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LP set sale 50+ metal/psych/punk/electronic + some ebay CDs

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 2:54 am    Post subject: LP set sale 50+ metal/psych/punk/electronic + some ebay CDs Reply with quote

I'm going to put these up on ebay in a week or two so PM me if you see something you want. Prices are based on ebay/discogs average. I'm selling some stuff for my brother too. I have it all on me so I can ship everything together.

Prices are not postage paid.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-Absolutely Freak Out Zap Your Mind 2xLP (A/B-black : C/D-clear red) = $65
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Tour LP (clear white w/ red and blue streaks) = $28
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-Recurring Dream And Apocalypse Of Darkness 2xLP (clear orange) = $23
Agent Steel-Skeptics Apocalypse (clear blue) RE NEW BUT OPENED = $18
Auger, Brian & The Trinity-Befour = $3
Auger’s Oblivion Express, Brian-A Better Land = $4
Auger’s Oblivion Express, Brian-Second Wind = $4
Baby Woodrose-Blows Your Mind! = $28
Baby Woodrose-Money For Soul = $28
Black Sabbath-Paranoid German Vertigo Swirl label VG plays with surface noise throughout = $15
Blues Creation-Demon & Eleven Children 2nd press on Blow Up w/OBI and color cover = $95
Brainbombs-Obey RE = $18
Brainbombs-Singles Compilation = $18
Brainbombs-Urge To Kill = $20
Brooks, Terry & Strange-Raw Power RE = $28
Buzzoven-Revelation Sick Again 1st press = $28
Captain Beyond-Sufficiently Breathless = $1
Cobham, Billy-Spectrum = $2
Cobham, Billy-Total Eclipse = $4
Cobham, Billy-Crosswinds =$4
Confessor-Unraveled (blue/black swirl vinyl) = $12
Darker My Love-Alive as You Are = $8
D.O.A.-Something Better Change (green) RE NEW BUT OPENED = $15
DMZ-s/t 1st press on Sire = $20
Emeralds-Solar Bridge (clear blue) = $30
Exciter-Violence & Force = $8
Floor-s/t (clear red/black marble vinyl) = $33
Flower Travellin’ Band-Anywhere RE NEW SEALED = $21
Flower Travellin’ Band-Make Up 2xLP RE NEW SEALED = $30
Gauze-Fuckheads/Equalizing Distort Boot RE = $17
Grails-Take Refuge In Clean Living = $22
Graveland-Thousand Swords NEW BUT OPENED = $16
Groundhogs-Blues Obituary Sundazed RE = $12
Grouper-Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill 3rd press w/insert (self released) = $30
Gun-Gun Sight RE = $8
Guru Guru-UFO RE = $22
Harvestman-In a Dark Tongue NEW BUT OPENED = $13
Kitaro-Silk Road 2xLP = $4
Moore, Steve-Vaalbara = $20
November-2:a RE = $32
Oneohtrix Point Never-Returnal NEW BUT OPENED = $18
Oneohtrix Point Never-Replica NEW BUT OPENED = $16
Pontiak-Maker = $20
Profanatica-The Enemy of Virtue NEW BUT OPENED = $30
Regurgitate-Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood 2xLP RE on Power It Up = $18
Saint Vitus-Hallow’s Victim RE = $8
Saint Vitus-The Walking Dead RE = $8
Thee Plague of Gentlemen-Primula Pestis = $37
Twink-Think Pink Akarma RE = $30
Yawning Man-Rock Formations (grey vinyl) = $33
You-Electric Day RE NEW BUT OPENED = $18
You-Time Code RE NEW BUT OPENED = $18
Zombi-s/t = $20
Zombi-Twilight Sentinel = $20

Andy’s shit

Boris-Pink 2xLP (pink vinyl w/blotter sheets) NEW BUT OPENED = $55
Boris with Merzbox-Walrus/Groon (wihte w/yellow streaks) NEW BUT OPENED = $18
Isis-Panopticon 2xLP (1st press on black vinyl with small labels) NEW BUT OPENED = $35
Isis-Celestial 2xLP (2nd press LP 1 yellow, LP 2 red) NEW BUT OPENED = $40
Isis Celestial 2xLP (2nd press with the other color) SEALED = $40
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless (2003 Plain Reissue) = $55
Surfer Blood-Astro Coast (red vinyl) = $18

Also have some CDs, DVDs and video games on ebay. check them out here. List is spoilered.


