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Tradelist [shipping from Ukraine]

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:24 am    Post subject: Tradelist [shipping from Ukraine] Reply with quote

In terms of the exchange I'm interested in branded CD, cassette, vinyl: dark ambient, black metal...
Full list of my CDs, vinyl, cassettes can be found here, although most of them are not available for exchange.

Original CDs:
Gore - Consumed By Slow Decay (1999, Half-Life Records - HL 005) - Discogs
Ancient Necropsy - Apocalyptic Empire (Mutilated Records - MRCD 011) Discogs
Circle Of Dead Children - Zero Comfort Margin (Earache - MOSH 335CD) Discogs
Flesh Grinder - Coroner's Inquest Suit (Goregiastic Records - GR 021) Discogs
Evolet | Crawl Back In - Evolet / Crawl Back In Split CD (Chucky The Rat Records - RAT019) Discogs
Пламень - Seeds Ov Hell (Aeon Of Horus - AVATAR/06) Discogs
Aetherius Obscuritas - Vнziуk (Paragon Records (3) - PRG-33026) Discogs
Aryadeva - Demo 2004 - Invoking The Ancient Forces (Demo, Self-released) CDr, Discogs
Blackness / Hammer Ov Qliphoth - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. / Monotheistic Supremacy (Thou Shalt Kill! Records, Art Of Anticreation), DVD-jewel, Discogs
Capitollium - Engraved Fear (More Hate Productions - MHP 05-050) Discogs
Deception - Nails Sticking Offensive (Sevared Records, Butchered Records, Old Temple - SR-044, BR-009, OLD.14.), CD in 7' envelope Discogs
Forest of Impaled - Rise And Conquer (Red Stream Inc - RSR-0192) Discogs
Necrostench - Abyss Falling Cross (Thou Shalt Kill! Records - NKS CD 02) digi Discogs
Sidus Tenebrarum - Born From The Dark Rib (Obskure Sombre Records, Suffering Jesus Productions, Metalbolic Records - Obsk-666-021) Discogs
Suicidal Anorexia - MHIIMB|MSBFAR (Rigorism Production - RP049) Discogs
Unholy Matrimony - Croire, Dйcroоtre (Deepsend Records - DSR039) Discogs
Vrolok - Resurgence II: Where The Dying Meet The Dead (Alpha Draconis Records - ADR666-001) Discogs
Vulturine - We Worship Your Death (Nomos Dei Productions - legis VII), digi, Discogs
Trauma - Archetype Of Chaos (Witching Hour Productions - EVIL WH 021, DIGI) Discogs
Veil - Dolor (Stellar Winter Records - silence 32 CD) Discogs
Ars Sacra - Архитектор Страданий (Ridge Ov Dragon - Ridge 006) Discogs
Beleth - Nieuchronne Widmo Śmierci (Hail Satan 666 Productions, Total War Productions - H.S.666/CD03, T.W.01CD) Discogs
Prevalent Resistance - Dynamics Of Creation (Nykta - Nykta 11) Discogs
Рождение Ветра - Память. Пепел. (Ridge ov Dragon, RIDGE001, LTD) Discogs
Ars Macabra - Daemonolatria Hypnotica (Elegy Music - Hawk 011) Discogs
Blodarv - Soulcollector... The Thousand Years Tale (Northern Silence Productions - NSP 008) Discogs
Dagon - They Who Abideth Amidst The Poison (Desastrious Records - DCD666) Discogs
Demon Realm - A Legend Of Power (Blazing Productions - BGPS002) Discogs
Dianthus - Dianthus (Self-released) Discogs
Kalot Enbolot - MCCCXLVII (Eastside - ESCD041) Discogs
Nordvrede - Northern Frontline (Hexenhammer - hammer 05, LTD) Discogs
Ruina [UA] / Tundra / Operation Winter Mist - Allegiance Of The Profane Pack (None More Black Records - NMBR-06, LTD) Discogs
Karsten Hamre & Vlad Jecan - Enter Inside (Wroth Emitter, W.E. 015) Discogs
Manatark - Crimson Hours (Metal Age Productions, MAP 061), Discogs, autographed by singer
Nokturne - Kruelty Kampaign (Baphomet Records, Red Stream Inc, BAPH124, none) CD+DVD Discogs
Occultus - Inthial (Regimental Records, REG 061) Discogs
Quintessence - Le Fleau De Ton Existence (Nija Art, AKT002) Discogs
Hellion - Strong Enough (Moon Records (2), MR 1898-2) Discogs
Lux Luciferi - Purity Of Enmity (Soulflesh Collector, sfc07-006) Discogs
Nycticorax - Black Raven... Dark Night (Musica Production, MP-17) Discogs
Scratching Soil - Separatism (Stygian Crypt Productions, SCP 030) Discogs
Semargl - Satanogenesis (Sound Age Productions, More Hate Productions, SAPCD 097, MHP 05-048) Discogs
Tenebris / Ordalium - In War We Trust (Trinity Production, TrPCD006) Discogs
Therm.Eye.Flame - Spherical (More Hate Productions, MHP 03-017) Discogs
Weltkrieg - Final Death (Armour Get Dawn Productions, AGD014) Discogs
Mortem - Corpsophagia (CD-Maximum - CDM 0905-2386) Discogs
Dear And The Headlights - Small Steps, Heavy Hooves (Equal Vision Records - EVR 137) Discogs
dr.Green - Purvas (Energetyka) Discogs
Atreyu - The Curse (Victory Records - VR218) Discorgs
Blibdoobpoolp - Blibdoobpoolp (2004, Chicken-Head Records) CDr

Licensed CDs:
Opeth - Ghost Reveries (Moon Records)
Celtic Frost - Monotheist (Comp Music LTD)
Clawfinger - Life Will Kill You (Irond)
Abaddon Incarnate - Nadir (Irond)
Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor (Moon Record)
Wykked Wytch - Angelic Vengeance (Irond)
Six Feet Under - Bringer of Blood (FONO)
Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (Irond)
Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon (Irond)
Cradle of Filth - Bitter Suites to Succubi (FONO)
Butthole Surfers - Blind Eye Sees All (DVD, Moon Records)

Pirate CDs:
Slayer - Got Hates Us All (large booklet)
Occult - Prepare to Meet thy Doom
Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age of Grotesque
Marilyn Manson - Demos In My Lunchbox (Discogs)
V/A - Morbid Noizz Compilation
V/A - An Industrial Tribute to Metallica
The Prodigy (FAKE!) - The Castbreeder (Discogs)

Good trades with: egor_aka_vile [@metal-archives/@NWN Prod], brutalman1488 [@NWN Prod]
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