:die Vernichtung der Lebensform Mensch
Exterminate-Demo Rehearsal
Extinction Agenda/Oppression-S/T (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Falkenbach-Laeknishendr Galdralag
Fallen Yggsdrasil-Odyssey in Sorrow
Fecifectum-Ubi Umbrae Iacent (Goatsemen)
Femegericht/Jarovit-Voina Sveshennaya (Armour Get Dawn)
Fiendish Nymph-S/T
Finis Gloria Dei-In Tenebris (Semen & Blood)
Finist-Crosses Shall Burn (Stellar Winter/Ancient Nation)
Finsternis-Eine Finster Nachtmusick (Profane/Regimental)
Firstborn Evil-The Awakening of Evil (Sword)
Flagellum Dei-Thy Plague
Flammentod-Morgenrot (Flammentod)
Flammentod-Rot Von Blut das Winterkleid (Flammentod)
Flauros-Chapter II
Flesh Feast-Fate of Hated Flesh
Fleshtized-Tower of Pain
Fleshtized-Divide & Conquer
Fog/Hellkult-Supreme War (Dragonthrone)
Foldalatti Alakulat-Phobia (Grimnir)
Forest-Forest (Stellar Winter)
Forest-Like A Blaze Above the Ashes (Stellar Winter)
Forever Winter-Of Battles Unseen (War)
Forever Winter-Dark Minstrels (Daimonion)
Forgotten Silence-Thots
Forgotten Silence-The Nameless Forever…The Last Remembrance
Forgotten Spirit-The Masters of Slavonic Forests (Ukragh)
Forn Draugost/Gonfanon-The Last Path (Chanteloup)
Fornication-Stab (Battlesk’rs)
Fornication-Sodomize Human Race (Drakkar)
Front Beast-Victims of Death (Deathstrike)
Frost-Songs of the Ancient Gods (Stygian Shadows)
Frost-Extreme Loneliness:Fragments (Stygian Shadows)
Frost-Under the Hungarian Blackmoon
Frost-Storm Above the Carpathians
Frost-Embraced by Darkness
Frost-Iniquitous Cyclical Curse (Satanic Terror)
Frost-Promo ‘97
Frost/Nachzehrer-Split Demo 1.999 (Hellflame)
Frostmoon Eclipse-Supreme Triumph in Black
Fulgor-Mystical Black Magic Metal
Fullmoon-United Aryan Evil (Isengard)
Fullmoon Rise-The End of Life’s Ages (Eichenlaub)
Funebre Inferi-Deathcult ‘96
Funeral-Black Flame of Unholy Hate
Funeral Mist-Kingdoms of Frost
Funeral Oration-Promo XXX A.S. 1995 E.V. (Dawn of Sadness)
Funeral Procession-Legion Cymru (Intolerant)
Funeral Rites-The Wintermoon
Funeral Winds-Resurrection (Pagan)
Galgenberg-Blutgrund (Dark Blaze)
Garwall-Inhumana Crudelitas (Drakkar)
Gates of Dis-Nero Triumphant (Rusty Axe)
Geimhre-Cogadh (Oisin)
Germanen Blut-Auf in die Schlacht (Black Hate)
Gernoth-De Rerum Nocturnem
Gernoth-Oath of Obeisance
Gernoth-Damnation Introitus (At War)
Gernoth/Myrddraal-Cold Moon Over Kaltenberg (At War)
Gholgoth-Visional Inertia (Stygian Shadows)
Ghash-Forest of Perpetual Pains (Grimnir)
Glory-Promo 2000
Gnostic-Vistigium de Monasteriom (Rancor)
Goatfire-Floating in a Blood Sea (Hellflame)
Goatfire-A Chant in the Wood (Hellflame)
Goat Semen-Promo ‘00
Goatvomit/Kratornas-Sovereigns Gathered (Witchhammer)
Godless North-Tyrants of Black Sorcery (War Hammer)
Godless North-Dark Rites of the Mystic Order (Warspirit)
Godless Truth-The Desperation (Lord Mark Black)
Goetia-Wolfthorn (Demonion)
Golgatha-Ewiger Hass (Warfront)
Gontyna Kry-Na Pohybel Chrzescijanstwu (Old Legend)
Gorbalrog-Das Zepter
Gorbalrog-Dor Fin I Guinar
Gorgoroth-A Sorcery Written in Blood
Gorgoroth-Promo ‘94
Gosforth-God Failed (Black Blood)
