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LOOKING FOR everything from FURIA (POL) trade?

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:56 am    Post subject: LOOKING FOR everything from FURIA (POL) trade? Reply with quote

pm, tradelist


Metal etc.:


Aetherius Obscuritas – Viziok
Allvaters Zorn ‎– Geburt LTD. DIGIPACK
Anaon – Les Rites De Cromlech
Anathema - A Natural Disaster LTD. DIGIPACK
Angel Corpse ‎– Exterminate
Apotheosis – Farthest From The Sun
As All Die ‎– Failure Of Human Spirit LTD. DIGIPACK
Azmodan – Of Angels and Demons
Blodulv – Blodulv (FIRST PRESS!)
Blodulv – Blodulv
Born for Bliss - Flowing the Flue
Clair Obscur - Sombre Revelations
Creature – Kreuzlaub LTD. DIGIPACK
Crematory – Awake LTD. DIGIPACK
Crematory ‎– ...Just Dreaming
Crematory – Illusions
Crematory – Illusions LTD. DIGIPACK
Crematory ‎– Live... At The Out Of The Dark Festivals LTD. DIGIPACK
Crematory – Transmigration
Cruachan – Pagan
Daemonheim – Schlachtfeld
Dakrua – Inner Wastelands
Dakrua – Shifting Realities
Dantalion – When the Raveny Fly over me
Darkest Grove - Pain and Suffering Shall Be Known
Dark Funeral – Attera Totus Sanctus
Darzamat - In the Flames of Black Art LTD. Digipack!
Das Kammerspiel – Das Kammerspiel
Dawn of Dreams - Garage Days in Hell
De-Con - A Fallen Angel's Voice
Deadlock ‎– Earth.Revolt LTD. DIGIPACK
Deathguy – Legend of Romancer
Desolation - The Stone Oracles
Dying Embrace - Chronic Delusion
Eschaton - Causa Fortior
Estuary of Calamity - The Sentencing -
Fog - Through the Eyes of Night
Forsth – Helvetic War
Foscor – The Smile Of The Sad Ones
Furia – Re-Birth
Gjenferdsel ‎– I
Green Carnation - A Blessing In Disguise
Green Carnation - Journey To The End Of The Night LTD. DIGIPACK
Green Carnation ‎– The Acoustic Verses
Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring LTD. DIGIPACK
Hagal – Karg
Heavenshore – Between Human and Divine
Hefeystos - Psycho Cafe
Hellebaard – Strijdkracht
Hellspell - Devil's Might
Hoth – Rites Of The Black Goddess
Hrossharsgrani – ...Of Battles, Ravens And Fire
In Blackest Velvet – Edenflow
Infernal Beauty ‎– Drakensquar LTD. DIGIPACK
Isenburg – Erzgebirge
Luna Ad Noctum – Dimness Profound
Nihil Nocturne – Necrohell
Nordafrost – North Arise
Novembre ‎– Novembrine Waltz
Omnium Gatherum - Years in Waste
Opera IX – Maleventum LTD. DIGIPACK
Orkus – Thorns
Perished ‎– Grim
Perished ‎– Seid
Plastic Earth ‎– S.E.A.M. LTD. DIGIPACK
Rapid Fire - Brace Yourself
Ravenclaw / Svarrogh ‎– Zalgirio Music - Baxas Xebesheth
Semargl ‎– Attack On God
Sezarbil - Bleed for the Devil
Shadow – Shadow
Shambless - Apkas Itulia
SIG:AR:TYR ‎– Sailing The Seas Of Fate
Six Feet Under - True Carnage LTD. DIGIPACK + POSTER
Spectre Dragon – Under Hells Command
Svarrogh ‎– Kukeri METAL CASE LTD.
System Of A Down - System Of A Down
The Awakening – Daemonswords
The Soil Bleeds Black - March Of The Infidels LTD. DIGIPACK
Thiasos Dionysos – Satyr
Tinieblas - Dark Infernal Light
User Ne – Nibelum das Uhoert
User Ne – Tarantos
Various ‎– Death ... Is Just The Beginning IV LTD. DIGIPACK Cds EXCLUSIVE SONGS
Various ‎– Death ... Is Just The Beginning V LTD. DIGIPACK Cds EXCLUSIVE SONGS
Veineliis – In this Forest Shall be my Gallows
Vultyr – Monument of Misanthropy
Vultyr – Philosophy Of The Beast
Warrior - The Code Of Life


Cradle Of Filth - Heavy Left-Handed And Candid
Cradle Of Filth ‎– Peace Through Superior Firepower


Arghoslent – Arsenal of Glory Ltd. Digipack
Bellum / Rhune - Vinland Rising
Black September - Ravenlord Darkstorm
Chur - From The Ghostly Fog/Oprich - The Fireflower
Ewiges Reich - Krieg, Hass, Tod
Frostkrieg - Majestδtik Eines Kalten Elements
Kafan - Injecting Evil In Thy Veins
Old Wainds – Scalding Coldness
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