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Vinyl CD tapes books for sale - Black Death Doom Thrash

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:27 pm    Post subject: Vinyl CD tapes books for sale - Black Death Doom Thrash Reply with quote

Shipping not included (I'm in the U.S.). Possible trades in the U.S. New items added, more to come soon.

12" (new & unplayed unless noted)

Anal Cunt "110 Song LP" - Ltd. 325, black vinyl. Limited Appeal Records $20

Anal Cunt "Picnic of Love" - Ltd. 311, black vinyl. With Insert. Limited Appeal Records $25

Beherit "Electric Doom Synthesis" 2LP - Ltd. 500. Primitive Reaction. $20

Beherit "Engram" - Clear vinyl. Svart. $15

Bloodcum "Death By A clothes Hangar" - 80's L.A. Thrash. With insert and poster. LP is NM, cover is VG+, inserts are NM. Wild Rags $30

Circle of Ouroborus "Tree of Knowledge" LP + 7" - Ltd. 100. New - labels unpunched. With insert. There is a small smudge on the cover, came that way from Hospital Productions. $100

Cold Cave "Cremations" - Hospital Productions $10

Dead Reptile Shrine "Burning Black Infinity" 2LP - Ltd. 333 copies. Cocainacopia $20

Destruction's End "Prepare To Die" Ltd 500, out of print California thrash. Mike Fitzgerald's Crazy Bros. Records $20

Earthless "Live At Roadburn" 2LP - New & unplayed. Tee Pee Records $15

Flames of Hell "Fire & Steel" - Ltd. 100 Bootleg on purple swirl vinyl. $20

Hour of 13 "The Ritualist" - Ltd. 160. Yellow/Black Blend vinyl. Original press on Eyes Like Snow. $30

Hour of 13 "The Ritualist" - Ltd 160. Purple Splatter vinyl. Original press on Eyes Like Snow. $30

Il Sangue "Elegia 4...in still desolation" Funeral doom ltd to 500. Parasitic $10

Kargvint "Seelenwerks Fortgang" - Ltd. 400. New but has crease on one corner from when it was mailed to me. Fimbul Productions $7

Lunar Aurora "Mond" - Clear vinyl version very limited to 87 copies. Cold Dimensions/Deviant offers

Maniac Butcher "Invaze" - Ltd. 100. Vinyl NM, cover has small creases on edges (VG+). Sombre Records $25

Mater Suspiria Vision "Crack Witch" - Ltd. 300 Weird dark electronic album. Living Tapes $20

Possessed "Live In San Francisco 1984" Ltd. 666. Chevalier De La Mort $25

Profanatica "The Enemy of Virtue" 2LP - Ltd. 200 1st "die hard" pressing on splatter vinyl with poster and booklet. $20

Spectral Incursion s/t - New & unplayed. Incredibly rare 1989 private press prog metal LP. Voivod influence both in the music (although more NWOBHM sounding) and especially the album art. Self-released $100

Typhus "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" - Black vinyl ltd. 520. Dark Horizon Records $10

V/A "N.O.I.R." ("Nécromancie outrancière et irresponsabilité religieuse.") - 3-way split with Lugubrum / Sacrificia Mortuorum / Arkha Sva. Black vinyl ltd. 400. with postcards. $15

Wounded Kings / Cough split - Ltd 300 on green vinyl. Forcefield Records $30

7" (all new & unplayed unless noted)

Bloodhammer / Korgonthurus split Ltd 400. World Terror Committee. $5

Bone Awl "...So I Must Take From The Earth and Make it My Own..." 2x7" Hospital Productions $15

Brighter Death Now "Nordvinterdod"/"Kill" - Rare picture disc 7". Pain In Progress $20

Circle of Ouroborus "ISPOS" 7" & tape Ltd. 150, with inserts. Winterreich $40

Corrosion of Conformity (COC III) "Your Tomorrow (Parts 1 and 2)" - Tour edition on blue vinyl. Southern Lord $8

Entety "Cadaveric Necrogrind" - rare early L.A. Death Metal. Gothic Records $25

Erhabenheit "...verhallend mit des Todesboten Kunde" - Raging Bloodlust $5

Evil "I Came From The Abyss" - Ltd 150. Infinite Wisdom $20

Father Befouled ‎"Rotting Godless Throne" - Die hard on purple vinyl with patch $10

Fear "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - Ltd 700, 2011 Record Store Day release. The End Records $5

Hatespawn / Dead Congregation split - Nuclear Winter Records ‎/ Enucleation Records $15

Hour of 13 "Possession" - Ltd 400. Svart $10

Joyless / Dekadent Aesthetix split - Dismal Cursings $5

Nembrionic Hammerdeath "Themes on an Occult Theory" - red cover. VG+/VG+. Displeased Records $5