Gotterdammerung-Furor Teutonicus
Govanon-Anthems of the Destruction
Grabnebelfursten-Sakralasthetik (Inverted Sun)
Grand Belial’s Key-Triumph of the Hordes (Pagan)
Grand Belial’s Key-Goat of A Thousand Young (Sinistrari)
Grand Belial’s Key-A Witness to the Regicide (Wood Nymph)
Grausamkeit-Pink Green 666
Grausamkeit-Fucking Goat Horness
Grausamkeit-Nostalgia Okkkultes Blut (Vargulf)
Grausamkeit-Bischmisheiman Pagan Madness
Grave Desecrator-Demo ’01 (Swords & Leather)
Grave Throne-Merciless Satan Arise
Gravewurm-Command of Satan’s Blade
Gravewurm-Nocturnal Spells
Grenouer-Border of Misty Times (Metal Agen)
Grimlord-Through Hatred of Life (Drakkar)
Grimm-Nordisk Vinter
Grimorc-Under His Great Shadow (Swordslain)
Grom-Coat of Arms
Gromm-Ferro Ignique (Ravenheart)
Gromowladny/Wineta-S/T (Barbarous)
Grotesque Euphoria-Euphoric Discordance
Guillotine-Under the Guillotine
Haemoth-Apoklayptic Reh
Haemoth-Hell Grace
Haemoth/Hallstatt-Demonic Prophecies
Haemoth-Nemeton-Of Aversion (Chaos)
Haimad-The Horned Moon (Arte de Occulta)
Hakkenkreuzzug-Promo 112
Hangover-Terrorbeer (Deathstrike)
Harmony-The Radiance From A Star (Deviation)
Hate Forest-Battlefields (Slavonic)
Hate Forest-To Those Who Came Before Us
Hate Forest-Purity (Slavonic)
Hate Forest-The Gates
Hatework-Thrashers Attack (Deathstrike)
Hatred-Promo ‘98
Hatred-Daze of Darkness
Havoc Vulture-S/T
Havoc Vulture-As Fiendish Cancer Unfolds (Homicidal Maniac)
Hearse-Plague & Disease…Holocaust & Armageddon
Hearse-So Shines A Good Deed in A Weary World
Hegemon-Still Raping After All These Years (Chanteloup)
Hegemon-Rape the Banner of Light (Chanteloup)
Heidenblut—Frisian war Metal
Heidentum-Lughnasa (EOLP)
Hekantropy-Foglords (Mother Goat)
Hell/Vorkuta-S/T (Stygian Shadows)
Hellbound-Transcend the Flesh
Hellfucked-Deathecration Ist Offensice (Beverina/Ketzer)
Hellgoat-Upon the Hill of Megiddo (Proclaim Death)
Hellhammer-Only Death is Real
Hellkult-The Christian Holocaust (Stahlhammer)
Hellkult-Of Pure Heathen Blood (Tellurian Battleground)
Hellstrike-Soundtrack For Aryan War
Hellveto-Horned Sky (Lament/Nawia)
Hellvomit-Cum in the Mouth of God
Helvete-Kill Him Once Again (Inner Voice)
Helwetti-Unholy Extreme Black (Drakkar)
Heresiarh-Dragons of War (Elven Witchcraft)
Heresiarh-Wyvern’s First Rule
Heretic-Sins From the Basement (Semen & Blood)
Hergorn/Hellveto-Under the Sign of Ancient Gods (nimthoron)
Herjan-France Oubliee… (Korosiv)
Hermh-Oremus Peccatum/Refaim (Witching Hour)
Hermh-Crying Crowns of Trees (Witching Hour)
Hilderog-Apokalypse Slone… (Forgotten Wisdom)
Hilderog-Tsormenkvadur (Forgotten Wisdom)
Hin Onde-Ahti’s Depths (Satanachia/Hades)
Hirilorn-A Hymn to the Ancient Souls
Hirilorn/Merrimack-S/T (Drakkar)
Hiver Noir-Alkoholik Demo Reh 2004
Holocaust-Storming Blasphemy
Holocaustus-Division Lykanthrop (Flammentod)
Holokaust 666- Ihmisyyden Pimeä Puoli Avautuu (Black Arts)
Holy Death-Abraxas (Baron)
Holy Death-Triumph of Evil, Trilogy of Death, Act II (Baron)
Holy Death-Megido (Metal Nights)
Homo Iratus-Absence of Progress
Hordagaard-Ravnablod/Trollskap (Krutoslav)
