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updated tradelist cd/lp/7" (marduk, ceremonial oath, sa

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PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2013 8:46 am    Post subject: updated tradelist cd/lp/7" (marduk, ceremonial oath, sa Reply with quote


If interested, pm me or contact me at: ulaire_enquea [at] yahoo.com
Money offers might be considered.
All pm's/mails will be awnsered (but be patient)


Abazagorath: The Spirit of Hate for Mankind 7"
Abomination: Tragedy Strikes LP
Accept: Restless and Wild LP
Atomizer: The End of Forever GATEFOLD LP
Behemoth: Pandemonic Incantations PIC LP
Belphegor: Obscure and Deep 7" (blue vinyl)
Bundeswehra/Nergal: Split LP (both posters included)
Cannibal Corpse: Live Cannibalism LP
Dark Funeral: Teach Children to Worship Satan 10"
Darkthrone: Soulside Journey LP (orig. press)
Dead End: Wartime in Eden 7"
Deströyer 666: Satanic Speed Metal 7"
Dissection: Night's Blood, Live in Oslo 4:th of May 1994 LP
Dissection: The Grief Prophecy 7"
Dominus: Dominus 7"
Emperor: Reverence 7"
Hybernoid: Technology/Regression 7"
Imperator: The Time Before Time LP (nameless productions)
Impiety: Slave The Goat: Iblis Exelsi 7"
Impending Doom: Apocalypse III - The Manifested Purgatorium LP
Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden LP
Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast LP
Killer/Ostrogoth/Crossfire: If It's Loud, We're Proud SPLIT LP
Killer: Wall of Sound LP (mausoleum)
Marduk: World Funeral LP
Marduk: Blackcrowned I LP
Mercyful Fate: Nuns have no Fun MLP (orig. on rave on rec, black border)
Mortician: Mortal Massacre 7" (purple vinyl)
Mortuary Drape: Tolling 13 Knell 2LP (incl. 4 bonustracks)
No Sense: Cerebral Cacophony LP (orig. cogumelo)
Piledriver: Metal Inquisition LP
Rotting Christ: Apokathelosis 7"
Sabbat: Zorugelionslaught 7"
Sathanas: Ripping Evil 7"
Satyricon: Megiddo MLP
Satyricon: Intermezzo II MLP
Ungod/Baxaxaxa: SPLIT LP
V/A: Ultra Metal LP (on monitor records, incl. Master's Hammer)
Von: Satanic Blood Angel 2LP (original Die Hard press, everything still included)
Wigrid: Hoffnungstod LP
Witchfynde: Cloak & Dagger LP
Woods of Infinity: I-20 7"
Xasthur: Suicide in Dark Serenity MLP


Abigail/Funeral Winds: Split CD
Aguynguerran: Perverting the Nazarene Cult CD
Amboss: Those Who Have Lost The Right To Exist CD
Bloodoline: Storm & Brilliance CD (with Teitanblood member)
Ceremonial Oath: The Book of Truth CD
Destruction: Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation CD
Dismember: Casket Garden MCD
Megiddo: The Devil and the Whore CD
Maniac Butcher: Invaze CD
Panzerchrist: Outpost Fort Europa CD
Phlebotomized: Skycontact CD
Phlegethon: Fresco Lungs CD
Sabbat: For Satan and Sacrifice CD
Suffocation: Breeding the Spawn CD


Paradise Lost: Draconian Times 1995 tour LS
Sabbat: Disembody (gold print) TS


Castle Freak (region 2)
Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead (region 2)
The Dead Next Door DVD (region 0)
The Island DVD (region 2)


(*** = most wanted)

Absurd/Heldentum: split 7"
Ancient Rites: Evil Prevails 7" (fallen angel records version)
Ancient Rites/Uncanny: split LP
Ancient Rites/Enthroned: split PIC 7"
Arckanum: Boka vm Kaos 7"
Autopsy: Acts of the Unspeakable LP
Beherit/Death Yell: split 7"
Beherit: Dawn of Satan's Millennium PIC 7"
Beherit: Messe Des Morts 7"
BM Endsieg I 7" ***
Carcass: The Peel Sessions LP
Carcass: Necroticism Descanting the Insalubrious LP
Carcass: Tools of the Trade MLP
Carcass: The Heartwork E.P. MLP
Celtic Frost: Emperor's Return MLP
Demoncy: Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost LP
Eisenwinter: Tyrannendunkel 7"
Hellhammer: Apocalyptic Raids MLP
Horna/Musta Surma: split 7"
Horna: Sota 7"
Judas Iscariot: Heaven in Flames LP ***** (will gladly give multiple items for this!!!!)
Malign: Fireborn 7"
Moonblood: Blut & Krieg LP
Moonblood/Nema: split 7"
Moonblood/Asakku: split 7"
Moonblood/Deathspell Omega: Split LP
Mutiilation: New False Prophet 7"
Mutiilation/Deathspell Omega: Split 10"
Nargaroth: Herbstleyd 2LP (orig.)
Nargaroth: Amarok LP (orig.)
Necros Christos/Loss: split LP
Necros Christos/Teitanblood: split 7"
Profanatica: Weeping in Heaven 7"
Profanatica: As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ 7"
Repulsion: Horrified LP (Necrosis/Earache)
Sarcofago: I.N.R.I. LP (orig. Cogumelo)
Satanic Warmaster/The True Frost: Split 7"
Satanic Warmaster/Akitsa: split 7"
Sinister: Sinister 7" (Witchhunt Records)
Sinister/Monastery: Split 7"
Teitanblood/Proclamation: split 7"
Watain: The Essence of Black Purity 7" *****
Zaag: any 7"

