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Winter Solace New Releases (2/18/11)

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Solace067 - Vinland SS/NS Ninja "Occupy NSBM!"

Since the creation of the Vinland Special Services, I have if anything walked the fine line with my labels credbility in one hand, and that of my music in the other. It seems anyone involved within the black metal scene is always being watched by the Karma Police. Should you step out of line somebody comes along and whacks you with a big stick and you lose scene points. I'll draw a target on my back and sit down if you leave my face alone (for my mother) as I have chosen to take part in a collaboration effort with a strange and bizzare group of musicians from Japan. The name of which in english translates to the "National Socialist Ninja"

Avante-Garde Patroitic Noise meets NS Lolicore based Techno to create probably the single strangest recording that has been released by my label to date. One new track from each band, and two cover songs. NS Ninja take Aryan Kampf 88's song "Gestapo Holocaust" and remake into an NS dance hit while the Vinland Special Services take on the sXe anthem "Straight Edge" by Minor Threat. Limited to 50 copies as there probably will only be 50 people (if that) that will truly understand the message of this tape anyway.

I also have the other 3 NS Ninja tapes in my distro for trade and sell from their label "Hakko Ichiu" or something productions each limited to 44 copies.

Solace082 - Lord Foul "The Forest that Runs in the Veins of Doom"

What onslaught of Winter Solace releases would be complete without one of the many bands from the Winter Solace brigade, that have actually been released more then once by my label? Lord Foul return once again with a demo recorded back in 2008 in Brazil. This material is more in vein of the earlier more thrash sounding demos, however is still the same raw moonblood inspired black metal that is to be expected from this long running underground horde. Today still more material like this isn't made. No Shoegaze, No Church Chiors, No Clut of Personality, No Bullshit. Limited to 200 copies with a pro printed cover.

Solace086 - Massenhinrichtung/Raven Throne "Adzinota Kruka"

Two different bands from Belarus return with a split release, that shows if anything there are still some music in the underground that is music played by actual musicians. To illustrate my point, look on any black metal forum, do you actually find a massive amount of discussions on the tabs, recording equipment and ideas behind the song composition, it is mostly "this riff sounds cool" (never asking why it sounds the way it sounds) or "this band killed this person" style threads and stories.

Rarely within the black metal underground do you find music with a desire for song structure and a context for actual melody, this split however is more then just random unfocused chaos that will if anything be forgotten about. Both bands take a heavy influence from "To Mega Therion" era Celtic Frost and Ukrainian Black Metal Pioneers Noktunral Mortem, and step forth to create a recording that will if anything remind you that at some point within black metal there was focus and purpose. Limited to 300 copies with pro-printed color cover artwork.

Solace090 - Wintercold "Lost Wolf"

Most of the musicians I meet doing the label care more about being politically incorrect and living in paranoia of their own shadow then making actual music. Rarely do I meet individuals like the two behind the Swedish band Wintercold, who make what they feel, not what they want to be perceived as and don't care to remind themselves which stereotype's they fit into to.

This recording is if anything the definition of the progressive, genre bending, “open-minded” principles that this label once stood for. Jumping between Scandinavian folk music, Gothic style doom metal, slower melodic black metal, and other styles of atmospheric music. This is a recording that in order to enjoy one must step away from the strings that tie them to fitting into groups like “Black Metal Skinhead”, “Black Metal Satanist” or “Underground Internet Warrior” and just listen to it. Limited to 200 copies with a pro cover.

Solace091 - Temnich "Pits of the Empty Graves"
Solace092 - Temnich "Philosophy of Death"
Solace093 - Temnich "Evil/Live at Extreme Lugansk Fest II"

I remember stories from a time before I was born when bands like Kreator, Sodom and Coroner were the considered unknown and underground. It seems that in the Ukraine, the true old craft still somehow exists. While appearing at first unknown and totally isolated for anything, evolving from what has become to be the only thing expected from eastern europe Temnich have turned into a symbol of a particular dedication that has if anything become forgotten. Winter Solace is proud to produce their albums onto cassette (it seems that the US could benefit from a late 80's/early 90's mindset) and to present their music to an english speaking world for the first time.

Evil/Live at Extreme Lugansk Fest II is a collection of tracks, that if anything allow you to hear the band at it's birth. I'd compare this to the raw rehearsal demo bands many of you hold dear but I think the thought of that being mixed with symphonic elements would be too much for some to handle. Only a treasure for the true open-minded individual, demos masters from obsolete recording equipment such as reel-to-reel tapes, may remind some of later Arcturus recordings but I doubt they'd dare to sample the forbidden fruit this tape has to offer. Limited to 200 copies with pro printed artwork.

Pits of the Empty Graves is their debut album, where you can see them change from an infant black metal band into the sound they have now. Thrashier black metal, more towards black then thrash. Includes elements of slavic heritage with songs of horror and dispair. Tape version of the CD on Vacula Productions, released under official liscense. Limited to 200 copies with pro printed cover artwork.

Philosophy of Death is their sophomore album, which has yet to recieve even a professional CD release in their home country of the Ukraine. Mixing themes of Slavic heritage with the technical riffs and styles of early European thrash (not Hellhammer, early Bathroy or Venom) plus a touch of modern russian heavy metal such as Arkona or Butterfly Temple this album further shows the evolution from the band, from their infancy to maturity. Limited to 200 copies with pro printed artwork.