Huginn-In the Land of the Old Hills (Beverina)
Hunok-Forgotten Honour (Tanhu)
Hwergelmir-Teutonischer Heidenstahl (Blut & Boden/Wintermond)
Hydrogenium-Black Madness
Hydrogenium-Human Holocaust
Hyperborean-Promo ’03 (Grimnir)
Hyperion-From Centauri Section We Came, We Require the Throne for Us (Dark Legion)
Hypothermia/Durthang-Lead Yourself to Failure (Insikt)
Hyrtwaundur-Winterdeath (Iotah)
Ibex Throne-D.E.A.D.:Transcend the Flesh (Blasphemic Hymns)
Ichor-Gia Thn Nikh Poy Oa ‘Poei (Avalon)
Illegal Angel-Holocaust
Imago Mortis-Daemoni Vivunt Live ’98 (Third Reich)
Immemoreal-Towards 1347
Immorior-Graceless (Hellflame)
Immortal Hammer-Immortal Past (Krutoslav)
Imperial-Endless Path
Imperium Sacrum-Lethe
Impetigo-Faceless (Wild Rags)
Impious havoc-Monuments of Suffering (Meutre Noir)
Imprecation-Ceremony of the Nine Angles
Incarrion-View of the Sufferer
Incinerator/Vacarme/Lethal/Re-creation-The Cocoon of Asphyx
Infinixion-Eternal Crucifixion
Infernus-Odio Infernal (Purodium)
Inferno-Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004 (Ravenheart)
Inferno-Chram Nenavisti (Unholy World)
Inferno-Temna Poselstvi Davnych Predku
Inferno/Moonblood-S/T (Ravenheart)
Infested Carrion-Das Seuchenland
Infinity-Corvus Corax (Meurtre Noir)
Inner Helvete-Glorification of the Unholy Lord (Hell War)
Insatanity-Unholiness Rising
Insatanity/Immortal Suffering-Promo (Mortal Coil)
Intentional Manslaughter-Trip Into the Crypts of Perversity
Intense Hammer Rage-Massive Sphinkta Release
In Memorian-Centuries of Sortilege
Infernal Beauty-Drakensquar
Internal Bleeding-Perpetual Degradation (Wild Rags)
Internal Bleeding-Invocation of Evil (Wild Rags)
Infernal Goat-Promo 999 (Ordo Obscuro Domini)
In Tha Umbra-Of the Singing Dusk… (Tribal)
In Tha Umbra-Of the Singing Dusk…(Hibernia)
Irae-Anti Human Rehearsal (Stricto Sensu)
Irhmgaar-Funeral Hate (Chaos)
Irmingot-Support the Underground (Vargulf)
Irmingot-Die Geibel Gottes (Vargulf)
Isengard-Spectres Over Gorgoroth
I Shalt Become-Wanderings
Jackal’s Truth-Dominus Silvae
Jerusolima Est Perdita-Marsch der Kolonne (Forgotten Wisdom)
Jesus Fucking Christ-Unalive From Golgotha
Judas Iscariot-Heaven in Flames (At War)
Judas Iscariot/Weltmacht-S/T (Sombre)
Jumalhamara-Blossom of Revulsion (Northern Sound)
Jungle Rot-Skin the Living
Kadotus-Glare of Darkness (Werewolf Order)
Karthago-Summer Rehearsal 2003
Kataxu-Roots of Thunder (Slava)
Katharsis-The Red Eye of Wrath (Steeldawn)
Katharsis/Deathcult-Trident Trinity (Sombre)
Kerberos-Genocide MMII (Satan’s Millennium)
Kharon-The Fullmoon Curse (Neodawn)
Kibosh Sibyl Kismet-Shadows & Silence
Kill-Nocturnal Death
Kill-Morbid Curse
Kill the Kristians-…and the Jews (Northern Sky)
Kneel Before Me-Worship Darkness
Korgonthurus-Ikuisuuden Arvet (Warmoon)
Korium-Mraziva Noc Prinasa Pokoj (Ravenheart)
Kratherion-Nuclear Black Mass of the Goat Radiations (Lucifer Warlord)
Krieg-Songs For Resistance (Battle Kommand)
Krieg vs Antaeus-S/T (CVP)
Krigsmarsch-Promo 2004
Kristallnacht-Soldiers of Triumphant Sun (Warspirit)
Kristllnacht-Creation Through Destruction (Warspirit)
