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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 1:01 pm    Post subject: ZINE SALE Reply with quote

I am selling the following zines. I am located in Germany.

If you're interested, please write to: infectingthegraves@gmail.com

Title // Issue // Year // Format // Language // Pages // Content // Condition // Price

Abhorrent 1 2003 A4 English 44 Exmortem, Old Man's Child, Grave, Bloodbath, Limbonic Art, Thyring etc. MINT EUR 3
Ancient Spirit Terror 1 2002 A4 German 76 Sadistic Ientent, Necroplasma, Inquisition, Thornspawn, Eminenz etc. MINT EUR 5
Barbaric Poetry 2 200 A4 English 32 Cianide, Kaamos, Embalmed Souls, Scurvy, Thanatos, Exhumed etc. MINT EUR 3
Black Goat 3 2011 A5 English 76 Agatus, W.A.I.L., Negative Plane, Slaughter Lord, Innsmouth, Poison, etc. MINT EUR 3
Bloodaxe 6 2002 A4 English 52 Altar Of Perversion, Inquisition, Antaeus, Akerbeltz, Inferno, Zemial etc. NEAR MINT EUR 4
Burning Abyss 7 2012 A4 English 72 Weapon, Mortem, Runemagick, Nominon, Voivod, Supreme Lord etc. MINT EUR 4
Call To T. Inf. Hordes 6 2010 A4 English 88 Mortuary Drape, Behexen, Riotor, Atomic Aggressor, Slaughtbbath etc. MINT EUR 4
Call To T. Inf. Hordes 7 2011 A4 English 92 Necros Christos, Ram, Poisonous, Destruktor, Ravencult, Skull Fist etc. MINT EUR 4
Canadian Assault 5 2000 A5 English 68 Denial Of God, Rebaelliun, Dekapitator, Necrodeath, Iron Pegasus etc. VERY GOOD EUR 4
Carnage 9 2002 A4 German 64 Insision, Necrophobic, Protector, Sepsism, Death Reality, Born Of Fire etc. MINT EUR 4
Carnage 10 2002 A4 German 64 Sadus, Vomitory, Rotten Sound, Kaamos, Fearer, Sacrifice, Requiem etc. MINT EUR 4
Compilation Of Death 2 2012 A4 English 230 Double issue, tons of DEATH METAL + Immolation poster MINT EUR 16
Darkness Treasures 3 2001 A4 English 48 Darkthrone, Urgrund, Barbatos, Grand Belial's Key, Denial Of God etc. MINT EUR 4
Eclipse 6 2002 A4 English 44 Graveland, Katharsis, Lugubrum, Obtest, Taake, Kampfar etc. MINT EUR 5
Endzeit 1 2001 A4 German 60 Eternal Frost, Denial Of God, Zemial, Fatal Embrace, Dunkelgrafen etc. MINT EUR 3
Eternal Fire 4 2006 A4 English 124 Mortem, Dying Embrace, Cacodaemon, Revenge, Saram, Anal Vomit etc. MINT EUR 7
Fame Of Metal 1 1998 A4 German 40 Riot, Sacred Steel, Baphomet, Rebirth, Casket, Divine Regale etc. MINT EUR 3
Franang 6 2001 A4 English 56 Pentacle, Mortem. Unpure, Belphegor, Gospel Of The Horns, Hell-Born etc. MINT EUR 4
Hermit's Chant 4 2001 A4 English 68 Nasum, Belphegor, Suicidal Winds, Mournful Congregation, Sacralis etc. MINT EUR 5
Grimoire Of Ex. Deeds 13 1998 A4 English 68 Dark Funeral, Jungle Rot, Thorr'S Hammer, Acheron, Witchery, Krabathor etc. NEAR MINT EUR 4
Imhotep 6 2000 A4 English 76 Bathory, Marduk, Limbonic Art, Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Sirius etc. MINT EUR 6
Kaleidoscope 9 2012 A4 English 60 Arckanum, Blood Revolt, Akitsa, Satanic Warmaster, Weapon, Anu etc. NEAR MINT EUR 3
Lärmbelästigung 8 2001 A4 German 92 Immolation, Cryptopsy, Nasum, Dying Fetus, Fleshcrawl, Eyehategod etc. VERY GOOD EUR 4
Lost Kingdom 1 1999 A4 English 18 Moonspell, Unpure, Decayed, Desecration, Abyssic Hate, Hoth etc. NEAR MINT EUR 2
Mandragora 1 2001 A4 Spanish 52 Kaamos, Pentacle, Secrets Of The Moon, Manticore, Abominator etc. MINT EUR 3
