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PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:16 am    Post subject: Trade List Reply with quote

Antaeus-CYFAWS cd
Antaeus-De Principii Evangelikum cd
Bahimiron/Teratism-Pact In Disease and Profanation cd
Corpsefucking Art/Goretrade split cd
Corpus Christii/Thesyre split cd
Corpus Christii-The Fire God
Cross Denied-Demo 2005...plenty of copies
Cryfemal-Perpetua Funebre Gloria
Darkthrone-Transylvanian Hunger cd
Darkthrone-Ravishing Grimness cd
Darkthrone-Hate Them cdDemoncy-Joined In Darkness cd
Desaster- Tyrants of the Netherworld cd
Endless Blizzard-Beyond the Frozen Gates cd
Exetheris/Athos split cd-r...plenty of copies
Exetheris-God, Satan and the Void cd-r...plenty of copies
Forever Mourne-The Burning Silence of Eternity cd
Grand Belial's Key-Judeobeast Assasination cd
Judas Iscariot-The Cold Earth Slept Below cd
Judas Iscariot-Dethroned, Conquered, and Forgotten cd
Katharsis-World Without End
Krieg-Kill Yourself or Someone You Love cd
Mayhem-Deathcrush mcd DSP version, Anti-Mosh 003
Mayhem-Grand Declaration of War cd
Mayhem-European Legions cd
Morbid Angel-Altars of Madness cd
Mutiilation-Black Millenium cd...original Drakkar pressing HOLD
Mutiilation-Majestas Leprosus cd....Ordealis 1st pressing HOLD
Mutiilation-Black Wind of War cd
Nostalgia-Funereal Rituals cd...2 copies
Nostalgia-Aesthetics of Death cd...1 copy
Nostalgia/Cerberus-split cd....2 copies
Narcotic Dreams-Shattered cd...excellent ambient/noise from USA
Secrets of the Moon-Strongholds of the Inviolables cd
Seigneur Voland-self titled mcd
Sunn o)))-The Grimmrobe Demos cd
Urgrund-Drenched In Blood cd
Veles-Black Hateful Metal cd 1st pressing
Vorkreist-Sublimation XXIXA cd *on hold*
Wolok-Universal Void cd
Xasthur-Nocturnal Poisoning cd
Xasthur-Telepathic With the Deceased cd
Xasthur-Funeral of Being cd

Abyssic Hate-Logo Large (slight wear)
Antaeus-De Principii Evangelikum Tee
Crowned In Semen-Large tee
Fornication-Large Sectanik Neocide Tee
Katharsis-Red tee Large...AJNA official *on hold*
Havohej-Large Bronze Logo Tee
Ministry-Masturbatour xl tour tee
Samhain-November Coming Fire xl (too big for me to wear)


Akitsa/Prurient-Gatefold 12" HOLD
Bestial Mockery-Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw 12"
Bestial Raids-Order of Doom 7"
Bone Awl-Not For Our Feet 12"
Desolation Hymn-Purgatory Despairing 7"
Irae/In Thy Flesh split 7" *3 copies*
Mutiilation-10 Years of Depressive Destruction slight sleeve damage. HOLD
Nocturnal Vomit/Bestial Raids 7"
Nunslaughter-Hell On Holland green 7"
Fuck You Up and Get High-Tribute to the Dwarves 2x7"

Ad Hominem-New Race For A New World LP
Grimfaug-ANY LPs
Urfaust-ANY LP
Akitsa-Any CASSETTES or Vinyl
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