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wishing to trade these

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PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2008 7:32 pm    Post subject: wishing to trade these Reply with quote



-Bathory: hails sathanas 7" ex/ex insert boot
-Sodom: obssessed by evil 7" ex/ex insert boot
-Destruction: in a black metal night 7" ex/ex insert boot
-Kreator: masters of thrash 7" ex/ex insert boot
-Venom: radio hell 7" ex/ex Boot
-Slayer: live los angeles 84 7" ex/exBoot
-Dream Weaver: soul searching 7"ex/ex insert Greece
-Abrutum/Ophtalamia: split 7"boot insert ex/ex Sweden
-Feikn: Aamanden/Helhesten 7"ep Horror Recs 001 ex/ex Denmark
-Dissection: The grief prophecy 7"ep boot vg/ex -test pressing, white labels-
-Storm: Northland 7"ep ex-/ex- boot
-Gorgon: Force 7" ep 99 ex/ex small merchandise sheet I-LOVE-PENIS
-Gorgon: second ep 4 tracks 7" 97 ex/ex small merchandise sheet I-LOVE-PENIS
-Gorgon / Sabbat: A foolin love / reign of terror 7ep ex/ex I-LOVE-PENIS
-Burzum: once empror 7" ep -test preesing, white labels- Ex/ex boot
-Dark Throne: Croosing the Triangle of Flames 7"ep -test pressing, white labels- ex/ex boot
-Gorgoroth: A sorcery wrtitten in blood 7"ep vg+/ex boot
-Iron maiden: the sound house tapes 7"ep ex/ex Boot


-Kafhra: same (black album) lp 87 ex-/ex inner sleeve Heavy Metal Mexico
-Six Beer: lengua de serpiente ex+/ex+ insert 5 tracks minilp 89 raw mexican heavy metal
-Cristal y Acero: Espadas de Cristal lp 83 insert ex- (small mark on top/ex- Mexico
-Mayhem: live in leipzing pic lp avantgarde ex (not boot)
-Mayhem/Morbid: A tribute to the black emperors pic lp ex- boot
-Possessed: seven churches boot Ex pic lp


-Carrion: evil is there cd + extras
-Strike master: up for the massacre cd
-Insecticide: unpublished album 90 + extras
-High tension: the High tension Legacy double cd with their 3 albums + 6 extra tracks
-Gehenna: en busca del valle del gehenna + 2 bonus official cd Mexico
-Cruz de Fuego/Puño de Hierro split 1990/1991 both albums in split cd official release Mexico
-Megaton: same cd album 88
-Argus: el vigilante/Valle Azul both (ex Luzbel guitar player)album in 1 cd Mexico
-Possessed: the demos 1984-92 boot
-Morbid:live in sweden boot

SOME WANTS, but send your lists anyway:

ADX: Le terrour
*BATHORY: Twilight of the gods Lp Black Mark ( three song promo mini)
*BATHORY: the Return lp (coloured white and marron) Bootleg
*BATHORY:same pic lp boot white goat
*BATHORY: the return pic lp boot
*BATHORY: under the sign of the black mark pic lp boot
BULLDOZER: Neurodeliri lp
CLOVEN HOOF. Opening ritual mini lp
CROM "Steel for an age" LP Spain or any ITEM
CANDLEMASS. Fan Club live 12”
DR. STEEL - any LP (Croatia),
*DEATH SS: Evil metal 7”
*DEATH SS: Heavy demons 12” Korean edition
DEATH SS: Do what thou wilt lp
DEMON EYES: Out of Control lp
DEVIL’S CHILD: Devil’s child Lp (Pentagram)
EMERALD - Armed for battle Mini - LP,
GUERRERO – LP? (Guatemala)
IBERIA - Heroes of the wasteland (Portugal),
*LEÁTHER NUNN: Take the night lp
MURO: mutant hunter lp
NECRODEATH: Into the macabre lp (Nightmare)
PAUL CHAIN: 3 first albums on vinyl
REQUIEM: Ex voto (ita)
REQUIEM: Live (ita)
STORMBRINGER "Life sentence" LP New Zealand
STONEHENGE - Wings of steel-LP,
SAVAGE GRACE: ride into the night lp
SALEM’S WYCH: betrayer of kings lp
THE BLACK: Abbatia Scl Clementis lp (Ita)
THE BLACK: refugium peccatorum lp (Ita)
VENOM: Blood lust 7” ep (Neat)
VENOM: Manitou 7" ep
WIDOW: same UK
WITCHCROSS: No angel 7”ep
WITCHFINDER GENERAL: live 83 die hard edition

WARFARE NOISE I. (Brasilean lp)
cry out for metal
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