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CD's for sale

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:16 am    Post subject: CD's for sale Reply with quote

Some of these CD's are from my personal collection, others are from my old distro's dead stock.

PRICE: 5 EUROS EACH CD (postage not included), unless written otherwise (few exceptions).

Condition - all CD's play fine, some of them show some signs of wear, others are brand new.

3 CD's minimum. Don't write me if you are interested in less.

Not interested in trades.

Abhorer - Cenotaphical tri-memoriumyths (all discography on one CD) - 12 Euros
Abhorer - Zygotical sabbatory anabapt (Digipack, Shivadarshana 1996) - 15 Euros
Ancient Gods - Mystic lands
Asphyx - Death... the brutal way
Atomic Aggressor - Rise of the ancient ones
Atomicide - Rawsouthamericanwarmetal
Bastardator - 2006-2009
Beerage - Nuclear pesticide
Bestial Mockery - Christcrushing hammerchainsaw
Bestial Mockery - Slaying the life
Blizzard - Pure filth and mayhem
Blood Pollution - Armed you
Blood Pollution - Cheap & loud
Blood Pollution - Metal zombies
Cruciamentum - Engulfed in desolation
Damnation's Hammer - Serpent's wrath
Darkthrone - New wave of black heavy metal (Digipack) - 9 Euros
Desolator - Excluded from heaven
Desultory - From beyond the visions of death (demos compilation, high quality bootleg)
Diabolical Demon Director - The demon chamber
Exordium Mors - Sacrifice, perish & demise
Exordium Mors - Seva ad mors
Exordium Mors - The apotheosis of death
Exordium Mors - Verus hostilis - a hymn to fire (promo, sent to zines before the 7" release)
Farscape - For those who love to kill
Flame - March into firelands
Grave - Into the grave (+Tremendous pain)
Grave Niasma - Odori sepulcrorum - 10 Euros
Grenade - The howling damned
Hirax - Not dead yet
Ignivomous - Blood and mercury
Ignivomous - Contragenesis
Ignivomous - Death transmutation\
Infinitum Obscure - Internal dark force
Insorcist - The slaughter of divine creed
Iron Kobra - Dungeon masters
Iron Maiden - Dance of death
Iron Maiden - The number of the beast
Iron Maiden - S/T
Loud N' Clear - Playing with thunder
Manilla Road - Gates of fire
Marduk - Dark endless (1st press, No Fashion Records) - 20 Euros
Marduk - Fuck me Jesus (1st CD press on Osmose, 1994) - 10 Euros
Marduk - Those of the unlight (Regain records reissue)
Metal Inquisitor - The apparition
Metal Scent - Homemade
Metal Scent - S/T/
Metalucifer - Heavy metal bulldozer (German lineup)
Metalucifer - Heavy metal bulldozer (Japanese lineup, digipack)
Mortuary Drape - Secret sudaria
Motorhead - Aftershock
Nameless - The overcome fo the Portuguese bastards
Necro Schizma - Discography
Necrodeath - Fragments of insanity
Nunslaughter - Goat
Nunslaughter - Hex
Old Funeral - Grim reaping Norway - 10 Euros
Pagan Rites - Hellcome back to Earth
Pathogen - Blasphemous communion
Pathogen - Forged in the crucible of death
Pathogen - Lust of evil
Pathogen - Miscreants of blood lusting aberrations
Pathogen / Brimstone in fire (split)
Profanal - Black chaos
Pyoveli / Wounds - Storming thrash vengeadnce (split)
Rademassaker - Satanic zombie hordes
Revelation - Release (still sealed)
Riotor - Beast of riot
Riotor - Death and destruction (demo)
Ruins - Baptized in Hell
Ruins - Satanic bitchpenetration
Salem (JPN) - Ancient spells of the witch (2CD compilation) - 10 Euros
Scorched Earth - Mars
Siacharge - Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
Skullface - Crypts of death
Sodom - Persecution mania (Russian press)
Terra Caput Mundi - Warp speed warriors
Terror Squad - The wild stream of eternal sin
Therion - Of darkness...
Tondra / Nordic Mist - Into the psyche delve (split)
Trench Hell - Southern cross ripper
Triforium Dawn - Morningside
Tudor - Bloody mary
Tyrus - Rats will have their feast (Pre-Hobbs Angel of Death)
Ungod - Circle of the seven infernal pacts (reissue)
Venenum - S/T (Digipack) - 10 Euros, brand new and unplayed
Warhammer - Curse of the absolute eclipse
Warhammer - No beast so fierce
Warhammer - The winter of our discontent
Wastelander - Wardrive
Witchcurse - Heavy metal poison
Witchtrap - The first necromancy

Regressive Muerta Metal: https://sadistikus.bandcamp.com/album/desekrehearsal-march-21-2015
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