Kristallnacht/Morke-S/T (Unholy War/Scorched Earth)
Kruk-Smiere Dzielja Smierci Mjorziaje Piekia (Possession)
Krypteia-Hellenic Martial Virtue
Kult Ov Azazel-Grandaevus Daemonum (Goatowarex)
Kyprian’s Circle-Kaarmeenkantaja
Labyrinth of Abyss-Rehearsal Promo 2002 (Karpatia)
Lado Obscuro-O Inferno Por… (Intolerant)
Lathebra-Angels’ Twilight Odes (Noctilucae)
Legion-Bloodaeons (Neodawn)
Legion 666-Hymns to Satan (Possession)
Legions of Astaroth-S/T (Proclaimed Death)
Leviathan-Demos Two Thousand (Oaken Throne/Blood, Fire, Death)
Levifer-Tribute to the Supreme Beast (Devil’s Art)
Lichten Nacht-Bliss in Demise
Loits-Ei Kahetse Midagi (Beverina)
Lord-Funeral Productions (Hibernal)
Lubruk Hate-Negative Destiny (Infernal Kommando)
Lucifugum-Vector 33 (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Sociopath:Philosophy Cynicism (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Path of Wolf (Propaganda)
Lucifugum-Path of Wolf
Lucifugum/Nokturnal Mortum-S/T (MetalAgen)
Luger-Kill Worship Die
Luger/Istidraj-Total War Epuratio
Lugubre-Promo 2001 (Satan’s Millennium)
Lust-S/T (Impaler of Trendies)
Lust/Unholy Archangel/Kult-3 Way Split of Violence (Impaler of Trendies)
Lutomysl-Decadence (Propaganda)
Lux Occulta-The Forgotten Arts (Pagan)
Lyrinx-Cold Walls Destructive Origin (Silverwolf)
Lyrthas-In Shadows Imbued (Demonic Possession)
Macabre Omen-Olympus
Machiavel-To Die For A New Empire (Aura Mystique)
Maggut-Reh Demo 2001
Magog/Nebiros-While Waiting the Worms (Bleme Euryale)
Magus-Ruminations of Debauchery
Malefice-The Cross Inverted (Invocations Occultes)
Maleficencia-Apostasia (Diabolous)
Malleus-The Procreation of Sin (War)
Malveillance-Le Froid du Nord (Harsh Brutal Cold)
Malveillance-La Mort Avant la Soumission (Autistiartili)
Malveillance-Nuisance (Blasphemous Underground)
Malveillance/Vorago-S/T (Tour de Garde)
Malvento-Sacro Martirio (Ordo Obscuri Domini)
Manegarm-Ur Nattvindar
Manes-Maanens Natt
Manes-Ned I Stillheten
Maniac Butcher-Immortal Death
Marblebog-Arhat (Stygian Shadows)
Marblebog/Shadowthrone-S/T (Stygian Shadows)
Marks of the Masochist-To Shape the End (Satan’s Millennium Vinland)
Martyrium-Frost Born (Demonion)
Maseregoth-Shadow Medieval Hymns (Blitzkrieg)
Masochist-Feast of the Goat
Masochist-Frost of the Diabolical Forest
Mastiphal-Sowing Profane Seed (Baron)
Mayhemic Truth-Demo ‘96
Medieval Demon-S/T
Megadeth-Excerpts & Interview for Rust in Peace
Melek Taus-We Unite
Memnoch-Hail Satan
Mephisto-Tyrant’s Return (Satanic Supremacy)
Mercenary-Promo 95
Merrimack-Horns Defeat Thorns (Black Vault)
Messe Noir-S/T
Midnight Sun-Demo 1
Midnight Sun-Demo 2
Mirk-Of Spirit & Blood (Asgard)
Mirkhall-Winter of Tragedies Reign (Chanteloup)
Mirkhall-Rehearsal Demo 7/98
Misanthropic Poetry-Inhaling the Wind of the Burning Grim Dreams (Beverina)
Misein-Circus Maximus
Misery-Astern Diabolus
Misogynist Pussyslasher-Sick Murder Fuck (HMW)
Mithotyn-Promo ‘96
Mjolnir-Midgard, Erwache
Molested Senses-Hustler
Mondwolf-Siegeszug 666 (Hellkult)
Mons Veneris-Abismo a Reu Aberto (Northern Sky)
Moonblood-Hailing the Gods of Metal (Colombian Terrorist)
