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a lot of danish demos and EPs wanted

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 11:45 am    Post subject: a lot of danish demos and EPs wanted Reply with quote

I already posted this on a danish forum, but I figure I might have some luck here as well.

Im looking for these (contact through PM)


Ad Noctum - Gågefærd gennem Nordens Land
Angantyr - Nordens stolte krigere
Apollyon - Promo 93'
Apollyon - Creators of Evil Thoughts
Azalon - Heathen Dignity
Blazing Eternity - over sorte heder
Blazing Eternity - Promo 1/97
Brandpest - Helhesterad
Corpus Mortale - Corpus Mortale
Denial Of God - Osculum Infame
Domination - Extinction of Holiness
Dominus - Ambrosias Locus
Dunkel - Evighed
Essoupi - Aktiv Dødshjælp
Exmortem - Dejected... promo '97
Exmortem - Promo anno 1998
Fallen Angel - an Omen of Apocalypse
Fallen Angel - Embraced by Shadows
Feikn - Visse ting som Haender
Goat Worship - Roaming at Fullmoon
Goat Worship - Rituals of the black Goat
Goat Worship - Cult of the Occult
Goat Worship - Tales of the ancient Goat
Hellsermon - tools of the reaper
Hellsermon - carressed by hellfire
Hugin - min evige sjæl DEMO TAPE #1
Legion - Legion of Darkness (not the Misantropic Propaganda release)
Luciation - Ancient ways of evil darkness
Luciation/Panoptical Mycosis - Sessions from lejre
Mareridt - en vinters mareridt
Mareridt - lad hornene gjalde
Mareridt - det evige mareridt
Mordulv - Blasphemy in Germany
Mordulv - Maximum Firepower of the Temple of God
Sadogoat - Grimorium Verum
Sadogoat - Malleus Maleficarum
Sadogoat - Promo 2000
Sadogoat - Panzer Goat Sessions 1998-2001
Sadogoat - Emetic Blessings
Sadogoat/Black Goat Attack - Vittu Vittu Kuuluuko Takana!
Sadogoat/Black Jehovah - demo #6/Terror Cult
Strychnos - Promo 1998
Skjold - Helvede på Jord
Tågefolket - Lad Asketid begynde

------CD-demoer m.m.---------------

Ad Noctum - the Exelence of Supremacy (the demo, not the ADP Compilation)
Ad Noctum - Live i Pakhuset
Angantyr - Kampen Fortsætter (THR and the self-released pro CD-r )
Azalon - the blessing curse
Blodfest - Krakes blod
Blodfest - Krake Krigeres Kampgejst
Church Bizarre - Advance Hell
Corpus Mortale - Integration
Corpus Mortale - Somber and Vile
Crucifix - Extermination (hvidt cover)
Crucifix - Caught live in Varde
Cyanid - Revelation
Dunkel - When Called I Suard Him
Exmortem - Berzerker Legion (promo)
Holmgang - Jesu Død promo 2009
Ligfaerd - Horrid Rehearsals 2006
Ligfaerd - Gravens Hule Skød
Lipid - Hagridden (EPen)
Nortt - Graven
Nortt - Nattetale
Solhverv - Gravlandets Vogtere
Spectral Mortuary - Among Corpses in the Mortuary
Phrentic - Phrentic
Victimizer - Skullfucked by Victimizer

STAFA (all issues)

Tornado zine (#1,#2 and #4)

also these titles that Discogs won't allow me to buy anymore:

Absurd - Facta Loquuntur CD (supreme arts)
Pantheon/Evil/Bilskirnir split 7"
Arghoslent/Mudoven/D.S. split 7"
D.S.- the blood calls for war (tape)
A.Blood/Capricornus - split tape
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