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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:58 pm    Post subject: Wantlist Reply with quote

properly dubs are absolutely enough and I do prefer tapetrading in this Kind of Deal. (no Trades of Originally).
Feel free to send a Wantlist (only in Email) --- malahamoves@yahoo.de ---

please noticed: no cheap Copies of Covers, coloured covers will copied only in colour too, no Damaged Cases, no damaged Tapes,
no Deterioration of the Sound and no Incomplete stuff, NO bootleged stuff and no Fakes.

Accursed (US) - From Realms of Total Desolation
Accursed (US) - Haunted by Death Eternal
Accursed (US) - Cursed above all Men
Atrox (fra) - Infest and Desecrate
Aaranith (Ger) - Rehearsal 1
Aaranith (Ger) - Das Tor
Aaranith (Ger) - Dekapitation of the Lamb
Brenoritvrezorkre (Fra) - ALL
Black Murder (Fra) - Feasts
Belketre (Fra) - Ambre Zuèrkl Vuorhdrévarvtre
Havoc Vulture (Ger) - As Fiendish Cancer Unfold
Havoc Vulture (Ger) - Promo 2001
Moonblood (Ger) - Taste Our German Steel !!First Version,
recorded and mixed by MB!!
Moonblood (Ger) - Rehearsal VII
Moonblood (Ger) - !!!ONLY THE COLOURED COVER!!! Reh. 8
Demoniac (Ger) - Demoniac Demo 1994 (Pre-Moonblood)
Katharsis (Ger) - Terror, Storm and darkest Arts
Katharsis (Ger) - Rehearsal 2001
Enchanted Sorrow (US) - Demo 1997
Fullmoon Rise (Rus) - Cold, Darkness, Death... I awake
Sternatis (Rus) - Смерчем Воли Тараня Demo 2006
Rundagor (Rus) - The Beastreal
Rundagor (Rus) - Elements of Warmonger
Rundagor (Rus) - Stronghold of Ruins
S.V.E.S.T. (Fra) - Death to Macrocosmos
S.V.E.S.T. (Fra) - Scarification of Soul
S.V.E.S.T. (Fra) - Urfaust Rehearsal
Mutiilation (Fra) - Rites Through the Twilight of Hell
Peste Noire (Fra) - Phalènes et pestilence - salvatrice averse Demo
Pesttanz (Ger) - Verweilt in eurem Blut Demo 1998
Caer Gwydyon (Ger) - To the Woods I Rode Demo 1996
Totenrunen (Fin) - Herbst MMVII
Chapel of Ghouls (Fra) - Prays to Nothingness
Nagelfar (Ger) - Als die Tore sich öffnen
Nagelfar (Ger) - Jagd

Thanks & Regards
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