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Purging Demo(n)s

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:09 am    Post subject: Purging Demo(n)s Reply with quote

Send offers to ajna @ theajnaoffensive dot com
Nothing wanted in trade unless you have some other Women of the SS tapes.
This is a partial list. The full list can be found:here
ABOLISH- Grey Night of Horror. Color cover. 2001
ABYSS- Deliverance to the Angels from Planet of Animals. Russia '95
A.E.P/MH LMTH- #77/111. Proprinted cover
AGONIA- At the Darkest Spawn. Demo 1 Proprinted cover
AMERICAN BOOTS- Lone Wolves. Boot Parties. of 5o copies.
ANCESTRAL FOG- Rid the Human Plague. Proprinted cover
ANGELS IN EXILE- '92 demo. Proprinted cover
ANU- cheap xerox. May not be original.
ARKHAM HEARSE- The Starry Wisdom. #35/100
De ARTE MORIENDI- Misty Circles compilation with Ain Soph, Sigillim S, G. Toniutti
ATAVISM- Corpses Cataclysm. Greece '98. Color copied cover.
AVERSE SEFIRA- Blasphomet Sin Abset Proprinted cover
BASILISK- Ryo-Ja. with lyric insert.
BHEREG - Hunters in the Snow. 27/3
BOUND BY SORCERY- Proprinted cover.
BURNING INSIDE- '95 demo. Black Witchery member. Printed on red card stock with insert.
CALVARY- In Solitude. Proprinted cover
CARO MALEDICTA- Morbus Coquer #17/50
CHRISTIAN MISTRESS- Agony and Opium advance copy.
CRAVEN IDOL- Recrucify. Proprinted cover #80/100
CREEPMINE. Shadows. '93 on Pavement Records.
CRUCIFIER- Pictures of Heaven. '93 Proprinted cover
CRUCIFIER- Seperation. Wild Rags, '94. Proprinted cover
CULTUS- A Seat in Valhalla. #63/540
DAPNOM- Black Abstract Expressionism. In blood. Sealed.
DAPNOM- Regwooisvokwos... In blood. of 100
DEATHCODE OF THE ABYSS- Wrath and Revenge #192/250 Proprinted cover and tape
DECAYED- Ataque Infernal
DEVIATED INSTINCT- Terminal Filth Stenchcore. Well played over the course of 25+ years.
DISHARMONICAL TEMPEST- Diatessaron. Proprinted cover. Portugal '98
DRAGON- Scream of Death. Proprinted cover and tape.
ELIMINATION- The Dead. Death Invocation Records 69/100
ENFORCER- A Violent Night Proprinted cover
ETERNITY- Born in the Mystical Forests of Sorrow.
ETERNITY- Delictum exceptum. Small rip to insert where tape slips into case due to thickness of insert.
EXCESSUM- Bleed Eternally. Proprinted cover. #134/333
FALLEN YGGDRASIL- Odyssey in Sorrow Proprinted cover '98.
FARAVAHAR- Return to Structures older than Manifestation.
FATES WARNING- Night on the Brocken- Metal Blade
FINAL DOCTRINE- Antichrist Autocracy.
FINIS GLORIA DEI- Consecration of the Horned God.
FORGOTTEN DARKNESS- Nacht aus Blut #86/500. Proprinted cover
GOAT WORSHIP- Uraldriga svenska folksagner..."Our tribute to Bathory" Proprinted cover
GOLGOTHA- Ewiger Hass Proprinted cover #114/333
HAINE/WHITE GIMP MASK in special printed envelope. with tooth.
HAL HUTCHINSON- Brutal Mechanics.
HAZAL- Chaos/Death Proprinted cover #193/200
HOLY DEATH - Triumph of Evil proprinted cover and tape
HRUODOLF 2005 demo. Proprinted cover
I. C. KAOS- Intrinsic Violence. with 2 inserts
IN THE WOODS- Isle of Man proprinted cover
INKISITOR- first demo. 2001.
INVOCATION OF DEATH Vol. 1. 10 bands.
IPSISSIMUS- Goatcultrites. Live of 100. #20. \
JESUS WEPT Black Arts Comp. 2 Akitsa, Cultus, etc. of 150\
KTHANM- 15/26
LEGION- Dawn of the Cursed Seed. Chanteloup. #173
LEVIFER- Tribute to the Supreme Beast #96 proprinted cover and tape
LUSTRATION- Goetic Invokator demo of 100
MONS VENERIS- Evil Genius- A Tribute to Abruptum.
MORBID TUNES OF THE BLACK ANGELS part 3 - no booklet to be found - Zemial, Moonblood, Mutiilation
MORBID TUNES OF THE BLACK ANGELS part 5 - no booklet to be found - Moonblood, S.V.E.S.T, etc.
MORKER- Den Sista Urfarden
MORTUARY OATH- Once Upon a Dreary... '96. Proprinted cover
MUST MISSA- Sex Beyond the Grave. Proprinted cover
MUTILATION- Immortal Visions. Proprinted cover and tape
NIGHTMARE- Gates of Hades proprinted cover
NO EMPATHY- Viavore Alerus XXXI/CIII. Proprinted cover
NOCTIFERUM- Serenades of the Impure. with blood.
NOKTURN- Invocation of the Horned Serpent. SPR proprinted cover
NORDLICHT- Brocken Moon, Irmingot, Todesweihe, etc.
NOSVROLOK- Rare and Unreleased 1996-2009
ODZ MANOUK- second press.
OVSKUM- Insikt tape proprinted cover
PARABELLUM- 12" bootleg
PERDITION- Piaculum proprinted cover with button.
PERDITION (us) Death Knell #1398/2000
PERDITOR- Perdition. Sombre tape, with insert.
SATANIC DEATH- Black Mass. Proprinted cover
STONE VENGEANCE- 1990 DEMO. Proprinted cover and tape.
STRUGGLES COMPILATION VOL. 1- Eternal Warfare release.
STUNDE DES IDEALS - V/A BILSKIRNIR, MARBLEBOG, OEDELEGGER, etc. ("promotional only") proprinted cover
TEMPLE OF BAAL- Servants of the Beast. Proprinted cover
TORGEIST- Devoted to Satan. Looks a bit too cheap to be an original
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL- Blessed by Aris #65/2000

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Joined: 11 Aug 2009
Posts: 227

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:33 am    Post subject: Demo(n)s. Reply with quote

Some of these have been listed with sale prices on the site.
There are quite a few other tapes available, fyi.
If anyone has any other Women of the SS tapes drop me a line as I'd willingly trade anything above for them.
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Joined: 11 Aug 2009
Posts: 227

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:32 pm    Post subject: Updated. Reply with quote

Edited out sold tapes. Added more not previously on the list here.

Magazines and t-shirts coming next.
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