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CD Sale during February

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:40 am    Post subject: CD Sale during February Reply with quote

CD sale from now to the end of February!

5 CD = 25€
10 CD = 47€
15 CD = 60€

All prices excluding postage and paypal fees.
Orders to geralnekrogoat @ gmail.com
All CD’s sent without plastic cases.

Aasgard - "Ravens's Hymns Foreshadow The End" CD
Aasgard - "Nyx" CD
Aasgard - "Nekriki Mistagogia" CD
Abigail, Ironfist & Deiphago - "Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters" CD
Aboriorth - "The Austere Perpetuity of Nothingess" CD
Abominant- "The Way After" CD
Abominat - "Triumpf of the Kill..." CD
Abominant- "Upon Black Horizons" CD
Abominant - "Warblast" CD
Acceptus Noctifer - "Amores De Oficio" CD
Ad Arma - "Volkermord" CD
Ad Hominem - "Planeta Roi - Finis/...Pro Mundo Novo" CD
Adokhsiny & Makan - "Hymns For Sacrificed Souls" CD
Adumus - "To Heed The Call Of War" CD
Ars Goentia & Old Bones - "Ancient Sorceries And Old Relics" CD
Aetherius Obscuritas - "Black Medecine" CD
Afflictis Lentae - "From Nothing... To Nothing" CD
Amystery - "All Hail The Cult" DigiCD
Amarok - "Blasphemous Edictum" CD
Ancestors Blood & Hunok - "Lalli/Vagyakoza" CD
Anal Vomit - "Gathering Of The Putrid Demons" CD
Andralls - "s/t" CD
Angel's Decay - "Odiumspace" CD
Ankrismah - "Dive In The Abyss" CD
Annthennath - "Paeans Of Apostasy" CD
Aorlhac - "Opus I" CD
Apparition, Fenrisulf, Juno Bloodlust & Svar Fra Hedensk - "Oriental Abyss" CD
Apolion - "Death Grows Into Sperm" CD
Alastor - "Demon Attack" CD
Altar shadows - "Speckledy Falcons" CD
Al-Namrood - "Astfhl Al Thar'r" CD
Al-Namrood - "Atba'a Al-Namrood" CD
Aryan Art - "...I Berem Plodovete Na Nasheto Nehajstvo" CD
Arphaxat - "Loudun La Maudite" CD
Arkona - "Wszerchzlodowacenie" CD
Aras - "Hemaseye Andooh" DigiCD
Aske - "Saatan Legio/Goatfuck" CD
Atomic Roar - "Atomic Freaks" CD
Atrum Inritus - "Prognatus In Vorago" DigiCD
Axis Of Advance - "Obey" CD
Axis Of Advance - "Strike" CD
Azagatel - "XV Years of Pagan Chants" CC
Azrath - "The Shrine Ov All Hallucinations" CD
Azaghal - "Codex Antitheus" CD
Balam Akab - "Sacrificio" Digi CD
Bagatur - "???????? ?? ????????????????? ???????" CD
Barbarous Pomerania - "Dziedzictwo Gromu 2002-2008" CD
Belphegor - "Necrodaemon Terrorsathan" CD
Benighted In Sodom - "Plateau E:The Harrowing" CD
Bethlehem - "Dictus Te Necare" CD
Bethlehem - "Dictus Te Necare" DigiCD
Bethlehem – “A Carificial Offering…” CD
Bethlehem – “Dark Metal” DigiCD
Bethlehem – “Stonkfitzcheb” CD
Beyond Helvete - "Self-Therapy" Digi CD
Belial - "Never Again" CD
Berkowitz - "Five ThousandYears Of Hate" CD
Behalf Fiend & Versos Miriades - "Honor & Pride For Satan" CD
Black Howling - "Melancholy Of A Pagan Bucolic Spirit" CD
Black Howling - "This Rain is the weeping of Forefathers" CD
Black Omen - "Sinphony" CD
Black Angel & Adokhsiny - "Black Ritual Of Satan" CD
Black Angel & Beelzebul - "Satanist Rites" CD
Black Angel - "Comas Lima Peru" CD
Black Vomit - "The Faithful Servant" CD
Blaspherian - "Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation" CD
Bloody Lair - "Total Mayhem" CD
Blood Red Fog & Funerary Bell - "Split" CD
Bloodhammer - "Monastery Of Thousand Blackened Lusts" CD