Moonlight Shadows 2 2004 A4 English 52 Funeral Procession, Septic Flesh, While Heaven Wept etc. MINT EUR 3
Mystical Music 6 2000 A4 German 76 Revokation, Vader, Vomitory, Sadistic Intent, The Crown, Monstrosity etc. MINT EUR 4
Mystical Music 7 2002 A4 German 64 Belphegor, Kaamos, Amon Amarth, Exmortem, Catastrophic etc. MINT EUR 4
Necromaniac 2 2001 A4 German 68 Possessed, Massacre, Nunslaughter, Impiety, Exhumed, Goreaphobia etc. MINT EUR 6
Necromaniac 9 2011 A4 English 84 Coffins, Druid Lord, Krypts, Stench Of Decay, Swallowed, Tormented etc. MINT EUR 6
Noise And Shit 4 2000 A3 Spanish 24 Krisiun, Desaster, Solstice, Mortem, Diabolic, Maze Of Torment etc. MINT EUR 3
Northern Heritage 3 2001 A4 English 20 Satanic Warmaster, Mütiilation, Incriminated, Ecordium, articles, reviews MINT EUR 6
Overkill 1 1985 A4 German 68 Exodus, Slayer, Venom, Megadeth, Savage Grace, Motörhead etc. NEAR MINT EUR 8
Overkill 2 1985 A4 German 62 Carnivore, Vicious Rumours, Onslaught, Sodom, Razor, Manilla Road etc. NEAR MINT EUR 8
Perverse Gospel 2 2007 A4 English 40 Gehennah, Iron Fist, Flame, Evil Angel, Malicious Death + articles etc. NEAR MINT EUR 4
Perverse Gospel 3 2008 A4 English 44 Mortuary Drape, Reverend Bizarre, Sacred Crucifix, Demilich, Hellbox etc. NEAR MINT EUR 4
Primitive Invocation 1 2011 A4 English 44 Sadomator, Sarcasm, Ritual, Weapon, Manzer, Desolation Angels etc. NEAR MINT EUR 3
Psychedelic 11/12 2003 A5 English 212 Reverend Bizarre, Penance, Candlemass, Moss, Count Raven etc etc. HUGE! NEAR MINT EUR 10
Ritual Murder 6 2012 A4 English 40 Mortem, Throneum, Morbid Insulter, Sadomator, The Devil's Blood etc. MINT EUR 4
Slava (thai) 1 2000 A4 English 84 Kratornas, Myring, Atavism, Eternal Throne, Surrender Of Divinity etc. NEAR MINT EUR 3
Steel Conjuring 1 1998 A4 English 80 Brocas Helm, Cauldron Born, Demon, Lordian Guard, Vigilance, Domine etc. NEAR MINT EUR 7
Steel Conjuring 3 2000 A4 English 132 Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Legend, Agent Steel, Damien Thorne, Attacker etc. NEAR MINT EUR 8
Summon For Satan 4 2004 A4 English 48 Antaeus, Temple Of Baal, Nuclear Winter, Vorkreist, Watain, Averse Sefira etc. MINT EUR 3
Testament 7 2000 A4 Spanish 36 Krisiun, Deicide, Krabathor, The Embraced, Grave Digger, Ruination etc. MINT EUR 2
Testament 8 2000 A4 Spanish 32 Sigh, Lord Blasphemate, Hypnosia, Destruction etc. + poster MINT EUR 2
Total Death 1 2000 A4 English 24 Deströyer 666, Impiety, Nifelheim, Grand Belial's Key, Root, Pagan Rites etc. MINT EUR 3
Troubadicks 7 1995/96 A4 German 104 Tankard, Solitude Aeturnus, Abigor, Morbid Angel, Sodom, Kreator NEAR MINT EUR 7
Unhallowed 1 2000 A4 English 48 Blood Storm, Nevermore, Deströyer 666, Gardenian etc. MINT EUR 1
Unholy Terror 1 1999 A4 English 44 Nile, Vile, Diabolic, Incantation, Fleshcrawl, Defaced Creation. Fleshcrawl etc. NEAR MINT EUR 4
Unholy Terror 1 2000 A4 English 64 Immolation, Krisiun, Monstrosity, Kadath, Vital Remains, Harmony Dies etc. NEAR MINT EUR 5
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some zines are still available?
NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST: Death metal webzine/ Distro/ DIY Label:
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

very reliable guy.
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