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Humanity's Plague Prod. news & announcement

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Humanity's Plague Prod.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:37 pm    Post subject: Humanity's Plague Prod. news & announcement Reply with quote

Hails !!!

In another week or so, we have the new release from Germany's PESTREITER. Cruel and barbaric black metal. An unrelenting and unforgiving display of speed and abrogating emotions that blends proficiency with raw power akin to the stylings of Merrimack, Setherial and Belphegor. It's as if to experience the bloodlust of a wolf pack devouring its prey after the hunt. PESTREITER stands as a blitzkrieg strike in the war against all religions!! Hear them at www.myspace.com/pestreiter. Email us to pre-order your copy at HumanPlagueProd@aol.com.

Later this year will also see the release of SUICIDAL WINDS, a celebration of over 20 yrs. of blasphemy! Here is the track listing for the yet as of untitled cd:

2.Definitely war
3.Carnal Lust
4.Arrival of Darkness
5.Kill & Sacrifice
6.Depressed Visions
7.Spill the Holy Blood
8.Black Bitchfuck
9.Suicidal Death
10.Antichrist(SEPULTURA cover)
11.Devils Feast
12.Burried Alive(VENOM cover)
13.Procreation(of the Wicked)(CELTIC FROST cover)
14.Jama Pekel(MASTER`S HAMMER cover)
15.Corpsegrinder(DEATH/MASSACRE cover)
16.Capatain Howdy(TWISTED SISTER Cover)
17.Night of the Witch(DEATH SS cover)
18.Sacrifice(BATHORY cover)
19.Snowblind(BLACK SABBATH cover)
20.Ausgebomt(SODOM cover)
21.The Gift of Death
22.Burning Churches
23.Desecration of the Holy One

Rare demos, cover songs, rehearsal and live tracks spanning their entire career! If artists like Destroyer 666, Bestial Warlust, Impiety or Gospel of the Horns are in your collection, this is a MANDATORY release for you...

We will also see come to light, the debut from Argentina's WOLVES WINTER. The debut of Animus Saturnvs Serpentis is nothing short of pure occult, ritualistic black metal. Raw and torturous art akin to the stylings of Satanic Warmaster, Urgehal and Carpathian Forest. Familiarize yourself with this Argentinian horde at www.myspace.com/wolveswinter


We are in the process of starting a sub label that deals with limited run cassette releases only. The name of the label will be EXTINGUISH LIFE RECORDS. We will deal with offical releases or re-issues for artists that have yet to explore this format, each release to be strictly limited to just 100 copies. We are looking for artists to make our logo, manufacturers for the tapes and soon we will seek artists who would like to work with us on this. If you fancy cassettes, we hope we can count on your support for these limited cassette runs.

Make sure to visit our storefront at http://www.discogs.com/seller/humanitysplagueprod to acquire the madness you demand...

In darkness...
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