Off! 1st EP - Limited release, comes with poster. Vice Records $10

Off! "Compared To What" - Red vinyl. Southern Lord $10

Off! "Compared To What" - Black vinyl. Southern Lord $5

Off! "Live At Generation Records" - Record Store Day release. Vice Records $5

Pagan Hellfire "Spirit of Blood and Struggle" - Ltd 300. Genocide Aesthetics $5

Toil / Forbidden Citadel of Spirits split - Ltd 100. Winterreich $20

Wacht / Ordo Infandorum Rituum Occultus split - Ltd 246. Bergstolz $5


Darkthrone "Forebyggende Krig" / "N.W.O.B.H.M." - 2 x 3"CD box set, Ltd 100. Templo De Artes Negros $60

Darkthrone "Under Beskyttelse Av Mørke" CD box set - Japan exclusive with toy, badge, t-shirt, etc. CD never played, toy opened but not displayed. Dis(ign) Warks $100

Nile "Annihilation Of The Wicked" - CD tin box set $50

Tapes (all originals, new and unplayed unless noted)

Accursed "A Curse Called Life" - US death metal. Official self-released demo $5

Ancient "Eerily Howling Winds" - Official self-released first demo from 1993. Played once, in excellent condition. Not sure how to price this, send offers

Atheist "Unquestionable Presence" - 1991 original release in excellent condition, I only played it once or twice (honestly never been a big fan of Atheist ha ha). Death/Metal Blade $10

Blasphemy "Fallen Angel of Doom" - Official, original Wild Rags release in excellent condition. offers

Christ Inversion "Obey The Will Of Hell" - Official self-released 1st demo from 1994, excellent condition. $20

Circle of Ouroborus "Veneration" Ltd. 50 complete with envelope/inserts, played once, in excellent condition. offers

Demonic Christ "Decieving The Heavens" - Original official first demo from 1993 with Dana Duffy of Mythic and members of Profanatica. B-Side has an advance recording of "Concubine of the Gods". Self released. $20

Exorcism "Demonic Inheritance" - Ltd. 300 German death metal. $6

Ghast "May The Curse Bind" - UK blackened doom. #07/250. Sinisterstench $6

Grave "Soulless" - Full retail version but has hole punch in barcode. Otherwise excellent condition. Century Media $10

Impervious "Caverns of Rot" Rehearsal '09 - Finnish black metal demo. Self released. $8

Peste Noire ‎"Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor" Pro tape on Tour De Garde $7

Peste Noire "Mors Orbis Terrarum" 2 x Tape box set. Complete with inserts. $22

Roman Cross "Make Graves The Homes of Men" - on Yoke of Christ $20

Roman Cross / Circle of Ouroborus split - on Tour De Garde $7

Sacrifice "Apocalypse Inside" - Original 1993 release on Metal Blade, excellent condition. $10

Sacrifice "Soldiers of Misfortune" - Original 1990 release on Metal Blade, excellent condition. $10

Samael "Ceremony of Opposites" - Full retail version but has hole punch in barcode. Otherwise excellent condition. Century Media $10

Tatanhammer "Blasphemy, Blood and Necromancy" - Finnish black metal on Cocainacopia $5

Books, etc.

"Glorious Times" book - 1st edition/1st printing, was very limited. Great book on early death metal scene with tons of photos and essays from band members. Bands include Acheron, Autopsy, Baphomet, Brutality, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptic Slaughter, Dark Angel, Death, Deceased, Deicide, Derketa, Disharmonic Orchestra, Exmortis, Groovy Aardvark, Hellwitch, Hideous Mangleus, Immolation, Impetigo, Incantation, Incubus, Insanity, Lethal Aggression, Malevolent Creation, Massacre, Massappeal, Master, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Nocturnus, Nokturnel, Nuclear Death, Overthrow, Paineater, Possessed, Prime Evil, Revenant, Righteous Pigs, Ripping Corpse, Sacrifice, Slaughter, Soothsayer, Terrorain, Tirant Sin, Unseen Terror, Vomit, Wehrmacht and Where’s The Pope?. $40

Wes Benscoter "Skullfucker" book - his record cover art & more, out of print $60

"Empire of Death" - Amazing, beautiful, thick photo book of charnel houses (catacombs and churches filled with skeletal remains). $40

Slayer Zine #11 - VG+, not sure what to price this at, make offers

"Thee Psychick Bible" - Ltd hardcover with DVD. Feral House make offers

Want list -
Ride For Revenge "King of Snakes" LP, "Wisdom of the Few" LP, split with Goatmoon LP
Wounded Kings "In The Chapel of the Black Hand" LP
Uncle Acid "Blood Lust" LP
Hexvessel - any vinyl
Pagan Altar "Judgement of the Dead" LP (Both releases)
Exodus "Another Lesson In Violence" vinyl 2LP (on Night of the Vinyl Dead)
Setherial "Nord" vinyl LP (white vinyl on Funeral)
Bolt Thrower "Those Once Loyal" digipack CD
Vitsaus "Ajan Ja Ihmisen Haudoilla" ‎ LP
Hellvetron "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties" LP
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Joined: 24 Nov 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Updated and removed sold items
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