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PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:25 am    Post subject: Wanted: ARKHA SVA Reply with quote

I'm after anything with this band except for the album and the demo collection on THR. Trades welcome. Hit me!
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Joined: 07 Dec 2012
Posts: 147

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Still looking...

See below for my trade list.

/ CD:s / PROMO CD:s / TAPES / 7" / SHIRTS /


ABRUPTUM Casus luciferi
ABRUPTUM De profundis more vas consumet
ALWAYS WAR We are the flood
AMORPHIS Tales from the thousand lakes
ANCIENT Eerily howling winds – the antediluvian tapes
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT 60 second wipe out
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Delete yourself!
AZURE Moonlight legend
BAL-SAGOTH A black moon broods over Lemuria
BLODSRIT Helveteshymner
BLODSRIT Supreme misanthropy MMVIII
BLODSRIT The well of light has finally dried
BORKNAGAR The archaic curse
CARPATHIAN FOREST Through chasm, caves and titan woods
CATAMENIA Halls of frozen north
CHILDREN OF BODOM Hate me! (single)
CORPUS CHRISTII The torment continues
DARKTHRONE Goatlord (Moonfog 1996!)
DARKTHRONE Soulside journey (2003 reissue)
DEFLESHED Death… the high cost of living
DIABOLICAL Deserts of desolation
DIMMU BORGIR Puritanical euphoric misanthropia (promo)
DIMMU BORGIR Spiritual black dimensions (digi)
EXCESSUM Death redemption
FROST Cursed again & talking to god
HIM Heartkiller
HIM Screamworks (2 CD lim ed digi)
HOLY DEATH The knight, death and the devil
HONEY IS COOL Crazy love
ICOS Walk with me
IMPERIOUS In splendor
KING DIAMOND The spider’s lullabye
LEGION, THE A bliss to suffer
LEGION, THE Unseen to creation
LOGH A sunset panorama
LOST SOUL Scream of the morning star
MAYHEM Deathcrush (DSP)
MAYHEM De mysteriis dom satanas (VOW)
MAYHEM Live in Leipzig (Peaceville digipak)
MAYHEM Live in Leipzig (Avantgarde digipak)
MISERICORDIA Erase the skies MCD
MUTANT The aeonic destiny
NOTRE DAME Creepshow freakshow peepshow
NOKTURNAL MORTUM Goats horns (Oriana re-issue)
NOKTURNAL MORTUM Twilight (Oriana re-issue)
NOKTURNAL MORTUM Lunar poetry (The End)
ORLOG Reinigende feuer (#094/?, green 6" cover)
PAIN Rebirth
PANTHEON I Atrocity divine
PUISSANCE State collapse
PESSIMIST Evolution unto evil
RHAPSODY Emerald sword (single)
RHAPSODY Holy thunderforce (single)
RHAPSODY power of the dragonflame
RHAPSODY Rain of a thousand flames
RHAPSODY Symphony of enchanted lands II
SAURON The channeling void
SABBAT Evoke (Iron Pegasus re-issue)
SABBAT Sabbatical holocaust
SLAYER Divine intervention
SORGSVART Fortapt fra verden I vakkert selvmord
SVARGA Simvol voli
THUNDERBOLT The burning deed of deceit
TURILLI, LUCA King of the Nordic twilight
TURILLI, LUCA Prophet of the last eclipse
UNMOORED Kingdoms of grief
V/A Candlelight: Phoenix risen (2 CD)
V/A Code666: Better undead than alive (2CD)
V/A Hammerheart: Sign of the hammer (2CD)
V/A NDP: Under the banner of darkness
V/A TPL: Swedish metal triumphators
VEHEMENCE God was created
VOND Green eyed demon
VORKREIST Sabbatical flesh possession
VULTURE LORD Profane prayer
WHITE ZOMBIE Supersexy swinging sounds
ZAVORASH S/t (Selbstmord)


BORKNAGAR The olden domain (1997)
DIMMU BORGIR Puritanical euphoric misanthropia (2001)
HAUNTED, THE The haunted made me do it (2000)
IN BATTLE In battle (1997)
NEGURA BUNGET 'N crugu bradului (2003)
ORLOG Reinigende feuer (#094/?, green 6" cover)
SHINING VI: Klagopsalmer (Sound Pollution)
SOULREAPER Life eraser (CD-single case, 2003)
TRIUMPHATOR Wings of antichrist (2000)
ZYKLON World ov worms (2001)

(Got hundreds and hundreds of those, ask about "your" band...)