Bloodthorn - "Genocide" CD
Bloodthorn - "Under The Reign of Terror" CD
Blessmon - "Under The Storm Of Hate" CD
Body Core - "Decrepit Within" CD
Bowel Stew - Necrocannibal Rites... The Primitive Sessions" CD
Bosque & Lotus Circle - Split CD
Bosque & Senthil - "Under The Capricorn Sky & Premeditation" CD
Borgia & Esengrin - "Ars Magna Moriendi" CD
Bokrug - "El Matamuertos" CD
Briargh - "Krigas" CD
Briargh - "Kanttrug" CD
Brutally Deceased - "Dead Lovers Guide" CD
"Burning Roots" - VolI. - Various Artists CD
Caina - "Caina" DigiCD
Caina & White Medal - Split CD
Calciferum - "Dirge of Gjallarhorn" CD
Cantara - "Fields of Everlasting Serenity" CD
Catholicon - "Of Ages Past" CD+DVD - 10Eur
Carcharoth - "Desolated Battlefields" CD
Carignan - "Masturbatorium" CD
Carnyx - "Leaving Reaxon" CD
Celtic Dance & Wolfthrone Split CD
Celebrant - "The Unpardonble sin" CD
Cotard Delusion - "Le Delire De Negation" CD
Cold Grave - "Infernal" CD
Corpus diavolis - "Revolucia" CD
Chaos Moon - "Languor Into Echoes, Beyond" CD
Chainsaw Carnage - & Wargoatcult - "Split" CD
Children Of Technology - "It's Time To Face The Doomsday" CD
Clawn - "The Great Excuse To Domination" CD
Crystalline Darkness & Maldicao - "Mascaras de Odio" CD
Daemonheim - "Herentanz" Digi CD
Dawnrider - "Live 19.3.10: doom Over Invicta" CD
Dark Managarm - "Victorious March" CD
Dark Forest Of North - "Renad Av Kall Fordommelse" CD
Dark Celebration - "Phlegelon" CD
Dark Fury - "Fortress Of Eagles" CD
Dark Fury - "The Price Of Treason" CD
Dark Fury, White Devils & WAR - "Alliance In Hate" CD
Dark Fury - "Saligia" CD
Darkflight - "Perfectly Calm" CD
Dagorlad - "Herald Of Doom" CD
Daw Ov Hate -"?Death D?Shivern" CD
Decayed - "Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal" CD
Decayed - "Ressurectionem Mortuorum" CD
Deathrow - "Gateways To Oblivion" CD
Death Yell - "Morbid Rites" CD
Dead Meat - "Stench of Rotten Years" CD
Devil's Island - "s/t" Digi CD
De Silence Et D'Ombre - "3:The Fall" CD
Demonic Forest - "Secret Order From The Grim Temples" CD
Demonic Forest - "Frost Strenght" CD
Deus Otiosis - "Murderer" CD
Deep Vein - "Symbols For The Dead" CD
Deep Vein & Hypokras - "Ancestral Death Metal Terror" CD
Destruktor - "Nailed" CD
Destroy - "Access Denied" CD
Diabolic Breed - "Compendium Infernus" CD
Dickless Tracy - "Hall of Sickness" CD
Dimidium Mei - "Flames Of Hatred" CD
Dimentianon - "Collapse Of Void" CD
Dimentianon - "Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum" CD
Dolentia & Tumulum - "Da Terra Que Comungamos" CD
Dolentia - "Sob a Egide das Sombras" CD
Dodsfall - "Den Svarte Skogen" CD
Draugen - "Among The Lonely Shades" CD
Draconis Infernum - "Rites Of Desecration & Demise" CD
Ebonylake - "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" CD
Eindig & Happy Days - "The First Step Towards Suicide" CD
Eindig - "Doodschrift" CD
Eibon - "s/t" Digi CD
Eldrig - "Kali" CD
Eldrig - "Mysterion" CD
Embrace Of Thorns - "For I See Death In Their Eyes" CD
Eole Noir - "s/t" CD
Epping Forest - "Everblasting Struggle" CD
Epidemia Mortaliis - "When The Epidemic Arrived" CD
Eruption - "Lifeless Paradise" CD
Eternal Sacrifice - "Iluminados Por Thanatherous Aleph Musickantiga" CD
Evil church - "Subjugating The Faith's Crawlers" CD
