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PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2008 1:38 pm    Post subject: CD TRADE LIST Reply with quote

Here's a list of CD's I'm looking to trade, drop me a PM if you want anything and we'll see what we can sort out, I don't have a specific wants list at the moment but I'll take a look at your lists if there's anything you're after in the list below.

Alienation Mental Ball Spouter
Assassin The Club
Azamoth Eternity
Azure King of Stars
Beef Conspiracy Hung Drawn and Quarter Pounded
Blood Tsunami Thrash Metal
Blut Aus Nord Mort
Cannibal Corpse Kill digi
Cemetary An Evil Shade of Grey
Clit Eater Clit Em All
Clit Eater Eat Clit or Die
Crionics Armageddons Evolution
Deathbound Doomsday Comfort
Deathchain Deathrash Assault
Engorged Cold Black Ejaculation
Gallhammer The Dawn of Digi
Goatsnake 1 + Dog Days
Gorerotted Only Tools and Corpses
Green Carnation The Quiet Offspring Digi
High on Fire Blessed Black Wings DCD
I Between Two Worlds Digi
Inhume In For The Kill
Iskald Northern Twilight
Klimt 1918 Dopoguerra
Krisiun - Conquerors of Armageddon
Lake of Tears III
Legion of The Damned
Lockup Hate Breeds Suffering
Lockup Live In Japan
Macabre Dahmer
Melencolia Estatica ST
Mithotyn King of The Distant Forest
Mourning Beloveth A Murderous Circus DCD
Mysto Dysto The Rules Have Been Disturbed
Necrophobic Bloodhymns
Opposition Party Zombified
Phantom Lord Evils Domain
Red Harvest Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
Sathanas Entering The Diabolic Trinity
Saviours Warship
Sear Begin The Celebrations of Sin
Sinergy Beware The Heavens
The Ravenous Assembled In Blasphemy
Urna Sepulcrum
Vader Impressions in Blood
Agathodaimon Serpents Embrace
Vital Remains Horrors of Hell
Wolves of Hate Battle Hymns And War Songs
Zimmers Hole Bound By Fire
Zimmers Hole Legion of Flames
Great trades with: Vorfeed, Kakarot SS5, GoldenBull, Rat eyes, Caina, Blekt, Uncoloured, Cursed Blood, Minge Eater, Portentum, Addison nektostiknekromessikk and Asphyxiation anyone i've forgotten give me a shout
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