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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:02 am    Post subject: SELLING: CD / MC / LP Reply with quote

These items do not include shipping costs, they'll be calculated for you according to Finnish postage rates. Send your offers or other inquiries through PM or e-mail: aoj(AT)wippies.fi

- - - - -

CD (5€ / item, unless other mentioned)

AHNENERBE "Vril" (Pluton Rising Productions / Act of Hate) 4€
ECHTRA "Paragate" (Temple of Torturous) 4€
NEKROKRIST SS "Der Todesking" (Primitive Reaction)
OAK "Brisingamen" CD-R (Self-released) -OFFER!-
PAVILLON ROUGE "Solmeth Pervitine" (Post Apocalyptic Music)
SUBVERTIO DEUS "Psalms of Perdition" (N:C:U)
SVARTR STRIJD "En Sista Vind" (Total Holocaust Records) 4€
XASTHUR "The Funeral of Being" (Blood Fire Death)
XASTHUR "S/T" (Moribund Records)
YSENGRIN / AORLHAC / DARKENHÖLD / OSSUAIRE "La Maisniee du Maufe - A Tribute to the Dark Ages" (TYFB / De Profundis / Ancestrale Productions)

MC (2,5€ / item, unless other mentioned)

ETONEDICIUS "Bainlus" (Self-released)

LP (offer, unless I haven't priced the item)

ACHALE / OSTOTS Split 7" (Titan Woods / Master of All Evil / Skull Productions)
ASKA / HYPOTHERMIA Split 7" (Unjoy)
BLACK MAGICK SS "Symbols of Great Power" 7" (Darker than Black Records)
BLOODHAMMER / BLACKDEATH Split 7" (Breath of Pestilence)
DAMNATION "Divine Darkness" 7" (Iron Fist Productions)
EUNUCH / CIRRHUS Split 7" (CW Productions)
GRAVELAND / KREUZFEUER "Tribute to the King of Aquilonia" 7" (Darkland Records)
HYPOTHERMIA / SVARTNAR Split 7" (Eternity Records)
ICHNEUTIC 7" (Kuunpalvelus)
KUOLEMA "2.5.1" 7" (Alternative Action Records)
MERRIMACK "Hellgium Raped" 7" (Hearse Records)
NOENUM "S/T" 7" (Hammer of Hate)
OSCULUM INFAME "Quwm" 7" (Battlesk'rs Productions)
PHLEGEIN "S/T" 7" (Northern Heritage)
SLIDHR "S/T" 7" (Niessedrion Records)
SONS OF FENRIS "Death Rune" 7" (Scythe of Death Productions)
VASSAFOR "Southern Vassaforian Hell" 7" (Drakkar Productions)
WHITE MEDAL "S/T" 7" (Legion Blotan / Grief Foundation)
WOODS OF INFINITY "Frozen Nostalgia" 7" (T.F.O.E / Obscure Abhorrence Productions)

ANU "Opus Funeraeum" 12" LP (Werewolf Records)
AZAZEL / GOATMOON "Split" 12" LP (Werewolf Records)
AZELGARD "Slavonic Horned Evil" 12" LP (Breath of Pestilence)
AKITSA "Aube de la Misanthropie" 12" DLP (Raging Bloodlust Records)
BELIAL "Wisdom of Darkness" 12" LP (Galgenstrang Productions / Funeral Industries)
CELESTIA "Dead Insecta Sequestration" 12" LP (Drakkar)
DEAD REPTILE SHRINE / TORTURIUM "Split" 12" LP (Bestial Burst)
DIMMU BORGIR "Stormblåst" 12" PIC.-LP (Cacophonous Records)
ISENSCUR "Mónaþfylen" 12" LP (Barghest)
KAEVUM "Natur" 12" LP (Darker than Black Records)
KATHARSIS "WorldWithoutEnd" 12" LP (Noevidia)
REVERORUM IB MALACHT "Demo '09" 12" LP (Ancient Records)
PESTE NOIRE "Lorraine Rehearsal" 12" LP (Northern Heritage)
PROFANATICA "Collection" 12" PIC.-LP (Necrocosm Productions)
V/A "Finnish-German Alliance" 12" LP (W.T.C)
VLAD TEPES "War Funeral March" 12" PIC.LP (Unofficial)
VLAD TEPES / TORGEIST "Black Legions Metal" 12" LP (Drakkar Productions / Niessedrion Recs.)
SATURNAL RECORDS (Label / Mailorder) | PANTHEON OF BLOOD (Traditional Finnish Black Metal)
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