"Evola Tribute" - Various Artists Digi CD
Extirpation - "Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis" CD
Excruciate 666 - "Riding Of Hate" CD
Excessum - "Death Redemption" CD
Exetheris & Goat Phalus - "Obliteration Conquest Crucifix" CD
Facing Death - "In Articulo Mortis" CD
Faethon & Silent Dominion - "The Ancient Flame Burns Eternally" CD
Farscape - "Killers On The Loose" CD
Faustcoven - "The Priest's Command" CD
Faust - "From Glory To Infinity" CD
Fecifectum - "A Doutrina Do Terror" CD
Finsterforst - "Weltenkraft" CD
Finnr's Cane - "Wanderlust" CD
Firstborn Evil - "Rebirth Of Evil" CD
Flagellum Dei - "Order of the Obscure" CD
Flammentod - "Flammentod" CD
Flame Of War - "Europa Or The Spirit Among The Ruins" CD
Folkearth - "Ministrels By The River" CD
Folkearth - "Rulers Of The Sea" CD
Folkearth - "By The Sword Of My Father" CD
Forgotten Winter - "Dial?ctica Transcendental" CD
Forgotten Silence - "Bya Bamahe Neem" CD
Forth Monarchy - "Amphilochia" Digi CD
Forlis - "Tissue Of Life" CD
Funeraille- "Dis Pater" CD
Gallhammer - "Gloomy Lights" CD
Gates Of Holocaust - "s/t" CD
Gjallarhorn - "Awakening" CD
Godless Cruelty - "Gott Im Chaos Gestorben" CD
Gower - "Baneful Apparitions Of The Thicket" CD
Goatreich666 - "Chaining The Last Hopes Of Humanity" CD
Goetia - "Theurgia Goetia" CD
Gramary - "Soffucation" CD
Grimlet - "Darkness Shrouds The hidden" CD
Grog - "Gastric Hymns Mummified In Purulency" CD
Grog - "Scooping Cranial Insides" CD
Gromm - "Pilgrimage Amidst The Catacombs Of Negativism" CD
Gromm - "Sacrilegium" Digi CD
Groza - "Ge?misin Kasvetli Izleri" CD
Grimfaug - "Blood Upon The Face Of Creation" CD
Guerra total - "Nuklear Zombie Division" CD
Hanged Ghost - "Knowledge of the Occult" CD
Harmony Fault - "Rotting Flesh Good Metal" CD
Havohej - "Kembatinan Premaster" CD
Havohej - "Dethrone The Son Of God" CD
Hatestorn - "Filth Purity" CD
Hargonath - "s/t" CD
Harza - "War" CD
Helslakt - "Corruption" CD
Helcaraxe - "Broadsword" CD
Hildr Valkyrie - "Shield Brothers Of Valhalla" CD
Hordagaard - "Kveldskved" CD
Hoth - "Rites of Old... Ancient Scrolls" Pro-CDr
HSN - "The Eye" CD
Ignis Gehenna - "Revelations Of Sinister Rebirth" CD
Illapa - "Lascivo Culto Solar" CD
In Tha Umbra - "Descend Supreme Sunset" CD
Inverno Eterno - "s/t" CD
Infernal Execrator & Imperial Tyrants - Split CD
Infernal Kingdom - "S.A.T.A.N." CD
Inferno - "Nikdy Nepokrteni" CD
Inferno - "Live Plague" CD
Infernal Hate - "Dismembering Everlasting Pain" CD
Infinite Hatred - "Hateful Spell" CD
Ingulatus - "Call Of The Horned God" CD
Insane Vesper - "Twilight Of Extinction" CD
Insane Vesper - "Abomination Of Death" CD
Infidia - "Reflections" CD
InThyFlesh - "Lechery Maledictions" CD
InThyFlesh - "Claustrophobia" CD
Infector - "Anguish" CD
Inferis - "Surrendering Honors To The Black Arts" CD
Imperial Tyrants & Infernal Execrator - "Heathen Blood Cult" CD
Impious Havoc - "Maleficium" CD
Irae & Vermen - "Odium Generis Humani" CD
Irae – “To Those Who Stand... Evil Prevails” CD
Iron Woods - "The Journey To The Paganism" Digifile CD
Istidraj - "Blasphemized Perversion" Digi MCD
Kali Avatara - "Mantra For The End Of Times" CD
Keitzer - "As The World Burn" CD
Khors - "Return To Abandoned" Digi CD
Khnuth - "?? ??????? ???????" CD
Koltum - "Funeral Of Flesh" CD
