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ATMF rec(Black Metal, Avantgarde & Atmospheric Black Met

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 3:10 am    Post subject: ATMF rec(Black Metal, Avantgarde & Atmospheric Black Met Reply with quote


In stock ATMF / DTP / SSS new releases :

The Burning (Lustre) - Summoning the Lost Energy 2CD Limited Digipak - Available on June 26th
Price: €16.50

[2CD Digipak] The Burning was the pre-Lustre project. Some of you may wrongfully consider the same as a rough version of the Swedish acclaimed project but are really missing the target. The Burning is like watching the majesty of the nightsky, a large and even more dreaming version of the darker and more depressive declination that Lustre took later on.
The 2cd edition is a comprehensive collection of all material released by the The Burning, nothing missed. Atmospheric Black Metal at the state of art, where a deeply emotional keyboard layer is like shred by the abrasive primeval guitar sound.
The edition is a limited to 600 copies Gatefold Digipak version.

CD 1:
1. Black Source of Infinity 10:48
2. Doors to Open 2:50
3. Timeless Cosmic Unity 7:40
4. Ancestral Dance of Anger 3:25
5. Nightside Wanderer Part 1 8:05
6. Nightside Wanderer Part 2 7:19
7. Nightside Wanderer Part 3 4:32
8. Nightside Wanderer Part 4 6:27
CD 2:
1. Beyond the Stars 19:07
2. Solitary Fields 17:08
3. The Mighty Dead 5:35
Total running time 92 min 56 sec

Svärta - Sepultus €11.50

SSS Release: [Cd] A Sad Sadness Song release: An adrenaline rush, an outburst of rage broken by darkly peaceful moments is where Sepultus manifest the personality of this act from Sweden. The melodic lines are buried into an apparently chaotic aggression able to overwhelm the listener, surrounding the space in a growing maelstrom. Svarta does no simply draw a darkly persuasive form of aggression but translate also the obscure essence of the avantgardish mood of band like Ved Buens Ende, Dodheimsgard “Satanic Art” era in a dynamic form. In the extreme coexistence of those elements mid tempo are mostly banned from the horizon. A no compromise attitude aesthetic made of black & white contrasts that emphasizes a peculiar perception & feeling that slowly arouse the listener, an equilibrium made by the opposites.
1. Bråddjupets Kall (06:30)
2. Hädanfärdens Sigill (8:36)
3. Gift (3:46)
4. Våndans Högborg (8:50)
5. Förruttnelsens Ljuva Nektar (5:31)
6. Det Sublima Lidandet (8:10)
Total running-time: 41:24
Soundcloud preview track “Bråddjupets Kall”:

Kommandant – The Architects Of Extermination (Ltd. digipak)
[Ltd. digipak to 600 copies] ATMF Release:
It’s a quantic challenge anytime Kommandant are ready to perform their new metal aggression to the scene.
“The Architects Of Extermination” doesn’t make any exception and it’s representing a milestone in the growth of the band and the evolution of the Black Metal experience.
The hardest matter in talking about the Kommandant musical form is not by discussing about the patterns but to try to analyse the methods in forging an atmosphere that has a strong ability to surround the listener with a familiar but at the same time so pristine feeling.
* the song “Killing Word” will be a bonus track exclusively available on the 600 copies Digipak edition.

[Flag + Ltd. Digipack ed.] Kommandant – The Architects Of Extermination
Price: €20.00
ATMF Release, including the Official Kommandant Flag 100x52 cm. (limitdd to 50 units, never to be repressed)!

Haar - The Wayward Ceremony €11.50
[ATMF release] [Cd] A Perfect representation of the Haar musical experience is the cover artwork: a distorted and hallucinated vision where a magmatic chaos comes to a primeval form, grabbing the listener to a trip into tunnels of subconscious perceptions.
After year of nature based and fantasy-inspired themes the new frontier of the black metal evolution has been crossed by bands like Blut Aus Nord & Deathspell Omega and nothing will stays the same today.
Haar ambitious mission provoke the listener to try again to open their mind once again to the dark side, like it was done in the early ’90 when this genre was still a revolutionary shock for the scene. We need a new beginning, to not fear this feeling to become surrounded by energies and feelings we cannot fully control and dominate, losing this formal stereotype to get the essence of this message.
Do not escape the Wayward Ceremony, everyday life will soon become a vague memory.

