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TRADE LIST (Black Metal+Mixture of stuff,Shirts,Patches)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:48 pm    Post subject: TRADE LIST (Black Metal+Mixture of stuff,Shirts,Patches) Reply with quote

Looking to trade mostly, but will take offers (you name the price) on anything including clothing, Want list is at the bottom of the page. If there's something you want, send your trade list regardless of weather you have something or not on the wantlist.. Will trade multiple items for my wants.


Balberith- Legion ov Terror
Destruktor- Nailed
Demonic Resurrection- The Return to Darkness
Horned Almighty- Necro Spirituals
Vortex of End- I.S.A.P.W.T
Blood Red Fog/Cosmic Church split
Abazagorath- Sacraments of the Final Atrocity
Striborg- Mysterious Semblance (1st press)
Craft- Fuck the Universe
Witchsorrow- S/T
Cult of Daath- Grand Tortures of Hell
Angel Rot- Unlistenable Hymns of Indulgent Damnage
Blood Storm- Death by the Stormwizard
Castrum- Hatenourisher
Xerath- 2 (Sealed)
Obsidian- Point of Infinity
Insania- Fantasy
Ancient- Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends
Eastern Front- Blood on Snow
Overkil i Hear Black
Inddrs- Electric Church
Tsjunder- Desert Northern Hell (Digipak)
Eluveitie- As it Ever Was
Usurper- Necronemesis
Afterlife- Surreality
Misery Index- Dissent
Pestilence- Spheres (1st press)
Darkthrone- Total Death (over-sized jewel case)
Faustcoven- Rising From Below the Earth lim.666
Absu- Barathrum (osmose)
Seth- Les Blessures De L'Ame (1st press)
Forests of Old- Voices from Oblivion
Bolt Thrower- For Victory (promo w/full artwork)
Odal- On Old Paths (slim-digipak)
Odal- Wilde Kraft
Morbid Angel- Gateways to Annihilation
Serpent Obscene- S/T
Aborted- Global Flatline (Digipak)
Deicide- To Hell With God
Darkthrone- Circle of Wagons (1st press)HOLD
Impetigo- Ultimo Mondo Cannibal
Bonehunter- Turn up the Evil

Demos: Apocryph (3 song demo)
Lost- Without hope..(Slimcase)
Souldust-1 Demo (Ghast)
Sumeria- All Paths Lead to Insanity (64/66)
Sumeria- Promo tape
Lament Configuration- Demo

Samael- Ceremony of Opposites (promo)
Into Eternity- Buried in Oblivion
Into Eternity-The Incurable Tragedy
Thy Flesh Consumed- Dawn of the Impurity Design (Cdr promo from band)


Thy Flesh Consumed- Unrepentant Hoodie Size Large


Otyg Logo Size: Medium

Leper (writing on back also) Size: Medium

Bathory Sleeveless Size: Large



Infernal Hatred Size: Large (slightly faded)



Destruction self made shirt Size: Medium/Large



Want List:

Graveland: Following the Voice of Blood CD (NC)
Graveland: Impaler's Wolves (NC)
Graveland: Raiders of Revenge Split
Graveland: Blood of Heroes
Graveland: Eastern Hammer Split
Graveland: Wotan mit mir
Graveland: Cold Winter Blades
Immortal / Hypocrisy Split
Marduk: Opus Nocturne
Marduk: Nightwing
Marduk: Panzer Division Marduk
Blasphemy: Fallen Angel of Doom.... CD (any pressing)
Before God: Under the Blood Banner
Solefald- Neonism (Avantgarde)
Falkenbach: ...En Their Medh Riki Fara... CD
Blessed in Sin: Melancholia
Blessed in Sin: Par Le Sang Du Christ
Thyrfing- Solen Svartnar (tape)
Pagan Reign- Ancient Warriors
Pagan Reign- Vo Vremena Bylin EP
Ensiferum- Iron
Ensiferum- 1997-1999
Ensiferum- Unsung Heroes
Summoning- Lugburz
Summoning- Minas Morgul
Summoning- Nightshade Forests
Summoning- Dol Guldur
Summoning- Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
Cruachan- Tuatha Na Gael
Cruachan- Folk-Lore
Cruachan- The Morrigan's Call
Volkolak (any except Dark Shine of Scales)
Grimm- Heksenkringen
Mithotyn- Behold the Shields of Gold
Mithotyn- Meadow In Silence
Mithotyn- Promo 96'
Mithotyn- King of the Distant Forest (Invasion rec.)
Der Sturmer/War 88 split
Argholsent/Martial Barrage Split LP
Arghoslent- Arsenal Of Glory (Sempiternal Productions) CD or LP
Incorrigible Bigotry LP
Argholsent- Troops of Unfeigned Might (Clear vinyl)
GBK/Absurd Split
Grand Belial's Key- Triumph of the Hordes tape
Grand Belial's Key- The Tricifixion of Swine
Grand Belial's Key/Nunslaughter split
Grand Belial's Key/Absurd/Sigbolt LP
Satanic Warmaster- Strength and Honour CD
Satanic Warmaster- Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber CD
Satanic Warmaster / Stutthof
Krieg / Satanic Warmaster
Satanic Warmaster / The True Frost
Behexen / Satanic Warmaster

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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