Kon - "At The End Of A Journey" CD
Kozeljnik - "Deeper The Fall" CD
Korgull The Exterminator & Morbid Yell - Split CD
Korium - "The Pendulum Of Sorrow" CD
Kosa - "Evilabsortion" CD
Kosa - "Sintemptation" Digi CD
Krumkach - "Black visions Ogf Hatred" CD
Kult Ofenzivy - "Symfonie Oceli" CD
Lanz - "Incinerator - The New Church" CD
Land Of Hate - "Neutralized Existence" CD
Lapis niger - "Fuckin'god Cult" CD
Legacy Of Blood & Leichengott - "Split" CD
Legacy Of Blood - "Infernal Cult Of Blood" CD
Legacy Of Blood - "Murder Hymn" CD
Leichengott - "Cyrograf" CD
Leshar - "Chertovorot" CD
Les Fleurs Du Mal - "Schattenfeuer" CD
Lechia - "Akt Woli" CD
Lord Foul - "For The Supreme" CD
Lux Ferre, Malleus, Daemonlord & Mortinatum - " Acerbus Mortis" CD
Lusitania Dark Horde II CD
Lux Divina - "From The Tomb To Nature's Blood" CD
Lucifugum - "Sectane Satani" CD
Lucifugum - "Xa Heresy" Digi CD
Lythany & Vulto - "Ritual De Privacao" CD
Lykauges - "Under The Veil Of Depression" CD
Lycanthropy's Spell - "Forest Of Misanthropy" CD
Maleficarum- "Inferno" CD
Maledicere - "Leave Only What Is Fit To burn" CD
Maniac Butcher - "Lucan Antikrist 1996" CD
Mastabah - "Quintessence Of Evil" Digi CD
Martyrvore- "Possessed By Mayhem Slaughter" CD
Medo - "Mat?ria Negra" CD
Megaton Leviathan - "Water Wealth Hell On Earth" CD
Menegroth - "s/t" CD
Misanthropic Art - "Necrohumanity- World Self Finalizing" CD
Minhyriath - "Giohnd" CD
Misogi - "Tofotukami Wemitamafe" CD
Mind Propaganda - "The first Strike" CD
Mind Propaganda & Ismark - "Naturgewalten" CD
Mighty Goat Obscenity - "Kosmos Satan's Sovereign" CD
Moloth - "Unbreakable Faith" CD
Moloth - "Scent of Blood" CD
Moontower - "To The Dark Aeon" CD
Moontower, Beleth & Wings Of War - "Bestial Holocaust" CD
Morte Incandescente - "Ultimatum" MCD
Mordgrim - "Flesh And The Devil" CD
Morgart - "Die Schlacht" CD
Moredhel - "Burn Your Local Church" CD
Moredhel - "Satanik Endsieg" CD
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico - "Ignis" CD
Molphar - "Lake Of Fire" CD
Movarbru - "Movarbru" CD
Moloch - "Traurer" CD
Moloch - "A Journey To The Vyrdin" CD
Moloch, Grimlair, Nostalgia, Leichenstatte, Todessucht & Korgr - "Split" CD
Monkey Priest - "The Spalm" CD
Mytes, Naburus & Nuclear Thorn - "Hellish Wispers" CD
Mystes - "From The Battlefied/Pure Evil" CD
Myrkvids Draumar - "We Are War" CD
Myrkvids Draumar - "My Land's Blood" CD
NWN! Fest - "Volume I" CD
Nargothrond - "Following The Frostpaths Of The Hypervorean Landscapes" Digi CD
Nargothrond - "Doctrine Of Lies" CD
Nartvind - "Ruinous" CD
Naastrand & Darkenhold - "Split" CD
Nachtvorst - "Stills" CD
Nakkiga - "Belebetzeta" CD
Na Rasputie - "Early Demos (1998-2003)" CD
Nalvage - "Worship Dehumanization" CD
Necromass - "Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana" CD
Necroabortion - "Brutal Misanthropy" CD
Necromorph & Violent Headache - Split CD
Nemesis Irae - "Blasphemic Desecration Satanic Supremacy Misanthropy" CD
Nezhegol - "Istoki" CD
Nezhegol - "Aasgard Raid" CD
Nidrike - "Blodsarv" CD
Nivathe - "Enveloped In A Diseased Abyss" CD
Nightside - "The end Of Christianity" CD
Nocturnal Vomit - "Divine Profanation" CD
Nordlys - "Till Pest" CD
Noktiis Eterna - "Les Larmes Du Tyran" CD
Nokturne & Noctifer - "Wargod Domination" CD