Moonblood-Dusk Woerot (Ataud Y Muerte)
Moonblood/Azhubam Haani-S/T (Medieval Tyrant)
Moonthrone-Among the Black of Night
Moontower-The Wolf’s Hunger (Demonion)
Moontower-Aryan Metal Terror (Garazel)
Morbid-Last Supper
Morbid Angel-Thy Kingdom Come
Morbid Execution-Necrotorment (Time Before Time)
Morbid Goat Fornicator/Black Angel-Black Morbid Cross (Apocalyptic)
Morcrof-Alesh (Demonion)
Mordulv-S/T (Iron Bonehead)
Morgion-Rabid Decay
Mornaland-The Journey
Mors Liberatrix-Beholding From the Tower (Nightmare)
Mortal Dread-Rancid Disembowelment
Mortinatum-Demo 2003 (War)
Mosu Quma-In A Land of Blind
Mosu Quma-Procella Hiberna
Mourning Beloveth-Autumnal Fires
Mourning Beloveth-S/T
Mournlord-Reconquering Our Kingdom
Muinainen Ruhtinas-Tuskanvuorten Valtaistuin (Tour de Garde)
Musta Surma-Demo 1997
Must Missa-Sex Beyond the Grave (Ketzer/Beverina)
Mutiilation-Black Imperial Blood
Mutiilation-Satanist Styrken
Myrddraal-Black Construction
Myrk-Whispers of Carpathian Wolves (Intolerant)
Myrkvid-Hymne A la Destruction (Winter Assault)
Myself vs. Maximum Perversum I (Heidens Hart)
Myself vs. Maximum Perversum II (Heidens Hart)
Mysterion Noctum-Omen (Beverina)
Mystical Frost-Redemption of Tears
Mystic Forest-Third Requiem (Chanteloup)
Mystic Forest-Your Memories (Chanteloup)
Mysticum-Wintermass (Infortunium)
Mythic-Mourning in the Winter Solstice (Relapse)
Mythic-The Immortal Realm
Nar Mataron-Patera Dia, Dose Mou to Fos Sou (Satanachia/Hades)
Nacht-Mist & Spirits (Daemonalatreia)
Nachtmahr-Demo Herbst 1998
Nachzehrer-Durst (Hellflame)
Nachtmystium-Holocaust of Eternity (Sombre)
Na Rasputje-Gde Zemlu Hranit Odeyalo Snegov (Armour Get Dawn)
Nargaroth-Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal
Nargothrond-Moria (Orofarne)
Nargothrond-Promo Tape ’98 (Satanachia/Hades)
Nargothrond/Hordes of Nebulah-S/T
Nasav-Umr At Tawil
Nastrond-From A Black Funeral Coffin
Natron-A Taste of Blood
Nav-Hymn to Cold Silence
Nav-Halls of Death (Thou Shalt Kill)
Nazgul-Omne Est Paratum
Nazgul-From the Throne of Winter (Chanteloup)
Nazxul-S/T (Vampire)
Nebelgrab-Wanderer des Feuermondes
Nebiros/Ainsoph-S/T (Bleme Eurvale)
Nebron-The Message
Necrocult/Inner Helvete-Satanic Metal (Sacrilegious Warfare/Hell War)
Necromancer-Three Songs For Satan
Necromancer-Black Legions
Necromancer-Victims of Deranged Maneuverings
Necromancy-Satan Crush Useless God (Diabolous)
Necromancy-Into Apocalipsis (Diabolous)
Necromantia-Promo 1990
Necromantia-Demo ‘93
Necromantic-Demo 99
Necromantic-Blood Virgin Sacrifice
Necromortum-Evil Coming Winter (Chanteloup)
Necrophagia-It Began With A Twisted Dream
Necrophobic-Slow Asphyxiation
Necrophobic-Unholy Prophecies (Wild Rags)
Necropolis-Lust to Suffer
Necros Christos-Grave Damnation (Iron Fist Kommando)
Necrowitch-Into the Temples of NarMatarru (Black Vomit)
Nefarium-Demo ‘99
Negura Bunget-Promo 98
Nepenthe-The Conqueror Worm
Nephilim-Black Earth
Nhaavah-Kings of Czech Black Metal (Pussy God)
Nidavellir-Wolves’ Chambers (Ravenheart)
Nidhoggsburg-Drache Wird Toben (Silencelike Death)
