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Tradelist (LPs, EPs, CDs, Tapes)

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 8:04 am    Post subject: Tradelist (LPs, EPs, CDs, Tapes) Reply with quote


Assault “Nuclear Deaththrash” (Necromancer, Splatter Vinyl + Poster)
Bestial Warlust “Blood & Valour” (Black Ace + Poster)
Cult Of Daath “Slit Throats…” (DOLP, DIE HARD Ed.! NWN)
Darkthrone “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” (Repress, Peaceville)
Darkthrone “Under A Funeral Moon” (Repress, Peaceville)
Darkthrone “Ravishing Grimness” (PICLP, Moonfog)
Dies Irae “Circle Of Leth” (Painiac)
Goatlord “Distorted Birth: The Demos” (3LP!, From Beyond)
Heresi “Psalm I.” (W.T.C.)
Heresi “Psalm II.” (EAL + Poster)
Impaled Nazarene “Nihil” (Osmose)
Impaled Nazarene “Absence Of War Does Not Mean Fear” (Osmose)
Impaled Nazarene “All That You Fear” (Osmose)
Impiety “Paramount Evil” (Agonia)
Impiety “Funeralight” (agonia)
Maleficarum/ Jezabel “The Black…” (Legion Of Death)
Mortuary Drape “Buried In Time” (Wild Prod.)
Sadistik Exekution “Fukk” (Osmose)
Slaughter „Surrender Or Die“ (Apocalyptor)
The Ruins Of Beverast „Unlock...“ (Special Ed. + Bonus 10”, Patch, Poster, Bag)
Triumphator “Wings Of Antichrist” (Necropolis/ Merciless)
Uncreations Dawn “Lightning Hammer Falls (red Vinyl, Hammer Of Hate)
V.A. 4 Way Doom Death Sludge Core Split 12 Inch LP (Painiac)

MLPs (10”):
Abigail/ Morbid Upheaval “Split” (Drakkar)
Sol Axis “…To Mark The Ages” (Invictus)
Baptism “Evil Mysteries” (NH)

EPs (7”):
Arghoslent/ Morbid Upheaval “Split” (Aura Mystique)
Bak De Syv Fjell “EP 97” (Edged Circle)
Cult Of Daath “Razor War” (DIE HARD Ed. NWN)
Destruktor “Brutal Desecration” (Decius)
Exordium “Nihil INRI” (NH)
Funebrarum “Dormant Hallucination” (Gatefold, Midnight)
Impaled Nazarene/ Driller Killer “Split” (Solar Disk)
Impending Doom/ Goatfire “Split” (Christhunt)
Nunslaughter “Trifurcate” (Warlord)
Rites Of The Degringolade “Totalitys Kommand” (Decius + Poster)
Thurisaz “Die Sage einer Vollmondnacht” (Sombre)
Tiger Junkies “Sick Of Tiger” (Destroy)
Toxic Holocaust “Power From Hell” (Iron Bonehead)
Triumphator “The Ultimate Sacrifice” (Mark Of The Devil)
Ungod/ Cabal “Split” (Merciless)

Abigail “Welcome All Hellfuckers” MCD (Drakkar 1st Press)
Abigail “Forever Street Metal Bitch” CD (Drakkar 1st Press)
Alastor “Crushing Christendom” (Barbarian Wrath)
Alastor “Hellward” (Barbarian Wrath)
Barbatos “War! Speed And Power” CD (Iso 666)
Barbatos “Rocking Metal Motherfucker” (From Beyond)
Clandestine Blaze “Night Of The Unholy Flames” 2nd Press (NH)
Clandestine Blaze “Fist Of The Northern Destroyer” 1st Press (NH)
Dissection “The Past Is Alive” DIGI (Necropolis)
Destroyer 666 “Violence is…” (Modern Invasion)
Emperor/ Enlaved “Split” (Candlelight)
Emperor “In The Nightside Eclipse” (Candlelight)
Emperor “Wrath Of The Tyrant” (Wild Rags)
Hellias “Closed in the Fate Coffin” (Luciforus)
Khanate „Khanate“ (Southern Lord)
Mayhem “Live In Leipzig” DIGI (Avantgarde)
Motörhead “Everything Louder Than Everyone Else” DOCD (Steamhammer)
My Dying Bride “The Angel And The Dark River” DOCD + Live Bonus (Peaceville)
Secrets Of The Moon “Antithesis” DIGI (Lupus Lounge)
V.A. CMI: The Absolute Supper DODIGI (Cold Meat Industry)
V.A. “Peaceville Vol 4” (Pentagram, Autopsy, Vital Remains, Darkthrone etc.)