Abigor: Verwüstung / Invoke the Dark Age CD (first press with b/w cover)
Alastis: The Just Law CD (HNF)
Anal Blast: Vaginal Vempire CD (nightfall/terrorizer press)
Ancient: Svartalvheim CD (listenable records)
Ancient: Trolltaar MCD (damnation records)
Arghoslent: Galloping Through the Battle Ruins CD (woodnymph records)
Arkona: Imperium CD (astral wings)
At the Gates: Gardens of Grief MCD (orig slimcase version)
Azazel: The Night of Satanachia MCD
Baalberith: Storming Through The Gate Of Knowledge CD (orig. folkefienden productions)
Belphegor: Bloodbath in Paradise MCD
Belphegor: The Last Supper CD (orig. lethal)
Bolt Thrower: Cenotaph MCD
Bolt Thrower: The Peel Sessions 1988-90 CD
Centinex: Subconscious Lobotomy CD (underground records)
Dawn/Pyphomgertum: Split CD
Dawnfall: Dominance of Darkness CD
Demilich: Nespithe CD (orig. necropolis records without bonus tracks)
Demoniac: Stormblade CD (evil omen)
Desire: Infinity... A Timeless Journey through an Emotional Dream (skyfall records)
Destruction: The Least Successfull Human Cannonball CD
Disastrous Murmur: Rhapsodies in Red CD (orig. osmose)
Dissection: Night's Blood BOOTLEG CD
Dissection: Frozen in Wacken BOOTLEG CD (giger cover)
Emperor: Conquering Europe BOOTLEG CD
Galgeras: Uwer Ter Ere CD
Gehenna: Black Seared Heart CD
Gehennah: Hardrocker CD
Gorgoroth: Pentagram CD (orig. embassy records)
Grave/Deviated Instinct/Devolution: Split CD
Hadez: Aquelarre CD (orig. brutal records)
Katatonia: For Funerals to Come MCD
Krisiun: Unmerciful Order MCD (dynamo records)
Immolation: Stepping on Angels... Before Dawn CD (repulse records)
Impiety: Skullfucking Armageddon DIGI CD (dies irae productions)
In Memorian: Insantification MCD (heavy metal rock)
Lifelover: Pulver CD (first press, cover with the girl lying down in the grass)
Lord Wind: Forgotten Songs CD (FMP)
Maniac Butcher: Krvestreb CD (orig. pussy god)
Mayhem: Ancient Skin/Necrolust MCD
Meat Shits: For Those About to Shit CD (discord records)
Meat Shits: The Second Degree of Torture CD (poserslaughter/gulli)
Merciless: The Awakening (dsp) ***
Merciless: The Treasures Within (active records)
Mjolnir: Hinweg uber die Tore der Zeit CD
Mortuary Drape: Secret Sudaria CD
Nebiras: The Great Rites CD (metal merchant)
Necromicon: Realm of Silence CD (impure creations)
Necros Christos/Goat Molestör: split CD
Nile: Ramses Bringer of War DIGI MCD
Old Mans Child: In the Shades of Life MCD (hot records)
Order from Chaos: An Ending in Fire CD (orig. osmose version)
Pagan Rites: Pagan Rites CD (warmaster)
Perunwit: W Kregu Debów CD (astral wings)
Root: Zjeveni CD
Root: Hell Symphony CD
Root: The Temple in the Underworld CD
Rotting Christ: Thy Mighty Contract CD (orig. osmose)
Sadistik Exekution: Demon With Wings MCD
Sadistik Exekution: Sadistik Elektrokution MCD
Salem: Creating Our Sins CD (morbid records)
Salem: Kaddish CD (morbid records)
Sarcofago: I.N.R.I. CD (cogumelo)
Sempiternal Deathreign: The Spooky Gloom CD (foundation 2000)
Shining: I - Within Deep Dark Chambers (orig. selbstmord)
Sorcery: Bloodchilling Tales CD (no colours)
Sortsind: Sår CD
Sortsind: More Days CD
Spear of Longinus: Nada Brahma MCD (burznazg prod. with orig. artwork)
The Gathering: Always... CD (orig press)
The Ruins of Beverast: Unlock The Shrine CD (first press on van)
Thy Primordial: Where Only the Seasons Mark the Paths of Time CD
Tiamat: Sumerian Cry CD (orig. version)
Todesstoss: Sehnsucht MCD
Troll: Drep De Kristne DIGIPACK CD
Typhon: Unholy Trilogy CD (warmaster records)
Unholy: From the Shadows CD (lethal)
Ved Buens Ende: Written in Waters CD (orig. mysanthropy)
Vlad Tepes/Belketre: split CD (orig. embassy) *****
Werwolf: Zeitenwende - Only The Strong Survive... CD (lethal)
Zemial: For the Glory of Ur CD (hypervorea records)
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