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CDs and vinyls for sale/trade MORDICUS INTERNAL DECAY

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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 4:45 am    Post subject: CDs and vinyls for sale/trade MORDICUS INTERNAL DECAY Reply with quote

I have the following for sale or trade (want list attached):

3rd AND THE MORTAL painting on glass CD 1st press Voices of Wonder
ABHORRENCE abhorrence 7” EP Seraphic Decay grey vinyl
Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectère Me 1 st press Deathlike Silence
Accidental Suicide - Deceased (CD, Album) 1st press Deaf Records
Agressor - Towards Beyond (CD, Album) 1st press Black Mark
Asphyx (2) - Crush The Cenotaph (CD, MiniAlbum) 1st press Century Media
Assorted Heap - Mindwaves (CD, Album) 1st press 1MF Recordz
Asyndess - Desesperances (CD, Album) 1st press Polyphemus Records
Bethlehem - Dark Metal (CD, Album) 1st press Adipocere
Betrayer - Calamity (CD) 1st press Morbid Noizz
Bluuurgh...* - In My Embrace (CD, Album) 1st press Witchhunt Records
Brutality - When The Sky Turns Black (CD, Album) 1st press Nuclear Blast
Cadaver - ...In Pains (CD, Album) 1st press Earache
Cancer (3) - To The Gory End (CD, Album, RE) 2nd press Restless Records
Cemetary - Godless Beauty (CD, Album) 1st press Black Mark
Confessor - Condemned (CD, Album) 1st press Earache
Countess - The Return Of The Horned One (CD, Album) 1st press Nazgul’s Eyrie Prod.
Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky (CD, Album, RP) 2nd press, black disc
Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon (CD, Album, RE) 2nd press on Music For Nations
Defleshed - Obsculum Obscenum (7", EP) 1st press Miscarriage Records
Dødheimsgard - Monumental Possession (CD, Album) 1st press Malicious Records
Eternal Dirge - My Sweet Satan (7") 1st press Morbid Records
Falkenbach - ...En Their Medh Riki Fara... (CD, Album, RP) 2nd press No Colours
Forgotten Woods - The Curse Of Mankind (CD, Album) 1st press No Colours
Gates Of Ishtar - A Bloodred Path (CD, Album) 1st press Spinefarm
Gorefest - Mindloss (CD, Album) 1st press Foundation 2000
Helheim (2) - Fenris (CD, EP) 1st press Necropolis/Warmageddon
Hypocrisy - Penetralia (CD, Album) 1st press Nuclear Blast
Immolation - Dawn Of Possession (CD, Album) 1st press R/C Records
Incubator - Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism (CD, Album) 1st press Morbid Music
Incubus (3) - Beyond The Unknown (CD, Album) 1st press Nuclear Blast
Internal Decay - A Forgotten Dream (CD, Album) 1st press Eurorecords
Katatonia - Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival (CD, EP) 1st press VIC Records
Marduk - Those Of The Unlight (CD, Album, RE) 2nd press Osmose
Massacra – Final Holocaust (CD, Album) 1st press Shark Records
Massacra - Signs Of The Decline (CD, Album) 1st press Shark Records
Messiah (5) - Extreme Cold Weather/Hymn To Abramelin (CD, Album) 1st press Nuclear Blast 1990
Molested - Stormvold (CD, MiniAlbum) 1st press Effigy
Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick (CD, Album) 1st press Earache
Morbid Angel - Covenant (CD, Album) 1st press Earache
Mordicus - Dances From Left (CD, Album) 1st press Thrash Records
Mortuary - Blackened Images (CD, Album, RE) 2nd press Brain Crusher Records
Napalm Death - The World Keeps Turning EP (CD, EP) 1st press Earache
Necrophagia - Death Is Fun (CD, RE, Comp, Dig) 2nd press Red Stream
Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence (CD, Album) 1st press Black Mark
Necrosanct - Desolate (CD, Album) 1st press Black Mark
Necrosanct - Incarnate (CD, Album) 1st press Black Mark
Nightfall - Oh Black Queen, Oh You're Mine (7", EP, Red) 1st press Molon Lave
Possessed - Beyond The Gates / The Eyes Of Horror (CD, Comp) 1st press Under One Flag
Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh (CD, Album, RM, Rem) 2nd press Nuclear Blast 1993
Rottrevore - Iniquitous (LP, Unofficial, Green) bootleg
Sadus - Chemical Exposure (CD, Album, RE) 1st press Roadracer
Sadus - Swallowed In Black (CD, Album) 1st press Roadracer
Samael - Blood Ritual (CD, Album) 1st press Century Media
Samael - Worship Him (CD, Album) 1st press Osmose
Sarcasm (SWEDEN) - Scattered Ashes (7", Pic, Ltd) 1st press Danza Ipnotica
Sempiternal Deathreign - The Spooky Gloom (CD, Album) 1st press Foundation 2000
Suffer (SWEDEN) - Global Warming (CD, EP) 1st press Napalm Records
Suffer (SWEDEN) - Structures (CD) 1st press Napalm Records