[Cd + T-Shirt] Haar - The Wayward Ceremony - T-Shirt + Cd €19.00
Haar - The Wayward Ceremony - T-Shirt €12.00

CD News from eshop:

Absconditus - Kατάβασις €11.50

Absu - Barathrum VITRIOL €11.50
Absu - The Sun Of Tiphareth €11.50
Absu - The Third Storm Of Cythraul €11.50

An Autumn For Crippled Children - The Long Goodbye (Digipak) €13.00

A Forest of Stars - Beware The Sword You Cannot See €27.50 2CD-box

Ad Hominem - Slaves of God to the Gallows [Digipak] €10.50
[Digipak] Remixed old Ad Hominem songs by PreEmptive Strike 0.1 to Industrial Black Metal.

Angmar - Zurûck in die Unterwelt €7.50
Angmar - Cénotaphe (Lost Tracks) €7.50
[Cd] French Epic Black Metal

Anorexia Nervosa - New Obscrantist Order €11.50

Antaeus - De Principii Evangelikum €11.50
Antaeus - Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan... €11.50

Antagoniste ‎– The Myth Of Mankind €11.50

Angrepp – Libido [Digipak] €9.50

Apnea - Ethereal Solitude €10.00
ltd to 500 copies, post / shoegaze black metal

Archgoat - The Apocalyptic Triumphator (Slipcase Cd) €11.50
The devilish coherence from Finland

Ársaidh - Roots (Digipak) €12.00
(Digipak) Debut Album of SAOR from Scotland, Highly recommended

Australasia - Vertebra €10.00
post rock / post black metal

Baptism - Gloria Tibi Satana €12.00
[Cd] Including all compilation, 7"EP, bonus song material, and some rehearsal tape. Total raw production. 11 songs, 69 min. Eliterian Black Metal without compromises!

Beketh Nexehmu - De Svarta Riterna €11.50
[Cd] Limited reEdition of the culd demo, inspired by the colder LEgiones Noires stuff, support!

Besatt ‎– Nine Sins €10.00

Blasphemy - Gods Of War + Blood Upon The A... €12.00

Blodsrit ‎– Diktat Deliberi [Digipak] €9.50

Borknagar - Borknagar €11.00
The cold debut album, a classic

Cainan Dawn - Nibiru €10.00
Caïnan Dawn - Thavmial €10.50

Clandestine Blaze - New Golgotha Rising €12.00 [Cd]

Cobalt - War Metal €11.50

Corpus Christii - Palemoon €11.00

Countess ‎– Sermons Of The Infidel (Digipak Cd) €11.00

Cruachan - Tuatha Na Gael €11.00
the '96 genuine debut, so deeply into the celtic folklore

Cultes Des Ghoules - Haxan €10.50
[Cd] Infamous Devilish Occult Black Metal, strongly recommended!

Cultes Des Ghoules - Henbane CD €10.50

Cultes Des Ghoules - Spectres over Transylvania €7.00
[Ep Cd] Infamous Black Metal with the macabre death metal attitude, strongly recommended

Darkenhöld ‎– Castellum €10.00
Obscure & Epic stuff inspired by '90 Black Metal

Dark Funeral - In the Sign... €8.50
[MCD] The first mcd including 2 bonus tracks

Den Saakaldte - Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon €10.00

Diabolical Principles - Manifesto of Death [Digipack Cd] €10.50
If you miss a new output from Burzum in his great metal style, than get this one! Cold riffs, great melodies and a harsh atmosphere.

Dismember - Where Ironcrosses Grow €11.00
The cult lives on

Dismember ‎– Like An Everflowing Stream €11.00
A Classic reissued

Dødsfall ‎– Kaosmakt (Ltd. Digipak) €11.50

Dödfödd - Demo10 €11.50
[Cd] finally on cd format, the cult demo from the darkest underground

Drowning The Light - Oceans of Eternity €11.00

Dryom - I €10.50
[Digipack] Funeral Doom Metla in the early '90 style!

