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Dead Center prods new releases!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:44 am    Post subject: Dead Center prods new releases! Reply with quote

DEAD CENTER prods present 3 new CD releases!

Out and ready for shipping!

1) EWIG FROST "Dirty Tales" CD - New album of Punk/Speed Metal horde from Austria! (co-release with Discos Macarras)
2) DISCARNATE "Embraced By Death" M-CD - Old-school fucking Swedish Death Metal (from Sweden)!
3) ATAVISMA "Where Wolves Once Dwelled" M-CD - Old-school Death/Doom metal from France, mainly inspired by Swedish Death Metal hell!

You can listen tracks here -

Trades and Wholesale possible. Send your requests or Trade-lists.

Also available from Dead Center prods:
NAZGHOR "Upon the Darkest Season" CD - devil-worshiping BLACK METAL from Sweden! Atmospheric, catching and enough dark!
CEREBRAL CONTORTION "Brain Damage" CD - kick ass old-school THRASH METAL from Australia!
MASTER "Master" CD - just a cult. WHOLESALE or selective Trades.
NAZGHOR - Life Impaled CD Black metal from Sweden!
SICHGART - Do Zbroi! CD Extreme thrash metal from Ukraina!
ORANGE BLOSSOM JAM - Mystic Jar of Doom CD Stoner doom metal from Italy. Inspired by BLACK SABBATH, ELECTRIC WIZARD and etc...
CLEAVER - When There's No More Room in Hell CD Old-school death/thrash/black metal from NORWAY
DEATH ABOVE - The Attack Of The Soul Eaters CD Old-school thrash/crossover
TIRAN - Reborn Chaos CD Old-school thrash/death metal

DVD (DVDr with pro-printed glossy layouts) 3 points each
DCP-019 BLACK ANGEL / DIE HUMAN RACE DVD-R Black metal vs war black metal
DCP-018 INFERIUS TORMENT - ...on the eyes of dying god DVD-R Satanic black metal
DCP-012 SLAUGHTER BRUTE - Human's Intestine Collapse DVD-R Technical brutal death metal
DCP-010 V/A Deadly Visions vol. 2 DVD-R Official Metal compilation - MOONFOG (Slovakia), KINETIC (Greece), CASTRUM (Ukraina), RIGOR SARDONICOUS (USA), NUNSLAUGHTER (USA), PAGANFIRE (Philipinnes), DISDAINED (Serbia), BARBAROUS POMERANIA (Poland), QUO VADIS (Poland), WILKOLAK (Poland), XERION (Spain), SCRATCHING SOIL (Russia), LOITS (Estonia), DIMENTIANON (USA), REDRUM (Russia), NOCTICULA (Ukraina).
DCP-009 CATACUMBA - Legioes do Abismo Ato... DVD-R War black/death metal
http://Deadcenter666.com - DEAD CENTER Prods / ANTICHRIST Metalzine / store

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