ARBITRATER darkened reality CD Cyclone 1993
ARMOURED ANGEL mysterium CD self-released 1994
ASGARD To a Golden Age CD Morbid Metal 1996
ASSASSIN the upcoming terror CD Steamhammer 1986
ASSESOR invaze CD Globus 1991
BLACKTHORN the rotten ways of human misery CD Avanzada Metalica 1992
CAUSTIC - malicious CD Phonag 1993
CHIRURGIA the last door CD Monitor 1992
CIANIDE rage war CD Cryonics 2000
COBALT hammerfight DIGI CD Pestifer 2003
CRAFT - total soul rape CD The Black Hand 2000
DAMNATION CALL (Swi) carnage of soul CD self-released 1996
DEFLAGRATION (Swi) suicide or sacrifice CD self-released 1994
DESECRATION (Swi) time of death CD self-released 1996
DESIRE (Por) infinity… a timeless journey CD Skyfall 1996
DISSIDENT invisible scars CD 1996
DODSENGEL visionary CD Satanic Propaganda 2009
DRIPPING the lost archives of a channeling expedition CD 2001
ENTROPY ashen existence CD Inazone Records 1992
EPITAPH Tranquillity CD World Fluid Records 1992
EVERCRY (Swe) demise of the crown CD self-released 1996
EXCISION (Hol) Dreamality CD Moonlight Records 1996
GANGRENA Infected Ideologies CD MTM Music 1994
INCURSION DEMENTA (Hol) all this is CD self-released 1993
INFECTED VIRULENCE music of melkor CD self-released 1994
JUDGEMENT DAY circumcision of the martyr CD Effigy 1995
KILLING ADDICTION dark tomorrow CD 1998
LIFELOVER pulver CD Goatowarex 2006 (first cover only!)
LUSTRATION urges CD self released 1996
MESSINA terrortory CD Inline Music 1990
MIND RIOT plasma CD Subvertic Recs 1993
MISERY a necessary evil CD Velvet Urge 1993
MISERY insidious CD Valve 1994
MORTUARY blackened images CD Avanzada Metalica 1991
NOCTERNITY onyx CD Solistitium 2003
NOCTURN Estranged Dimensions CD Old World 1991
ORDER OF THE EBON HAND the mystic path CD Hypervorea 1997
PARALYSIS arctic sleep CD
PENTACROSTIC de profundis CD Hellion 1996
PHANTASM The Abominable CD
PYAEMIA cranial blowout MCD (self released 1998)
REGURGITATE effortless regurgitation CD Lowland 1994)
SACRAMENTUM finis malorum MCD Northern Prod. 1994
SADISTIC INTENT resurrection CD Gothic 1994
SADISM Tribulated Bells CD Toxic 1992 ???
SILENCE (Usa) vision CD self-released 1990
SPAWN OF POSSESSION the forbidden CD Pama Records 2000
THE DARKENING (Bel) awake CD self-released 1994
THORMENTHOR (Por) abstract divinity CD Morgana Records 1994
USURPER (Hol) divine spiritual and intellectual development CD Overdrive 1990
WATAIN rabid death’s curse CD Drakkar 2000 matrix: FRANCE DKCD012 ifpi 3802
XENOMORPH Empyreal Regimes CD Fleshkoptor Musikkk1995
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