Empty - Etica Profana Negativa €11.00

Enslaved - Blodhemn €11.50
Enslaved - Mardraum: Beyond the Within €11.50
Enslaved - Monumension €12.00
Enslaved - Frost €12.00
Enslaved - Eld

Einherjer - Av Oss, For Oss €11.50

Erebus Enthroned – Night’s Black Angel €10.00
[Cd] Behold! A funeral whirlwind of chthonian darkness made manifest within the belly of the dragon. Bled dry into the devils chalice flow nine sinister canticles of cruel black art. A new flame of Australian black metal rises with sinister force in 2011 with their debut album, a mesmerizing ode to evil.

Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell €10.00
[Cd] Highly anticipated New libation of cruel ritualistic Black Metal from Australia spanning the breadth of classic black metal, modern Satanic militancy & abstract themes of esoteric darkness.

Feigur - II, Desolation (Digipack) €11.00

Goatmoon - Voitto tai Valhalla €11.50
Proud Finnish Black Metal, 2014 album.

Grá ‎– Grá €10.00

Grà - Necrology Of The Witch EP (minicd) €6.00

Graveborne – Through The Window Of The Night €10.00

Graveland ‎– Celtic Winter €11.00
[Slipcase Cd] Celtic Winter was recorded in Studio Kolor Wrocław in winter 1993. Tracks 9 -16 taken from Demo III '93 (First Mix) Re-release of the cult of material Graveland.

Graveland ‎– In The Glare Of Burning Churches €11.00
[Slipcase Cd] classic + bonus tracks

Graveland - Ogień Przebudzenia (Digipak) €11.00
[Digipak] Polish version of the album The Fire of Awakening. Re-recorded album version with new vocals of Lord Wind Members, violin and others musical instruments never used before by band.
Available as killer digipack and jewel case with brand new design.

Gravsorg split cd vs. Dispersed Ashes €9.50
[Cd] An hour of deeply emotional vibes with acoustic parts and abstract electricism... GRAVSORG (Den) recorded 5 new hymns to depression and decay, with sharp melodies and grieving vocals. DISPERSED ASHES (Ger) is the artistic expression of painter and photographer Mark Thompson: Heavy Doom Blackness embraced by thick melancholy and bleak lamentations.

Gravsorg - Visions of Depression €8.50
[CD] Deadly Depressive Black Metal from Denmark, recommended.

Grimlair - Tragedy In Silence €10.50
[Cd] Depressive nightmares into forgotten tunnels

Grimlair - Self Inflicted State €10.50
[Cd] Depressive Black Metal From France

Grivf - split Vs. Sol - Iss / The Great Plague Imperium €9.50
[Digipack] Depressive music with strong doomish moods.

Hädanfärd ‎- Avoghetens Besvärtade Åkallelser €11.50
[Cd] the '90 scandinavian spirit is still alive and haunting

Hades - ... Again Shall Be €11.50
Re-released by Displeased Records in September 2010 featuring the 3 songs from
the "Alone Walkyng" demo as bonus.

Hades - The Dawn of the Dying Sun €11.50

Hagl - Lenket Til Livet €10.00
[Cd] Norwegian Black Metal

Hamnskifte - Fodzlepijnan [CD, digi] €11.00
[CD, digi]

Hate Forest - Nietzscheism (Digisleeve Cd) €11.00
Hate Forest - The Most Ancient Ones (Digisleeve) €11.00
Hate Forest - Scythia (Digisleeve) €11.50
Hate Forest - Sorrow (Digisleeve) €11.50
Hate Forest - Battlefields (Digisleeve) €11.50

Helrunar - Niederkunfft (Digipak) €13.50

Hisstonend - II €9.50
[Cd]Atmospheric Black Metal. 6 Page Booklet, Jewel box size. Limited to 1000 copies.

