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Zines for sale

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:20 pm    Post subject: Zines for sale Reply with quote

The given prices do NOT include postage.

Orders: northwind@thesinisterflame.com

AD ARMA! #2 (80/A4) 5€
Although published already in 2002, particularly the interviews contained in this issue are BEYOND time. The dark side of (human) nature is analyzed with Albertus Vorkt Jimenez of THE VOICE OF THE DARK, Belial & Satan Gestapo of STREGOICA zine & ORDEALIS Records, Frost of SATYRICON, Mörk of MALIGN, Magus of NECROMANTIA, Necroabyssious of VARATHRON and others. Tons of reviews as well. Pro-printed with a state-of-the-art layout yet without losing the eerie touch of the black underground.

CERBERUS #7 (36/A4) 3€
A classic underground zine, focusing predominantly on the musical aspects of the cult. Featuring MORTEM, THE CHASM, SEAR BLISS, DOLORIAN, THYRANE and others. Very well written and with an edge.

CERBERUS #8 (56/A4) 4€
The brand new issue that is their last one, too. Truly insightful interviews, this time also exploring the concepts and personalities behind the bands... EMIT, FILII NIGRATIUM INFERNALIUM, FLUISTERWOUD, KAAMOS, NIHIL NOCTURNE, MERRIMACK, DR. SHRINKER, DEMILICH and others. May the hound of hell prevail!

DEVILMENT #2 (28/A4) 3€
"Hermetic black/death/doom fanzine", it says on the cover and that just about covers it. For T. GraveGoat, the man behind it all, these unholiest forms of Metal represent a religion - and the zine is written accordingly. In other words, a fascinating zine no matter what's your school of Satanic Metal. In this issue: TERRORAMA, NECROVATION, REVERORUM IB MALACHT, NOMINON, ANGEL OF DAMNATION, DEAD CONGREGATION and NECROS CHRISTOS.

LOTS of interesting interviews (VARATHRON, XASTHUR, ORCUSTUS, REV. KRISS HADES, CULT OF DAATH, Metalion, BESATT, EMIT etc.) written without saving sarcasm. Massive!

The very last copies! Advocating True Black & Death Metal. Involved in the first dive in the abyss: MORTEM, SINOATH, GRIFFAR, BESATT, CRAFT, DERKETA and SHINING. Lots of reviews and a subjective look into the Finnish Black Metal milieu through twenty groups, which played a significant role in the birth.
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