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Selling Lot Stuff!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:57 am    Post subject: Selling Lot Stuff! Reply with quote

--- Offer ---

Sell ​​my Leather Jacket! Pics will be on request, only serious offers!

The leather jacket in itself is an ancient biker jacket with many improvements and hand-sewn. determined shall be repaired even some places. So it is simply a cult cowl in ultra used look in size M.


Right Arm:

Ohtar - Necro Hate (gestickt)
Nachtfalke - Logo (gestickt)
Morte Incandescente - Logo (gestickt)
Amalek - Shape Logo (gestickt)
Giboraltar - Logo (gestickt)
Eisenwinter - Logo (gestickt)
Eugenik - Widder / Runen (silber gestickt)

Left Arm:

Kroda - 5 Jahre Kulturkampf (gestickt)
Heidalls Wacht - Strip-Logo (gestickt)
Totenburg - Big Eagle (gewebt)
Eugenik - Logo + THT (gestickt)
5:45 - Logo (gestickt)
Kataxu - Logo (gestickt)
Sunwheel - Logo + Eagle (gestickt)
Nordreich - Logo (gewebt) (mit handnummerierter Karte)

Right Front:

Satanic Warmaster - New Logo (gestickt)
Coven of the Worm - Logo (gestickt)
Sturmkaiser - Logo (gestickt)
Totenburg - Old Logo (gestickt)
Temnozor - Old Logo (gestickt)
Menneskerhat - Logo (gestickt)
Leichenzug - Logo (gestickt)
Wolfnacht - Töten für Wotan (gestickt)
Ornaments of Sin - Logo (gestickt)
Peste Noire - KPN (gestickt)

Left Front:

Horna - Logo (gestickt)
Dark Fury - Big TK (gestickt)
Der Stürmer - Bloodsworn (gestickt)
Temnozor - Wolfangle (gestickt)
Loits - Logo (gestickt)
Riger - Spears (gestickt)
Dub Buk - Logo (gestickt)
Irrlicht - Logo (gestickt)

Neck & Front Cutout:

Kristallnacht - BM 1994-2002 (gestickt)
Heimdalls Wacht - Logo (gestickt)
Magog - Logo (gestickt)
Panzertruppe - Metallpin
Sargeist - Metallpin
Pest - Metallpin
Absurd - Metallpin
Shining - Metallpin
Horna - Metallbin

Behind and Lateral:

Anchestors Blood - Logo (gestickt)
Burzum - Logo Strip (gewebt)
Lifelover - Logo (gestickt)
Odal - Logo (gestickt)
Runenblut - Logo (gestickt)
Graveland - Logo (gestickt)
Temnozor - New Logo (gestickt)
Veles - Logo + Bat (gestickt)
Thors Hammer - Logo (gestickt)
Ad Hominem - Logo (gestickt)
Zorn - Logo (gestickt)
Marduk - Logo Stripe (übernäht / gewebt)
Dark Fury - Eagle (gestickt)
Satanic Warmaster - Altes Logo (gestickt)
Aryan Terrorism - Logo (gestickt)
Abyssic Hate - Logo (gestickt)
Bilskirnir - Logo (gestickt)
Darkthule - Pagan Front (gestickt)
Satans Elite Kommando - Logo (gestickt)
Schwarzmetall -Wotansauge (gestickt)
Urfaust - Big Shape (gestickt)
Folk Metal (gestickt)
Absurd - Ulfhednir (gestickt)
Nokturnal Mortum - Logo (gestickt)
Aaskereia - Logo (gestickt)
Hate Forest - Logo (gestickt)
Venadea - Logo (gestickt)
Ravensblood - Logo (gestickt)
Selbstentleibung - Logo (gestickt)

Inside to repair the Pocket:

Venom - BM Logo (gestikt)



| Nordmacht - IEhT + Bonus
| VA - Support the Cause
| Kilgore - .44 Magnum Opus
| Cradle of Filth - A Principle of Evil Made Flesh
| Cradle of Filth - Vampire
| Cradle of Filth - Midian
| Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast
| Cradle of Filth - Damnation and a Day
| Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine
| Cradle of Filth - Live bait for the Dead (DIGI)
| Cradle of Filth - Lovecraft & Witch Hearts
| The Cure - Maximum Cure




| Antisem*tex - Promo 88
| Asylium - An Eternity of Human Decay
| Hakenkreutzzug - Centurion of Thule
| Holocaust - The Call of Thuringian Woods
| Holocaustus - Virus
| Infernal Hate - The peace is Just a fucking Joke
| Longobardeath / The true Endless - Split (123/200)
| Moonblood - Reh 2
| Moonblood - Reh 10
| Moonblood - The Winter Falls over the Land
| Nortt - Ligfaerd
| Traumerleben - Promo recording
| Ulfhethnar - Beyond ther mortal boundaries
| Ulfhethnar - Essensce of Superiority

Eternity Demos 95 und 97. Beide Original and both 30€ inclu Shipping Cost

| Eternity ‎– Born In The Mystical Forests Of Sorrow
| Eternity ‎– Delictum Exceptum

Band Shirts/Pullis:

| Ziontod - Logo (gebraucht M) (reserviert)
| Ad Hominem - For a New World KAPU (M)
| Ad Hominem - Total Völkermord (M)
| Armatus - Nuke Israel (M)
| Bilskirnir - In Flames of Purification (L)
| Totenburg - A & K (gebraucht, Druck schon rissig, sonst ok(L))
| Totenburg - Peststurm über Moskau (M wie neu)
| Goatmoon - Flagge (L neu)
| Graveland - In the Glare of Burning Churches (think L-XL, kein schild mehr da, sonst wie neu. OLD)

If you are interested I would send as soon as possible photos of the desired items.
A price proposal comes from YOU! Everything is negotiable!
A few CD's to show signs of wear, others are unplayed.
For questions about the selling and questions to my requests please PM me!
(Shipping or pick up spot possible)

I'm at UTBS Fest and can bring a lot of BM Stuff from a Collectors resolution. Feel free to Ask for what you are searching for.
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