Imago Mortis - Ars Obscura €10.50
Imago Mortis - Carnicon €10.50

Immortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism €12.00
Immortal - Battles In The North €12.00
Immortal - Blizzard Beast €12.00
Immortal - Pure Holocaust €12.00
Immortal - At the Heart of Winter €12.00
Immortal - Damned in Black €11.50

Impaled Nazarene - Ugra Karma €12.00
Impaled Nazarene - Rapture (Digipak) €11.50
Impaled Nazarene - Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz €11.50

Impiety - Kaos Kommand 696 €11.50

Isvind - Daumyra (Digipak) €11.00
Isvind - Gud €11.50

Kawir - 20 years of Recordings [Digipak 2cd] €15.00

Khaos Dei ‎– Tell Them Lucifer Was Here €11.50

Khors ‎– Mysticism (Digipak) €10.50
Ltd. Edition Digipak Cult Epic Black Metal from Ukraine, Support!
Kristallnacht – Warspirit [Digipak] €11.50

Krohm - Slayer Of Lost... /Crown Of...€10.50

Lamuria Abissal - O Último Descanso Finalmente Lhe É Concedido €9.50
[Cd] Depressive Black Metal.. Jewel box size. Limited to 500 copies.

Lunar Aurora - Seelenfeuer €11.00
Lunar Aurora - Mond €11.00
Lunar Aurora - Weltenganger €12.00

Kriegsmaschine - Split cd with Szron €11
[Cd] Over 40 minutes of blasphemous Black Metal

Manes - Under Ein Blodraud Maane €11.00
The sinister & unique debut

Marduk - Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are ... €12.00
Marduk - Live in Germania €11.50
Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus €10.50
Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk €11.50

Mastema - The Grand Holocaust of Flesh €11.50
Ultra-raw french Black Metal from Werewolf Records. Within the Legiones Noires atmosphere

Melechesh - Djinn €11.50
Melechesh - Sphynx €11.50

Midnight Odyssey - Shards of Silver Fade 2Cd €15.00
Mortifera - Bleüu De Morte €11.00

Mor Dagor - Redeemer (Ltd CD Digipack) €11.50

Mutiilation - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul €11.50
Mutiilation - Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) €11.50
Mutiilation - Vampires of Black Imperial Blood €11.50

Nargaroth - Rasluka pt1. + pt. 2 €11.50
Compilation of the previously released "Rasluka Part I" and "Part II" on one CD

Nebula VII - Dawn Of A New Era €9.00
[Cd] Deep and mysterious Drone/Space Ambient

Necrophobic ‎– Darkside €11.00
Necrophobic - Bloodhymns €11.00
Necrophobic ‎– Spawned By Evil €10.50
Necrophobic ‎– Sataniс Blasphemies €10.50
Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence €11.00

Negura Bunget - Tau (2CD+DVD Artbook) €38.00
[2CD+DVD Artbook] hardcover, 28x28 cm, 72 pages with additional artwork, texts and English translations of the lyrics plus bonus CD with two songs and bonus DVD with three video clips and interview (1.000 copies)

Negura Bunget - Tau (Digipak) €14.00

Nevel - Teloorgang €9.50
[Cd] Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal, the sickest way

Nuklear Frost - Subjugation (Digipack Cd) €11.50
[CD, digi] Nuklear Frost delivers a fresh take on Melodic Black Metal (sound that emerged from Sweden in the mid-'90s with trailblazers like Dissection, Naglfar, Sacramentum, and Necrophobic) on their new album,

Nkvd - Vlast €10.50
[Digipack Cd] Industrial Black Metal inspired by sociopath views

Nocturnal Breed - Aggressor €11.00
'97 cult cd from the Norwegian blasphemers

Nocturnal Breed - No Retreat…No Surrender €12.00

Norman Shores - Le Tombeau de Brume €9.50
[Cd] Norman Black Metal with strong scandinavia influences

Nuit Noire ‎– The Gigantic Hideout €9.50
[Cd] Depressive Sick Black-punk metal from France