Sagoth (Ven) “Dominacion Imperial” (Velorium)
Puissance (Se) “Demo 2/ 95”
Kratherion (Chile) “Kulto A Serpentherion” (Demonolatreia Rex)
Inferi (Fi) “Rise Of The Deceased” (Northern Heritage)
Evil/ Moonblood “Fuck Peace. We Are At War!” (Southern)
Veinen (Lb) “Black Hypnosis” (Todestrieb)
Bemdesar (Bol) „En El Nombre De Satanas… !!! ”
Aquer (Chile) „Atomic Watts Live” (Final Punishment)
Annihilatus (Fi) “Demo 00” (NH)

Wants :
Priority Wants :
LP: Drakar (cz) “Let Draka”
LP: Black Hole (It) “Land Of Mystery”
LP: Expulser “The Unholy One”
LP: Manilla Road “Crystal Logic”
LP: Pagan Altar various Records
LP: Rodrigo D "No Futuro" Soundtrack LP (col)
CD: Dai (cz) „The Advent“
& Various stuff of Sabbat (jp) offer anything!!!

+ some more :
LPs :
- Aion "Death Thrash Bound" LP (Japan)
- Attomica “Attomica”
- Bathory “Blood on ice” (Firstpress only!)
- Beherit “Drawing down The Moon” (Firstpress only)
- Bestial Summoning “The Dark War Has...”
- Black Task “MLP “
- Demigod (Fin) “Slumber of the sullen eyes”
- Desaster ”A touch of Medieval Darkness”
- Destroyer 666 “Violence is the prince of the world”
- KAT “666” + SOME MORE
- Korrozia Metala “Satans Ordem” + SOME MORE
- Mayhem “Live in Leipzig”
- Merciless “The Awakening” (DSP)
- Nebiros (COL) “Guerreros De Lucifer
- Necromantia (Gre): "Crossing the Fiery Path" LP (Firstpress)
- Necromantia (Gre): "Scarlet Evil, Witching Black" LP (Firstpress)
- LP: NME – Unholy Death
- OMEGA (UK) - "The Prophet"
- Parabellum (COL) “Both MLPs”
- Paul Chain “Detaching From Satan”
- Qua Vadis (pl) “s/t” LP
- Rator (Mal) LP
- REENCARNACION “888” LP (Original)
- Ripper (usa - tx) "And the dead shall rise"
- Root (Cze): "Hell Symphony" LP
- Root (Cze): "The Temples in the Underworld" LP
- Rotting Christ – Passage to Arcturo
- Rotting Christ (Gre): "Non Serviam" LP
- Sacrifice (I-LOVE-PENIS) “Crest Of Black” LP
- Sentenced – North from here
- Sextrash (Bra): Any LP
- LP: Slaughter – Strappado
- Sodom – Expurse of Sodomy (PIC or Regular Vinyl)
- Svaty Vincent (cz) “?”
- LP: Thou art Lord – Apollyon
- Thou Art Lord (Gre): "Eosforos"
- LP: V.A.: The Wine of Satan (Spellbound Records)
- LP: V.A.: Warfare Noise 1, 2, 3(Cogumelo Records)
- VAR „Personal Destruction“
- Varathron – Walpurgisnacht & His majesty at the swamp
- Vulcano “Bloody Venegeance”


- Absu “And Shineth unto the cold comet”
- Absu “The Temples of Offal”
- Barathrum “Jetblack”
- Beherit Messe des Morts (7“EP)
- Beherit/Death Yell – split
- Desaster/Ungod – split
- Destroyer 666 Satanic Speed Metal
- Destroyer 666 King Of The Kings/ Lord of
- Mystifier (Bra): "The Evil Ascension returns"
- Necrophobic – The Call
- Necros Christos – Curse of…
- Varathron (Gre): "One Step beyond Dreams" 7" EP
- White Hell “?” (Japan)


- Enslaved “Ruun”
- Deinonychus “After The Rain Falls An Empty Sky Remains”
- Sigh (ask)
- Barathrum “Infernal” & “Eerie”

Shirt (L or XL):

- Infernal Majesty “Baphomet + Logo on front”

+ other old(!) stuff especially from South America(Necrofago, Impurity, Exterminator, Mayhem(BRA), Chakal, Retrosatan etc. etc. I don´t have) + Eastern Europe & Japan!

or send your trade-list

Fell free to make money offers: No Answer = No interest!

*Red = On Hold*
All Items are in near Mint or Mint condition.
Any Questions, just ask!
!Traders from Southamerica or SEA send always first! No Expectations!
Pictures upon request.
Location: Germany

Pm or e-mail: vahagn (at) freenet (dot) de


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Joined: 18 May 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 1:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 18 May 2006
Posts: 850
Location: Stormarn

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 11:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Update again
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