Nox Illunis - "In Sideris Penumbra" CD
Oblomov - "Wishing The Renaissance" CD
Oblomov - "Communitas" CD
Obskene Sonare - "Todnachten" CD
Occultus - "Inthial" CD
Ocean Of Zero - "Where Sickness Prevails" CD
Octagon - "Death Fetish" CD
Odar - "Zavjet Dalekom Snu" CD
Offal & Bowel Fetus - split CD
On Horns Impaled - "Total World Domination" CD
Operation Winter Mist - "Imperial Grand Strategy" CD
Oskal - "Stahlkrieg & Blazes Of Sunset" CD
Pagan Heritage - "Forn Sed" CD
Pensees Nocturnes - "Grotesque" CD
Permafrost, Menneskerhat & Annihilation666 - "Split" CD
Perversor - "Demon Metal" CD
Pestroyer - "Inquisiteurs Des Temps Modernes" CD
Phurpa - "Trowo Phurnag" CD
Pogost, Byblis & Beyond Ye Grave - "In Nomine Satanas" CD
Psykotisk & Vredgad - "Split" CD
Prayer Of The Dying - "From The Mouth Of The Passing" CD
Prayer Of The Dying - "In Silence And Grief We Decay" CD
Primeval Mass - "As Solemn Maelstrom" CD
Prostitute Disfifurement - "Embalmed Madness" CD
Proclamation - "Execration Of Cruel Bestiality" CD
Prosatanos, Redreom & Waffentrager Luzifers - "Pure Black Metal Holocaust" CD
Prosatanos & Smoke - "In Hate And Blasphemy" CD
Profundis Tenebrarum - "Hate Decade" CD
Propaganda - "Corri Alle Armi" CD
Quintessence - "Le Fl'au De Ton Existence" CD
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle, Uriburu, 88, Sturm Kommand - "Bulgaryan Southern Radikal War Propaganda" CD
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - "Sob A Bandeira Do Odio E Da Arrogancia" CD
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle & Misanthropic Triumph - "Breath Of Deadly Silence" CD
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle & Wargoatcult - ''Bestial supremacy" CD
Raw Decimating Brutality - "Obra ? diabo" CD
Raggradarh - "Bumka" CD
Remmirath - "Polis Rouge" CD
Ressurrected- "Endless Sea Of Loss + Bloodline" CD
Ruina - "Ukruina" CD
Satanize - "Holy Destruction ritual" CD
Satanist - "Sadomasochrist" CD
Satanakozel - "Rogatiya" CD
Sarcasm - "Revolt" CD
Satan's Almighty Penis - "Pulsing Feral Spire" CD
Sanctus Daemoneom - "Grey Necropolis" CD
Sanguinary Misanthropia - "Existence Precedes Extinction" CD
Sanguinary Misanthropia - "Diabolical Gnosis" Digi CD
Scarificare - "Perpetual Decline" CD
Scorched - "Forever Dying Sun" CD
Screaming Banghee - "The Chronicles" CD
Schammasch - "Sic Luceat Lux" CD
Seclusion - "Skies Veiled In Black" CD
Sectioned - "Purulent Reality" CD
Seeds Of sorrow - "Immortal Junkies" CD
Severe Storm - "Follow The Paths Of Darkenss" CD
Seges Findere & Doomsday Cult - "Warmongers Of The Doomsday Cult" CD
Seges Findere - "Massacre Supremacista" CD
Seges Findere - "Dessemitize" CD
Seges Findere - "Terrorist Warfare" CD
Shadowdream - "Path Of The Infinity" CD
Shinning Abyss - "Sacrifice - reh 96" CD
Shibalba - "Memphitic Invocations" CD
Sinpularctos - "The Voidance Of Man" CD
Sigillum Diabolicum - "Chroniques De L'Infamie" CD
Signs Of Darkness - "The Fall Of Amen" CD
Silva Nigra - "Epocha" CD
Skin Infection - "Retribution" CD
Skon - "...At The end Of A Journey..." CD
Slunovrat - "Sword & Iron Cross" CD
Social Shit - "Grinder Kaos" CD
Souless & Exsecrator - "Inheritance of the wicked empire" CD
Sorts - "Made In Nightonia" CD
Sombre Labyrinthe - "Heptagram Rising" CD