Oath - Saatanan Myrsky Yllä Pyhän Maan €10.00
Satanic Black Metal from Finland

Ondfødt - Hexkonst €10.00
Satanic Black Metal from Finland

Ondskapt - Dödens Evangelium €11.50

Obscurité - Contemplation €9.50
[Cd] Epic Black Metal from France

Obsidian Gate - Whom the Fire Obeys [Digipack Cd] €10.50
Astral Bombastic Symph-Black Metal sometimes within the Dimmu Borgir post-Spiritual Black Dimensione type

Odelegger – The Titan's Tomb €9.50
[Cd] Raw scandinavian influenced Black Metal, recommended

Ömheten – Själv €10.50
ÖMHETEN (soreness), is a new swedish DSBM band. The band consists of well-known musicians from the Swedish extreme metal scene who prefers to be anonymous in order not to their other bands shall overshadow ÖMHETEN. Besides the ÖMHETEN line up there are guest appearances by: Fredrik Norrman – Guitar (ex-KATATONIA/OCTOBER TIDE)
Erik Arnberg - Piano (THE SIGOURNEY WEAVERS), Liz Almqvist – Cello

Orlok - Black Funeral Holocaust €12.00
Cult Finnish Black Metal from Werewolf Records ltd. to 999 copies

Pestilential Shadows – Ephemeral €10.00
[Cd] After a decade of darkness Séance Records now unleashes their fifth full-length album, ‘Ephemeral.’ ‘Ephemeral’ retains Pestilential Shadow’s signature poetic heaviness and melody but twists the dagger deeper into the soul. It is gritty and raw, driven by heart-wrenching emotion and fathomless despair.

Portal - Seepia €11.00
Portal - Outre €11.00

Rimthurs - Svartnar €9.50
[Cd] Scandinavia Black Metal from Sweden, the old way

Sacrificia Mortuorum - Railler L'hymen Des Siècles €11.00
[Cd] The cult band from France is back with their unique french touch to their black metal identity

Sacrificia Mortuorum - Damnatorium Ferrum €10.50 [Digipak]

Satanic Warmaster - Opferblut €11.50

Satanic Warmaster - Carelian Satanist Madness €11.50 [A5 Cd]

Satanic Warmaster - Fimbulvinter €12.00
NEw album (2014) for the Finnish cult

Sauron - For a Dead Race €10.00
Hellish & macabre Black Metal from Netherlands

Schattenvald - II [6 panel Digipack]€10.50
Epic '90 Black Metal from bavaria / Germany, strongly recommended for all into scandinavia styled nostalgia

Schattenvald - III [6 panel Digipack] €10.50
atmospheric epic Black Metal within the '90 wave

Schattenvald - IV [6 panel Digipack] €10.50
With the albums I-III Schattenvald plays deep in the heart of the '90 Underground spirit.
The Works from Schattenvald have an unique epic melodic touch with poetic german lyrics.

Sieghetnar - Astralwinter [A5 Digipack] €12.00
[A5 Digipack cd] This Album contains 3 spherical and epic Songs of Ambient/trancezendental Ambient Black Metal and will take the listener to a deep journey into cold landscapes.

Sigh - Scorn Defeat / Demos 2-Cd €15.00
CD1: Scorn Defeat album and extras, CD2: Demos and Covers

Skygge - Antiqua Ignis €10.00
Norwegian Black Metal strongly inspired by the '90 wave

Slagbjørn ‎– Mørkt Og Jævlig (Digipak) €10.50
[Digipak] True Norwegian Black Metal

Sortilegia - Arcane Death Ritual (Digipak) €11.50
[Digipak] Hellish Atmospheric Black Metal!!! - rough cartonstock - fold out booklet

Sterbenzeit - L'oltrenotte €9.50
Grim Black Metal from Italy with some interesting personal parts

Storhet av Morke - Grandeur of Eternal Cold €9.50
[Digipack] Cold atmospheric black metal from Russia in old glorious traditions of KVIST and early IMMORTAL. Released as deluxe DIGI-CD with art-booklet limited to 500 copies.

