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VINYLS and TAPES FOR SALE ! (Death, Black, some Hardcore)

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Mortus Vivendi

Joined: 11 Oct 2015
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:12 am    Post subject: VINYLS and TAPES FOR SALE ! (Death, Black, some Hardcore) Reply with quote

Hi, here's a list of vinyls i have for sale.

Prices "( )" are in euro currency

Get in touch via email for further infos concerning items' conditions and so on.

Write to waats@live.it

I'm located in Italy and i ship internationally via registered mail exclusively, no matter where the destination is.


25 TA LIFE "Friendship Loyalty Commitment" (10)
ABORYM "Psychogretesque" gatefold 2xlp (15)
AETHENOR "En form for bla" 2xlp white (20)
AFFLICTED "prodigal sun" blue (50)
AGATHOCLES "Humarrogance" picture disc (10)
ALCEST " les voyages de l'ame" 1st press black (30)
ALCEST "ecailles de lune" black lim. (40)
ALCEST "le secret" blue (25)
ALL (TONYALL) "New girl, old story" (10)
AMESOEURS "s/t" 2lp grey (35)
AT THE GATES "Purgatory unleashed" 2xblack lps + poster (25)
ATAVIST/NADJA "Split" green/white splatter vinyl (15)
ATHEIST "unquestionable presence" (50)
BAUHAUS "in the flat field" 2008 repress black (20)
BLOOD STORM / MORIA "Split" (10)
BOLT THROWER "mercenary" vinile grigio (40)
BOLT THROWER “War Master” 1991 gatefold + insert (60)
BRUTAL TRUTH "Drugged encore" lim. 222 (25)
BRUTAL TRUTH "evolution through revolution" red (15)
BRUTAL TRUTH "need to control" box set (60)
BY ALL MEANS "fino a qui tutto bene" (15)
CALLISTO "Jemima/klimenko" lim.300 (20)
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gallery of suicide" german edition + insert (35)
CATASTROPHIC "The cleansing" (10)
CATHARSIS / GEHENNA "split" (20)
CLAWS "Absorbed in the nethervoid" (15)
COLDWORKER "Rotting paradise" transparent yellow vinyl (15)
CONGRESS "Angry with the sun" vinile rosa (10)
CONGRESS "Blackened Persistance" (10)
CONGRESS "Resurrection" transparent vinyl (10)
CRAWLSPACE "Enter The Realm Of Chaos" (10)
CRIMINAL ELEMENT "Guilty as charged" gatefold (15)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS "Misantropo a senso unico" ed. lim. 1000 purple vinyl+booklet (30)
CROWN OF THORNZ "Train yard blues" (25)
DARKTHRONE "the cult is alive" grey (35)
DEEPRED / LOATHING "Split" lim. 525# picture disc (20)
DERANGED "III" lim. ed. red vinyl + 7" (25)
DISFEAR "live the storm" lim. ed. scandinavian tour (50)
DOOMRIDERS "Darkness come alive" beer/black splatter (15)
DROPDEAD "S/T" 1st album 1997 reissue (10)
DYING FETUS "Destroy the opposition" clear vinyl + insert (40)
DYING FETUS "Purification through violence" picture lp (20)
EARTH CRISIS "Firestorm/All out war" (10)
EARTH CRISIS "Gomorrah's season ends" (15)
EMBRACE TODAY "SOldiers" (10)
EMBRACE TODAY "We are the enemy" (10)
EMPEROR "live inferno" 2lp (25)
ENDSTAND "Burning bridges" (12)
ENDSTAND "Never fall into silence" white vinyl (12)
ENDSTAND "Spark" (10)
ENDSTAND "The time is now" (12)
ENSLAVED "below the lights" (30)
EXCITER "Thrash speed burn" (15)
EXHUMED "Slaughtercult" picture disc (15)
EXIT 13 "Ethos musick" brown splatter (20)
FROM ASHES RISE “Nightmare” Havoc Rec, 2004 (1)
GHOST "Opus Eponymous" clear/blue splatter 2nd press lim. 500 (30)
GHOST “Opus Eponymous” transparent red / transparent blue 2nd press lim.500 (80)
GOREFEST "the eindhoven insanity" clear (50)
HATE ETERNAL “Phoenix Amongst The Ashes” lim. 500 copies (25)
HATE ETERNAL "fury and flames" purple (25)
HELLACOPTERS "head off" (25)
HIS HERO IS GONE “Monuments To Thieves” white, 1997 (15)
HOODED MENACE – HORSE LATITUDES “Split” first press, lim. 500 (15)
HOUWITSER "Rage inside the womb" (15)
IMMORTAL "all shall fall" black (40)
ISIS/AEREOGRAMME "Split" black (10)
JESU "Conqueror" gatefold 2xlp black lim. 1000 (30)
KETZER "To destroy the planet earth" (10)
KILLING THE DREAM "In place apart" white vinyl (10)
KISS IT GOODBYE "She loves me, she loves me not" (10)
KREATOR "coma of souls" (20)