ARGENTUM Stigma mortuorum (cass. promo, 2000 Danza Ipnotica)
BECKSVART Att omfamnas av mörkret (demo 2001)
BLOODSHED Laughter of destruction (demo 1999)
BUTCHERY The coming... (demo 2001)
BUTCHERY Repulsive christ curse (demo 2002)
CASQUE STRENGTH Culture & humiliation (demo 2001, 14/100)
CASQUE STRENGTH Enter the inquisition machine (demo 2012)
CONTAMINO Mother nature gased (cass. album 2001, #049/500, CR001)
DENIAL OF GOD The ghouls of DOG (Oupiric Prod., 2000)
DIMMU BORGIR Death cult armageddon (cass. promo, 2003)
ESTONIA Tar dig dit... (demo 1995 [?])
GOATSODOMIZER Raping my graveyard (demo 2002)
IN WINTER'S EMBRACE In winter's embrace (demo 2000)
LEVIFER Tribute to the supreme beast (demo 2000)
LUCIFUGUM На крючья да в клочья! (cass. album 2000)
MORBID ANGEL Gateways to annihilation (cassette promo 2000)
ORNIAS Förintelse (demo 2001)
PESTTANZ Terra nova nostrum (demo 2000)
REALM Dark winds of Azuras (demo 1997)
RELENTLESS Experiment in excrement (demo 2000)
SCYTHER The sick curse of Scyther (demo 2004, #26/33)
SIGNUM DIABOLICUM Inkvizicm tortura (demo 1999)
TERRORAMA Horrid efface (cass. album, Ironfist Kommando)
TERRORAMA Misanthropic genious (demo 2002 #51/500)
TERRORAMA Promoting the orthodox (demo 2003, #23/50)
WOLFSBLOOD The dying process (demo 2000)
ZAVORASH Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog (demo 1997)


CORONER Purple haze/Masked jackal (GER, 1988)
HEARSE Torch (2002)
KILL Necro (2001, #096/500)
LEGION, THE Awakened fury (2002, red, #36/666)
LEGION, THE Awakened fury (2002, red, PROMO/666)
LORD BELIAL Purify Sweden (2003, pic-EP)
MARDUK Hearse (2003, black, lim. 500)
MIDNIGHT SUN ...And the fire still burns (1999)
MINDBLASTER Days of coma (1999)
NAZARETH Shanghai'd in Shanghai (GER, 1974)
NEPHENZY In anguish and furious pain (1999)
NON SERVIAM Play god (2000, #0021)
REPUGNANT Premature burial (2012, pic-EP)
RIBSPREADER Vicar mortis (2006)
SARGATANAS REIGN Hellucination (2001, red, #202/500)
SORDID DEATH S/t (2001, white label)
SOULREAPER Son of the dead (2002)
TERRORAMA/DEATHSTORM Genocide/Awakening of the dead (2012, FLEXI)
TWISTED SISTER We're not gonna take it (GER, 1984)

---SHIRTS (T-shirt or Longsleeve/SIZE)

ABAZAGORATH Enshrined blashpemer (2003) LS/XL
ARKHON INFAUSTUS Drastic christianicide order (2002?) TS/XL
AZURE Rise of nezgoulth (1999) TS/L
BORKNAGAR Universal/listening session (2009) TS/M (RARE!)
BUTCHERY 1st demo/deadhead (2001) TS/L
BELPHEGOR Fuck the son of stench (2003?) TS/L
DØDHEIMSGARD 666 international tour (1999) LS/XL
ISVIND Dark waters stir [cut sleevs] (1996) TS/S
IRON MAIDEN Live after death (2000?) TS/L
KISS Calling dr. love (1996?) TS/L
KISS Alive/worldwide '96 (1996) TS/M
LEGION, THE Logo (2001) LS/L
LEGION, THE Logo (2001) TS/L
LEGION, THE Logo (2002) red LS/XL (RARE!)
LEGION, THE A bliss to suffer (2009) TS/M
LEGION, THE Revocation (2006) TS/S
LEGION, THE Unseen to creation/seleton (2004) TS/L
LEGION, THE Unseen to creation (2003) TS/L
MARDUK Vlas Tepes [hand-made by B. War/F. Andersson] (1994?) TS/XL (RARE!)
MAYHEM Dead/died by his own hands (1998?) LS/XL
MAYHEM Eastern front 2001 (2001) TS/M
MISERICORDIA Erase the skies (2002) TS/M
MORBID Logo (2000?) TS/XL
NUKE - just do it (1999?) red TS/L
SARGATANAS REIGN Hellucination (2001) TS/XL
SLAYER Divine intervention/space demon (1994) TS/XL
STYGGELSE Logo (2006?) TS/M
SUMMONING Nightshade forests (1997) TS/L
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