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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:38 am    Post subject: Sale / Trade Reply with quote

Located : Germany
No Price = Offer !!! Dont Ask How Much.No Answer = No Intrest !
PayPal / Banktransfer / Cash
Trades Possible , see my Wants below.This are my ONLY Wants.
Dont send your List.
Contact via Email :
Ask if you have Questions , Picture are no Problem !!!
CDS will Shipped without case.


Blizzard Pure Filth & Mayhem LP
Blood Thirsty Demons Sabbath – Solve Et Coagula LP 10€
Bone Awl Not For Our Feet LP
Carnivore S/T LP
Darkmoon Warrior In Fundis Inferiorum LP 10€
Der Stόrmer / Totenburg Split LP
Der Stόrmer The Blood Calls For WAR !!! LP
Gravewόrm Ancient Storms Of War LP (Orange Vinyl) 12€
Hail Enaheritance Of Evilness DLP
Legion666 / Sickterror Split LP 12€
Paria 11 Years Of Cum ... DLP & EP ( FANATIKER Version)
Sarcofago / Necrovore Split Picture LP
Thornium Dominions Of The Eclipse DLP (Testpress)
Toxoplasma S/T LP
VON Satanic Blood Angel DLP (Repress, 1 LP on Clear Vinyl, 1 LP on Grey Vinyl , with Poster)
VON Satanic Blood Angel DLP (Firstpress ,1 LP on Red Vinyl, 1 LP on Blue Vinyl , with Red Backpatch , Poster , Booklet)
VON Satanic Blood Angel 3LP (Firstpress , Testpress, LP 3 is a Misspressed, Lim. to 17 this is Number 1)


Urn I Am Your Nightmare


An Pure Northern Hell EP 5€
Anatomy / Long Voyage Back Split EP 5€
Anus Preater Eimer Or Die EP (Yellow Clear Vinyl)
Behalf Fiend / Satanic Prophets Split EP (442/500) 5€
Black Flame From Ashes I΄ll Reborn EP
Blizzard The Return Of Pure Filth...EP (Blue Vinyl)
Capricornus Stahlgewitter EP (086/300)
Decayed Behold The Wrath EP
Exterminate Pact EP DIE HARD Version
Goat Horns The Nocturnal Call EP 5€
Goat Messiah / Tiburon Split EP
Gomorrha / Hellchild Split EP
Grenade Venom Of God EP (366/1000) 5€
Headbangers Against Disco Volume III (Usurper , Unpure , Nifelheim)
Heretic / Barbatos Split EP
Heretic / Capitis Damnare Spilt EP
Heretic / Capitis Damnare Spilt EP (Blue Vinyl)
Kratornas Subterranenn Sodomies EP
Kratornas / Vorkuth Split EP
Kratornas Hollow Ground Destruction Picture EP
Mercyful Fate Die Schwarze Maske EP (Purple Vinyl)
Necroslaughter Sacrifice To Satan EP
Nocturnal Vomit / Embrace Of Thorns Split EP (with Noctornal Vomit Patch) 5€
Nunslaughter Hell On Switzerland (0290/1000)
Nunslaughter Hell On Spain (442/500)
Nunslaughter / Bloodsick Split EP (Picture EP)
Sabbat Sabbatical Satanachrist Slaughter 3x 6” (Die Hard Version)
Strychnos Terror Lies Within EP (Red Cover , Black Vinyl)
Strychnos Terror Lies Within EP (Black Cover , Red Vinyl)
Tormentor Live In Damnation EP (272/333)
Tormentor The Tyrant Of Transylvania EP (Purple Cover,with Photo and Interview , Lim.14/25)
Von Satanic Blood EP
Zemial I Am The Dark Picture EP (T. O. D. Records)
Zemial I Am The Dark EP (T. O. D. Records)


Basilisk (I-LOVE-PENIS) – Demo 4€
Bestial Summoning – Sodomistic Rituals (STI Prod) 3€
Capricornus / Aryan Blood – Split Tape (Wolftower Prod.)
Capricornus – Kein Blut Soll Verunreinigt Werden (Comes with two Covers)
Les Waffen SS – Voix Et Chants
Heretic / Bestial Summoning – Split Tape
Heretic – Devilworshipper 3€
Heretic – Sins From The Basement
Heretic - Angeldestruction
Heretic – Gods Over Humans.... 3€
Heretic - Gods Over Humans....(Red Tape + Button) 5€
Heretic – Pentagram Kult
Heretic – Hells Ceromony (Dubbed)
Heretic – Black Metal Holocaust (Berzerker Rec.)
Heretic – Live For Satan
Heretic – Thy Worship / Hells Ceremony
Heretic – Black Metal Holocaust (STI Prod.) 3€
Kratornas – Hetacomb To Affliction
Kratornas – Tribal Satan
Kratornas – Enorht Eht Nihtiw Si Taog Eht
Kratornas – The Onslaught Of Battledemons
Satans Elite Kommando – Mehr Nδgel Fόr Das Schwein