KRISIUNLAST SECURITY "I'm right you're wrong" (10)
LIAR "Falls of torment" (15)
LIAR "Murder manifesto" (15)
LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT "Gift" transparent vinyl (15)
MACABRE "sinister slaughter" red (80)
MALEVOLENT CREATION "dommsday x" picture (20)
MALEVOLENT CREATION "invidious dominion" (20)
MALFEITOR "Unio mystica maxima" (15)
MARDUK "World funeral" pic. disc (20)
MAROON "The cold heart of the sun" lim. tour ed. white vinyl (1Cool
MASTER "collection of souls" yellow (25)
MASTER "on seventh day god created...master" (30)
MDC "Metal devil cokes" (10)
MIOZAN "Thorn in your side" (10)
MISERY INDEX "Overthrow" (12)
MISERY INDEX "Dissent" (15)
MOSS "Eternal return" black vinyl lim. 500 (15)
NADJA/BLACK BONED ANGEL "Split" lim. 750 (15)
NILE "In their darkened shrines" gatefold 2xlp black vinyls (50)
NILE "Ithyphallic" gatefold lim. brown splatter vinyls (35)
NUEVA ETICA "Inquebrantable" ed. lim. (12)
OBITUARY "World demise" (30)
OPPOSITE FORCE "History as we lived it" (10)
PARADISE LOST "In requiem" gatefold + poster (25)
PARADISE LOST "The anatomy of melancholy" 2xlp lim. ed. 1000# (20)
PHOBIA "Return to desolation" Misanthropic rec. (20)
PHOBIA/PLUTOCRACY "Split" 1994 first edition + insert (20)
POISON THE WELL "The opposite of december" (10)
POISON THE WELL "The opposite of december" (10)
PRAYER FOR CLEANSING "Th erain in endless fall" blue vinyl (10)
PRIMORDIAL "Redemption at the puritan's hand" gatefold 2xlp white vinyls (25)
RED SPAROWES "Every red heart..." 2xlp black (20)
REGURGITATE "Hatefilled Vengeance" (20)
RETALIATION "The execution" (10)
ROTTEN SOUND "Drain" (15)
SERPENTCULT "Weight of light" black lim.300 (15)
SHINING "Black jazz" 2xlp (25)
SHRINEBUILDER "S/T" limited US version (30)
SINISTER "savage or grace" 2lp (40)
SKINLESS "Progression towards evil" lim. ed. 1000 (25)
SOLEFALD "Norron livskunst" gatefold 2xlp (20)
SUFFOCATION "s/t" grey (25)
SUFFOCATION "souls to deny" white (40)
SUNN O))) "Domkirke" 2xlp black (20)
SUNN O))) "Oracle" 2nd press 180gr. vinyl (1Cool
THE DOGS D'AMOUR "...More uncharted heights of disgrace" gatefold (25)
THE DOGS D'AMOUR "In the dynamite jet saloon" (10)
THREE STEPS TO THE OCEAN " lim. ed. white with black haze (10)
UNDYING "At history's end" black vinyl (15)
VANESSA VAN BASTEN "S/T" lim.300 brown/yellow vinyl (10)
VICTIMS "Divide and conquer" (10)
VICTIMS "Killer" (10)
VV/AA "The master of noise" SOA rec. grind-noise comp. green vinyl+inserts (25)
VV/AA "Japan in decline" compilation con 324,Fuck on the beach,su19b ecc.. (10)
VV/AA “Gehenna – Catharsis” Split (Gehenna live at CBGB, Catharsis live in the...) (20)
VV/AA “Reality Part 2” Deep Six Records Comp. (Infest, Dystopia, Spazz ecc..) (Cool
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM "diadem of 12 stars" 2lp 1st press black (45)


PUTRID "Demo MMX" (7)
FESTER "Reek" demo (9)
HELLFUCKED "Deathecration 1st Offensive" (15)
SUICIDAL WINDS "Definitely War" demo 1998 (15)
BELEF "Deathwind Legion" (7)
IMMORIOR "Traitor Of The Light" (5)
NEFAS "He Was Born" (7)
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "Archgoat Incantation" (5)
SACROCURSE "Sulphur Blessing" (10)
NEKROSITY "Return From The Crypt" (5)
SATAN'S SATYRS "Demo 2010" reissue (17)
DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED "Dark Aureoles Gathering" (20)
ANTICHRIST "S/t" comp. tape with both demos, red inlay, lim.300 (25)
IVES "Burial Of The Modernized Soulless" (5)
VOMIKAUST "The Climax Of Creation" (5)
VOMIKAUST "Punishment Of Existence" (5)
ENTRAILS "Reborn" (5)
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Mortus Vivendi

Joined: 11 Oct 2015
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Few tapes added Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
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Mortus Vivendi

Joined: 11 Oct 2015
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

UP Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
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