Solace095/WP173/Fire Tape No. 24 - Nebokraj "At The Boundry"

Over on this corner of the planet, the CD version of this is very difficult to acquire at prices people are actually willing to pay. Titles from Stellar Winter here, for most are a way to add to their distro customers. Winter Solace supports this for the actual music, hence why I became apart of the group that co-released it. I'll distro it here at a price people can afford, so you don't have to starve to hear this.

Nebokraj is a project made up of Temnozor live members, and the influence can be felt right down to the artwork (not 3D modeled werewolves...) and within each peice of music. Russian Pagan Black Metal, nothing more really needs to be said. Limited to 320 copies on tape, co-released with Werewolf Promotion & Sabbath's Fire.

Solace096/WP175 - Hammervolk "Of Profound Ancestral Wisdom..."

It seems somebody actually follows the Lord Wind path, rather then following darken's main project Graveland. Hammervolk is orchestreal heathen ambient from Brazil, taking a nod to Lord Wind and the conan soundtrack style music that evokes a sense of their european ancestreal pride. For those who long for the sounds of the forest rather then that of a cave. Co-release with werewolf promotion, limited to 250 copies with a very expanisve pro color layout.

Solace099 - Navi Echo "Crushing the Lack of Will"

Many people don't know this, but a long time ago my label was destined to release ambient/industrial tapes. Somehow I wound up doing NS tapes, for years with the label I always looked for a way to fuse the two together. The creavitiy of post-industrial music, with the hatred and emotion of black metal, it seems that slowly in recent months this has finally came together. Navi Echo is the a kind of band that fits into this niche perfectly, something in essence new, something that isn't just racial slurs screamed into a four track in a bathroom.

Slavic black metal such as Temnozor, Aparaxia and others meets with the cool somber mood songs common within the Darkwave & Ambient genres. This demo is if anything a fushion of the russian sound with bands such as Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Tangerine Dream and to a lesser extent Dead Can Dance. Collecting demo tracks recorded in a professional studio this is Experimental Russian Nationalist Black Metal, that demands to be checked out. Limited to 200 copies with pro printed color artwork.




03:18am "Drone Shit"
Abusiveness/Saltus "Nowa Era"
Age of Agony "Years of War and Hate"
Algor/Ruin of Hedonism "Algor/Ruin of Hedonism"
Amputator "Deathcult Barbaric Hell"
Arkenstone "Arkenstone"
Armatus "Armee der Schwarzen Stiefel"
Armatus "Satanist"
Astaroth "Enki's Age Approaches" - Limited to One per customer
Beltane "Auld Toby"
Birkabein "Demo 2 - 2001"
Blood and Disaster "Tierras de Desruccion y Adoracion al Demonio"
Bound for Glory "Warrior's Glory"
Branikald "Rusmjod Av Misantropie"
Camlann "Heaven's Feel"
Chur "Brother Wind"
Emptys "Destroyed Holy Shine"
Evoked Curse/Freezing Fog "Evoked Curse/Freezing Fog"
Faethon "Imperilim Solis"
Faethon "Summoning the Spirits of the Past"
Frosset Skog "V pesniakh fevral'skikh vetrov"
Gromol "The Elements Holocaust"
Hammervolk "Of Profound Ancestral Wisdom..."
Hell Poemer/Eternal Darkness "....Crossing the Ancient Path of Molossian Tribes"
Heretical Warlust "Heretical Warlust"
Heretical Warlust "The Call of the Anti-Semitic Troops"
Hermitage "Hammer of Purity"
Infectus "Tulvilag"
Kabalah/TakeSkogen/Cyticra/Sumerki Chelovechestva "We Hate You"
Kripta "Latomas"
Lord Foul "The Forest that Runs in the Veins of Doom"
Malvoisie "Black Cult"
Malvoisie "Necro Molestor"
Massenhinrichtung/Raven Throne "Adzinota Kruka"
Navi Echo "Crushing the Lack of Will"
Nebokraj "At The Boundry"
Niedergang "Meghasadas"
NS Ninja "Demo One: Nazi Hentai GoGo Five"
NS Ninja "Demo Two: Dance Attack 88!"
NS Ninja "Demo Three: Skull & Bones Super Sentai Patrol"
Odin's Court "Reign of Olympus"
Raptor "Anger & Wrath"
Raptor "Antichristian Terror Propaganda"
Raptor "Crowning the Antichrist"
Raptor "Necromantic Rites"
Smoke "Celebration of Elder Spirits"
Temnich "Pits of the Empty Graves"
Temnich "Philosophy of Death"
Temnich "Evil/Live at Extreme Lugansk Fest II"
The True Endless "In the Swamp of Camodeia"
Totenburg "Endzeit"
Vinland Special Services/NS Ninja "Occupy NSBM!"
Virvatulet "Demo'11"
Volh "...Do Posledneykaoi"
Volh "Pesni Slavy"
Wacht "Tschinch Ons Sainza Cumpromiss (Rehearsal 5/4/2011)"
Windstorm "Eternal Gods Forgotten"
Wintercold "Lost Wolf"
Wojnar "The Book of Veles"
Wojnar "Z Najglebszych Borow Piesni Wam Niose"
Wojnar "Epos O Woju Z Krainy Mrozem Spowitej"
V/A "Saarland Black Metal Sampler"
V/A "Zwaert"


Caruos "Metempsychosis"
Somnivore "Clergy of Oneiros"
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa "Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa" (Neofolk)

DVDs (Misc)

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (USED)

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