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Buy 1 Get Free Sale and Free Shot Glass from HPGD

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:54 am    Post subject: Buy 1 Get Free Sale and Free Shot Glass from HPGD Reply with quote

Just got this email:

Starting today we are offering an extreme Holidaze event of savings: Get a Free HPGD Shot Glass with all orders over $50 and Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all HPGD CD's releases!

All orders $50 or over will receive a free Horror Pain Gore Death Productions "Death Shall Rise" Shot Glass!

Purchase any in stock Horror Pain Gore Death Productions CD release and get one of equal or lesser value free!

To take advantage of this sale visit http://hpgd.comoj.com/releases.html and add any CD to your cart. In the notes section of the paypal checkout, simply put the title of the free HPGD CD you would like. If you can not figure out how to add the note through paypal then please send us an email. There is no limit to this sale so if you buy 2 HPGD CD's you get 2 free, buy 3 get 3 free, etc. This is perfect chance to stock up on our back catalog for a low price!

Below is a full list of items that qualify for the sale:

GALERNA "The Abyss" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd054.html

HORROR VACUI "In Darkness You Will Feel Alright" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd053.html

FIENDS AT FEAST "Towards The Baphomet's Throne" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd052.html

SPUN IN DARKNESS / GRAVEWURM "Vengeance From Beyond The Grave" Split CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd051.html

TERMINATION FORCE "Grind Thrashing Death" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd050.html

CREPITUS "The Vile Vortex" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd049.html

SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT "Cryptic Communications" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd048.html

MOUNTAIN GRAVE "The Ancient Disease" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd047.html

DECEASED "Luck Of The Corpse" (Remastered) CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd046.html

1070 SCUM "Chaos Noise" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd045.html

STONEHAVEN "Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd043.html

FIENDS AT FEAST "Shadows Of Extinction" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd042.html

HAMMER FIGHT "Hammer Fight" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd041.html

FISTHAMMER "Devour All You See" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd038.html

ANATOMIA / ABSCONDER "Audible Assault" Split CD with Sticker - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd037.html

ON TOP "Top Heavy" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd036.html

CLAWS / GRAVE WAX "Pestilent Formation" Split CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd033.html

ENTRENCHED "Preemptive Strike" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd032.html

MORTILLERY "Murder Death Kill" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd031.html

GORGY "Birth Of Damnation" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd030.html

HOLLENLRM "Hellish Noise" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd028.html

THOSE LEFT BEHIND "Horror Classics And Other Tributes To The Darkside" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd027.html

SADGIQACEA "Submerged In Manichea" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd026.html

FUCK FACE "Assclown" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd025.html

VULCAN "Strapped Into Reality" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd024.html

THE BLOOD MERIDIAN / THE BEYOND "Split" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd022.html

VEX "Thanatopsis" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd021.html

ABSERDO "Raising A Pervert" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd020.html

EX DEMENTIA "The Red Mass" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd017.html

MINAX "Vengeance Rising" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd016.html

FREAKHATE "It Comes From The Grave" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd015.html

EAT MY FUK "Fuk You, It's Eat My Fuk" 3-Inch Mini CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd011.html

MENTAL FUNERAL "Mental Funeral" CD - http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd008.html

Offer expires Monday January 2nd at 3AM eastern time and is ONLY valid only for in stock CD releases on this page: http://hpgd.comoj.com/releases.html

HPGD on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/horrorpaingoredeath
HPGD on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/hpgd666
HPGD on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/horrorpaingoredeath?feature=watch
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