"Southern Warriors Cult #3" - Various Artists CD
Spire - "Spire" CD
Spiritual Decay - "Closer To The Grave" CD
Spell Forest - "Lucifer Rex" CD
Stumm - "I" CD
StraightHate - "Grim Memories" CD
StraightHate - "Indigenous" CD
Suicidal Vortex - "My Existence" CD
Sytry - "Hunger Of Cold Nights" CD
Szron - "Reign In Frost" CD
Szron - "Zeal" CD
Taarma - "Reflecting Hatefull Energy" CD
Temple Abattoir - "Sacrilege & Savagery" CD
Terdor - "Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942" CD
Terdor - "Levi" CD
Terrordrown - "Colonize And Regulate" CD
Terror Satan - "Puro Odio A Cristo" CD
Teratism - "Pure Unadulterated Hate" CD
Thanathron & Empheris - "The Rituals Of Possession In Blasphemy" CD
Thanathron - "s/t" CD
Thrashgrinder - "Seeds Of Revolution" CD
The True Endless - "An Year In Black" CD
The True Endless - "Suicide Journey" CD
The True Endless, Sigma Draconis, Blodulv & Malignance - "De Vermiis Mysteriis" CD
The True Endless & Goat Horns split CD
The True Endless - "A Climb To Eternity" CD
The True Endless & Angmar - "Unholy Virtues/The Dirty Raw Experience" CD
The Frost - "Damned And Forgotten" CD
The Stone - "Heke Pahe Kpbape Beyho" CD
The Last Twilight - "Eternal Tribulation" MCD
The Last Twilight & Profundis Tenebrarum - "Hell Bestial Conjuration" CD
The Great Old Ones - "Al Azif" CD
Thoth - "Zamglenie" CD
Thornsick - ?"Games For Annihilation" CD
Tod - "Black Metal Manifesto" CD
Torturer - "Wind From The Darkwood" CD
Trunar - "Christs Not Chrisstians" CD
Tundra - "Primordial" CD
Tudor - "Bloody Mary" CD
Typhus - "Grand Molesters Of The Holy Trinity" CD
Thugnor - "Scrolls Of Grimace" CD
Unholy Archangel - "Obsessed By War" CD
Umbrtka - "Kovovy Haj" CD
Uraeus - "A Serpente Triunfante" CD
Valtanak- "s/t" DigiCD
Vapnatak - "Npabo Pewatb" DigiCD
Vae Victis - "Black Fucking Thrash Metal" CD
Valhom - "Despair" CD
Valfeanor - "Noreia" CD
Veneror - "Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte" CD
Vetala - "Satanic Morbid Metal" CD
Vesen - "Goat Carcass Rising" CD
Veer - "The Measure Of Waste" CD
Verderben - "Vernichtung Und Vergeltung" CD
Vredehammer - "4 September" CD
Vredehammer - "Pans Skygge" CD
Via Dolorosa - "Discipline and Ironfist" CD
Vidharr - "Eclipse" CD
Viking Crown - "Unorthodox Steps Of Ritual" MCD
Vomitoma - "The Abortuary" CD
Vulturine - "Ossos... Odio & Angustia" CD
Vulvathrone - "Bukake" CD
Vulvathrone- "Passion Of Perversity" CD
Walk Through Fire - "Furthest From Heaven" CD
Waldgeist -"Polar Path" CD
Waffentrager Luzifers & Heretic - "Blasphemic Hymns" CD
White Medal - "Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal" CD
Winterblood - "Le Fredde Alli Dell?Inverno" CD
Wilk - "Hammer Of Hate" CD
Vulturine - "We Worship Your Death" Digi CD
Wolfsschrei - "Demons Of My Inner Self" CD
Wolfthorn - "Towards Ipsissimus" CD
Woods Of Infinity - "Forlat" CD
WLS - "Time Blood Theory" CD
Wyrd - "Kammen" CD
Zwartplaag - "Haatstorm" CD
1917 - "Testimonial" CD
1917 - "Vox Fatum" CD
1917 - "Brutal Miserable Drama" CD
88 - "Ultimate Aryan Warfront" CD
Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

List updated.
Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Still going, almost done!
Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
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