Stryvigor ‎– Забуте Вiками (Forgotten By Ages) €9.50
[Cd] Epic & Majestic Black Metal from Ukraine with keybord elements, recommended for those into the the '90 BM wave, for those into the Drudkh feeling

Svartsyn - ...His Majesty €10.00
[Digipack Cd] Repressed on Digipack

Svartsyn (Nor) - Aandens Melankoli (Digipak) €11.50
[Digipak] Norwegian Black Metal classic with doomish elements and visionary strenght

The Earth King - Cycling Between Sun and Moon (CD Digipack) €10.50
[CD Digipack] A must have for intense and experimental black ambient/black metal lovers.

Tome Of The Unreplenished ‎– Innerstanding €11.50

Trelldom - Til Et Annet... €11.00
Gaahl on vocals in this impressive Norwegian Black metal album finally repressed

Tsjuder - Demonic Possession €10.50
Tsjuder - Kill For Satan €11.00

Turpista - Turpistyczne Wizje Konca €10.50
Funebre Black Metal from Poland

Turpista - Turpistyczny Amok €10.50 [Cd]

Thyrfing - Thyrfing €11.00
Thyrfing- Valdr Galga €11.00

Ulvegr - The Call Of Glacial Emptiness €11.00
Cold Primordial Mysticism and a deep vision into dark emispheres

Urfaust - Apparitions (Digipak) €12.50(Digipak) - noble digipack with hotfoil embossing, fold out miniposter with info

Uruk-Hai - Cirith Ungol (A5 Digipack) €11.50
[A5 Digipack] Uruk-Hai creates a perfect Soundtrack from the World of Middle earth. Atmospheric Ambient Fantasy Black Metal for all fans of Summoning! and Lord of the Ring.

Vader - Reborn In Chaos €11.00
Vader - Black To The Blind €11.00

Vlad Tepes ‎– Anthologie Noire (2cd) €12.50
[2 cd] official compilation by Drakkar:
The Return Of The Unweeping ‎(demo '1994) Celtic Poetry (demo '1994) Into Frosty Madness (demo '1995) The Black Legions (demo '1998) Dans Notre Chute... (demo '1996) Rehearsal

Vlad Tepes ‎– War Funeral March + Rehearsal Winter '93 €10.00
[Cd] re-release by Drakkar prod

Vlad Tepes ‎– Morte Lune €11.50
[Cd] Originally released March 1996

Von - Satanic Blood €11.00
The classic influencing so many BM bands

Vondur - No Compromise ! (Best Of) Doubl... €14.00

Weltering In Blood - Rise of the Necronaut €9.50
Weltschmerz - Odium Humani Generis €10.00

Ymnir's Blood - Blood of the Ice Giant €10.50
Ymnir's Blood - Voluspa: Doom Cold as Stone €11.00

Xaos Oblivion – Black Mountains Spirits €9.00


BATTLE DAGORATH LTD to 50 units Official T-Shirt €15
Official T-Shirt, designed by the artist Francesco Gemelli, will be limited to 50 units and available from our eshop only at the usual 15€ standard price - Heavy Cotton quality
[T-Shirt] high quality s,m,l, xl, xxl sizes t-shirt 15 €

T-shirt + 2CD Battle Dagorath - Official Limited T-Shirt (50) + Cursed Storm Of Ages 2CD
Price: €27.00
[T-Shirt] high quality s,m,l, xl, xxl sizes t-shirt 15 €

Nova - Il Ritorno (Official Limited T-Shirt) €15.00 in stock "Per Thule Invitta"
photo can be checked there:

LP / 7'' news:

Hamnskifte - Fodzlepijnan (splatter) €12.00

Negura Bunget - Tau LP (White) €18.00

Nuklear Frost - Subjugation €12.00

LP Troum | Closing the Eternity with Ad Lux Tenebrae – Dilo / Secg (Scent Of Mires) €11.50
[Lp] Pure dark shamanic ambient vinyl-only split of two reputable masters - TROUM and duo of CLOSING THE ETERNITY and AD LUX TENEBRAE. Music inspired by ambient and atmosphere of swamps and marshes.

Bekëth Nexëhmü ‎– De Urtida Krafterna 7'' €7.00

XASTHUR NACHTMYSTIUM 7'' "split EP" 7" format €6.50

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