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Uncompleted CDs & few tapes

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:56 am    Post subject: Uncompleted CDs & few tapes Reply with quote

Here's huge list of various uncompleted CDs due to the past activity.
I can buy or trade missing parts of the items below or maybe I can help somebody to complete\update condition of CD, just ask.
Have CD + booklet:
ABYSSIC HATE / DET HEDENSKE - United by Heathen Blood (Bloodless Creations)
AKITSA - La Grande Infamie (Tour De Garde)
ANAL VOMIT - Demoniac Flagellations (Displeased Records)
AVSKY - Mass Destruction (Humanity's Plague)
COBALT - War Metal (From Beyond)
EVIL CHURCH - Evil Church (E.D.A. Propaganda)
GRIMFAUG - Blood Upon the Face of Creation (Nightmare Productions)
HEMNUR - Satanic Hellride (Infernus Rex)
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL - Opusgenitalia (Cudgel Vertrieb)
INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY - The Inerrancy of Profanation (Unmatched Brutality)
INTERNAL SUFFERING - Choronzonic Force Domination (Displeased Records)
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM - Nothing Left to Fight For (Aura Mystique)
RESUSCITATOR - A Warrior's Death (Displeased Records)
REVENGE - Infiltration.Downfall.Death (Red Stream)
SLUGATHOR - Circle of Death (Time Before Time Records)

Have booklet + tray:
AGMEN - Tartarus (Ravenheart Productions)
BLACK DEMENTIA - Dictum of Negation (Aura Mystique)
BLOOD VENGEANCE - Iron Warfare (Obscure Abhorrence)
BOLT THROWER - War Master (Earache)
DAHLIA'S TEAR - Harmonious Euphonies Supernatural... (Ravenheart Productions)
DARK AGES - Twilight of Europe (Supernal Music)
DEAD CONGREGATION - Purifying Consecrated Ground (Konqueror Records)
DER STURMER / TOTENBURG - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (Deathsquad Rex.)
DISIPLIN - Molti Nemici - Molto Onore! (Frenteuropa)
EVIL - Arktogäa (Totenkopf Propaganda)
FANISK - Die and Become (Stellar Winter)
FORGOTTEN WINTER - Dialéctica Transcendental (Nordsturm)
GODLESS NORTH - Fimbulvetr (Darker Than Black)
HELLBASTARD - The Need to Kill (Civilisation)
KRIEGSMASCHINE - Altered States of Divinity (Todeskult)
KRODA - Towards The Firmaments Verge of Life... (ancient nation)
KRODA - Towards The Firmaments Verge of Life... (Patriot Prod.)
RAVENCULT - Morbid Blood (Hells Headbangers)
SELF-INFLICTED VIOLENCE - A Perception of Matter and Energy (Eerie Art)
SHUB NIGGURATH - Horror Creatures (Dahmer/American Line)
WANING - Population Control (Eerie Art)

Digipack without CD:
BURZUM - Belus (Byelobog)
MUNRUTHEL - Epoch of Aquarius (Oskorei Music)

Slipcase only:
NOKTURNAL MORTUM - Lunar Poetry (2004, Oriana Music)

Have CD only:
CRIMSON - Fading (Total Holocaust)
KRODA - Towards The Firmaments Verge of Life... (Hammermark Art)
NOX INFERI - Adverse Spheres (Those Opposed)
VELIMOR - Our World (White Rec.)

Have CD + tray:
DRAGOBRATH - Fra Myrer Taake... (Eastside)
THORNSPAWN - Infernal Allegiance / First Possession (Hell Attack)
UTUK XUL - The Goat of the Black Possession (Hell Attacks)
V/A TRIBUTE TO BURZUM - Lost Freedom (Patriot Prod.)

Have booklet only:
ANAEL - From Arcane Fires (Paragon)
ARALLU - The War On The Wailing Wall (The End Records)
ARALLU - Satanic War in Jerusalem (Ravenmetal.com)
ARTH - When Medieval Winds Crossed the Land (Rottenvomit)
BEASTCRAFT - Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen (BlackSeed Productions)
DARKEST GROVE - Pain and Suffering Shall Be Known (Forever Plagued)
DRAGOBRATH - And Mountains Openeth Eyes... (Eastside)
DRUDKH - Estrangement (Supernal Music)
GROMM - Happiness - It's When You Are Dead... (Balckmetal.com)
HORNED ALMIGHTY - The Devil's Music - Songs of Death and Damnation (Art of Propaganda)
KRODA / OPRICH - Legend / Wolfen Loyalty (Stellar Winter)
MALIGNANCY - Intrauterine Cannibalism (United Guttural)
MALSAIN - They Never Die (Karisma Records)
NEKRASOV / MOON / NEKROS MANTEIA - The Haunting Resonance (Fall of Nature)
SATANIC WARMASTER - Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (2012, Werewolf Records)
SCID - Fucked Beyond Recognition (Unmatched Brutality)
SILVA NIGRA - Cerný Kult (Ravenheart Productions)
THUNDERKRAFT - Banner Of Victory (Blazing)
WOLFMARE - Whitemare Rhymes (CCP Records)

Have tray only:
ACRIMONIOUS - Perdition Gospel (Salvation)
BILSKIRNIR - Ahnenerbe (Nykta)
FINIST - The Awakening (ancient nation)
FOREST - Foredooming The Hope For Eternity (Stellar Winter)
KRODA / VELIMOR - By a Hammer of Spirit and Identity of Blood (Stellar Winter)
NECROVILE - The Pungency of Carnage (United Guttural)
NOKTURNAL MORTUM - Nechrist' (2004, Oriana Music)
NOKTURNAL MORTUM - Goat Horns (2004, Oriana Music)
OBSKUR - Seelentrost (Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede)
PAGAN HELLFIRE - Solidarity (Tour De Garde)
SAMAEL - Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil (Bootleg)
SKEPTICISM - Alloy (Red Stream)
SOMBRE CHEMIN - Hétérodoxie : Opus 1 (Sabbath's Fire)
SVARTTHRON - Obscure Telepathy (ISO666)

Also looking for tape masters of:
DOMINION - The Millenium Of Dark War (Blitzkrieg Records)
MORBID PRELUDE - The Empty Of Extreme Depression (Self)
VALAR - Hidden Paths (Chanteloup Creations)
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