Here's what's listed


Afrirampo-Kore Ga Mayaku Da
Banhart, Devendra-Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Beiderbecke, Bix-Classic Jazz Archive 2xCD
Bryant, Ray-Alone at Montreux
Bubble Puppy-A Gathering of Promises
Charpentier, Marc Antoine-Lecons de tenebres & Raga de la nuit avancee
Coldsteel-America Idle
Dark Tranquillity-Skydancer 1st Press Spinefarm
Dead Raven Choir-Wine, Women And Wolves
D.R.I.-Dealing With It
Drift, The-Memory Drawings
Fatality-Choose Your Eternity
Flying Saucer Attack-New Lands
G.B.H.-The Punk Singles 1981-1984
Glass, Phillip-Volume III: Jenipapo
Gryphon-Red Queen To Gryphon Three
Hall, Jim-Something Special
Healing Music Project-Radiance
Husker Du-Candy Apple Grey
Lawler, Paul-Tibetan Journey
Loop-A Gilded Eternity
Macabre-Sinister Slaughter 1st press
Mental Destruction-The Intensity of Darkness 1st Press CMI
Mental Home-Upon The Shores Of Inner Seas
Mortiy-The Way of All Flesh
Natural Spirit-Sita Rosa
Novoy Zavet-Apocalypse
Overkill-Taking Over 1st press
Peterson, Oscar-With Respect To Nat
Rachel’s/Matmos-Full on Night
Red House Painters-Songs for a Blue Guitar
Robyn Danger-Anthology
Shadows, The-Life Story 2xCD
Scorpions-Taken By Force
Shankar, Ravi-Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival
Silver Wizard, The-Crawling To Light
Sleep Research Facility-Dead Weather Machine
Solarized-Neanderthal Speedway
Sonata Arctica-Silence
Sonata Arctica-Winterheart’s Guild
Starlite Orchestra and Singers-The Best of The James Bond Themes
Terauchi, Takeshi-Volume 2
Thee Silver Mountain Reveries-The “Pretty Little Lightning Paw” E.P.
Tranquil Healing-The Therapy Room
U2-The Unforgettable Fire
United Bible Studies-The Shore That Fears The Sea
Wintersleep-Hello Hum
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice-XIAO
Xinr-Beyond Woodward

Video Games

Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition (no DLC) Xbox 360
Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies NDS Brand New/Factory Sealed
Professor Layton and The Last Spectre DS NEW/not sealed
Professor Layton and The Unwound Future DS NEW/not sealed
Silent Hill Book of Memories Vita Case Only
Wii Fit Plus Balance Board bundle New/not sealed
Xbox 360 Red Chrome controller Brand new/Factory sealed



Ponyo combo pack no slip cover NEW


5 Centimeters Per Second
Argentosoma Complete series in single volumes
Big O Season 1 Complete Collection
Big O Season 2 Complete Collection
Eureka Seven Complete Collection 1 Anime Legends
Eureka Seven Complete Collection 2 Anime Legends
Howl’s Moving Castle 2 disc edition
The Girl Who Leapt Through time
Witch Hunter Robin Complete Collection Anime Legends
Wolf’s Rain

DVDs without cases from combo packs

.hack//Quantum OVA Series 1 disc
Akira Funimation release 2 discs
Black Lagoon Complete Season 1 and 2 4 discs
Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail 1 disc
Blood C Complete Series 2 discs
Castle in the Sky 1 disc
Chaos;head Complete Series 2 discs
Dance in the Vampire Bund Complete Series 2 discs
Darker than Black Complete Season 2 3 discs
From Up On Poppy Hill 1 disc
Ga-Rei-Zero Complete Series 2 discs
Howl’s Moving Castle 1 disc
Michiko & Hatchin Complete Season 1 and 2 4 discs
My Neighbor Totoro 1 disc
Oblivion Island 2 discs
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Complete Series 6 discs
Ponyo 1 disc
Serial Experiments Lain Complete Series 2 discs
Shiki Complete Season 1 and 2 4 discs
Spice and Wolf Complete Season 1 and 2 4 discs
Strike Witches Complete Season 2 2 discs
Tenchi Muyoi Movie Collection 2 discs
Tnechi Muyoi OVA Collection 3 discs
The Secret World of Arrietty 1 disc
Whisper of the Heart 1 disc

Movies and TV


Django Unchained disc only
Game of Thrones Season 3 DVD with cardboard case from blu-ray combo pack
IMAX Hubble disc only
World War Z disc only
Zero Dark Thirty disc only
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