Absu – The Sun Of Tiphareth
Absu – The Third Storm Of Cythraul DIGI
Acheron – Conpendium Diablerie The Demo Days
Arghoslent – 1990 – 1994 The First Three Demos
Azrael – Rising
Barathrum – Saatana
Barathrum – Hailstorm / Eerie DCD
Belial – Wisdom Of Darkness
Belial – Never Again
Bestial Summoning – The Dark War Continues
Blasphemophagher – Nuclear Empire Of Apocalypse
Blitz – The No Future Years DCD DIGI
Blizzard – Pure Filth & Mayhem
Blizzard – Fuck The Universe
Blizzard – The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon
Blizzard – Rock N Roll Overkill
Blood – Impulse To Destroy CARDBOARD SLEEVE
Blood Thirsty Demons – Let The War Begin
Bolt Thrower – Where Next To Conquer ? (Live΄93)
Burzum – Det Som Engang Var (Jewelcase Matrix TSD Eye 01)
Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy DCD
Cruel Force – Under The Sign Of The Moon
Darkthrone – Total Death
Darkthrone – Goatlord DIGI
Deicide – Amon : Feasting The Beast
Deicide – Legion
Driller Killer – Fuck The World
Falkenbach – Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty DIGI
Falkenbach - Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty
Falkenbach – Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri
Falkenbach – Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri
Falkenbach – En Their Medh Riki Fara
Flame – Demo 2000 CDR (107/200)
Flame – Into The Age Of Fire
Funeral Winds – La Majestie Infernable
Gospel Of The Horns – Satanist Dream (Einstand Rec.)
Gospel Of The Horns – Sinners / Monuments Of Impurity
Graveland – Carpathian Wolves (Eternal Devils)
Graveland – The Celtic Winter (No Colours)
Hadez – Damnations From The Past
Immortal – Diabolical Fullmoon Myticism
Infernum – Taur Ru Fuin
Joe Hasselvander – Road Kill / Lady Killer
Ketzer – Satans Boundaries Unchained
Kratornas – Hetacomb To Affliction (CDR , Cardboard Sleeve)
Kratornas – The Corroding Age Of Wounds
Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
Kreator – Endless Pain
Luror – The Iron Hand Of Blacest Terror
Manowar – Into Glory Ride (Boot, Under World Rec.)
Manowar – The Triumph Of Steel
Manowar – Hail To England
Marduk – Opus Nocturne
Mortuary Drape – Into The Catachthonium
Mortuary Drape – Secret Sudaria DIGI
Nifelheim – Nifelheim (NWN Prod)
Nifelheim – Devils Force (NWN Prod)
Necromass – Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana (ReRelease)
Necromass – Abyss Call Live
Nocturnal – Violent Revenge
Old – Down With The Nails PROMO CD (Cardboard Sleeve)
Outbreak – Master Stroke
Paradise Lost – Icon
Paria – Worship Bloodshed Promo 2003 (CDR)
Paria – Vermin Race DIGI
Paria – Unchain The Unclean
Possessed – Seven Churches
Proclamation – Advent Of The Black Omen
Profanatica – Live
Propaganda – Propaganda
Raven – F.M.
Revenge – Scum Collapse Eradication
Revenge – Attack Blood Revenge (Dark Horizon)
Riot – Thundersteel
Rok – This Is Satanik
Rok – Burning Metal
Sabbat – Evoke (Iron Pegasus)
Sabbat – To Praise The Sabbatical Queen
Sabbat – Sabbatrinity
Sadistik Exekution – We Are Death Fukk You
Samael – Worship Him / Blood Ritual DCD
Sarcofago – Nights In Hell
Satyricon – Dark Medieval Times (No Barcode)
Satyricon – The Shadowthrone
Sigrblot – Blodsband
Skrewdriver – Blood & Honour
Slayer – Season In The Abyss
Sodom – In the Sign.. / Obsessed By Cruelty
Spear Of Longinus – Nada Brahma
The Bad Butcher – More Bloody Flesh
Thou Art Lord – Eosforos (Firstpress)
Thou Art Lord – DV8
Tiamat – The Astral Sleep
Tiamat – Clouds
Tormentor – Live In Hell
Type O Negative – Slow Deep And Hard
Ungod – Promo 2009 CDR
Unleashed - Live March 1993
Urn – 666 Megatons (+DVD)
Venom – Welcome To Hell
Vomitor – Devils Poison
Vomitor – Cry From The Underground
World Domination – Osmose VA I


HERETIC - Silber Goat Shirt W:47 L:70 10€
HERETIC - Gold Goat Shirt W:47 L:71 10€
HERETIC - Gods Over Humans... DARK GREY Shirt W:53 L:71 New & Unworn 10€
STRYCHNOS - Undead Horror Torture W:54 L:70 New & Unworn 10€
HERETIC - Gods Over Humans GREY Shirt W:52 L:73 New & Unworn 10€


VON Satanic Blood Ritual DVD


Fallout Rock Hard / Batteries not included EP
Plasmatics Offer what you have !!! (No Regular Studio Stuff)
Wendy O Williams Offer what you have !!!(No Regular Studio Stuff)
Twisted Sister Offer what you have !!!(No Regular Studio Stuff)
W.A.S.P. Offer what you have !!!(No Regular Studio Stuff)
Countess Permafrost DEMO
Countess Promo 1995 DEMO
Countess Old Shirts
Der Stόrmer – Blood calls for WAR CD
Stφrstufe – Parole Spass EP
Good Trades with : minge-eater, NWN PROD, S.charlach, Mz412, masters_throne, Iron Tyrant, Ancient_Tyranny, Azter, CR99 , Thorncross , Nocturnal Deathstrike , horrificus , morkgryner , mickO)))

Good Sellers : Goab

Good Buyers : ENOLA GOAT ,
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