Nightwolf/Ravenclaw-Conspiracy Against Christianity (Sombre)
Nihilistic Kaos/Nordum-S/T (DUKE)
Nihil Nocturne-Death Undo All Names (Ordo Obscuri Domini)
Nile-Ramses Bringer of War (Anubis)
Ningizzia-The Dark Path (Impaler of Trendies)
Noctiflorous Thorns-Symbolic Immortality (Pighouse)
Noctis-Out of the Shadow of Legend
Noctuary-Where All Agony Prevails
Nocturnal Desire-Through the Stormy Night
Nocturnal Prophecy-S/T (Black Procession)
Nokturnal Mortum-Lunar Poetry (Morbid Noizz)
Nokturnal Mortum-Return of the Vampire Lord/Marble Moon (Oriana/Kolovrat)
Nomad-The Tail of Substance
Non Opus Dei-Yfel
Norden-Glory in Flames (Slava)
Nordreich-Skatvals (Flammentod/Beverina)
North-Promo ’94 (Majestat Nocy)
North-Entering the Dark Kingdom (Majestat Nocy)
North-As My Kingdom Rises (Majestat Nocy)
North-Wojna Trwa (Nawia)
Northcrown-Presage of War (Swordslain)
Northcrown-Ancient Battles (Swordslain/Elven Witchcraft)
Nortt-Mournful Monuments 1998-2002 (Possession)
Nosophoros-Alone in Cryptic Labyrinths (Terror Wolfe)
November Grief-To Live in This World of Chaos
Novgorod-In My Eyes the Black Light of Sun
Nowogrodek-Shadows’ Dance
Nuclear Winter-Abomination Virginborn
Nuit Noire-Black Form (Drakkar)
Nuit Noire-Somewhere in the Nightpast (Drakkar)
Nunslaughter-Waiting to Kill Christ (Rancor)
Nunslaughter-Waiting to Kill Christ (Rancor)
O/Flauros-S/T (Silverhorn)
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 8:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

were are you located?
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 8:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

He´s from USA, and reliable if that´s what you are asking.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 10:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

NCM, you've got e-mail.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mailed for Monumentum and Behelal. Twisted Evil
Chief Darragh Invictus wrote:
Everything good comes in packs, wolves and beer.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

E-mail sent.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sent you another e-mail to you. I'm interested in buying the Agalloch/Nest and Bone Awl tape.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 1:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

No reply = no interest?
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 2:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bone Awl-S/T

What's this?
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NCM Recs

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 4:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

tom245 wrote:
Bone Awl-S/T

What's this?

I wasn't sure what it is but it's the Live Radio show. I had to look it up Embarassed

I received a mass amount of emails so I'm just sorting through them all so no reply doesn't mean no interest. I've tried to reply with a simple "Thanks" to at least let you know I've received your email so if you haven't heard a word from me, drop me another email.
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